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16th October, 2016

I had intended to wait updating TOTV until I had at least one more new story than the one below, but none has come (in three months), and I haven’t quite finished my own. I’ve changed my mind because TOTV has started receiving mails concerned about if we are alive. TOTV is as alive as you make it! Without any new contributions there is really no need to make an update, but because three months clearly makes our followers uneasy I’ll in the future aim at an update at least once a month no matter if having new material.
editor Bo_Emp

In the fourth part of Nick Lucas’ Reformist Generations the old generation of Reformist men are trying to ensure their young favourites takes over while new girls are taught to be good Reformist women…

The First Chill of Winter (a part of Reformist Generations)

A warm welcome to A. K. U., our latest new author. Noor gets a gift in the form of items to ensure her modesty. Be warned or intrigued, the items are of adult nature…

A Gift from Ali Ahmed for Noor

Mr.A_B and Bo_Emp has taken Megan McCormick to the next destination for her travel guide to the alternative world of the Maratha Empire. Tehran and other parts of Persia have new veiling customs for her…

Megan McCormick’s Veiled Journeys: Persia (TO COME SOON)

Bo_Emp, your editor, has written a story about an Algerian family becoming tired of the increasing prejudism and herassment of Arabs and Muslims in France. There is certainly no burqa ban in Oran – on the contrary the women have gone to extreme veiling…

From Burqa Ban to Unlimited Veiling (TO COME SOON)

There is a new feature about young Pakistani women choosing niqab and abaya instead of the burqa…

The difference between black and blue

The latest story suggestion about a Muslim marriage rite among the Pomaks of Bulgaria has a linked feature with the full story…

Story Suggestions July 2016 (White-painted brides)

There is a new backup file at the bottom of the Home page.

6th July, 2016

In the third part of Nick Lucas’ Reformist Generations the men has to manoeuvre in the political landscape, sometimes with unwanted consequences for the women of their family…

The Choosing of Sides (a part of Reformist Generations)

Dave has made a new tale where the female main character has to veil to the extreme to be accepted by her conservative family…

The Solution

Mr.A_B has taken Megan McCormick to a new destination for her travel guide to the alternative world of the Maratha Empire. Here Afghanistan has become Gandhara where veiling is compulsary and displays an exciting mix of our world Afghanistan and Mr.A_B’s vivid imagination…

Megan McCormick’s Veiled Journeys: Gandhara

Based on a real-world story your editor has written a TOTV News story about what a hate crime may lead to…


Finally we have a new graphical feature found on the net containing animated GIF illustrations with women in burqa (note: 7.2 MByte is downloaded)…

Objeta de arte

28th May, 2016

TOTV is happy again to be able to present a new author. Emine has written a tale about sissies using veiling, among other things, to submit to their masters. Warning: Possibly offensive. Only for those not minding transgender hard fetish sex…

Submission – A sissies way

In the second part of Nick Lucas’ Reformist Generations the Christian Democratic Party is cracking up to challenge the future of Reformism as a whole…

The Shadows of the Past (a part of Reformist Generations)

We have a new, the original is three years old though, Feature. Its title says it all…

By All Means Necessary – All Indian Women Should Wear Purdah

Finally there is a new cartoon in Features, a new link (last on the Links page) and a new Suggestion.

21st April, 2016

In January A.M.L. published Soccer (II) ending with Renate being offered a “purdah suit”. Your editor told him he would love to learn what this entitled. Now my wish has been fulfilled: A.M.L. has written a second part to the tale about the suit…

Soccer II (part II)

Burka Lover has written a new story set in a world of female veiling where the main character, Veronica, marries a member of the society Veiled Community International…

A veiled world

Today we start on Nick Lucas’ fourth book in the Reformist Saga series called Reformist Generations. It begins 25 years after book three, Reformism Interrupted, and as such a new generation is about taking over the Reformist movement and its political leadership…

Family Ties (a part of Reformist Generations)

Finally there is a new gossip news article by Mr. A_B in the Maratha Empire world…

Deepshikha’s new look

28th March, 2016

Health problems have unfortunately kept your editor from updating TOTV for two months. Newly posted material will appear soon. Not to delay this update further I have chosen to just present an easily editable piece by Nick Lucas for you not to be without reading.

Finally we have reached the last part of Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted – book three of his epic Reformist Saga. Don’t dispair and get abstinences. There is a fourth book to start soon! Now enjoy the ending of book three titled…

Three Betrothals, One Death, Three Internments, One Wedding and One Last Christmas at Broomwaters (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

28th January, 2016

A. M. L. again has a story. In 2005 TOTV published ‘Soccer’ by Seatou. A. M. L. likes this so much he both has rewritten the original in proper English and has added his own storyline continuing the story. Please enjoy…

Soccer II

Of course Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted is continued. It’s now the second last part of the third book and it’s titled…

History Repeats Itself (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Last we have a new feature about the feelings of wearing a burqa in Bannu, Pakistan…

Behind The Veil

* We obviously want new stories *

15th December, 2015

Once more TOTV is proud to present a new contributor. Ayşe Eroğlu presents herself as a long-time niqabi, seeker of modesty with a big interest in traditional veils and potentially new kinds of veiling. Certainly her real life account is just about mixing traditional and new veiling. To be found on the ‘Real life’ page or directly…

New Indonesian Style

A. M. L. has written his second story for TOTV. Fiona owns a fashion label but she is concerned about its fading popularity. When she finds out her scientist twin sister is working with intelligent fabrics she sees a chance for her company to prosper again…

A Viral Fashion Trend

Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted is of course continued. We are coming closer to the end of the third book. Today’s part is number 9 out of 11 and is titled…

Royalty Reforms (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Dave contributes a vignette set in Saudi Arabia about…

Four Black Ghosts

On the TOTV News page we have two new additions coincidentally by our two German contributers Janet and Peter. TOTV News was created for people finding writing a tale insuperable, but the articles can also be seen as story ideas like today’s new offerings…


3rd November, 2015


Your editor likes to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to TOTV during this DECADE on the internet, and foremost I like to thank ‘Our Host’ who since June 2009 has been a most excellent host of the site.
Then a correction: TOTV is actually ten years and one month (and three days). As can be seen on the Bazaar pages the first stories are dated September 2005 and the end of September has been celebrated as birthday every year except the last two, so it’s only eleven months to the eleventh birthday.

Nick Lucas is by far the largest contributer in recent years – TOTV has featured a new text of his at nearly every update since July 2009. Because of this your editor has asked him to write a little of how he is so productive and how he came up with the Reformism series. To be find on the Lure page or here…

How I got here

Of course we also have a new part of Nick’s Reformism Interrupted which is titled…

The Second Front (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Only one author has contributed to TOTV from its beginning a decade ago until today. This is of course Dave, the founder of TOTV. He has at previous birthdays summarized the development of TOTV so for this occasion he looks back at the perception of veiling in society during these ten years…

A decade of veils

Of course we also feature the second half of his story…

The Pinnacle (second half)

For the birthday updates in 2007 and 2009 Dave’s veiling questionnaire on the Lure page was answered by your editor and ‘Our Host’ respectively. Now Emily W – who is in the top 5 of TOTV stories, further has contributed TOTV News articles and does HTML conversion – has answered the questions…

10 Questions – Emily W

Emily W has also contributed a new TOTV News story. Middle Eastern and Indian celebrities have converted. Now the headline of the new article says: UK Model Converts to Islam…


In Emily W’s story from the previous update the cliff-hanging question is: Will Jessica escape captivity? Read the exciting end of…

The Captive (second half)

German flagHoch im Norden Deutschlands spielt die neueste Geschichte von Peter. Im ersten Teil kommt die Erzählerin in Katrins Arztpraxis, die zu einem kleinen christlichen Kloster gehört. Die Nonnen halten sich an die Konventionen der Hl. Teresa von Avila, die im 16. Jahrhundert ihren Glaubensschwestern auftrug, in der Öffentlichkeit einen Schleier vor dem Gesicht zu tragen…


Your editor’s first story for TOTV was “Picnic in Purdah” from March 2006. Now almost ten years later I have written another story with the same characters and set at the same location. For the occasion you today get the full text (more illustrations will be added in the near future). I hope you enjoy…

The Purdah Hospital

In July your editor got his first smartphone and of course seeing how TOTV behaved on this was among the first tests. It works well but readability and operability require enlargement which is annoying. To help this a new “Mobile layout” has been developed with a larger menu and font. Smartphones and their various browsers handle the small screen size very differently so if you like something changed please mail TOTV.

4th October, 2015

First the second half of the adult story by A. M. L. about veiling, submission, domination and lesbian feelings…

My Mistress (second half)

Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted is of course continued and today’s part is titled…

Masters of the Dark Arts (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Emily W has contributed yet another story. In captivity Jesica meets a mysterious veiled woman. Today you get the first half of…

The Captive

GhostWriter is back with a new story about the Sun Horizon company owned by a Middle Eastern man who requires a strict behaviour and dress-code of the female employees. Myra is a…

New Girl

Dave is back as well with a story of !Dave! who finds out his old flame from school has become a Muslim. Today you can enjoy the first half of…

The Pinnacle

Matthew Pointon has written a short story predicting a grim future. It’s not a veiling story but about a Muslim woman…

I Remember Saeeda (external link)

TOTV has received another external link of interest. It’s a photo series by Fabian Muir titled…

Blue Burqa in a Sunburnt Country (external link)

29th August, 2015

Finally, after more than a year, TOTV again has new authors. We welcome A. M. L. who is inspired by the dress style of the Turkish religous women. His tale is also about submission, domination and lesbian feelings, so it’s an adult story. TOTV with joy today presents the first half of…

My Mistress

Our second new author, Elisa María, is a long time friend of TOTV and should be well known to the readers of TOTV; not at least for her YouTube Favorites list of veiling videos. Your editor has for years asked her to try writing a story and now it is here. It is in Spanish but can be enjoyed in other languages through Google Translate; this is how your editor has read it. Would someone please make a proper English translation?
In an alternative history of earth a plaque has made women unhealthily sensitive to sunlight to force them to cover heavily with veils and masks during the day. Although the disease has faded in effect over time the theocracy uses the situation to hold political power and keep women strictly controlled and restrained.
Spanish flag Su editor felicita a Elisa María, una amiga a largo plazo de TOTV, en su debut como autora. En una historia alternativa de la tierra una plaga ha hecho a las mujeres ser enfermizamente sensibles a la luz solar para obligarlas a cubrirse en gran medida con velos y máscaras durante las horas del día. La teocracia utiliza la situación para mantener el poder político y mantener a las mujeres estrictamente controladas y refrenadas. Por favor, disfrutar de…

Mozas de la Luna

The introduction to today’s part of Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted starts with “Summer is over and the leaves are falling from the trees in Meadvale, and elsewhere.” This part should have been published a month later for many of us to have reality create the right mood, but otherwise as usual this monumental tale describes something coming scarily close to reality. Please enjoy…

From Here to Eternity (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Matthew Pointon is back with a new story in style with his first contribution from 2006 ‘God the Merciful’. You’ll want to go to Wales for your next holiday after reading this poetic discussion of religion and veiling titled…

The Walk

Finally we go a little out of scope. Querthe has written some wonderful rubber and veiling stories for TOTV but he has also written some other rubber stories. He stopped writing a few years back and his sites were closed down, but now Ulisse Di Zante has found his stories on DeviantArt in an internet archive. Your editor has put these vignettes up on TOTV’s server to be found via Querthe’s TOTV profile or this link…

Querthe’s non-TOTV stories

4th August, 2015

In Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted, just as in our present reality, the long American presidential election process has begun in the new part titled…

Crime, Punishment and a glimpse of Paradise (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

After a break from TOTV, during which she has written new material, Emily W has now delivered them for publishing. Today’s story has a very well-written scene where the main character has something important to tell her parents. Please enjoy…


Again Dave has a new tale for us. He has written an unusual sequel to his favourite story by your editor. This story doesn’t presuppose having read my story, but you may want to at the end of…

The Reunion

Dave also has posted a new story with some veiling titled “Mastana” on his Dave Potter’s Fiction Site.

UK flagGerman flagEsperanto flag Peter has researched the subject of ‘veiled nuns’ and written a feature for TOTV about it. His own text is available in both English, German and Esperanto, whereas the many quotations from English sources have not been translated. To be found in the section “TOTV’s own features” on our Features page, or here…

Veiled Nuns

12th July, 2015

Today we have new tales but it would be nice with new authors. Please give it a try.

Nick Lucas’ Reformism series again has a long part for you which is titled…

Hard Evidence (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

There are two new News articles…


Veiled Kingdom concludes her series about the missionary Tiffany with…

The Modest Missionary

Dave contributes a well-timed vignette. It is now Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, so it’s the right time to publish…

A Ramadan Tale

Esperanto flag “Tales of the Veils” fieras prezenti sian unuan historion en Esperanto. La germano Peter skribis por la paĝo en sia patrina lingvo kaj verkis Esperantan version surbaze de la kvara historio. Petra, kiu estas dum la jaro 2040 studentino en Germanio, kie virinoj kaŝas siajn vizaĝojn, invitas nin al sia familio…

Petra (E)

10th June, 2015

Please send new tales. Your editor is able to assist with a lot of things such as suggesting how to complete a story.

Nick Lucas’ Reformism series fortunately won’t run out of stock for quite a number of updates. Today’s quite long chapter is titled…

The Plot Thickens (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

A new inspiring feature tells of an American woman’s thoughts about wearing burqa when having to travel into Taliban controlled land in Afghanistan…

My First Afghan Burqa

Thanks to especially Veiled Kingdom we keep getting new News articles. Today we publish two from her and one from Janet as well…


Please send new tales.

9th May, 2015

Except for the stock of Nick Lucas’ wonderful Reformism books TOTV is at the moment totally out of new tales to publish. Please submit new tales.

We do have a new author though. On behalf of ‘Rashed & Latifa’ Rashed has made an account of the couple going out with both veiled as women. To be found in Veiling in Real Life or directly here…

Day Out for two Veiled “Ladies”

Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted takes a step in both time and scope under the subtitle ‘Overture – Let the Games Begin’ where Part One is called…

Atlantic Crossings (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

The title of a short movie has inspired your editor to the illustrated vignette…

Honey, I’m Home

Finally there is new News, both from your editor and from Veiled Kingdom. Read…


7th April, 2015

A very fine update awaits you, but it has been too long (1st June -14) since we have seen a story from a new author. Let the following contribution inspire all you who have veiling on your mind.

TOTV is happy to present a new contributer. Khadijah has realized one of her veiled fantasies with a photo series. Enjoy, and perhaps let this short real life account inspire you…

My Fantasy

Nick Lucas’ Reformism Interrupted progresses with more parts co-written with Dee. Here is the ‘missing’ link of 26th March (part two) and the next part three…

Symphony for a Maiden and a Psychopath (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Quartet for Two Men and Two Women Andante Dolorosa (a part of Reformism Interrupted)

Veiled Kingdom has a new story for us. Young American women have to veil to join a reality show in…

Hadith Styles

TOTV for the first time presents a tale a second time. Dave has made an alternative version of the tale Cats written by Emily W and your editor. It is almost the same story, which means the original authors are still credited, but there are changes and twists which makes it quite different, so your editor has decided to keep the original version. You are surely now eager to read the first TOTV story put together by three authors. Please enjoy the even more adult story…

Cats (II)

German flagTOTV präsentiert eine neue Erzählung von Peter. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2040. Wieder sind wir zu Gast bei der Marburger Zahnarztfamilie von „Astrid und Bernd“. Inzwischen tragen in Deutschland besser situierte Frauen den Schleier. Auch die Tochter Petra, die uns berichtet, warum. Viel Vergnügen mit…


To non-German readers: Click the link above to browse a tale with wonderful veiling photos and a story so good it should make you take evening classes in German or follow an internet course. The story tells of a Germany in the year 2040 where the better off women veil themselves.

