Story Suggestions

Story Suggestions

Many people have an idea for a great story in their head, but unfortunately not the patience, skill, or fluency in English to get it down on paper. That’s why we have this page. Instead, email your idea or rough draft to TOTV at ku.oc.oohay@77rettopevad (sorry! has to be typed by hand to mail program to reduce spam), and I’ll post it here, and then interested members can come along and either suggest improvements or turn it into a fantastic, finished article. If you doesn’t feel like writing in English then write in your own language or use Google translation.

July 2016

Fadir Reineke has discovered a Muslim marriage rite from Bulgaria which is great as basis for a story:

The brides in the village of Ribnovo, a village in Bulgaria populated by Muslim Pomaks, will marry with their eyes closed due to having their faces painted in a thick layer of white and then decorated with sequins and painted patterns in other colours to make them unrecognizable from normal.

Imagine if the white paint was plaster for the bride being unable to see or speak even if she tried, and the women decorating her being veiled not only for the wedding.


Click to go to TOTV’s version of an article about the rite with 10 photos.

May 2016

Scott, a long-time reader, would like us to become aware of this Flickr site as a basis for story ideas:

Buses,Trains and Fetish contains lots of photos with niqab and burqa combined with various non-Muslim clothing, often worn in many layers. The combination of Muslim and non-Muslim clothing could inspire stories set in a Western country where Islam has become prevailing. Here is one example of a set of photos which could inspire a tale:

Nov 2015

An anonymous female TOTV fan has sent this:

I like the idea of stories set in e.g. a modern Britain in which women voluntarily choose to start veiling for a variety of non-religious reasons, until it becomes the predominant custom.

One example would be celebrities sick of being photographed by paparazzi every time they leave the house, with pictures published in magazines criticizing them for e.g. putting on or losing weight, bad hair etc, deciding to fight back by wearing e.g. a loose kameez over zentai. Singers choosing not to reveal their appearance, just being judged by their voices. Actresses only seen in the roles they play, but retaining anonymity in everyday life. Clothes wouldn’t just be dull uniform gray or black – colour and fashion would still be possible, just that bare skin or hair wouldn’t be seen and the body would be to some extent disguised. These celebrities would become trend-setters: while I despise the celebrity worship of the unimaginative masses, just imagine if the sheeple instead started veiling …

Another possibility would be privacy conscious people sick of the infestation of CCTV cameras, face recognition software, the surveillance society or simply the tendancy of so many people to photograph everything on their phones and instantly upload to the internet. To retain a degree of privacy such women (and men) choose to wear plain dark burqas or long khimar & niqab combinations, long skirts making recognition even through gait analysis more difficult. Anyone who drives would have to leave eyes unveiled, and wear a tighter fitting hood rather than flapping scarves, but reflective sunglasses would be increasingly popular.

Jan 2014

Bo_Emp has, due to a Photoshop question from Mr. A_B, digged up an old image series, which we both think could fuel a story idea:


If you want to start your story out correct the first image shows two hostesses at the Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain.

Jan 2014

Mike has sent us the following synopsis he would like to see someone turn into a full story:

Mike is married to Vicka a beautiful blonde Eastern European young lady. She is a designer and through her work, she comes into contact with Sheikh Rachid, a very powerful prince from a country where he and a few others rule over women and men and where all women and men of low status are completely veiled and encased in tight “niqab type garments”. Vicka is blissfully unaware of all this and she responds enthusiastically when the Sheikh offers her a job designing a new palace and suspended gardens. The Sheikh also offers Mike, the husband, a chance to teach philosophy to different college students. Mike decides to go along and accepts to accompany his newly wed wife. Vicka goes first and for a few weeks, Mike is only able to communicate with her through emails, he can’t see her and can’t her hear voice. He then joins her there and finds himself separated from the women’s quarters. The Sheikh explains to him the rules of his country and why women and men must always be separated and why women and some men must be completely covered at all times. Mike only sees his wife from a distance and has to rely on the Sheikh’s assurance that she is well. In fact, Mike even has to rely on Sheikh Rachid’s pointing to Vicka as Mike would not be able to recognize her.
Two paths could be followed:
1. The reader is taken along Vicka’s gradual but merciless confinement, transformation and enslavement and he knows where she stands whereas the character Mike is totally ignorant of it. Or:
2. The reader is kept in the dark as to what is happening to Vicka and gets the surprise at the same time as Mike is shattered by the revelation of his wife’s condition.
Under the complete covering, Vicka is gradually bound in fiendish bondage and constantly penetrated by replicas of Sheikh Rachid’s huge sex. She wears a most severe dildo gag which goes down her throat and prevents her from speaking or complaining. In addition to having all holes plugged, she is made to wear a diabolically tight corset and high heel shoes and boots. Her head is encased in skin tight leather and latex hoods preventing her from hearing most things, etc. – more details and tortures left to the writer’s imagination…
Meanwhile, Mike is psychologically and physically overpowered by the Sheikh and is also being transformed into a sex slave. Mike is the powerless witness to his wife’s descent into total sexual slavery to the Sheikh and is also completely helpless in stopping the Sheikh doing the same to him.
The setting and context of the first realisation of his wife’s predicament is an important step, as are the subsequent encounters and meetings between Vicka and Mike where they both realise the abject nature of each other’s condition.
… Gradual but unavoidable descent into the depths of enslavement and sexual bondage … the end is left to the writer’s imagination…

