New Microsoft Vision App Gives Devout Muslims More Options

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New Microsoft Vision App Gives Devout Muslims More Options

by Matthew Herald
March 7, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO – Users of the high-tech glasses Microsoft Vision can now download an app which will veil any woman’s face – as far as the Vision user sees it.

The software will scan the face of any person, determine if it is man or woman’s, and then digitally cover the woman’s face with an artificial veil. It is expected to be popular among the growing Muslim community in America, where traditional Middle Eastern veiling is becoming increasingly common. The glasses will allow users to see women as veiled without have to actually ask anyone to wear a physical covering.

Vision user and Muslim Kamil Yaseen believes the application is helping him stay faithful.

“Part of my faith is that women should cover their faces out of respect for themselves, their families, and Allah. I cannot force them to do so, but with this app I can see the world as though they have chosen to veil,” Yaseen told us.

Others believe the application could be harmful.

“Seeing a person’s face is important for interpersonal communication. Using an application to block seeing someone’s face will impede that,” Berkley sociologist Susan Mayfield told us.

The application allows for a variety of different veils. Headscarves, which cover the hair but not face, will allow the user to still maintain non-verbal communication with any women the user talks to. Users can also select niqabs, which leave only the eyes visible. Burqas, the blue Afghan veils which do not leave any part of the face visible, are also an option.




Muslims are not the only users enjoying the new application. California State University student Megan Fairhill told her boyfriend to try to application.

“I thought it would be a good idea to keep him from looking at other women,” she said and laughed.

“He used the application while looking at me and said I looked like a ninja,” she continued.

The application works by first doing a multiple-point scan of any faces detected by the device’s camera. It then determines if it is a male or female face. The application is at least 97% accurate in determining whether the face belongs to a man or a woman.

The dots for the female faces are then connected in the microprocessor and then covered in a digital mesh of lines. The lines are then covered in the user’s visible display with a veil.


The new technology is the latest in a series of steps allowing Muslims and others who support veiling to artificially cover women’s faces. In 2019 software was introduced which allowed Internet users to avoid seeing female faces on their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Two years later the software was adapted to WebTV, allowing anyone to digitally veil any woman they saw on television.

Microsoft Vision was introduced in 2017 to compete with Google Glass, released in 2014. Both products have been popular with consumers.

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