26th March missing links to The Model and the Mosque by Emily W and the feature about Saudi women working…

The Model and the Mosque

The View from Riyadh: Working Women

26th March, 2015

Your editor is again down with his health. Hope to be able to make a proper update in a week. Please look up yourself what was already ready for the update: A new part of Reformism Interrupted, The Model and the Mosque by Emily W and a photo Feature about Saudi women working. Sorry to Khadijra and Dave for now.

22nd February, 2015

Your editor has made a mistake with the last part of Nick Lucas’ Reformism Revisited. Part seven is now different and longer (use link of 21st February), and there is also a part eight…

Asset Management (a part of Reformism Revisited)

21st February, 2015

Terrorrism and stories not settled have resulted in a longer break than expected, but your editor thinks it has been worth waiting
Still: New stories wanted.

Nick Lucas’ Reformism Revisited has come to an end with part seven…

The Show Must Go On (a part of Reformism Revisited)

The Show Must Go On is very short, so we directly continue Nick Lucas’ colossal work about a Britain with a movement who will roll back women’s rights and have them modestly covered. Today you get the first part ‘Mena’ of the third “book” titled…

Reformism Interrupted

There is one new news article…


German flagTOTV präsentiert den dritten und letzte Teil der Astrid Trilogie von Peter. Viel Vergnügen mit…

Das Kolloquium

Emily W has made another afterlife story. Religions are united in…

The Mosque in the Clouds

Your editor got the beginning of a story from Emily W. She liked it very much but couldn’t come up with more. I immediately was triggered by her opening and wrote on to have a complete story in just two days. The result is an adult story. Come to an Arab city with bazaar, black veiled women and…

Cats (I)

8th January, 2015

New stories wanted.

Nick Lucas’ Reformism Revisited is continued with part six…

The People Decide (a part of Reformism Revisited)

Today you get the second half of Emily W’s story about the former Marine Carrie who starts at college and gets interested in Islam. Please enjoy…

From Marine to Muslimah (second half)

Dave has both a new story for us and an old one translated to German by Janet. In the new story a young British woman named Chrissie is sedated to be abducted to…

The Village

German flagJanet hat die Geschichte von Dave “The Companion” übersetzt in deutsch. Viel Vergnügen mit…

Die Gesellschafterin

The last update contained an article about women in Algiers going in procession to show and promote the traditional haik. This has inspired your editor to make an illustrated vignette simply titled…


As seen in our “ad” for Mr 2041 at the top of this page Daily Mail has made an article about him. It can be read in our Real Life section or directly as…

Bizarre fetish?

30th December, 2014


Of course there is a new part of Reformism Revisited by Nick Lucas. It is apppropriately about preparations for Christmas. Please enjoy part five…

The Bonfire of the Sanities (a part of Reformism Revisited)

This update once again has an Emily W story. Today you get the first part about the former Marine Carrie who starts at college and gets interested in Islam. The story tells thoroughly in a fine way how she gets…

From Marine to Muslimah

Our fictive news section today features two new articles…


Matthew Pointon was one of the first contributers to TOTV. Now a reader has contacted him for him to dig up a veiling story written back in 2007. Take a trip to a cold remote corner of Siberia to meet the…

Peddler of Neopousmenie

Megan McCormicks travels in the Maratha Empire goes ahead with her Delhi visit being completed…

Megan McCormick’s Veiled Journeys: Delhi – part 2

Finally we have a new feature about a march in Algiers to defend the traditional white haik against the black clothing from the Middle East. Your editor has added some fine haik photos…

Women in white march to defend Algeria tradition

23rd November, 2014

Reformism Revisited by Nick Lucas continues with part four…

The Law is the Law (a part of Reformism Revisited)

This update’s Emily W story is about an American woman who travels to Egypt in search of her Coptic Christian roots. Please enjoy…

Kristina’s Birthright

This time we again have FIVE new news articles. Regrettably there are still none from new TOTV authors. But “senior” authors give quality from experience so please enjoy…


Then it is both in German and English from Janet:

German flag Ihr Redakteur vermutet das Janet von den Anregungen Daves zu der Erzählung über Rifan inspiriert wurde. Das Leben für Frauen in Kansim ist bei weitem schlimmer als in Rifan, dies erfährt die Hauptfigur am eigenen Leib in…

Eine einmalige Gelegenheit

Your editor thinks Janet has been inspired by Dave’s more dark view on her own stories about Rifan. For a woman life in Kansim is far worse than in Rifan. This experiences the female main character for herself in…

A Unique Chance

German flagTOTV präsentiert heute den zweiten Teil der Astrid Trilogie von Peter. Viel Vergnügen mit…


8th November, 2014

First we have FIVE new news articles. Regrettably they are ‘only’ from authors having already contributed stories. Get your veiling dreams on TOTV in an easy manner – write! (Your editor doesn’t mind commenting a draft or doing proofreading)
When on a news article page you can return to the front page by clicking ‘TOTV News’ in the header. Further by mouse-over of the fictive reporter name (dashed underlining) you can see the real author name and go to the profile page to see both all stories and all news articles of the author. Last TOTV News can be accessed from the Bazaar.


Reformism revisited by Nick Lucas’ continues with part three…

Heaven and Hell (a part of Reformism Revisited)

Emily W has yet another story for us. Hillary goes clubbing on weekends but events make her start on…

Hillary’s Journey Into Purdah

GhostWriter is back after long with a story set in the Vippon country of Songhan about the women’s dependance on their husband…

Meaning Of The Veil

Finally Dave Potter’s (non-veiling) Fiction Site keeps expanding…

Dave Potter’s Fiction Site

27th October, 2014

After a troubled time for your editor he is very happy to be able to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOTV – nine years old

We celebrate the day with a brand new initiative from Veiled Kingdom:

Birthday 9th

Like millions of news sites on the internet we here bring “news” – in quotes because it here is short fictional articles similar to real news articles. Many of news sites have archives, TOTV news will have one as well, but the nature of our articles allows us to go one better than them all by not only having news from the past and the present but from the future as well! The short format of these articles we see as an invitation and a chance for readers, who have a good idea but is not able to cope with the size of a normal tale, to get their ideas published. Hit the keyboard and become a TOTV journalist! We start with three articles to enjoy and as examples for you to follow. Click the banner to go to the news front page.

Veiled Kingdom has also found some new “with and without veil” photos to be found at the end of the feature…

Non-Muslims with and without veil

Then of course tales.

From Nick Lucas you get the second part of Reformism Revisited titled…

The Calm before another Storm (a part of Reformism Revisited)

Emily W also is very productive. Today’s tale shows to be the dream of all male lovers of veiling and orientalist fantasy – isn’t that all of us? You have to read the adult tale…

The Concubine Heart

Dave is currently working to get his non-TOTV stories up on a new site which he will keep updating from time to time with new never before published stories. You can always find the site through our Links page, but please pay the site a visit today by simply following this link to…

Dave Potter’s Fiction Site

Despite this Dave also has an unpublished TOTV (adult) tale for us which is heavily inspired by Janet’s tales from the fictive Gulf Emirate of Rifan. The young English woman Amy gets a contract in Rifan, but there is much more to it than she expected. She didn’t bother to read the contract because it’s…

A Contract with Many Appendices

Finally TOTV welcomes a new author, Peter, but alas only in German so far (anyone to translate out there?).

German flag TOTV präsentiert heute den ersten Teil einer Trilogie. Sie handelt von Astrid Škoda, einer jungen Zahnärztin aus Mittelhessen. Durch seltene Nebenwirkungen eines Antibiotikums erwirbt Astrid eine Allergie. Die zwingt sie, sich zu verhüllen. Viel Vergnügen mit…

Astrid und Bernd

5th October, 2014

TOTV is back with new material, partly thanks to editing by Emily W.

TOTV continues Nick Lucas’ colossal work about a Britain with a movement who will roll back women’s rights and have them modestly covered. Today you get the first part ‘Preparations for the Final Mandate’ of the second “book” titled…

Reformism Revisited

Emily W has also a story to present. Out in the Arabian desert a mysterious experience is awaiting…

Lieutenant Mary Bowden

Next is the end to Veiled Kingdom’s story about Tiffany in Morocco as a missionary. Please enjoy the second half of…

Veiled Tiffany (second half)

Finally a new story from Dave set in Bangladesh. Learn about the life of Azufa in…


6th September, 2014

TOTV is alive and well, but your editor has health problems for a new update not to be expected for ten days to two weeks.

6th August, 2014

Your editor is sorry TOTV hasn’t been updated for over a month despite most of the material was ready. Denmark has had an unusually warm July and my stationary computer is in a room too hot to work in for more than a few minutes.

First is the second half of Nick Lucas’ tribute to ‘D’. Please enjoy…

The Prodigal Daughter (second half)

Emily W has come up with one of the best short stories about veiling. It is, as usual for her, a soft tale but I strongly recommend that those visiting TOTV for adult material give it a try as well. TOTV proudly presents the mysterious …

Soul’s Calling

Veiled Kingdom has made a follow up to her “Center of Genesis”. The main character of this story goes to Morocco as a missionary. Please enjoy the first half of…

Veiled Tiffany

SC (2029) has come up with a vignette with plenty of burqas titled…

My Afghan friends

Mr. A_B has made a Maratha Empire news article…

Kim Kardashian’s Indian misadventure

14th Jun, 2014

It is with great sorrow that we at TOTV learn that one of our first authors, ‘D’ or Dee, has passed away.

In 2011 she contacted TOTV after more than five years because she would like to compliment Nick Lucas for the first parts of his Reformist Saga. They have been in contact since for him to bring us the sad news. Her death has now made him write a new story in his Reformist Britain universe. Even if you don’t like the writings of Nick Lucas please read the Preface of this story because it explains their collaboration and the reason she passed away…

The Prodigal Daughter

Read or re-read Dee’s TOTV contribution…

Claire’s Tale

In memory of D your editor has put up her other contributions to the internet community, which over the years have disappeared due to the sites being closed. These writings are outside the scope of TOTV, but I think many TOTV readers will enjoy them at least as much as I do…

Non-TOTV writings of D

R. I. P.

1st Jun, 2014

Our Cartoons page has been updated with three new additions. The (not especially important) sequence has been reversed for the new additions to appear at the top.


Today we publish the last part of The Reformist Saga by Nick Lucas. But this is just the first “book” about the overtake of Britain by the Christian Democratic Party. The recent (May 2014) elections to the European Parliament have shown that the fiction of Nick Lucas is not that far-fetched. Today’s eighth part contains two images and is titled…

A Mandate to Reform (a part of The Reformist Saga)

There is again a new story by Dave. It is inspired by trying to see your editor’s ‘Dr. Niqab‘ from the point of view of the male, but ‘Dr. Niqab’ is not a prerequisite for reading the (adult) story about…


Finally TOTV is again able to present a new author. It is Daever’s debut with fictional writing so he has wisely started with a vignette, but has ideas for more. Please enjoy the adult story about…

Experimenting with Purdah

29th April, 2014

We continue The Reformist Saga by Nick Lucas. Before reading the new part you might want to have a look at its index page where your editor, with Nick’s approval, has put his impressions of how Meadvale women dress. Today’s seventh part is titled…

The Gathering Storm (a part of The Reformist Saga)

Then it is the second half of the account from the Venice Carnival by your editor. InPurdahHeaven and ModestyMan get new friends in…

Masked Weekend (second half)

If you want stories by others than Nick Lucas and your editor it is time for mailing TOTV with new material.

18th April, 2014

We start with second half of Veiled Kingdom’s story about a Christian woman veiling for her role in the Bible movie…

Center of Genesis (second half)

It’s also the second half of Mr. George’s Reformist story about heavy wool covering. Please enjoy…

The Loden Twins – Part Two (second half)

Finally a new photo intensive story by your editor. In 2012 Dave wrote the story “Veiled Weekend” quoting from my stories. Now I have wrote a follow up quoting his stories. It being set in Venice during Carnival explains its title. Please enjoy the first half of…

Masked Weekend

The Menu to the left has been updated with a link to the Adult Bazaar, available via the Bazaar ’tile’, for the Adult Bazaar to be available from all TOTV pages.

31st March, 2014

At the last update Veiled Kingdom’s first story for TOTV reached an end. Already she has made a new one. It’s another soft tale dealing with both old Christian veiling and current Muslim veiling. Please enjoy the first half of the story about the Bible movie called…

Center of Genesis

In the Reformist world we continue with the second part of the story by Mr. George about heavy wool covering, today with the first half of…

The Loden Twins – Part Two

In June 2013 Mr. A_B started letting travel journalist Megan McCormick take on a tour of the Maratha Empire. She now enters the second leg to Delhi starting at its neighbouring city of Jaipur…

Megan McCormick’s Veiled Journeys: Delhi, India (Part 1)

Finally we come to the end of your editor’s Maratha Empire story, which as the previous part is rather explicit, but without nudity. Please enjoy…

Punyanagari Unveiled (chapters 4 and 5)

11th March, 2014

We start with the third and last part of Veiled Kingdom’s story about Julie trying to get a scolarship by staying veiled – in this part in many forms – at the…

Hotel Hadith (part 3)

Just a month after her debut as author for TOTV Emily W has another soft pro-Islamic story for us. Elizabeth, a professor in Political Science from U.S. goes to Pakistan to on first hand learn more about an upcoming Islamic movement. It involves more than politics for the…

Education of Elizabeth

The Reformist Saga by Nick Lucas is continued with the sixth part titlet…

Disagreement and Deceit (a part of The Reformist Saga)

Finally it’s lunch time for the tour participants in your editor’s Maratha Empire story, which to warn / tempt you becomes rather explicit, but without nudity, in…

Punyanagari Unveiled (chapter 3)

23rd February, 2014

Again today TOTV has a lot to offer.

We start with the second part of Veiled Kingdom’s story about Julie trying to get a large scolarship by staying at the…

Hotel Hadith (part 2)

Next is the second half of Burka Lover’s story about detective Samantha Kerry. Learn what “full veiling” means in the Anwar family, and if the murder of Anwar’s brother is solved in…

Vigilante Adventures (second half)

Regarding Meadvale today we bring another full part of Nick Lucas’ The Reformist Saga, titlet…

Behind the Velvet Curtains (a part of The Reformist Saga)

Also we bring the next part of Janet’s new story about the fictive Arab country Rifan. Warning: This part contains explicit punishing and blood. If you don’t mind please enjoy the original in German or the English version of…

Life goes on (part 2)

Das Leben geht weiter (Teil 2)

Finally your editor again has a new story ready. It’s time to once more visit the fictive India of the Maratha Empire, this time to follow a group of Western female tourists who have signed up for a guided tour called…

Punyanagari Unveiled

4th February, 2014

Back after just nine days means TOTV has a lot to offer currently. Today we present two new authors and a new editor!