Jan 2014

Elisa María has found a great mask for stories:

Uniface. There is a very short video on the homepage.

Note: The product seems to be a fake, meaning the mask is not a skin thin flexible product which is able to show the facial expressions and naturally moving and blinking eyes of the wearer as the homepage claims, or these unique features would have been featured in the video. Contrary it shows a rigid mask and a rather thick edge shows on some of the photos.

May 2013

Dave has found an inspiring video:

It’s a joke but maybe BIG hijab, (with a veil too, or just as many), could inspire a tale or two? It’s seems to be something growing in popularity on the streets. It might inspire some stories with veiling based on fashion where bigger is better. More layers = more modest, so why not more on the top/back/sides of the head as well?
Stills from the video titled “Sexy Hijab Tutorial”:

May 2013

Yasmin has sent this:

I have a suggestion for a story. I think it would work best if set in an alternative England with veiling laws or perhaps in an alternate timescale where there is a shortage of women available for marriage into strict families. In an attempt to resolve it some very wealthy Arabs / Pakistanis finance a training facility for future wives. At the same time money is tight and many ordinary families are struggling with finances. This institution will give families good money in exchange for a virgin daughter aged 16-21 to be admitted to the institution. The story would focus around two of these struggling families. In one the girl approaches her family and puts herself forward to be sent to the institution. In the other, the girl is forced by her father to go. We follow these girls as they leave their families and embark on their training to be obedient, submissive and pure future wives. It all starts with the new clothes and their first veil which they are dressed in before they leave their home. In this story we also follow a young man whose father takes him to the institution to select a bride. I imagine this story to have lots of veiling and at times to see the girls blindfolded, gagged and restrained.

March 2012

Mr. A_B has sent three more story ideas:

1) The legend of the ‘habshi’:
This is set in Medieval Bengal and it is based on the Abyssinian guard’s coup around the 14th century. It was fashionable since ancient times to keep female bodyguards. Chandra Gupta Maurya had several amazonian bodyguards. In the middle ages this tradition was not continued, however, the tradition of keeping foreign mercenaries as bodyguards continued. In some cases they would often organize palace coups and in one case an Abyssinian bodyguard overthrew the sultan and came to power for 3 years. That period was considered the ‘dark age’ of Bengal. My twist to this tale would be that this Abyssinian would be a female bodyguard who would be masked. But the bodyguard would have a dual role to fulfill also acting as a concubine. This effectively makes her akin to a sex slave. (note : ‘habshi’ is a term in hindi for african slave). It would be this second role that the habshi of my story would rebel against and overthrow an indulgent king. But after she comes to power she rules in an even more tyrannical and corrupt way than her predecessor and sets about eliminating any threat to her power. Eventually, all of Bengal’s elite conspire against her and overthrow her. But after this episode, new laws are brought out to ensure the modesty and servility of women in the kingdom and the habshi is made an example of by being put under bondage and veiling all the time and converted into a sex toy of sorts for the sultan. This was her punishment. This also became the start of veiling traditions amongst women in Bengal. My inspiration behind this story was the legend explaning the masking in Vippon. The habshi is to look like Deepika Padukone.


