Maratha Empire Tales

Maratha Empire Tales


In an alternative history, the Maratha Empire of India, which succeeded the Mughals, continued to survive and thrive to become a modern day great power, ruling a dominion stretching from the Middle East to South East Asia and from Central Asia to East Africa.

In this alternative world, most of the women of the empire veil in various different and interesting styles and exercise restriction in their arm movement and voice, using bondage implements.

The center piece of the empire is India and Bengal, where the most beautiful and exotic and influential veiling fashions are present. The capital Punyanagari (real world Pune) is both the political as well as the industrial capital of the empire, its women are reputed to be both beautiful and bold. Yet they hide their lion-like nature under the most sensuous of veiling and erotic restrictions. One way in which to keep the notoriously sexed up Marathan males at length.

Everyone is welcome to contribute with stories set in this world. Further inspiration can be found in the document linked below about veiling styles of the Maratha Empire.

Mr. A_B , July 2012


Maratha Empire tales

Learn about the Maratha Empire in this Veiling in the Maratha Empire, which also describes some history and social life.

ENTERTAINMENT section provided by Free State Page 3 – the leading Maratha Empire glamour journal

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