The first new author is Emily W. Her story is the soft and sweet account of a white American woman discovering Islam. It is fiction but based on articles about Western women having chosen to become Muslims. Can be safely read by all ages to warn some, the majority I hope will enjoy, learn, and maybe even be inspired to a new story, from…

Converting by Choice

Veiled Kingdom is today’s second new author. Just like the story above this can be read by everyone. This story is about a white American woman as well. Julie is a succesful business woman with a high education, but she presents herself fully veiled in public including her office. The story of why she do this starts just after she has left high school. Today you get the first part of why she has to stay at the…

Hotel Hadith

Burka Lover has previously contributed two stories to TOTV and has now in addition offered to do some editing. With this offer coming just after having submitted a new story naturally her first task as editor became to prepare her own work for publication. She has done a fine job, and her new story is to your editor her best so far. So you are in for a treat, getting today the first half of her cartoon style detective and veiling story (with just cartoon like violence) titlet…

Vigilante Adventures

Then we continue our new Meadvale story by Mr. George with the second half of part one of…

The Loden Twins – Part One (second half)

And it’s time for the last half of your editor’s story about Maskistan. Please enjoy…

Maskistan – Yasmin Visits Safina (second half)

Finally in the Reviews section there are two new movies, both taking place in Saudi Arabia.

26th January, 2014

Is it a coincidence that all of today’s stories are inspired by other TOTV stories?

It’s always a pleasure to present a new author. Mr. George has been inspired by Nick Lucas’s A Reformist Saga to write a story within the same scenario. From a totally different starting point we follow the two young female main characters to Meadvale, where they as part of a wealthy family have to take on the strictest life-style covered and veiled in layers of wool and especially the thick impenetrable loden. Enjoy the first half of part one of…

The Loden Twins – Part One

Because TOTV has now started publishing a Reformist scenario story by Mr. George we take a break from Nick Lucas’ Reformist Saga. But we are still able to present a new story of his. Please enjoy a sequel to his own “Lost in Translation” to learn about Sarah Blake’s life in strict purdah in the harem of the Emperor in…

Hostage to Fortune

Also this update has a new veiling feature. Learn through interviews with the women of Pune, India, why they veil themselves in…

Princess of Veils

Finally after a long pause your editor is back with writing of his own. GhostWriter’s contribution at the last update “The Southern Park of the Dragon” I enjoyed very much, but felt it didn’t end right, so with his approval here is (with illustrations)…

The Southern Park of the Dragon – alternative ending by Bo_Emp

Last a full story by your editor inspired by Querthe’s first Maskistan story about Safina coming of age. In my story her close youngest brother has left home and married, and now his wife comes to see the childhood home of her husband and get better acquainted with his sister. Today you get the first half, which I hope you’ll enjoy…

Maskistan – Yasmin Visits Safina

Editors wanted!
In the light of the unwanted break in December and your editor’s own “pile” of unfinished stories and story ideas TOTV could use more editors.
The most needed task is to convert stories from Word files or whatever authors use to TOTV HTML pages.
Web site or other programming skills is an advantage, but TOTV could also be used to learn web programming.
Your editor uses the free software Apache OpenOffice and TextWrangler, which means it can be done only investing your time. You don’t need to work on all updates, but can help as much as you please.
If you are interested in becoming TOTV editor please send a mail directly to moc.oohay@pmE_oB or use our normal mail.

6th January, 2014

As promised new stories.

GhostWriter has made a new sweet Vippon story for all to enjoy, which involves Jorea as well and is titled…

The Southern Park of the Dragon

A favourite of both Dave and your editor is Janet’s “Internet Pals”, which is now continued. Today you can enjoy the first part of this story in both the original version and an English version, which is simply titled…

Life goes on

Das Leben geht weiter

2nd January, 2014



TOTV is back with stories. Actually it showed just one was ready, but your editor intends a new update within a week with more. We have today however other new contributions to enjoy as well.

Today the circle of the seasons of Nick Lucas’s A Reformist Saga is completed, but the Reformist Saga continues after…

A Reformist Spring (a part of The Reformist Saga)

Veiling features keep coming. This time Elisa María has found another wonderful photo series about the traditions during Ashura in Iran titled…

Veils in Chehel Menbar

Finally a visitor called Mike and Elisa María both have sent us story ideas. Get inspired by going to…

Story Suggestions

22nd December, 2013

Due to your editor having a period of illness there has been no updates for far too long, and there is no new stories today. This is more to let you know TOTV is still alive.

We have a 10th Ayeesha post titled…

The English Burqa

Mr. A_B has found a feature about the women of Pune, India, titled…

Masked Maidens

Finally Veiled Kingdom, a long term follower of TOTV, has contacted us because she has found some pictures she would like to be added to one of TOTV’s first features. We welcome contributions. Please enjoy the updated…

Non-Muslims with and without veil

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this.

8th November, 2013

Ayeesha introduces us to a friend in her 9th post titled…

The Scarlet Woman!

Then again it’s time to look into the future to learn more about the perfect Islamic society nearly without adult women causing fitnah, but men aren’t perfect either in the second half of Tangent Scribe’s story…

Salim and Suhaila (second half)

Next it’s time for a new season of Nick Lucas’s A Reformist Saga, and this time we get a little ahead of the actual season with…

A Reformist Winter (a part of The Reformist Saga)

Finally Skanderbeg has more for us. Your editor has to admit it’s a resend, which we first received a year ago, but compared with his previous works it’s so short I took it for a preview. Despite it’s length it’s a fine idea and as usual well written, so please enjoy…


16th October, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOTV – eight years old

The previous year was a good one which ended (and is still going on) fantastic. The first half year was dominated by the two grand tales The Dare by Skanderbeg and The Handmaid’s Tale by myself, but we also got our own blog, where blue-eyed Ayeesha informs us about her veiling attire, and which now has eight posts with the latest at the previous update. Mr. A_B has all through the year contributed with new initiatives in the Maratha Empire section. The third quarter of the TOTV year (Spring) was dominated by the new tale from Dave (who is also behind the majority of the Ayeesha blogs) about Anneke. Finally, at the peak of Summer (on the Northern Hemisphere) the sensation of this year happened: Within a month we got two new great authors. Den Sethos, who “a few weeks” after having discovered TOTV found he would like to contribute. And Nick Lucas, who after being “an avid reader for some time”, on the 26th of June made his first contribution and since then has produced a full (71 pages, but not finished) Saga about the fictive Christian Reformist Movement, who want their women covered up completely in heavy clothing with veils and corsets, and in parallel with this extraordinary work he has produced a number of short tales! Dave ended his feature about the historical development of TOTV for last years birthday update with the words “(TOTV) now move onto a whole new level.” I think it has, but there are still higher levels to persue, and to get there requires a constant flow of new contributions. Hit the keyboard or tap the touch screen!
Your editor, Bo_Emp

TOTV has received a birthday gratulation and gift: “As anniversaries are still as significant now as they were for you then I send a Divine Emirati tale of preparations for a marriage and the joys and pitfalls associated with this honored tradition.” This quote comes from the introduction to Tangent Scribe‘s new story for TOTV. Your editor finds this is the best of his stories so far; and in addition with great photomanips (to be enlarged). Be aware that it again is about objectification of women. Otherwise the story contents has been summerized in the quote, so please enjoy today the first half of the story about…

Salim and Suhaila

Our latest new author, Den Sethos, already has come up with his second contribution. This is a sequel to the first, which took up on Dave‘s old Shami’s New Life. Shamira gets even more worries this time about regarding being veiled and confined to be a good purdah wife as there is…

A Letter for Shamira

Then to Nick Lucas, who has in three month provided material for the next two dozen updates without making an exact calculation! Soon after posting the second part of his tale about the Reformist’s he posted a full Saga of eight parts! This made your editor decide to give this work an index page of its own. So there are two ways of reaching today’s second part. Through the index page…

The Reformist Saga

…or directly through this introduction: The first part took place during a school Summer break and was titled after this. In the second part we move on to the next season to learn more about the Reformist lifestyle and the first steps of the Reformist political movement. It’s birthday so you get the whole of…

A Reformist Autumn (a part of The Reformist Saga)

Next on the birthday menu is a short Real Life account originally printed in a 1960s magazine! Your editor hopes this can encourage readers to dig up more of such historical material. As the title suggest this is a contribution from Mr. A_B. Take your mind out in the streets somewhere inspired by…

Sadhana – ‘Burqawali’

We also have three new Features to be announced. The first is about an art project or social scientific experiment registering the feelings when ordinary people are invited to put on a burka (abaya and niqab). Find here some inspiration for putting emotions into your story writing when learning about…

What does it feel like to wear a burka?

The last two are photo features. First a rather unusual collection from a site which assembles historical photos within a wide range of subjects. This collector has found there “was a practice where the mother, often disguised or (was) hiding” while having her children photographed. Look to see if this inspires a story for TOTV or just fuels your mind by seeing…

The Invisible Mother

The last feature is first class photography. A World Press Photo award winning series showing Shia women of Iran veiling as part of the rituals during the ceremony of Ashura. Your editor has elaborated on the navigating of the original page to make you enlarge pictures and move between them sequentially or at random. Enjoy a wide variation of veiling styles and colourful clothing in the high quality photo series…


Finally the birthday update of 2012 introduced the modern website structure with a mouse-over menu pane to the left you experience now. With this a lot of the site’s features and layout can be easily changed and enhanced. With this update TOTV introduces author profiles. You might have noticed all author names of today’s update are underlined. So are all the names of the Bazaar and Adult Bazaar pages. All authors (as showing in the author list of the drop-down menu on the Full Selection story page) now have a profile page. But so far only a few (Dave Potter, Bo_Emp, Nick Lucas and for testing Michelle) have a non-default page. Click at the names to learn a bit more about us, and if you are an author perhaps mail some words, an image and some directions for layout, and if you are not but want a profile you have to write a story. Anything published as a tale no matter how short makes you a TOTV author.

21st September, 2013

Our reviewer of veiling clothing and accessories, Ayeesha, is back, now describing an idea of her own, in her eighth post titled…

Hand Veil

At the previous update SC’s story Isabelle reached its end. Now an idea of his, that he won’t persue himself, with a photo has been added.

Finally you get the second half of Nick Lucas’ brilliant story about Christain veiling and corseting. Please enjoy…

A Reformist Summer (a part of The Reformist Saga) (second half)

Look forward to the next update a little into October where we start a sequel to Reformist Summer and celebrate yet another birthday. If you have a story, a story idea, a real life experience to share or have found an article or illustration within our scope, now is the time to mail it.

3rd September, 2013

Please enjoy the second and last chapter of SC’s story set in Yemen titlet…

Isabelle (chapter 2)

SC has frequent updates of his Flickr page and your editor has asked him to select some recent photos for TOTV’s random image gallery on our Home page. The new pictures have the numbers from 076 to 082, and if you don’t have the patience to continously refresh the Home page until having seen them as part of the random sequence you can load the Home page with an URL like this for e.g. image number 079…


Finally we start on IMHO the best of the ideas Nick Lucas has presented to TOTV so far. A Christain sect, the Reformists, live out their lifestyle in a Devon village. It is about modesty, decency and piety expressed in strict clothing including corsets and veils, and we learn about it through the eyes of Beth, a rebellious teenager, whose father thinks it will be good for her to live…

A Reformist Summer (a part of The Reformist Saga)

19th August, 2013

We start taking a new piece from the abundance our new author Nick Lucas has produced for TOTV. Again it’s set in the future. The setting of this story makes your editor think of the palace scenes from Dune. But of course veiling is the central subject as two civilisations from different planets have to communicate and the details may easily get…

Lost in Translation

Your editor has several times asked for SC (“2029” on Flickr) to write something based on his photos of his own veiling wardrobe and now he has responded with a wonderful piece of fiction fully concentrated on the clothing by starting from an old story to introduce the characters and the setting. The story in question is again (see last update) one of the first stories by Dave; this time “Paradise on Earth“. Please enjoy today the first chapter of SC’s follow-up simply titled…


8th August, 2013

Back again as promised we start giving you the last of the previous update’s unfinished stories.

It’s time for chapter four and a short fifth, so far concluding chapter, about Anneke by Dave. Enjoy the end of…

Tales of the Sultanate of Rashid: Volume I: Anneke (chapters four and five)

Then it’s the second and last part of Burka Lover’s story. Find out what meets Janice from Boston when she heavily veiled travels to Russia in…

Asking Forgiveness (part 2)

Let me introduce the new story of this update by quoting a mail: “I stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago, and I must say I was quite impressed by its content. So much, in fact, that I decided to put my old fancy writing to work.” Never in my time as editor has a reader so soon after discovering our site contributed a story. It’s a very warm welcome to Den Sethos who has been inspired to continue one of Dave’s first stories for TOTV. In “Shami’s New Life” Shamira ends up marrying Faisal who shows not to be the kind man he pretended before marriage to say the least. In Den’s wonderful but harsh adult story we learn about what her married life entails in…

A Preacher for Shamira

26th July, 2013

During Summer a site like TOTV is usually less active but during the last week we have got so many new stories that the Summer break has to end. The new material means we aim at updating again in about two weeks. But first this weeks treats:

We start with the third chapter of Dave’s story about Anneke visiting a sultanate with heavy veiling…

Tales of the Sultanate of Rashid: Volume I: Anneke (chapter three)

Burka Lover, who contributed with Rasiya’s Story three years ago, has come up with a new adult story about a woman forced into an unknown but veiled future because of an old friendship. Today you get the first of two parts of…

Asking Forgiveness

We got a mail from Nick Lucas which started like this ‘I have been an avid reader for some time, and decided to try my hand at a story.’ He has a very good hand which after this first story was welcomed has already produced more to enjoy at the coming updates. In today’s story the Renaissance lifestyle has returned in the year 2045 and gentlewomen at the king’s court has to set an example for the people by their heavy covering. Enjoy Nick Lucas first wonderful tale for TOTV titled…

A Princess For Peace

Finally we have gossip news from The Maratha Empire by Mr. A_B who informs us about…

Bipasha as a muslima

11th June, 2013

Due to a few readers being offended by reading a story despite its introduction here warned about the offending contents TOTV now has got a written contents policy basically saying we publish any story that focuses on veiling no matter what other contents. To read the policy go to the Home page or click the link right below for “Mahdi” of the previous update to see stories like this now has an explicit warning page to very clearly tell what you are in for. Please send us a mail if there is a story you think should have a warning page with a line about what you find offending.

Mr. A_B has been captivated by travel journalist Megan McCormick, who around the turn of the century was a presenter on the Globe Trekker travel tv-series, to let her travel his fictional world of the Maratha Empire. Today you can click on the first episode where she visits the empire capital Punyanagari…

Megan McCormick’s Veiled Journeys

At the bottom of the Punyanagari vignette, indirectly linked above, there is a new feature to encourage comments. It’s not a guestbook but the best we can do without access to server side programming.

Finally you get the second chapter of Dave’s new story…

Tales of the Sultanate of Rashid: Volume I: Anneke (chapter two)

12th May, 2013

Your editor has dragged the update long for new material to show, and then suddenly it comes. Enjoy!