2) For the ‘Ray Bahadur’:
This story is set in the house of a big Hindu landlord-business tycoon of Bengal who has business connections in Britain. But in this story there’s an overlapping with Britain and its veiling laws (the Britain imagined by Dave in Rebecca and The Companion). In a business deal with a big banking company in England, the landlord sets about making for a matrimonial alliance with the British business family. The great Anglophone that he is, all things in his house must be tailor made to suit British tastes including the imposition of veiling among his house’ women folk. There is of course some regard to Bengal traditional fashion so what comes out is a more exotic kind of veiling. His eldest daughter being the most beautiful and talented is chosen for his business partner’s hand in marriage. But the business partner has some conditions for her which he must meet. For this she will be put in the most extreme forms of modesty that would suit the Englishman and his family. Doing this would also help the landlord earn the title of ‘Ray Bahadur’ from the Queen herself. The story would mostly revolve around the daughter’s transformation and marriage. All along she would be helped by her Muslim maid whose family exercised similar forms of modesty. The daughter is based to look like Bipasha Basu and her maid like the actress Tisha. Part of the idea for this story came from the story ‘Rebecca’.

3) Virtual girlfriend:
This one involves my own personal experiences in finding a partner with whom I can share my fascination for veils. Though it stems from the ending of ‘Strict Upbringing‘. It is about a person who gets dumped the third time by his last ex-girlfriend because he tried to make her veil for him. He hangs around in bars with his friends and drinks prolifically. In one such visit a friend of his suggests a way to relieve some frustration by trying this new ‘game’. The ‘game’ of course is the virtual world in which Strict Upbringing is set. There however, he finds that one of his ex girlfriends is also present. But he only finds this out much later. The guy and his ex keep flirting and building a virtual relationship. Eventually they do find each other and the girl has the courage to admit she has the fetish. And the two come back together. Later she explains that she had found another relation after she dumped him, and it was only after she broke up with the latest relation and came back to him. Afterwards, they practice veil and bondage fetishism in real life.

February 2012

Mr. A_B has sent this:

Like your stories of an England with veiling laws, which I must admit I enjoy very much :), I hope that someone would write a story based in India. Perhaps using an alternative timescale in which the fashion of veiling has become standard among Hindus, just as it is among Muslims, and the two cultures viciously compete for standards of morality and boast of their women’s beauty by the strictness of their modesty. Not only that but also argue to claim who was the originator of the veil fashion Hindus or Muslims. The idea of a Hindu burqa rule could perhaps incorporate elements of greater erotica with kama sutra being involved. Likewise the most beautiful woman is also the one with the highest physical restrictions ( some nice awsome fakes of Aiswarya Rai and Katrina Kaif (in the photos below) would be in order 😉 ).

A Rai   K Kaif

Mr. A_B has himself turned this idea into The story of Agent Denko (Part 1 – The Recruitment).

January 2011


Khalifah is a new Indonesian movie about a woman who to help her family marries a strict Muslim man, who gets her into wearing black clothing with niqab, giving her problems in the multi-racial and rather liberal Indonesian society. Somehow she is betrayed by her husband but the tailor, who has made her strict clothing, likes her and …?

More from this Google translation of its Indonesian Wiki page.

View the trailer at YouTube.

Who can make a veiling story out of this movie?


January 2010

Recently on the BBC there has been a series called ‘World’s Strictest Parents’. There is a link here:
(To view if outside UK use a proxy buffer service such as

In each episode two naughty teenagers, 1 boy, 1 girl, are sent to a strict family, normally religious and in the third world to see how they get on. It is very formulaic but I think it could be good as a basis for a TOTV series. For example, boy and girl sent to Saudi, girl has to veil to extremes whilst boy is allowed greater freedom. It could end with the boy deciding to marry the girl, (and as the family are have parental responsibility they agree so long as he becomes a Muslim), or her accidently exposing herself and a strange man seeing her. Religious council decides that the only solution for this outrage is for her to marry the man, a hardcore cleric who is a member of the religious council. It could be brilliant but unfortunately, I can’t write it although I’ve tried in several ways. I can’t phrase it right. Can you?


July 2009

The menu picture for the Suggestions page shows a Tusken female – a character from the Star Wars fictive universe.

Tusken female

I think her heavy covering with metal mask might inspire a story for TOTV.


March 2009

John Nix has sent this:

The wildest veiled world story I ever saw was an episode of the American TV show “Buck Rodgers” with Gill Gerard (“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – S2E13 The Dorian Secret”) where on one planet everyone, men and women alike, wore heavy veils or masks. The kicker was that all men had the same face, and all women had the same face due to an extreme lack of genetic diversity. The mask was your identity. If you wanted to be anomous you took off the mask.

Real world: I think that the Abaya- Burka- Chador was more a matter of sun and wind protection than a matter of modesty.

