The Kotatsu Parka

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The Kotatsu Parka

by Imran Al-Thani
May 2, 2014

If you’ve never heard of a “kotatsu parka”, well you are not alone. However a businessman in Saudi Arabia, Abdalla Mohammed Al-Wadhi, intends to make the kotatsu parka the latest must-have household item in the Kingdom. Mr. Abdalla introduced the item at a trade fair in Riyadh, and here he is with his explanation.

“The kotatsu parka is a modern Japanese household item used in winter time. Winter in Japan can be very cold and in the past most buildings in Japan were only lightly insulated. So the Japanese invented the kotatsu, a table with a thick padded blanket and heater underneath, which you use to warm your legs and feet during those cold winter months.

However the kotatsu don’t really do anything to keep your upper body warm so modern Japanese invented the kotatsu parka, a kotatsu with built-in, zip-up hoodie attachments.

When I saw the item in Japan, I immediately thought how proper and pure it is, and how perfect it would be for the more conservative section of the population. Just look at the models wearing it! You cannot see even the outline of their bodies, even the face would be covered if you buy the veil attachment that comes with the kotatsu parka!”


Now some of you may be wondering about wearing winter wear here in Saudi Arabia, but Mr. Abdalla came prepared.

“Of course we understand that we are here in the Middle East, so our company intend to make the kotatsu parka with a lighter material and with various attachments. Handholds for example are optional, as well as designs on the veils. It will also come in a variety of colors like red, black, grey and blue.”

Mr. Abdalla is fully confident that the Japanese kotatsu parka would be a hit not just in the Kingdom but throughout in the region. Seeing the curious onlookers at the trade fair, this reporter must say he may be right!

Imran Al-Thani reporting for Rihadh News


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