Ayeesha is with us again with her seventh post titled…

Leather Hood

We have a new Feature about an ordinary American woman going out in her hometown wearing abaya and niqab…

From the Outside In: My Reflections as a Non-Muslim Wearing the Burqa in Silicon Valley

Today’s first story is by GhostWriter. WARNING: Contains offending female abuse. This is a sad and evil story of how far veiling can get wrong described through life in the fictive country of…


In Skanderbeg’s story we have reached the final part, so it’s time to enjoy a veiled wedding in…

The Dare (part 10)

Finally Dave has produced a new story which promises to be the first of a series. Follow the Dutch teenager Anneke when invited to visit her last friend and internet pal Sorya living in the Sultanate of Rashid which has strict veiling customs. Today you get the first chapter of…

Tales of the Sultanate of Rashid: Volume I: Anneke

flag german Peter, ein Leser von TOTV, hat sich freundlicherweise angeboten, eine oder vielleicht mehrere Geschichten ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Als Autor bin ich stolz, daß er meine Erzählung “Faceless Love” gewählt hat. Diese ist jetzt auch auf der nicht-englischsprachigen Seite zu finden unter dem Titel…

Verborgene Liebe

(Peter, a German follower of TOTV, has kindly offered to translate a TOTV story, perhaps more, into German. As author it makes your editor proud that he has chosen my story “Faceless Love“, which now also can be found on the non-English story page as… “Verborgene Liebe”)

31st March, 2013

This is again an update of our ongoing stories.

In Skanderbeg’s story it’s all about wedding preparations in…

The Dare (part 9)

In The Handmaid’s Tale the former Handmaid, now Wifenick, is going through her first day living the lifestyle of her daughter in…

The Handmaid’s Tale – The Really Veiled Version (chapter 13)

The Niqabi maid training weekend announced above has been postponed, which means you still have a chance to participate. Click the link above to read the news.

28th February, 2013

Our unfinished stories continue in this update.

In Skanderbeg’s story Michelle finally, after 23 chapters, gets her wardrobe opened again. Find out what her reaction is in…

The Dare (part 8)

In today’s long chapter of The Handmaid’s Tale the former Handmaid, now Wifenick, meets the very pious adoptive mother of her daughter Wifeethan to discover she takes her covering even further than her…

The Handmaid’s Tale – The Really Veiled Version (chapter 12)

1st February, 2013

Today our unfinished stories continue, but first Ayeesha presents her sixth post titled…

Silicone Ball Gag

This part of Skanderbeg’s story see Michelle’s boyfriend Matthew put her in restraints similar to her workmate Narita in…

The Dare (part 7)

In today’s two chapters of The Handmaid’s Tale the former Handmaid after being married to Nick now has become Wifenick to meet her daughter Wifeethan on equal terms and get an insight into her strict lifestyle which is even more heavily veiled and with bizarre details unknown to her…

The Handmaid’s Tale – The Really Veiled Version (chapters 10 and 11)

19th January, 2013

After a long break for Chistmas and New Year TOTV is back with new material. The first is from Ayeesha with her fifth post titled…

Forest Green Pakistani Burqa

Get the explanation behind the repeat and the programming lines in today’s second half of GhostWriter’s story about women who come to love the burqa and with that they become…

A Better Wife (second half)

Then a small warning against something which is rare in our tales: People die in both today’s part of The Dare and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Michelle’s worklife changes dramatically in this part of Skanderbeg’s story…

The Dare (part 6)

My own Handmaid’s Tale took a break in December because I wanted to publish the part you get today as a whole. I hope you enjoy this more than twenty normal pages long and intriguing part about how the handmaid Offred / Kate gets to live with her daughter, the deeply believing and heavily veiled Wifeethan in…

The Handmaid’s Tale – The Really Veiled Version (part two)

Thanks to Our Host TOTV is a site free of ads. But that doesn’t mean we won’t advertise non-profit events within our scope. Salimah Shahrani has sent us a mail about such an event she is organising which you can read by clicking the link at the top of this page.

19th December, 2012

Here is more than usual to have reading for the holidays, but I bet you can’t wait that long to “unwrap” the offerings.

In part five of The Dare by Skanderbeg Michelle is in for a less successful outing with her boyfriend Mathhew…

The Dare (part 5)

Our blogger Ayeesha is back with her fourth post titled…

Stretchy Cotton Gloves

The Maratha Empire has glamour news for us about…

“Pleasure tourists” of Bombay

In GhostWriter’s new story he mixes elements of his previous stories to in a new way explain the pleasures of veiling. Today you get the first half, three chapters, of …

A Better Wife

Finally Tangent Scribe is back with his second transmission from a future extremely strict Devine Emirate. This time the Sheiks of Modesty investigate if moral crimes have been committed by a newcomer couple named…

The Ivanovs

The continuation of The Handmaid’s Tale by Bo_Emp has been postponed until the next update.

27th November, 2012

Part four of The Dare by Skanderbeg is titled Big Events, so it’s just start reading to find out what Michelle is in for in…

The Dare (part 4)

The second half of part 1 of your editor’s version of The Handmaid’s Tale could also have been titlet ‘Big Events’ but it’s simply chapters 5 to 7. Learn about the Red Centre where Handmaids are indoctrinated, learn about the Handmaid’s new love life and learn about a really big event for her in…

The Handmaid’s Tale – The Really Veiled Version (part one – second half)

11th November, 2012

The Links page has been revised to make better use of the larger area of the new menu, and with a couple of new links as well. One to the scans of a rare book of historical ethnographical pictures that used to be hosted on Webshots.


The Reviews page has been updated likewise. Now with sample veiling pictures of the movies. And with new reviews. If you like to review a movie or book with veiling scenes please send us a mail. Also if you have a good quality screenshot showing veiling from one of the movies where the picture is missing please mail.


Finally the random image fuction of the Home page has been improved. Just mouseover the photo to see a larger version (sometimes full window width, with others there is no enlargement). Also you can disable the random function to have your favourite photo showing at each visit. Follow the Technical tips link at the bottom of the Home page for details. Five new photos have been added to the random image folder, which you can now see directly, without repeatedly reloading until they randomly appear, by their index numbers 071 – 075.
The TOTV backup file at the bottom of the Home page has been renewed to ensure backup og the new menu layout. Please download.

The third post of Ayeesha is titled…

Three-Layer Niqaab

It’s also the third part of The Dare by Skanderbeg, where Michelle learns more about Narita, the strictly veiling daughter of the company owner…

The Dare (part 3)

Finally your editor has a new story for you as well. My stories have often been inspired by the works of others, either music, movies or books, and this is a book both made into a movie and an opera! (which I haven’t seen / heard though). Now you may have guessed I’m talking about Margaret Atwood’s dystopian science fiction novel The Handmaid’s Tale about a fundamentalist Christian society following “traditional values” involving subjugation and veiling of women. Then, why isn’t neither book nor movie in our Rewievs section? Because the book only very superficially describes any clothing, and the veils in the movie are so flimsy I think you can go to any wedding to see something better. This is the reason I think the story needed a new version with focus on the veiling just hinted at in the book and often present, but only light, in the many different illustrations of the novel. I hope you’ll enjoy following through the coming updates my very long account of…

The Handmaid’s Tale – The Really Veiled Version

29th October, 2012

Our Cartoons page has been updated with new additions at the bottom and shined up a little to take advantage of the wider space of the new layout with no horizontal scrolling needed for any of the cartoons if your browser widow is at least 1024 pixels wide…


Our new blogger, Ayeesha, is ready with her second post titled…

Shayla and Underscarves

Finally in the second part of our new story by Skanderbeg the entire office start veiling like her, but soon she takes the lead in veiling again in…

The Dare (part 2)

15th October, 2012

TOTV keeps developing, and today we introduce Ayeesha who starts a blog to describe the attire of veiling in its many forms with one of the aims being that this may help people having a good idea for a veiling story but not being able to describe the clothing involved. Dave has invented Ayeesha, but it’s not his blog. If you have personal experiences with veiling attire you can have a post on the blog as well – just send us a mail. Mail us as well if you have comments to a blog entry – the technical possibilities of TOTV does not allow entering directly in a form showing instantly but relevant comments will be put up within days, anonomously if you wish. You can find Ayeesha through our Real life page, but today she appears right here too…

This first post of Ayeesha’s Experiences refers to a blogger calling herself Saudi Stepford Wife and her post about abayas which has spurred so many comments that these have developed into a discussion of Muslim veiling in general which your editor has found so interesting that it all has become a TOTV feature. Read it through Features on the menu, read it through Ayeesha’s blog or start reading it directly here…

The Great Abaya Debate

The first story of this update takes us to The Maratha Empire for the third part of the story about agent Denko, or rather the coming agent, because in this part she starts her training as agent and experiences the bustling life and the multitude of veiling styles of Punyanagari, the capital of The Maratha Empire. Please enjoy…

The story of Agent Denko (Part 3 – The training begins)

Skanderbeg, the author of the long wonderful account of The Covered Cleaner, is back with a new story. In a very drunken state Michelle takes on a dare to be veiled for a week, but already in the first part published today the implications go further than just…

The Dare

30th September, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOTV – seven years old

For the occasion the founder of TOTV, Dave Potter, has summarised his view on the life of TOTV so far (also to be found on the Lure page):

The birth and development of Veiling Erotica until September 2012

After this extraordinary piece of history look to the left into the future: The new design of TOTV. Move your mouse over the blue area and see familiar pictures appear in a small version along with familiar menu names, and then move the mouse to the right to see the tile under the mouse expand to show the picture in large and the familiar text appear explaining more about what to get when clicking. With this design TOTV leaves an outdated standard and gives more space to the main contents area to be ready for tablets and smartphones, which for some years ahead have smaller screens than laptops or desktop monitors. Read about more benefits of the new design, tips and troubleshooting on the page

Technical tips and help for the new Menu and layout of September 2012
(this page is also accessible from the bottom of the Home page)
(editors note: The new menu is introduced partly automatically and not all pages have been visited to check it works. If you find one or more pages not showing the menu or otherwise not working then please send a mail)

Welcome back here after I assume you have spent a sleepless night or perhaps shirked your work to read or reread all the wonderful stories listed in Dave’s letter. You have now reached the new veiling contents of this update. First is a photo intensive feature, which I don’t think the readers of TOTV find controversial although it has been cited as this on the net. But the photos are really nice when a webmagazine journalist plays veiled Muslim tourist in New York and comments on it in…

I Walked Around in a Burqa All Day (And I’m Not Muslim)

We continue with journalism as Mr. A_B has made a vignette set in The Maratha Empire in the form of a glamour journal page, which his Yahoo group Veiled Actresses shows has a very real background, about the veiling of Indian celebreties called

Burqa craze hits B-town !

It is the end of September and we further celebrate the birthday of TOTV with the last two stories of our Dave Potter Summer. Dave has an interest in the region of Slavic languages and, like your editor, thinks TOTV has missed a story containing the historic veiling of Uzbekistan. So with the right knowledge and the attitude of if it doesn’t exist “I would just have to write it myself“, which started TOTV, he has written this story as an encouragement to others to make stories that uses the veiling style that becomes the fate of…

The New Uzbeki Woman

Finally there are more references to wonderful old TOTV stories to take more of your sleep or your employers profit, and otherwise I, your editor Bo_Emp, is disqualified to say more as this story is one long tribute to me as writer, but perhaps also an encouragement for TOTV followers to send us a real-life story if not up to writing fiction. Have you experienced something like a…

Veiled Weekend

18th September, 2012

The first offering of this update is a wonderful article by anthropologist Agnès De Féo describing her life with the women of the Islamic Tablighi Jamaat movement who both observe strict purdah and go out missionaring. To be found on the Features page or by clickling here…

Behind the Veil, In the Ranks of the Tablighi Jamaat

We continue in the Features section but scroll down to graphical features. The currently most alive Yahoo group that I know of is Confining Clothing, and this is not the least due to its founder and moderator Art Foster, who is also a fine illustrator and author. When he recently published a drawing in the group titled “Tourist burqa” both Dave and I would very much like it on TOTV. When researching that Art had published more drawings suitable for TOTV I contacted him with the result that we today are able to present five drawings of his, graphically brushed up for TOTV to an unprecedented level, and with new text as well. When you have seen this you want more, so visit Confining Clothing in the coming days while awaiting Art’s promise of more drawings for TOTV. It is a great pleasure for TOTV to present…

Art Foster’s view on veiling

This update of course has a story as well, and of course it is by Dave Potter. Basically this story is again inspired by a video, but also one of the features of 11th August and another TOTV story. Because of harassment Miriam looks into


4th September, 2012

After an update interval longer than usual due to holidays the months of Summer are now over according to the calendar, but Dave Potter Summer continues on TOTV with a full meal of three titles by him today.

The first course is an account of a woman having married a Saudi titled…

The Girl in the Mirror

The main course is again about a European woman marrying an Arab but here fate intervenes for a development only to be read if you are up to the stories of the Adult Bazaar. In the end it’s about…


The dessert is not as such a veiling story according to Dave, but a loose sequel to Shame set at a scientific conference where psychologists discuss the case of the women depicted in Shame. Having read Shame is a precondition for this story, and as such accepting adult content is as well. If you have ever been at a scientific event you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of…

The Conference

11th August, 2012

It is Dave Potter Summer on TOTV.
We have just published his ‘Mouna’, there is a handful of new stories from him about ready with the first to be published today, and in addition he has digged up some articles from the net about veiling.

Click the Features link in the Menu to find four new (on TOTV) articles debating veiling. ‘Saudi wants divorce ..’ and ‘Saudi women’s veil versus modernity’ are both about the tradition of some Saudi tribes for married women to not even unveil to their husbands. ‘The Hijab And I’ describes the historical changes in veiling in north India as experienced by the author and his family. Finally ‘Advance of the Zealots ..’ portraits the Jewish “Taliban” women of Israel, which are a grouping within its Ultra-Orthodox community, and how some Ultra-Orthodox want extended sex segregation, women to be housewives only and virtually unseen in public.

Dave has been inspired by videos too. Today’s two stories are both inspired by the same video about a young man entering a lift to ride alone with a young veiled woman. I, Bo_Emp, got inspired as well with the result that TOTV today presents two stories titled identically, with a very similar storyline and also sharing some illustrations (of which there are many because a video is the basis). But two authors see the same video with different eyes, have different writing styles and different likings. Enjoy each story on its own, and notice how similar and different the results are, and if you would have liked it a third way then please send us a mail, we can count to more than X, but start with…

The Lift (I)
by Bo_Emp
The Lift (II)
by Dave Potter

29th July, 2012

Follow Ahmed as he discovers the full truth about how his possibly future wife lives in the final part of Dave Potter’s story about…

Mouna (second half)

Dave has also given an old favourite of his an overhaul with revised paragraphs. Enjoy reading or re-reading one of the first stories to be featured on TOTV, the Adult Bazaar tale about…

Hamesd the Honoured

We have also reached the end of Mr. A_B’s current story. Is it going to be just ‘A small love story’ or are they going to live happily ever after? Find out for yourself in…

A small love story (part 3)

The statistics of the Full Selection story page are being improved. So far the visitors numbers are available graphically for seven months back with user selectable display range. Soon the full visitors data going 26 months back are available.

15th July, 2012

More new material results in more frequent updates.
First a result of the Egyptian revolution. Now apparently just about anyone can put up a TV channel to communicate their views. This article, also to be found in the Features section, perhaps can inspire to write a story…

New Egyptian TV channel to only feature fully face-veiled women

Dave Potter has come up with a new story. Today you get the first half of the (in the end Adult) tale about the Muslim business man Ahmed who returns to his hometown to settle and find a decent, modest wife of good family. A friend of his father is the guardian of his young niece and Ahmed starts visiting his home to learn more about…


Finally we have a new stories section. Mr. A_B has always seen his stories as set in an alternative world called the Maratha Empire. Now he has made a document that introduces this world through its story of veiling to make your editor create a section of Maratha Empire Tales, which can also be reached from the Bazaar page. Perhaps scroll a little down to below the sorting box for the link to “Veiling in the Maratha Empire”, which contains inspiring text and photos for story writing.
Further below is the story listing, and the new contents here is the second part of ‘A small love story.’ The link on the Maratha Empire page is to the beginning of the story, here is a link directly to the new part…

A small love story (part 2)

5th July, 2012

TOTV is grateful Mr. A_B is productive at the moment. I can promise you his best story yet – one of the best stories TOTV has published for long in the eyes of your editor. In the form of a diary of a young male student we learn about his life from he is swept off his feet by the sight of a young veiled woman, and his following actions and thoughts to get to know her and the complications that follow. It’s a great love story, but it’s just titled…

A small love story

13th June, 2012

There are two new additions to the Cartoons page to be found in Features.