Real world: When you look at the Catholic sisters Whimples and Habbits you are looking at a frozen costume from the period of the order’s founding.

Alternative world: The Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula did not happen in 1492 (Real World), Spain is still a mixture of Catholic and Moorish and Columbus does not sail. (Real World artifacts of pre Reconquest: Al Hambara Castle, Granada. Adobe Architecture from Morocco to Spain to Mexico to USA. Fancy tooled leather work. Extreme Horsemanship.)

Real World legend: Mohamad’s daugter Fatima left Arabia after his death, went to Portugal and became a Catholic.

February 2009

Hamida Begum has sent this:

I was reading some political news and come up with a new story idea. Maybe it will interest u. The plot is rather simple. I came to this idea by watching republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. I hope u heard about her ….she was kinda ignorant about other countries. She is very popular with rather the ultra right wing group of her party. Suppose she become very popular and was in a position to get the nomination for her party in the upcoming election, but CIA do not want her to be in such a position, so they asked the president to send her as an ambassador to Saudi Arabia, which has a new king who forces every woman to be gagged and bound under burkha and including foreign women too. But as Sarah Palin (HER NAME CAN BE CHANGED) hardly knows anything about the outside world she takes this opportunity to boost her profile and walks into the trap. Soon she would be tightly gagged and bound and under burkha and will be a virtual prisoner in Saudi Arabia while being the ambassador, and thus CIA gets rid of her.

August 2006

Here is a copy of an email sent to TOTV by Elisa Maria talking about chadris (burqas) in James Mitchener’s book ‘Caravan’. I suspect that some of you may find it interesting:

This is part of the argument of James Mitchener’s book.

It is a history of the time of 1947 in Afghanistan. Helen Jaspar is a married North American senator’s daughter with the Afghan engineer Nur Khan.

Mark Miller is an investigating journalist that goes to Afghanistan in search of Helen that its father has not known about her, she has gotten lost.

Mark Miller arrives to Kabul and he interviews with several people that they knew something of Helen.

Moheb Khan, brother of Nur, the government’s member and of the office for the defense of the chaderi.

The history describes details of the Afghan society in the time:

* It describes the chaderi (burqa) detailedly.

* An ordinance is dictated so that all the foreign women that works for the embassies dress the chaderi immediately that they arrive to Kabul, to avoid the Afghan men’s aggressions.

* It describes the adventure of Siddiga, the granddaughter of the Mr. Khan the father of Nur. She and the maid chaperone meet with two North American soldiers in an alley of the market. Miller warns them to avoid a lynching (this appears in the film).

* In the interview with the Mr. Khan, he communicates him that he wants to intern their granddaughter Siddiga in a school that has all the conditions of Purdah. He asks him that if there is some that has those conditions in North America. Mark Miller finds a chaderi of spread Siddiga. This is long until the floor around and it doesn’t have opening for the hands. He catches it and he notices that it is silky and it has scent to perfume. The grandfather tells him that the women make it to attract the men. Their granddaughter is very restless and she has to look for the form of controlling it better, in accordance with the rules of the purdah.

Miller communicates with Moheb Khan, brother of Nur, his father and they tell him that he left for Kandahar with Helen to direct some constructions. They knew that in an occasion Helen was attacked by not dressing the chaderi.

Miller interviews with Karina, first wife of Nur. During the interview her cover remains completely in a blue chaderi.

Miller goes to Kandahar and he meets with Nur, this tells him that Hellen escaped in a called vagabond tribe Mochis.

Mark Miller interviews with the Dr. Stiglish, German doctor that knows Hellen. He goes with this doctor to look for to the desert the tribe of the Cochis where Helen is. This doctor turns out to be a criminal of Nazi war that looks for some weapons in the desert.

It is part of the history Caravans. I hope this is good for your histories.


This idea has inspired Bo_Emp to write Afghan Assignment.

Before 2009

Below is a dress code for an Islamic Girl’s School in Europe. I hope it may provide some inspiration for you writers…

The present uniform conforms to the Islamic Code of dressing. All pupils must be dressed in the proper school uniform both inside and outside the school.

Outside the school, this comprises of the black Burka and Niqab.

Within the school premises all students are expected to wear green Shalwar Kameez and green cardigan in the winter. They must also wear a white scarf so as not to reveal their hair. Students are not permitted to wear makeup jewellery or bring any to the school. Students should have sensible black shoes without high heels. Any students not wearing uniform will be sent home. Parents are responsible for providing correct school uniform. We at XXXX Girls School believe that a school uniform is important.
It looks smart
Wears well
Contributes to a sense of belonging
Gives a common purpose
Fosters a feeling of pride

We require that all children wear the uniform at all times and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school. The school is not willing to compromise on any issues regarding uniform.

