Upper Class College makes girls wear Burkas

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Upper Class College makes girls wear Burkas

by Heidi Grünwald
October 21, 2014

In Switzerland a special college for girls has opened. Instead of a well known school uniform the school requires wearing a burka. Its wearing is not for religious reasons, the reason for this is simply to keep the girls concentration on learning instead of taking time to care for their hair, make-up and dresses. We had the chance to talk to one of them.Before we could start the interview your correspondent was asked to don a burka too. A short moment of thinking was required to accept before slipping into the long white piece of fabric. In the mirror was a hidden white ghost with a label ‘guest’ on the forehead.

The picture was taken after the interview

A man guided your correspondent to a comfortable room and after a few minutes he brought a woman. It was uncertain if she was a girl or a woman, her age and features were perfectly hidden behind her long floor length burka.


She greeted with a deep bow then sat down on a chair. She was thanked for the chance to talk to her and she was introduced to her visitor. Asking her name she answered in a soft voice:

“Please call me AH42. We have no personal names during our stay here. It is part of the school concept to reduce our individuality to nothing.”

AH42 was thanked and next asked if there are other ways to follow this concept or is it only the name and the burka?

„No Ma’am that is only a small part of it. We are all dressed identically. The only individual sign is the identification number on the forehead. We have no right to be alone, which means wherever we are we must be in the company of at least two other girls.”

She added in a happy tone: “Being alone is a rare exception for me and I have to say that I am not used to it anymore.”

“Would you like to tell why you choose this school?”

“Well, that’s easy. My parents told me that after I had to leave my last college,” she stopped for a moment to think twice, “guess it’s best to be honest and say they expelled me for drinking and party up with boys. I had two choices: First start to live on my own and second take the last chance to get a diploma. Well…this is the last chance I guess.”

“Was it hard for you to get used to this?”

“Yes it was in the first weeks I now see the benefits in it. I have plenty of time for me since I am not spending hours getting dressed”, she laughed for a minute, “Besides that I am now close to all A’s. At my last school I was more kind of among the last four in the class.”

“Do you have a regular school here or is it different to what you are used to have in before?”

“We learn about the same as in every other school, the diploma is accepted in the USA and in many other countries. OK, the way we are treated is for sure different as you can see. We are supervised day and night, so it’s really a boarding school.”

“You never leave it?”

“Sometimes. But when we are permitted outside we are gagged and our hands are chained. It’s not really nice but we know it has to be done. It’s the best way to keep us away from everything that could be a bad influence.” AH42 stopped for a moment, then she said: “Please do not see it as self-praising, every month the best of us can go out and visit the cinema or something else. Last week we were out at the theatre, I really enjoyed it. Four teachers escorted us.”

“Can you talk about your day here?”

“No problem Ma’m. We get out of bed at six o’clock and visit the bathroom then get dressed for the morning. We then wait in our rooms, four girls share a bedroom with a bath, until the staff bring us breakfast. We eat in our room then we are escorted downstairs for school. Lessons are from about half past seven until midday. For the next hour we have lunch and are permitted to return to our room to lie down. From one o’clock in the afternoon until four o’clock lessons continue. For the two hours from four till six we are permitted to go out into the garden or stay in the house, we have a bibliotheca and also a gym. At six we have a late dinner. After dinner, until nine o’clock, we are allowed to sit together, talk, play games or do some needlework as well as reading a book. After this we are locked in our room until the next morning.”

Before it came to asking another question a female staff member, dressed in an olive burka with the name ‘Miss Bernhardt’ on the skull cap, entered the room.
AH42 stood up, bowed and left with a “Thank you Ma’am for taking the time to talk to me. Have a nice day”.

After receiving a ‘My pleasure. I hope we can meet again soon,’ she left. Your correspondent honestly wished to meet her again.

The man returned and followed your correspondent to the front door. He opened it and said: “Feel free to come back whenever you want.”
He was thanked.

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