The reading of today is the second part of Agent Denko, Mr. A_B’s story set in his alternative world Maratha Empire. Hosiana, just being kidnapped, is on her way to India when at a stop over in Baghdad her kidnapper and escort Natasha gets orders to take Hosiana out in the city where rubands are part of unpleasant veiling laws…

The story of Agent Denko (Part 2 – The journey to India)

The update rate of TOTV follows the submission of stories. Please contribute.

18th May, 2012

Your editor, Bo_Emp, has completed his illustrated story set in the Maratha Empire. Our three students still have more ways of observing modesty in Punyanagari to see and experience for themselves at work and celebrating. Please enjoy the final chapters of…

Three Students Examine Modesty (second half)

26th April, 2012

Your editor has had to work hard to himself produce something for the visitors of TOTV to read, but just before finishing his work others have made new contributions as well for this and the next few updates to be filled. Still new stories are (as always) wanted please. While awaiting new material 10 new images have been added to the selection of random images on the Home page for a total of 70 to draw from. Most of these images have always been available in a larger version than displayed, and this is now to be viewed by just a click on the image (if you don’t like opening new windows just use the old method of seeing the image by right click and select ‘View image’).

GhostWriter has made a new Trisban story (part of the Vippon world) about a day in the life of a girl of a strict Trisban family having enrolled their children in “The Academy of Modesty and Traditional Behavior”. Despite this she loves her life and her family and her father tenderly addresses her by her toddler nick name…

Little Flower

Your editor, Bo_Emp, has been inspired by the Maratha Empire outlined by Mr. A_B, and especially the opening chapter of the story of the last update about Agent Denko, to write a story focussing on young women of the city of Punyanagari and their desire to observe strict modesty by veiling and other measures while still retaining an outgoing lifestyle. Click the link to read (and view) the first half of how…

Three Students Examine Modesty

2nd April, 2012

Your editor’s request for new stories in November has brought us more than four months continuing the two week update interval, but now it’s again time for old and new authors to write your ideas down or look in the archives and mail TOTV. If you are out of ideas but has the itch to write a veiling story take a look at our Suggestions page (with the iron masked woman thumbnail) where three new ideas from Mr. A_B have just been added.

In the 9th February update we introduced Mr. A_B from India who in addition to his contributions then promised us a fictional veiling story set in India and inspired by his own veiling experiences. He has now completed the first part of this story that in addition to a veiled India takes us to a veiled Ukraine. He would very much like this to become the first of many stories set in this fictional world where Hindu (and many other nation’s) women veil to make an Indian Vippon (to be called the Maratha Empire), and this is a tale that fires the imagination, so perhaps start writing after having read…

The story of Agent Denko (Part 1 – The Recruitment)

In our second offering of this update learn how David’s visit at the Masked Artist, Annika, evolves into a relationship with veiling, masking and full covering in the second half of Ed Kilpatrick’s…

A Silhouette of a Girl I Always Wanted (second half)

18th March, 2012

First we close an open end by bringing the third and last part of Rasiya’s Story by Burka Lover. Read if all the ordeals of Rasiya lead to a happy end in…

Rasiya’s Story (Part 3)

Spring is nice, but now there are no more pretty women who looks even prettier by covering their faces because of the cold. Ed Kilpatrick takes us in his new story to Stockholm to experience such women while we sit warm and comfortable reading about the beautiful Masked Artist who makes displays with burqas and other oppressive items. As always with Ed there is also cross-dressing involved, so let’s call it a light Adult story. For those who don’t mind enjoy reading the first half of the story about the always covered artist who only shows as…

A Silhouette of a Girl I Always Wanted

6th March, 2012

Our first offer today is the last two chapters of Nebulus9’s orientalist fantasy about a wife who masks and covers because she has been unable to get pregnant. Despite her seclusion her body is still attractive though…

Mask of Betrayal – Part 3

Skanderbeg, the author of The Covered Cleaner, is back with a story about a young woman who chooses to cover and veil to hide her looks after a terrible car accident. Nothing X rated but lots of body injuries described that some might find disturbing. If okay with this please enjoy…


23rd February, 2012

Our first story today again brings a new author, Nebulus9, who gives us a classic orientalist fantasy where a wife follows old traditions of seclusion and masking because she has been unable to get pregnant. It is a story placed in the Adult Bazaar. Enjoy today the first two chapters of…

Mask of Betrayal

GhostWriter’s A Strong Girl is coming to an end. Learn how the incidents during Lucy’s husband’s job interview is going to affect their future life…

A Strong Girl (Part 5)

9th February, 2012

There is so much new that TOTV is updated a little before the usual interval.

Mr. A_B, a veil lover from India, has found our site and has made several contributions right from the beginning. First is the account of his personal attraction to veiling titled “Women who veiled for me” to be found in our Veiling in Real Life section. Second he has sent us an interesting news article titled “When Hindus wear the burqa” to be found in our Features section. Third, under the name of Sharadowasdr, he has a YouTube page, to be found through our Links page, with playlists of veil and mask videos, many with Bollywood actresses veiling as well as veiling from India in general. Last (for now) he would like to start a collection of alternative world stories similar to our Vippon world but based on the lifestyles of India. Go to the Suggestions page to read more – Mr. A_B has started working on his first story.

GhostWriter’s A Strong Girl is continued. In this part we learn why the new owners of Lucy’s company require their female employees to veil…

A Strong Girl (Part 4)

Finally a new story by yet a new author that promises more to come. Tangent Scribe transmits to us from a future where a New Prophet receives new messages from Allah. Veiling is extended into objectification for those who can afford it, to place this story in the Adult Bazaar, but if you don’t find this disturbing go on to read Tangent Scribe’s transmission directly to you, reader of Tales of the Veils, to learn about…

The Ten Decrees

With the new story pages with sorting and many new stories since April last year it is time for a new backup of TOTV. If you have harddisk space available please support TOTV by downloading the new backup file to be found at the bottom of the Home page.

30th January, 2012

At this update we simply continue the stories of last update. Please remember they are both placed in the Adult Bazaar. If you don’t mind enjoy…

Rasiya’s Story (Part 2)

A Strong Girl (Part 3)

16th January, 2012

TOTV is happy to be able to start a new year with a new author. Burka Lover is yet another long time follower of TOTV who has now invited us into his own mind for his version of a veiling story. He imagines a future London, where immigrants are even more dominating than today, and fate forces our heroine to a Muslim quarter for a veiled future, which also gets so restricted that the story has been placed in the Adult Bazaar, but if you don’t mind enjoy the first part of…

Rasiya’s Story

Work is at the centre of GhostWriter’s A Strong Girl as well. In today’s second part we learn more about the new company policies. It seems like the compulsory female uniform of black veiling may result in an old fashioned labour conflict in…

A Strong Girl (Part 2)

29th December, 2011

Thanks to GhostWriter TOTV again has two new offerings for you. Please enjoy the first part of what happens to a young woman when her company is taken over by a Middle Eastern investment group that enforces their own culture. Is Lucy able to stay…

A Strong Girl

Follow Lena as she completes being transformed into a full size living version of her own favourite doll in the final part of my own…

A Common Hobby (second half)

11th December, 2011

TOTV doesn’t totally stop updating just because there are no new contributions. Updates just have to await that your editor gets something finished. For December, where it’s cold and dark on the Northern Hemisphere, a story about an indoors hobby is just right. Further the wheather makes us dream of traveling South. Follow Lena on her adventure to an exotic Arabia in this first half of Bo_Emp’s…

A Common Hobby

24th November, 2011

We haven’t got any new author’s for this update but GhostWriter has answered the request for new stories by making an addition to the stories of the fictive country Himbaya, which is a part of our Vippon universe. Please enjoy a hooded bicycle trip in…

The Rider

Then, as mentioned in the last update message, Skanderbeg has already fulfilled his promise of coming up with something new after The Covered Cleaner. And new it is. A strange new country placed in a corner of Argentina but populated by people from Wales and Albania! Little surprisingly this mix creates a very strange lifestyle especially for the women. But they wear well-known items such as veils, masks and corsets in the land of…


12th November, 2011

This update has dragged out a little because we have finished the many parts of The Covered Cleaner which was the basis of a regular two week update interval. It could be maintained if just a few of you hit the keyboard to mail us the veiling story every regular visitor has in hers or his head. Please give it a try and we’ll assist you in any way we can. There will be a new update in two to three weeks time though because Skanderbeg has come up with a new story, but there is only one part.

Today Querthe is with us again with a new story from his Maskistan. A must read for lovers of latex – and a warning to those that find it repulsive – but there is no sex as such and no men at all. We get an insight into the life of a Maskistan female only high school in…

Maskistan – Amanra

Today’s second offering is from Dave Potter. He has been inspired by one of the many veiling videos Elisa María has favourited on her YouTube page. Perhaps one of her videos can inspire you as well. This is a story that after reading seem so obvious that it could almost have passed as an exotic romantic real-life account if found elsewhere. Please enjoy…

Sister Alima

27th October, 2011

An extra of TOTV is veiling cartoons. Today there are four new to be found through our Features page or directly at this link by scrolling down…


Then comes the moment where you need your handkerchief to dry your eyes, because sadly this is the last time we can show the now well known link to a new part of Skanderbeg’s unique, very well written and very long follow-up to Dark Vagabond’s great idea. Our heroine Nicole has tried a wide selection of veiling styles to end up often wearing many of them at the same time, and in addition to be addicted to corsetting and bondage, and with a special ability to get every woman she meets get interested and take up her lifestyle as well. As an author your editor has also enjoyed the ability to describe all this in a way to make it believable, and the smart author trick of letting her have friends that have the answer to many of her problems. All of this is also present in the epilogue, part 18, titled ‘Seven vignettes from married life.’ Have your handkerchief ready to clear your eyes when reading the touching descriptions of Nicole being pregnant and handling a child in…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 18

We hope that Skanderbeg’s initial promise of more is soon to become true.

Another quite long story has reached its final chapter as well. ‘Dr. Niqab’, Layla, returns. Munira now lives a life so heavily veiled that the doctor appears as a liberal. But guess if their meeting leads to less or more veiling and find the answer in…

Dr. Niqab (chapter 6)

Dr. Niqab has been split into two pages, and you might have noticed that this page loads faster because Updates has also been split with the updates of the first five years ‘archived’ on a separate page linked at the bottom of this page.

13th October, 2011

I hope the many visitors of the birthday update two weeks ago have enjoyed not only the extra new reading, but some of our back catalog as well. Today both our stories for some time continues, and it’s the second last of both, so you can wait getting your handkerchief for drying your eyes, when your friends Nicole and Munira leave, until next time, and just enjoy them right now in new wonderful moments with Skanderbeg and Bo_Emp’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 17

Dr. Niqab (chapter 5)

30th September, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOTV – six years old

We start with a message from the founder of TOTV, Dave Potter:

I’ve been asked by Bo_Emp to write a few words for this year’s TOTV birthday update and I must admit that even though the site is *mine* no longer, I am both proud and pleased to see how she continues to develop, entering her 7th year this month.
I started TOTV because I knew that I found the veiled female form strangely arousing, yet a search on the web found scant references, erotica and images to suggest that anyone else shared my interest. Therefore, my main purpose was to see if I wasn’t alone and, if not, to see if anyone else had anything good to post. My greatest fear was that I would be the only contributor.
6 years on and I know that is not the case. TOTV has helped to create what I believe is a whole new genre of erotica, that of the veils. As well as our site which boasts brilliant tales from no less than 24 authors, there are also several veiling related groups, similar sites such as Muslim TG Captions, blogs such as that by Latex Lady, and a veritable plethora of wonderful veiling photos on Flickr. The wonders of the internet and what a difference a few years makes! I now regular like to surf through Elisa Maria’s impressive collection of veiling vids on YouTube, (thanks, thanks and more thanks Elisa, you don’t get the praise you deserve and you are really dedicated in creating and maintaining that list!!!), rereading old TOTV tales and clicking on the Updates hoping for a new one.
All of this got me thinking as to why it is that so many of us find veiling so intensely erotic. As for myself, the sort of erotica that I enjoy is stuff like veiling, corset literature, Chinese foot-binding, breast enlargement and so on. What links such very diverse tastes? More than you’d think I reckon. To me, what I find most arousing is a society that imposes restrictions on its people so that to become a paragon – either of beauty as in corsetry, or virtue as in the modesty of veils – one must suffer. One may not want to suffer, it may be hard, but one does it nonetheless because in such societies, one has no choice. That is probably why one of my favourite authors is Bo_Emp, your webmaster, as he realistically sets his tales in veil-dominated societies.
That however is me, but what about you? Do your thoughts concur or do you go for a different angle? Why not send in your thoughts to TOTV and we could start up a page where all readers tell us about why veils do it for them. Even if you’ve never written a tale, this isn’t hard and I believe it can help guide and inspire our authors into writing more classics.
But enough from me. 2010-11 has been another great year at TOTV. Stories such as The Social Climbing of the Campbell Family, Talk to Me and The Covered Cleaner, (2 of those by new authors!!!) are ranked amongst my personal favourites, but the award for best story this year, in my humble opinion, has to be Harassment which I can reread time and time again. Brilliant!
So now I leave you for another year, to browse the titles on Bo_Emp’s new fangled story search system, to enjoy more great tales and to prove time and time again that, alas, contrary to the writings of many great scholars, the veil can in fact be a source of great fitna…

Your editor, Bo_Emp, has this birthday address:

On the first of September Dave mailed to me “I see we now have a real number of tales. How about developing some sort of sorting system with keywords and such such as other storysites do.” In addition to sharing Dave’s views on veiling (but not so much his other erotica) and abilities in story writing I have a professional knowledge of software, but it not including web programming I answered it depended on if this was possible without server side programming (either you know what it means or it doesn’t matter). I then found out his request was possible, and I took up the challenge and wrote the JavaScript code (“View page source” if you like to see), and from today you can get a full overview of the stories on TOTV by sorting and selecting in a number of ways to find just what you like, or perhaps more important to discover stories you didn’t know or have forgot about, to get a new reading thrill from our collection.
You get access to all the features on the new Full Selection page by clicking the link Go to full story selection and information. This link is also found in the new sort frame on any of the Bazaar pages. On the Full Selection page you find a statistics section as well from where Dave has got the figures in his message above. I like to thank ‘Our Host’ for providing the log files that makes it possible to show visitor statistics. For security and protection of identity in the form of ip-addresses there is no code or no links on the site accessing these log files. They are processed separately, and partly manual, for a spreadsheet containing only anonymous figures to be presented.
Dave’s original idea quoted above was to be able to find stories by keyword. This is implemented, called tags, but currently they all refer to one keyword “veiling type”. In other words, at present you can find out what type of face veiling is used in a story. We like to add more keywords such as gloves, latex, bdsm or consensual, but it’s a huge task to read through all the stories to categorise each by just one of these keywords. If you would like to help TOTV on this please mail.
Also please mail me or TOTV if having problems or ideas regarding the new features.