The uniform is:
*Dark green coloured Salwar Kameez (The School will provide the material)
*Dark green coloured sweater or cardigan (Will be available in the school for purchase)
*Girls are required to wear a white head scarf during school hours
*Flat black shoes must be worn; high heels are strictly forbidden.

The uniform when entering and leaving the school are:
*The Jilbaab/Burka must be worn.
*The top Burka must long in length.
*The face must be covered with a nikaab on coming and leaving school.
*The Jilbaab must be black any other colour will not be accepted.
*Girls are not allowed to wear their coats over their top burka but to wear them underneath.
*The coats should be hoodless and should be long, below the knees and downwards.
*Coats will have to be coloured black or navy.
*They must be fully equiped with stationary, books and a bag to carry their belongings.

Girls will be appropriately punished for not wearing the correct uniform.


Before 2009

Just lately I’ve been scanning the veil videos on You Tube and I’ve come across quite a few regarding females from the West who have converted/reverted to Islam. All this got me thinking as whenever someone reverts to Islam they always seem to adopt a dress code and vocabulary that, whilst Islamic, is distinctly un-Western and Arabian in culture. Therefore, would it not be a good idea for a story to have a group of white reverts (female) in some European country who love their faith but in an effort to make it more acceptable to other Westerners devise their own Islamic dress and practice based on Western cultural practices and the Qu’ran. This of course would involve some heavy-duty veiling, but in a Western way. Sometime ago, Elisa Maria sent me this picture which is evidently from some kind of European background, shows a full faceveil and yet is not Arabian at all. Could someone write us a story, (or a series of short stories) about the Association of Muslim Sisters in Europe experiementing with and out-doing their pious sisters from the East…?


Before 2009

These images are to be found on the deviantART page of ‘The Mysterious K’ and come with no comment save for the first which is entitled ‘Greetings from Nadirstan’ and reads:

‘Basically, this should look like what would happen if Dutch speedskater Barbara de Loor would take a wrong turn somewhere in Southern Russia (back from good old Alma Ata I guess) and end up with a rather primitive mountain tribe who dress her up in a local costume. It’s not very practical, quite unlike her aerodynamic, skin-tight skating suit, but she seems to appreciate the comfy softness and warmth of the outfit.’


This second image is entitled ‘Nadirstan – The Novice’ and one wonders if the building in the distance is in fact ‘The Monastery of the Senses’ and can be seen in the third picture.



All in all, I think that these pictures are great and can perhaps inspire someone to a little story-writing. Give it a go; let’s create a Nadirstan epic!

Before 2009

Hello Dave,

I have a few suggestions for you requests page.

1. Muslim armies invade Europe during the 8th century after major victories over the Franks and Byzantines. Islam becomes the sole religion of Europe, and European women are veiled for all time.

2. PETA protestors used to sit almost naked in cages to protest animal cruelty, until one of their their activists has a new idea: veiling to get attention.

Before 2009

The recent alternative history scenario of a Muslim Europe has provoked the following emails:

Just briefly, this caught my attention and i thought it might be of use when planning an alternate Muslim history for europe.

6. The Muslims win the Battle of Tours in 732. List of 1 items

• The forces of Charles Martel are defeated and scattered after losing the Battle of Tours. The Muslims’ hold on the Frankish lands is complete by 770, even with substantial forces on the Italian peninsula opposing them. Muslims conquer Sicily in 780, Naples in 800, Rome and the rest of Italy by 810. The Saxons, Frisians and other European tribes are subjugated by 850, and convert to Islam. Incessant war with the Byzantine Empire continues until, in 1253, Constantinople falls to Muslim forces, and soon becomes the capitol of Muslim.

Courtesy of:

This is interesting. Wonder if it could be stretched to incorporate some of the things we veil-enthusiasts love about Islam; notably their take on modest attire and the position of women; Liberated and held aloft, safe from the harassment of the outside world within their purdah seclusion.

Additionally to the Christianisation (catholic) of the Arab world, the Alternate Timeline Mohammad could well still teach on the esteemed place of woman, giving her new honour and protection across Christendom…beneath the veil. Rights to inheritance, recognition of female infants’ right to life, voting rights, rights to actually work and keep their income (suitably covered of course), rights to an education and the right to become a member of the intellectual elite (scholar) would do away with the need for Women’s suffrage as they receive what is rightfully theirs centuries before it was gained in our timeline, thanks to Muhammad’s insight..