For a birthday of course the story selection has to be something special as well. We offer double serving of the current stories to give you among other things a veiled wedding and an unexpected marriage with even more veiling – in part 15 and 16 of Skanderbeg’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 15
(the link to part 16 is at the end of part 15 or on The Covered Cleaner index page)

– and in chapter 3 and 4 of Bo_Emp’s…

Dr. Niqab (chapter 3)

– And as the fireworks of our celebration Dave has for the occasion written a new story. I think the musical roots of Talk To Me and Harassment have influenced him because the story is inspired by a favourite song of his “Outlandish Knight”, which he has turned into an Oriental veiled tale titled…

Zuleja and the Evil Djinn

15th September, 2011

This update is ‘just’ more of the stories of the last update. But it only means there is a lot of veiling to you from both Skanderbeg and Bo_Emp, so please enjoy…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 14

Dr. Niqab (chapter 2)

The coming update is going to be a little special to celebrate the birthday of TOTV. If you want to contribute in any way to make it even more special then please send us a mail.

1st September, 2011

The Covered Cleaner continues. Nicole has made a big decision in Skanderbeg’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 13

Your editor, Bo_Emp, has beeen inspired by the real-life account of a woman encountering full veiling to write the story of what followed. Today you get the first chapter of her meeting with…

Dr. Niqab

18th August, 2011

Some of you have perhaps enjoyed holidays while waiting a week more for this update. Others may enjoy their holidays now to make it even better with a TOTV update. Either way we now fulfill your thirst for veiling as good as can be done in writing and hope you had some real life veiling experience during your holidays. If so why not write and tell us?

Nicole is of course still veiled, corseted and quite restrained in this part of Skanderbeg’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 12

This update’s additional story is a new vignette by Dave Potter about a young man coming back home after a while to surprisingly see his sister veiled, making him wonder…

What Is Going On With Khadijah?

29th July, 2011

The 11th part of Skanderbeg’s story is a long one. So please get comfortable before start reading…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 11

Enjoy the second part of Silkwrapt’s excellent story, and it may, or may not, be a further recommandation that it’s more sexually explicit than the first…

Passion Restrained (Part 2)

Due to holidays the next update is going to be in about three weeks.

15th July, 2011

Another family gets involved in Nicole’s veiling and corsetting in Skanderbeg’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 10

This update’s additional story is something a little different, but it really is at the heart of what TOTV is about, being a story of traditional orientalist fantasy. It has been published on The Scarf Web Site for some years, but nonetheless it’s a pleasure to welcome Silkwrapt as a new author for TOTV. Her pseudonym says what it’s all about, and when as in this case the wrapping becomes complete by covering the face it’s what we call veiling and enjoy. Today you get the first part, which is for everybody, but as the second is a bit fruitier you have to look in the Adult Bazaar, if not just clicking here to enjoy Silkwrapt’s…

Passion Restrained

Na Putu (On The Path) is a movie by Bosnian/Herzegovinan director Jasmila Zbanic added to the Reviews section. Being from 2010 it could be running where you live.

Querthe’s qlair forum has unfortunately unexplicably been closed down by the host. Querthes’s stories in full are now to be found on his DeviantART page, and the link has been replaced on the Links page.
The Scarf Web Site, the source of our new story above, has been added to the Links page as well. Some other of their Stories offerings might interest you.

1st July, 2011

A new development takes place right from the beginning in this part of Skanderbeg’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 9

During 2007 I, Bo_Emp, published 10 vignettes giving a veiled perspective on each of the songs on Bruce Springsteen’s 1978 album ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’. In November 2010 a 2CD collection titled ‘The Promise’ with more material from the old recording sessions was released. Since that I have considered extending the ‘The Darkness Collection’ with these songs. Due to the sad passing away of E Street Band saxophone player Clarence Clemons (on 18th June) I listened to the album again and got inspired to start the extension. This start consists the songs ‘Fire’ and ‘Talk To Me’ which on ‘The Promise’ both include saxophone solos by “The Big Man”. Enjoy his playing here, his seminal solo on ‘Jungleland’ or his work on ‘Born To Run’ in general before, after or while reading these vignettes in the updated…

The Darkness Collection (The Promise)

17th June, 2011

The same stories as two weeks ago continue so let’s go directly to the links that sends you on from where you left…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 8

My Purdah Journey (second half)

3rd June, 2011

Skanderbeg’s The Covered Cleaner continues. Today we have reached…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 7

Dave today has a new story for us where he through the eyes of the young woman Leyla takes us on a journey towards heavy veiling in Pakistan. Enjoy the first half of…

My Purdah Journey

20th May, 2011

It’s time for another part of Skanderbeg’s The Covered Cleaner. Today it’s…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 6

In November 2006 GhostWriter published his first story on TOTVcalled Loving Burqa. To the editor this is one of his best stories, but now he has made a sequel at least as good. Like the first one it’s in the Adult Bazaar, but if you don’t mind that you can start enjoying it directly here…

Loving Burqa 2

6th May, 2011

Another two weeks have passed for yet another part of Skanderbeg’s The Covered Cleaner. This time there are five chapters to enjoy…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 5

As we haven’t received any other stories this is it.

22nd April, 2011

Two weeks have passed since we started publishing The Covered Cleaner by Skanderbeg and as promised this means it’s time for the next part of this epic story. Please enjoy…

The Covered Cleaner – Part 4

The other treat for you in this update is the final part of Ed Kilpatrick’s Holiday In Kumar. A hospital with nurses and female doctors in burqa is something both Greg, the main character, and your editor like. For those who start here it’s still an adult story, so only if you don’t mind click here…

Holiday In Kumar (page 4)

Finally we have a new link at the bottom of the Links page. Red Ochre has made a blog about his fetish: Men being magically transformed into Muslim women – many to end unvillingly veiled and submissive for the rest of their life. TG means Trans Gender, so if you don’t like this don’t click…

Muslim TG Captions

8th April, 2011

Yes, it is just six days since the last update of TOTV! But we have since then received the most surprising contribution ever: A completed story consisting 56 new chapters. Publishing one part of this story in each of the coming updates means TOTV has material to be updated regularly about every second week for the next seven months. But we would like to have more than one story for each update as has been the practise for long, and this is already fulfilled for the next update in two weeks – enjoy and send us your story or just a mail commenting anything on the site.

One of the first stories published by TOTV back in October 2005 was “The Covered Cleaner” by Dark Vagabond. It ends with this request: THIS STORY IS IN NEED OF AN ENDING! A long time lover of TOTV, Skanderbeg, has been inspired by the original story and taken up the challenge. The original story ends with the student Nicole (the covered cleaner) considering to quit because a non-Muslim man has seen her veiled while cleaning in the home of Mohamed, her devout Muslim employer. But an old photograph showing one of her female ancestors covered almost like Mohamed requests of her gives her second thoughts to call Mohammed and make ammenze. Of course Skanderbeg make them reconcile thus that Nicole can set out on a long journey including veiling, Victorian clothing and new relationships with Muslim women and men loving submissive decently covered women. To get you well on the way we start out with publishing two new parts of…

The Covered Cleaner

2nd April, 2011

A reader has made us aware of a blog page discussing veiling as a fetish and quoting TOTV. It has been added to the Features section, or simply follow this direct link…

Reading “The Handmaid’s Tale” one-handed

Songhan is a new country of the Vippon world, invented by GhostWriter, where the well-off men select a wife based on beauty for her looks to display their status. They may also take two concubines but as those are not beautiful they have to veil their face. We start with three stories to be found at the buttom of the Vippon page or by the direct links following.
In A Family Wedding by GhostWriter the wives display and enjoy themselves at the reception while commanding the concubines to ensure a perfect occasion…

A Family Wedding

In Recommendations by GhostWriter the female examiner at a finishing school for beautiful young women to become wives learns that the school gives the students a wider perspective…


Getting Older by Bo_Emp explores the fate of a wife whose beauty has faded…

Getting Older

If you have harddisk space available please support TOTV by downloading the new backup file to be found at the bottom of the Home page.

28th February, 2011

10 more photos have been added to the list changing on the Home page for a total of 60 different photos to greet you.

As promised in the last update Ed Kilpatrick’s Holiday In Kumar is continued in this update. Greg meets more lovely veiled women and gets into more trouble – much more. It’s still an adult story, so if you don’t mind click here…

Holiday In Kumar (page 3)

Dave is back with another illustrated story. Taking place in a harem it’s in some ways traditional, but the Master is a man influenced by the modern world. To be found in the Adult Bazaar or here…

Precious Jewel

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to give you an improved and much longer version of one of our first stories, Claire’s Tale by ‘D’ . Read her own explanation of how this came about in her new Introduction for TOTV. Please enjoy this story of a woman getting engaged to a man who makes her life strictly supervised, secluded and always heavily covered and masked. The link in the Adult Bazaar is still the same, but here is a direct shortcut…

Claire’s Tale (updated 2011)

30th January, 2011

On the Suggestions page Dave describes an Indonesian movie, Kahlifah, which could be turned into a veiling story.

Bo_Emp has added two murder mystery books by Zoe Ferraris to the bottom of the Reviews page.

This updates first story offer is the third installment of Ed Kilpatrick’s Holiday In Kumar which takes a new turn as Greg has to work with a female Kumarian team for his company to win a contract that allows him to stay in Kumar. This part is very long without being divided because Ed has promised more for the next update. You probably know it’s an adult story, so if you don’t mind click here…

Holiday In Kumar (page 2 / part 3)

And finally once again it’s a pleasure to present a new TOTV writer: Carole Lorefield. Enjoy her fanatasy about a life as expatriate wife in an unusually strict Middle Eastern country. But only if you don’t mind BDSM clothing and accessories in addition to the veiling…

New Life in the Middle East

30th December, 2010

TOTV wishes everybody a happy New Year with a small update.

GhostWriter with this part 3 ends his story about the Immersion project sending people to the virtual world of Pladir. Learn how Tara is affected by her veiled virtual character Jeanne…

Immersion – Pladir (Part 3)

Discussing story ideas with Nye North has resulted in your editor interpreting an Arab music video. A young beautiful Arab woman dressing in tight little covering fashionable Western clothing easily faces…


9th December, 2010

Due to a reader mail the Masks page in the Features section has had an article about the Elizabethan ‘visard mask added at the end. The mask has similarities with the Venezian Moretta and perhaps this description can inspire some historical tales…


Ed Kilpatrick’s continues his story about Greg going to Kumar to help his internet love Aalia to stay on the right side of the strict Kumarian veiling laws. Control, love – who does what and where does it lead to? But regarding veiling they stay on the right side – both! Remember this is an adult story, but if you don’t mind enjoy…

Holiday In Kumar (part 2)

The continuing story of Marion Collins getting A New Job with very strict dress rules in the contract has come to an end with this new Part Five according to author Nye North (but as with movies if they are very popular anything is possible). TOTV honour this effort with a special page to index this series making sure you readers don’t miss a single part. Click below, and if you are sure you remember the story so far click again at the last link…

A New Job (index page)

Finally Dave has been inspired by Oscar’s story of the last update (which was inspired by stories by Dave), and his inspiration includes Danish fairy-tale writer Hans-Christian Andersen as well, to tell about a troubled Danish teenager who is recommended to move to the Britain under veiling laws to improve her life. Beneath the veiling is latex clothing so this is in the Adult Bazaar, but otherwise there are no explicit descriptions so if you don’t mind enjoy…

The Ugly Duckling

6th November, 2010

Veiled women are sometimes designated “ghosts”. Halloween is just the right occasion to demonstrate this. Read the illustrated account by SC (2029) in the Veiling In Real Life section (direct link below). By the way take a look at his Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/82558311@N00) with many recent additions – and the total has just passed 1000!

An Alternative Halloween Ghost

GhostWriter has made an addition to his latest story about the Immersion project sending people to the virtual world of Pladir. There are both business and personal possibilities in this to John…

Immersion – Pladir (Part 2)

“Maskistan is a small country between the Middle and the Far East with a really strict Islamic culture and a fear for everything that is dangerous.” is says in our new story by Querthe, who invites everyone to write stories about Maskistan along the lines of this first story. Here we find out that despite the scary background, as always in Querthe’s stories, life is good and people are happy. Safina is very happy because from today she is allowed to be even more veiled and restricted…

Maskistan – Safina

And finally not only do we have a new writer but a new illustrator as well. Oscar has been inspired by Dave’s fictional Britain with mandatory veiling to write, and not at least illustrate, a story about the changes in the life of two teenage girls. There are no explicit descriptions but as some of the illustrations might be offensive to some it is in the Adult Bazaar, or now that you have been warned…

The Social Climbing of the Campbell Family

30th September, 2010


Five birthdays for an internet site is comparable to many more human birthdays because the cyberspace changes rapidly – just as many multiply the age of their dog by seven to make the phases of his life comparable to humans. The last year has shown that TOTV is fully mature, working reliably, slowly changing and improving, and regularly presenting new veiling stories that makes it interesting to check the site even for those knowing all the old stories by heart. In addition to the founder and the editor many of our long time contributers keep writing new veiling stories and most important new authors emerge each year. We welcome both those that are so enchanted by our topic that writing for TOTV is their first try out of the drawer and the experienced author who is intrigued to test this special genre. In all cases we get wonderful additions to the veiling literature.
With maturity comes that birthdays don’t need to be celebrated large scale but todays update is very good veiling entertainment nonetheless and contains contributions from all of the parts above.

First there is seven new cartoons at the bottom of the Cartoons page in Features. Many cartoons tell more of a story than a photo. Perhaps one of these can inspire you to hit the keyboard?

GhostWriter has responded to Dave’s request in Black Ghost in the 14th August update to write a vignette along the same lines. He says this piece may turn into a series of which the first is called…

Immersion – Pladir

Ed Kilpatrick is perhaps inspired by the season just over, but although his fictious country Kumar is a Persian Gulf state with hot sunny beaches that is not the reason why Greg goes down there. It is because veiling is mandatory in public, and Greg loves both veiled women and veiling himself. Go to the bottom of the Adult Bazaar or click below to read the first part of…

Holiday In Kumar

The founder of TOTV, Dave Potter, contributes to this birthday update with a new story about a woman searching for answers to the big questions of life in India where a very wide selection of spiritual paths are offered. After not feeling fulfilled at well known ashrams she might as well try Sheikh Rumi, although he believes in veiling to get women lifted spiritually…

Taking Sheikh Rumi’s Path To Spiritual Fulfilment

Schließlich haben wir ein neues schriftsteller, PeRu, die inspiriert vurde von die Updates des Jahres, uns zu treffen in Kumar, wo ein Mann mittleren Alters beim Versuch die verschleierten Frauen zu Kontakten in Schwierigkeiten gerät. Er hat eine harte Entscheidung zu machen, die nicht herauskommt wie er erwartet. Genießen Sie diese Geschichte für Erwachsene, wenn Sie sich für Cross-Dressing und schmutzigen Gedanken reden voll…

Meine Wahl

Finally we have a new writer, PeRu, who has been inspired mainly by the updates of the year just passed to take us to Kumar where a middle-aged man when trying to contact the veiled women gets into trouble. He has to make a hard decision which doesn’t come out as he expected. Enjoy this Adult story, if you are in for cross-dressing and dirty thinking …

My Decision

1st September, 2010

For repeat vistors the Home page now has a fresh picture to enjoy when you visit to check if TOTV has been updated. If you like to enjoy one more veiling picture refresh your browser or click Home in the Menu. Currently there are 50 different pictures, but as they are selected randomly you’ll now and then get one already seen.

I (Bo_Emp) have responded to Dave’s request in Black Ghost in the previous update to write a similar themed vignette called…

Without A Guardian

Dave has completed a year old unfinished story that brings veiling into the 21st century, and perhaps the 22nd as well. Now it’s time to learn about the Islamic Centre for Technology, abbreviated…


14th August, 2010

Summer holidays are over for most people, at least where I live. TOTV starts quietly up with two short pieces from well-established contributers.

GhostWriter has written a new tale from Jorea, a country of the Vippon world, which creates some wonderful images at least in my head. Please enjoy…

A Woman’s Purity

Dave Potter has envisioned what sociological and techonological development might bring us soon. Note his request at the end. Now take a comfortable position in front of the monitor and enjoy…

Black Ghost IV

13th June, 2010

This month the editor is happy to present three stories that he personally has enjoyed to put up. I hope you like them as well.

First comes the second half of Ed Kilpatrick’s story of a teacher having a class of veiled law students. He volonteers to be on trial as a practise to his students, but he is soon handled a bit too much like a real prisoner. Find out how real it gets in the continuation of…

According to the Law of Kumar (second half)

Freddy Clegg is back with a story that involves all of the countries of the Vippon world but is set in his own Trisban describing tourism and another form of trade. Visit the Vippon page or click here…

Trading Standards

Finally we have our new German author Janet available in English. Please read her own presentation in the 26th April update below. Enjoy the story about Silke who because of a troubled life happily accepts an invitation from her exotic internet pal from far away Rifan depite having worries because of what Yasmin has told her about the life of women. Some nude scenes and mild BDSM but no explicit sex is a warning to some or a recommendation for others…

Internet Pals

26th May, 2010

This month all the Bazaar pages have got an identical layout with the month of publishing shown at each title to help identifying what’s old and what’s new. Most of the dating is taken from this page.

Ed Kilpatrick is spoiling us with his best story for TOTV so far. Being a teacher, what could be more enjoyable than teaching a class of veiled students. Go to the bottom of the Adult Bazaar or click below to read the first half of…

According to the Law of Kumar

GhostWriter has been inspired to write about the Vippon country of Nordker again. It’s sort of a detective story about a very lucky man. Enjoy…

Fool’s Fortune

26th April, 2010

Heute haben wir eine neue deutsche Schriftsteller und Geschichte. TOTV hat sie gebeten, sich und ihre Geschichte einführen:
Janet ist 49 Jahre alt, Hausfrau, seit 8 Jahren glücklich verheiratet und lebt in einer kleinen Stadt in Norddeutschland. Schreiben gehört neben Handarbeiten, Tierschutz, dem eigenen Hund, Motorradfahren zu ihren Hobbys. Schleier haben sie schon immer fasziniert, dies ist die erste Geschichte die damit zu tun hat. Für Fragen und Anregungen ist sie via: Janet_ro2000 ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ de erreichbar.
Wir haben nichts über die Geschichte gegeben, so einfach auf die Seite ‘Tales in non-English languages’ in die Bazaar schauen, oder klicken Sie direkt hier…


Today we have a new German writer and story. TOTV has asked her to present herself and her story:
Janet is 49 years old. Housewife, happily married for eight years, and lives in a small town in the north of Germany. Her hobbies are writing, along with needlework, animal conservation, own dog and motorbike riding. She has always been fascinated by veiling. This is her first story with this subject. For questions and comments mail to Janet_ro2000 ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ de.
We haven’t got anything about the story, so simply go to the page ‘Tales in non-English languages’ in the Bazaar or click at the link above.
(An English translation of ‘Internet Pals’ is expected in the next update.)

22nd April, 2010

Niqab Pictures is a site each day presenting a new picture of our favourite subject, and with an archive about a year back. To be found on the Links page.

In a new story by GhostWriter the women veil without questioning it, but not because of a religious conviction. Warning! Adult Bazaar contents of humiliation and brief explicit sex, but if not offended click directly here…

The Creed

Here is the second half of Ed Kilpatrick’s adventure about David and Erin veiled and imprisoned by the strict Madam Vela. Remember this is a story in the Adult Bazaar, please only click if not offended…

A Veiled Justice (Part 2 – A Sub Continental Adventure) (second half)

Finally Nye North brings us quite a bit further in the now heavily veiled life of Marion with her unusual employment contract in …

A New Job (Part Four)

28th March, 2010

Ed Kilpatrick continues his adventure of police officers, who love veiling – no matter sex, and prison cell bars have a certain appeal to them from the other side as well. Warning! This is an adult story, please only click if not offended…

A Veiled Justice (Part 2 – A Sub Continental Adventure)

10th March, 2010

New cartoons are added in the Features section.

A regular reader of TOTV, dcdrac, now has a Flickr page with a picture story for TOTV readers. To be found in Links or here…

Mirika the Harem Slave

With the only story of this update GhostWriter completes his wonderful fairy tale trilogy. Why not read them all in a row starting with The Prince & The Jinn, each story ending with a link to the next, or directly enjoy the finale…

The Prince & The Two Sisters

8th February, 2010

This introduction is short, because I know you are all eagerly waiting to be able to read the endings of January’s long stories by Ed Kilpatrick and Dave. But there is a full new story today as well by myself, Bo_Emp. Once again I describe a happy Pakistani family, and especially the women, when they are told to live…

A Future In Purdah

Don’t feel guilty because you have left the above link untouched. The story remains as long as you are able to read this. And I know you have to find out right now what Emily is experiencing during the nights while helpless and blind in her special nightgown. The direct link to the second half of Dave’s story is right here (for new readers of this story click the link of the previous update or scroll up)…

The Companion (second half)

Or you are eagerly waiting to learn the fate of David and Erin as they veiled as voluntary hostages ride into Kumar caged inside the back of a car. Here is the second half of Ed Kilpatrick’s…

A Veiled Justice (Part 1 – The Case of the Missing Girls) (second half)

18th January, 2010

First, especially for story writers, take a look at a new item on the Suggestions page. If not a writer the idea may create a story in your mind for just you to enjoy.

Another well known fairy tale has been given a wonderfully veiled twist by GhostWriter. Enjoy…

The Prince & The Echanted Princess

Dave spoils us with a new story about upper class life in his imaginary Britain where veiling is mandatory. Entertainmaint is very limited for a lady in this strict society, so her husband advertises for a woman to keep her company. Emily is selected for the position. For now you’ll get the first half of the story of her life as…

The Companion

Finally it is a special pleasure to present Ed Kilpatrick as a new writer to TOTV. Ed is both an experienced writer of BDSM stories and a long term follower of TOTV, so when contacted he immediately proposed to write a story especially for TOTV. Enjoy when Western police tries to find some women kidnapped for slavery in the Muslim country of Kumar where burqas are mandatory. Cross-dressing and sexual references have placed the story in the Adult Bazaar, but there is no explicit sex. If okay with this by clicking the next line you can directly read the first half of…

A Veiled Justice (Part 1 – The Case of the Missing Girls)

28th December, 2009

It is the time for telling old well known tales, and that is just what this update contains. Bo_Emp and GhostWriter have each looked at an old tale with veiling in mind…

The Story Of Four Wives

The Prince & The Jinn

4th December, 2009

Several new authors have been promising stories in the recent months, but it is ‘only’ the old names that have posted new material. This update has something else just discovered by Kauasz: A feature with interviews and large photos of eight Yemeni women. They are all different! To be found on the Feature page, or directly here is …

The Eyes Have It

Nye North brings us further in the veiled life of Marion with her unusual employment contract in …

A New Job (Part Three)

Bo_Emp has seen a Muslim couple in the neighbourhood making him imagine what their walk was about …

Anniversary Party

GhostWriter describes a group trying to live like in the old days without modern electrical appliances and electronics, and before women’s rights and women voting. Much like the pioneers on the American prairie. Warning! Don’t read if offended by punishment scenes. There is no sex or blood but the story is placed in the Adult Bazaar, or to be reached directly here …

Prairie Firma

10th November, 2009

More than a month has passed since the previous update because we have received nearly no response and no new material. So the editors have been compelled to get something ready for print by themselves.

Dave Potter has seen a fashion show and combined it with his interest in Russian culture to invent a marriage ritual. The result is a story titled …

Russian Doll

Bo_Emp has been inspired by GhostWriter’s latest work to tell another story about Catherine and her strive to live the Jorean lifestyle. An Introduction to Jorea has been produced as well, both to be found on the Vippon page, or by going directly to …

Catherine Becomes Truly Jorean

If you have backup space please support TOTV by downloading the new backup file to be found at the bottom of the Home page.

Geocities no longer exists. All links have been deactivated and two links on the Links page removed.

30th September, 2009


And so it is that another year has passed and once again we’ve had a year of great changes. Foremost has been our successful move from Geocities to a new provider, but equally significant has been the gradual increase in the role taken by Bo_Emp to such an extent that this is now far more his site these days than mine. For him having taken on a role that I can no longer fulfil satisfactorily, I must say a big thank you and thanks also to our anonymous computer whizz who masterminded our transition to a new host. Anonymous he may be, but now you can all learn a little about him as he is this year’s honorary interview, continuing on the TOTV tradition from years past when a major contributor to the site is questioned about their love of veils. Read that interview with ‘Our Host’ here (or select the Lure page in the Menu).
Once agin, the new year has seen many new tales and some new contributors. Thanks to them all, and thanks also to those who have contributed in other ways, not just with stories such as Nye who has helped proof read and inspire tales and Elisa Maria who regularly draws our attention to items of veiling interest and whose YouTube collection of veiling vids is unsurpassed. And in the same vein, as another celebration of TOTV’s birthday, we have a new story by a new contributor, Kris O´Donnell’s brilliant Five Sisters. Let us hope it is to be the first of many.
And so without further ado, Happy Birthday TOTV, you’re a noble four years old! Let’s hope for many more!
Dave Potter

For this birthday update in addition to the questionnaire for ‘Our Host’ we also have another present besides new stories: Veiling cartoons. To be found on the Features page or directly here. If you have more cartoons suitable for TOTV please send us a mail.
Dave relieved from the technicalities of webpage design and updates in the past year has made him much more active as a writer, which you can all see by scrolling down this update, but just as important he works behind the scenes reviewing and giving ideas that have improved most of the stories to be read here. The continous flow of new stories and other contributions show an active community, which makes us get more stories and attract new writers, having created a positive circle that hopefully can keep TOTV keep updating to celebrate many more birthdays.
I’m happy to announce that we have more than one story for this birthday update. Now it’s time for clicking below and enjoy some Tales of the Veils…

Our new contributer, Kris O´Donnell, has been inspired by a wonderful photo of five identically black veiled women to write his fictional version of how this scene came into existence. Enjoy the story of a pious Muslim woman going out with her four sisters in …

Five Sisters

Experienced, productive and great storyteller Freddie Clegg has made a new tale about his veiled country of Trisban. This time it’s a man’s problems described, but it’s a woman having to solve them, and for this she uses her female assistants from Vippon, so naturally it gets veiled. To be found in the Vippon section of the Bazaar or directly here…

The Services of Mrs Henderson

GhostWriter has also been thinking about the alternative Vippon world, and Korean culture has inspired him to write about a woman from outside taking in the masked version of this culture in…

Curious Catherine

30th August, 2009

TOTV likes to make our readers aware of Elisa Maria’s YouTube page, where she has favourited more than 300 videos – most of them with veiling contents. Link also added to Links page.

The final part of GhostWriter’s story about one way of reaching a society where women veil. As with most science-fiction the future described is exaggerating present tendencies, and you can probably name a dozen present extremist groups having something in common with the Veritas. Worry when reading the scary ending of…

Rise of the Veritas (part 3)

‘A New Job’ by Boris Tight is one of our wonderful stories begging to be continued. Nye North has now realised this just as wonderfully. Nye has even promised the answer to the question at the end is Yes – we may look forward to a third part. But first follow the link below, from where you can reach the original as well, enjoy…

A New Job (Part Two)

Finally a new wonderful story from Querthe, where the title may give a hint to the surprising end. Don’t read if offended by rubber clothing, else please enjoy…


10th August, 2009

For those who still have holiday coming and may have to endure many days on a hot beach or sitting in rain in a cramped caravan away from the internet and TOTV we have three new nourisihing courses to fill you up before you go:

The women in GhostWriter’s story about colonisation of an alien planet cover more and more in part 2 of…

Rise of the Veritas (part 2)

Bo_Emp says ‘After several unfinished attempts in writing about the intriguing Humble Serenity society, a recent picture made me visualise a woman from the society and write a story starting with that picture.’ Enjoy

Meeting Old Friends

Dave for dessert takes us to the land of the desert to learn about the life of a Saudi female student in…

Letters from Saudi

18th July, 2009

The beginning of a new story by GhostWriter telling about a society that blindly follows its principles. Enjoy…

Rise of the Veritas

The last sections of the site have been shined up. ‘Features’ have been divided into separate subjects, for better overview and readability. ‘Lure’ about the authors and their view on veiling now contains the questionnaire answered by Bo_Emp. And ‘Suggestions’ for new story ideas now has a layout similar to the Updates you are reading, and further includes items previously found in ‘Features’ plus a couple of new suggestions.

Then for those having patiently waited, instead of meticulously reading through all the pages of TOTV, believing ‘Aisha’ would be normally listed in the next update (now): You are right! But the little game gave an increased reader feedback, which all contributers like. Now please let us get a review from the remaining 195 readers, or a new story idea or a comment on something else…


25th June, 2009

As most of you will have doubtless noticed, TOTV has changed address recently. Whilst this has resulted in virtually no change on screen, it has meant a lot of work behind the scenes for which both Bo_Emp and a new friend of the site, (who shall remain anonymous), should be afforded great thanks. As recent posts and appeals on Veiled Beauty and other groups testify, TOTV was in real danger of ceasing altogether as a functioing website and it is due solely to the efforts of these two individuals that we can continue.

Such a big change in the site has led me to consider just a little on how far we have come since the site was established in 2005. I set up TOTV because whilst I loved erotic tales of veiling, harems and layers, it appeared that no one else did, or at least, there was little else on the web to suggest that they did. I set up the site with no computer knowledge whatsoever, (hence the use of Geocities; Bo_Emp and others have become frustrated by the sheer level of my computer ignorance over the years I’m afraid!), to promote my “fetish” as to see if anyone else shared it.

Four years down the line and it is clear that I am not alone; there’s a good crowd of you across the globe who find the veiled female as enticing and exquisite as I still do. We’ve got tales by a variety of authors, many of which are better than my own.

Looking back at some of the earlier tales, I note with interest that they are all about burqas. Was that because the Taleban in Afghanistan were so much in the news in those days? Over the years though, we’ve branched out; this site now contains veiling tales using virtually every style imaginable and in a whole host of locations, from imaginary planets to Arabia, North Africa, Russia, Britain, the US, Iran and of course, Afghanistan. One location however, has not yet been covered, the most populous Islamic country on earth, and that is a glaring omission that needs to be rectified. So here we are, the tale of Nurismawati, a tale of the Indonesian niqaab, the first new story on http://www.talesoftheveils.info yet one of so many in the library of TOTV. Let us hope that it is far from being the last.


Thanks again to our new anonymous friend and your reliable and talented webmaster, Bo_Emp.