This is good; this is very good, I could draft it as a modern alternate reality, with women suitably attired…the Protestant “problem” is here also dealt with by martin Luther’s reforms being adopted as mainstream thought, leading to a renewed and accepted love and belief of Scripture; with an emphasis on placing the bible in the hands of readers in their own language.

Alternate History I:-

• Mohammed becomes a Catholic, rather than a prophet of a new religion. He becomes a monk in an Egyptian monastery, and becomes known as the “Saint to the Arab peoples” upon his canonization in 700. Through his teachings and writings, which are translated into dozens of dialects in the Arab world, millions become Catholics, making it the dominant religion there. By 1800, there are dozens of Arab and African cardinals, and by 1920, there is a pope of Arab/Italian mixed descent.

Alternate History II:_

• The Catholic and Eastern churches, split since 1054, re-unite in 1530 after 100 years of various compromises and councils between the two branches of Christianity. This causes Christendom to be more powerful and more adaptive, and the reformation never occurs because Martin Luther is given a fair hearing and the newly-united Catholic Church adopts a good deal of the recommendations he proposed in his “95 Theses”, and he is canonized as “St. Martin Luther” upon his death.

Courtesy of

Before 2009

Having recently reread my story ‘Paradise on Earth’, I have been mulling over the possibilities of doing a spin-off in the form of Isabelle Birks’ diary starting from when she arrives in the Yemen up until her full acceptance of the strictest form of purdah and the point where she and Fatima advise their husband to take yet another wife. Such spin-offs do seem to be succeful I have found, most notably one which was done off my story Gabrielle van Hessel and which may be found on the LISA site whereby someone else took my character and wrote a better story than I ever could have done. Consequently, if anyone wishes to give it a go I would be more than happy for you to do so and I do not mind even putting several alternative scenarios for the same character. Please let me know.


Before 2009

New suggestion from Dark Vagabond:-

Frustrated with the treatment of Palestinians, several famous American women wear veils in protest of Israel’s actions.

Before 2009

I can suggest a story that is about the Victorian era in that the girl before marrying is protected in purdah to be preserved for the aristocracy. This implies all type of restraints to maintain them you hide.

Our heroine for example goes of the field where she enjoyed the freedom, to the city to meet with an aunt that will maintain it refrained. The routine will be different to be in the house, to leave, to sleep, to go to the opera, to leave field, the morning’s walk, the walk of the afternoon, the governess’s teachings, etc. It can have a chapter for each occasion and different restraint degrees in each one.

The restraints can include: of course the corset and the long Victorian dresses, to tie the arms to the back with the corset or special handcuff, to use gag to the measure, a metal brank or leather, above a mask so that it is not recognized when leaving, a long cloak until the floor that hides all this with hood and thick veil, of course will take limps. The masks can also be with incorporate gag. To sleep it can use hood of the dream with gag, the arms tied to the bed with shackles and the ankles held with a trap. It will be necessary to configure a burqa up to date Victorian of agreement with the time also, something rigid or something floating and very silky that covers it completely.

I hope this is good to make an excellent history of the Victorian time.

Elisa María

Before 2009

A a half-joking response to dark vagabond’s earlier suggestion, ‘Rose’ has this story idea:

Israeli women, in desperation of the international media’s biased view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, decide to demonstrate in veils in the hopes of finally getting the BBC or CNN to listen to their view of the conflict, on the theory that veiled women get much more coverage and sympathy.

In order to prevent any future political altercations may I state that these suggestions are not censored and do not necessarily reflect my own political views. However, any completed stories will be screened and any overtly racist/ anti-Semitic/ anti-Islamic etc, statements or storylines will NOT be allowed. Sorry about that, but we have to try and keep as many people as possible on board.

Before 2009

And a suggestion of my own. After recently reading H. G. Wells’ excellent ‘The Invisible Man’, why not a tale where a scientist, male or female, does the same as the villain in the novel and discovers the secret of invisibility. And how does he/her keep their secret hidden from society? By moving to a Muslim neighbourhood and living as a strict niqaabi, even obeyed voice awrah, (so they don’t work out that it’s a guy… if it is). This could be erotic (i.e. guy/girl goes off and rapes people whilst veiled),or just funny or even a sort of crime or romance novel. I think it has distinct possibilities.


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