Dave Potter

Your webmaster likes to emphasise that in addition to being able to continue TOTV our generous new hosting has just the features we have dreamed of:
No inaccessibility
No ads
Fast response
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The shut-down of Geocities has made Dave and I discuss the vulnerability of the site. We both want it to continue independent of companies and individuals. I have during the moving, to my best ability, tried to make the site easy to move. Further to ensure the contents in case of multiple simultaneous disasters the entire site as a backup-file is now available as download for all who likes to support TOTV by storing it on their own harddisk and/or including it as part of personal backup. Find the download at the bottom of the Home page, and test at the same time the speed of our new host (or more likely your own internet connection).

Last your webmaster to celebrate the new talesoftheveils.info has put up a story as well. Aisha, an English girl of Pakistani roots, when home alone plays she is a strict conservative Pakistani woman by veiling heavily. Find the story in…

Aisha (this is not a link)

No the webmaster likes you to look all over to investigate and test the new site, and then please send us a mail if you find a dead link or anything else that is wrong, or you would like something to be changed. Remember the site wont be overloaded – good hunt!


8th June, 2009

TOTV has now got its own domain name and a new host:

http://www.talesoftheveils.info/ or http://talesoftheveils.info/

Please add or replace bookmarks.

This means TOTV has started on gradually moving away from Geocities. The moving should be totally transparent to visitors, and using the old address will work until Geocities delete their site.

A presentation of the new host will follow soon.

4th June, 2009

Is it really true that none of our readers have any experiences with web hosting? See update of 18th May.

Inspired by Dave’s “Last Day In Riyadh” Bo_Emp has written another short story with women adhering to veiling. Follow Aysha when it’s time for…

ball A Rare Short Event

29th May, 2009

Bo_Emp is back with a story of a place where some men’s wishes have come true…

ball A Tale Of Future Domestic Appliances

18th May, 2009

Geocities, the host of TOTV, has announced it will be closing down later this year. This implies TOTV is now looking for a new host. If you have any information about (preferably free) sites, which might be a candidate for hosting us, then please mail to

ku.oc.oohay@77rettopevad (sorry! has to be typed by hand to mail program to reduce spam)

TOTV will continue to update at the current address until having a new host – possibly for a few months more. When we have moved to a new host there will be an automatic redirect from this address for as long as Yahoo/Geocities allows.

And todays good news. Dave Potter has written a short close to hundred percent veiling story. Enjoy what happens to Simone on her…

ball Last Day in Riyadh

1st May, 2009

Find out how the dating between Mishka and the always strictly veiled Tanya evolves in the second and final part of Dave Potter’s illustrated tale…

ball Mishka and Tanya (chapter 6)

16th April, 2009

For six weeks you have waited in excitement since the last piece of veiling fiction and for that today is rewarded with two new stories:

GhostWriter has made a new Vippon story about art, culture, love and religion titled…

ball A Perfect Vassel

Dave Potter , the founder of TOTV, is after two years back as writer here as well with a new veiling story inspired by other recent contributions. Mishka goes to the strict Muslim country of Duvaqistan to work for his friend, but he has been hired just as much to meet his daughter Tanya. With even foreign women strictly veiled, at home as well, Mishka and Tanya learn to know each other very different from normal dating. Today the first five chapters are at your disposal in the Adult Bazaar, or just click the link…

ball Mishka and Tanya

3rd March, 2009

GhostWriter has made a story combining many of his interests – submissive veiled women in a male ruled society, and more. The society outlined should inspire other writers to make stories about Silhouette. The story, a little explicit at the end, is to be found in the Adult Bazaar, or here…

ball A Silhouette Sunday


20th February, 2009

SC (2029) has met a fellow veiling enthusiast from the internet in real life. Read his account with photos of SC in “A Veiled Meeting”. To be found in an updated Real Life section, which further contains “My Alternative Wardrobe” where SC tells about his devotion to complete covering, and Elisa María’s poem “My Burqa” now presented as originally written.

Click the green burqa in the Menu to the left.


11th February, 2009

GhostWriter’s “Sense of Determination” continues with part 3. The story is to be found on the Vippon page, or here…

ball Sense of Determination


4th February, 2009

Karzon99 has to the great delight of all of us readers decided that Angela’s Wedding was not to be the end of her story. In the new part 7 we learn about the life of Princess Angela, which fortunately is generously veiled. Find the story at the bottom of the Bazaar page or click the link of the update below…


24th January, 2009

A wonderful wedding dress brings us to Angela’s Wedding in the new part 6 of the story by Karzon99. Find the story at the bottom of the Bazaar page or click below…

ball Angela’s Wedding


4th January, 2009

Added links to Flick sites of veiling as clothing interest. Access to the Links page from the bottom of the Menu.


29th December, 2008

GhostWriter is now continuing his Trisban story ‘Sense of Determination.’ Kahar makes a political alliance to stop the youth of Trisban undermine the veiling traditions. The first two parts of which the second is new are to be found on the Vippon page, or here…

ball Sense of Determination


12th December, 2008

Today parts 3 to 5 have been added to Angela’s Wedding by Karzon99. Click the link of the previous update please.


28th November, 2008

As always it is a great plasure for TOTV to present a new writer, and Karzon99, being a long time fan of this site, he knows what a veiling story is about. You won’t be disappointed by following Angela, not knowing what she was in for, when she fall in love and said yes to marrying a man, who shows to be a devout prince. The first two parts of the story are now available at the bottom of the Bazaar page, or here…

ball Angela’s Wedding

15th November, 2008

The imaginary world of Vippon is the scene for a number of stories here at TOTV. Now GhostWriter has summarized how the writers behind these stories envision the countryof Vippon. It is recommended to read this before reading one of the Vippon stories. For repeat visitors read it and feel inspired to re-read one or more of the stories. Or take it as a guide to writing your own Vippon story…

ball Introduction to Vippon.


30th October, 2008

It is a wonderful surprise that it shows Nye North, a consistent contributor to TOTV through comments and proofreading, is also a writer. From an old floppy disk he has brushed up a veiling story. Enjoy his tale of a modern Sultan with his own ‘traditional’ restrictive dress-code, which his friend the new ambassador love as well, but he is concerned his wife and daughter won’t share his enthusiasm. To be found in the Adult Bazaar, although not containing directly explicit scenes, or just click here…

ball A Most Welcome Ambassador

21st October, 2008

Eine neue separate Seite für Geschichten in andere Sprachen als Englisch erstellt wurde. Im Moment enthält er vier Geschichten in deutscher und in spanischer Sprache ein. Leider ist keiner von ihnen sind neu, aber sie wurden vielleicht schwer zu finden für neue Besucher.

Una nueva página independiente de historias no en los idiomas Inglés-se ha creado. En el momento en que contiene cuatro cuentos en alemán y uno en español. Desafortunadamente ninguno de ellos son nuevos, sino que tal vez han sido difíciles de encontrar para los nuevos visitantes.

A new separate page for stories in non-English languages has been created. At the moment it contains four stories in German and one in Spanish. Unfortunately none of them are new, but they may have been hard to find for new visitors.

ball Tales in non-English languages

17th October, 2008

The Veiling Dictionary, to be found in the Menu, is updated with more nice pictures and improved descriptions. Click and learn!

7th October, 2008

The TOTV birthday present from Bo_Emp is his new illustrated story ‘Female Dentists Are Few’. Set in the Vippon world, where women are brought up to be housewives, the female dentist Aiko and her colleagues are happy when a schoolgirl wants to become a dentist. Supporting her bring them to experience some of Vippon’s traditions and its variety of veiling and masking styles…

ball Female Dentists Are Few …

All previous visitors of TOTV have by now noticed the site has a new layout. All sections of TOTV itself now has its own link in the menu frame to the left, and the links to external sites have been moved to a new Links page (to be found at the bottom of the Menu frame). For repeat visitors just a quick look at the Menu tells the date of the last update. If your browser window is narrow making it difficult to read the stories, first if there is a commercial to the right close it, second in all browsers if you left click (or similar) inside a frame you can select ‘Open Frame in New Window’ to get a window without the TOTV menu, third your browser window may be pulled to fill the width of the screen. Please if you have comments to the new design, or external links relevant for TOTV don’t hesitate to use the site mail address…
ku.oc.oohay@77rettopevad (sorry! has to be typed by hand to mail program to reduce spam)

23rd September, 2008

TOTV is around its THIRD birthday, which will be celebrated appropriately.
The first present is from GhostWriter inviting us to a new country of the Vippon world he has named Nordker. Women are not to be seen in public, or to see themselves much at all, as they are kept blind and mute much like pets. GhostWriter has made a description of this society along with two tales, one from a woman’s point of view and one from a man’s. Everything is to  be found in the Vippon section or following the direct links below. WARNING: If you are offended by reading about women being treated as animals, then this is not for you. Besides ‘Friends and Owners’ contains explicit sexual contents.

ball The United Islands of Nordker…

ball Veila’s Tale…

ball Friends and Owners…

Those regularly visiting TOTV hopefully have noticed that the pages have improved, with correction of dead links and other errors, and making the pages appear with similar layout. This is due to one of our major story contributor’s, Bo_Emp, having started a new career as webmaster here. The cleaning of the site will continue and a new home page is currently being tested to be released soon.
Bo_Emp whispers he has a birthday present as well, so there is reason to look around again soon.


3rd September, 2008

Summer is over. For now we skip winter and Freddie Clegg invites you to the spring Carnival of Trisban. Women are still veiled, but for some days men wear masks, and then close encounters outside marriage between sexes are allowed. And Sharon experiences this and even more in Freddie’s fabulous story ‘Sharon’s Carnavali’. This story is a sequel to ‘Newcomers’ but may be read on its own. To be found in the Vippon section or following the direct link below.

ball Sharon’s Carnavali…

18th July, 2008

And like the proverbial bus, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once. Except that it’s three! Two new stories today, from our two most regular contributors. GhostWriter takes up Freddie Clegg’s Trisban theme and provides us with the vignette ‘Sense of Determination’ (find it in the Vippon section), whilst Bo_Emp has been consulting with another TOTV regular, Hamida Begum and has composed ‘A Day in the Life of Hamida’, a tale set in a Pakistan run by mullahs in 2012 where poor Hamida has to spend most of her time veiled and muted. Thanks to GhostWriter, Bo_Emp and Freddie and Hamida too of course and be aware that all our writers are desperate for some feedback, positive or otherwise, so long as it is honest!

ball Sense of Determination…

ball A Day in the Life of Hamida…

17th July, 2008

A great day for TOTV with the publication of a classic story by a new author. Let me introduce Freddie Clegg and his tale ‘The Newcomers’, set in the Vippon Universe, in a heavily-veiled post-Soviet tax haven. And what’s more, if you like it, there’s lots more on Freddie’s Yahoo Group which contains a host of stories that I am sure will appeal to the tastes of most TOTV visitors.

ball The Newcomers…

And to Freddie and other authoirs, sorry about the wait, I have not forgotten you. Tales by Bo_Emp and GhostWriter up soon… I promise!!

29th May, 2008

Another Bo_Emp classic! Family Search, a tale of epic proportions, traces Zahra’s search for the mother that gave her up for adoption as a baby; a search that leads her to the secluded Kham Valley in Pakistan.

ball Family Search…

23rd May, 2008

And after a wait that was far too lengthy, we now have an update. Remember Vippon, the alternative Japan? Well now you can read about Himbaya, another country in that veil-crazed world. Check out these two tales by GhostWriter…

ball The Park Cleaner… ball Cultural Exchange…

16th March, 2008

A new story up today by a new writer. Please welcome Querthe and hiss interesting tale of the Arabian Costume.

Furthermore, GhostWriter has emailed me with a bit of a further explanation of what Vippon is all about. I’ve added it onto the frontpage.

ball Welcome to Vippon…

ball The Arabian Costume…

28th February, 2008

Once again, apologies to you all, but having a baby is taking up more time than I thought and updates to TOTV come slowly these days. However, the good news is that when they come, they come big and today we’ve no less than three new tales to enchant you with, all set in the imaginary world of Vippon, based loosely on Japan. Penned by GhostWriter and Bo_Emp, you’ll find them here….

ball Welcome to Vippon…

16th January, 2008

Almost a month after he sent it to me, I’ve added the last part of GhostWriter’s ‘Patriarch Alliance’. Nice story and sorry about the wait!


22nd December, 2007

And finally Bo_Emp’s epic Darkness Collection draws to a close with the tenth installment “Darkness on the Edge of Town”, a story of a young woman who decides to veil heavily in new York City. Once again, can I thank Bo_Emp for his creation, possibly the most literary tales that we host here on TOTV. Thanks also to all the people who have contributed over the year, its because of you that this site stays alive. Finally, I do have more to put up, but it may be erratic as my wife is about to give birth anyday now so things are on hold here. All the best for Christmas, Eid, Hannukah and the New Year!


8th December, 2007

Pictures added to the Alternative wardrobe

28th November, 2007

The penultimate install ment of the Darkness Collection and what a tale it is! Possibly my fave so far, Bo_Emp provides us with “Prove It All Night”, a tale of heavy veiling and elopement! And if that was not enough, Jay Lee has added another section to “The Patriarch Alliance” detailing Goose’s uneasy relationship with his teacher, a lady who does not know her proper place in life. And finally, a new contributor, SC, has sent us an excellent piece which I assume is fact and not fiction, entitled “My Alternative Wardrobe”. This can be found in the Real-Life veiling section. And before I go, let me just say “sorry”, I’ve been a busy man of late and haven’t had time to update more regularly. Inshallah, this shall change with the New Year.


2nd November, 2007

Bo_Emp has provided us with both the Oct. and Nov. installments of the Darkness Collection. As ever, excellent.

ball Factory

ball Streets of Fire

12th October, 2007

GhostWriter has provided us with another tale, this time dealing with the famous Humble Serenity sect. I’ll let him describe the inspiration behind it:

“I was reading the Serenity story when I reach the part where it said the group was looking for business. What would a Humble Serenity business be like? This is my idea. Hope u and the readers will enjoy it!”

I enjoyed it anyway and you can find it in the bazaar or by clicking on the link below.

ball Serenity Call Centre…

5th October, 2007

A double-bill of additions today! Every ready author GhostWriter has completed his epic ‘The Proper Ways’ and also submitted a vignette along similar lines, ‘She Smiles’. Also up, we have a brand-new writer, our first in months. Please, all give a warm welcome to Boris Tight and his debut tale ‘A New Job’ which I must admit to having really enjoyed although, if I may say so Boris, it is begging for a sequel. All can be found in the bazaar.

16th September, 2007

Another September means another birthday for TOTV, and this year she is the venerable old age of TWO! And to celebrate the occasion, I’ve asked our regular contributor Bo_Emp to answer ten questions about what inspires his (excellent) writing. So, go to the features page and enjoy his answers. All the best for the next year of TOTV!!


2nd September, 2007

The latest vignette in the Darkness Collection, ‘The Promised Land’, is now up. This is one of my favourites from the collection and is well worth a read. Thanks again to Bo_Emp for all the tales.

8th August, 2007

The fifth installment of Bo_Emp’s ‘Darkness Collection’ – ‘Racing in the Streets’ is now up as is too Part 4 of GhostWriter’s ‘The Proper Ways’. Enjoy!

12th July, 2007

At long last a new story by myself. It’s taken ages to think of a new idea but here it is, Rebecca, the tale of a British schoolgirl in a britain where veiling is mandatory. Find it in the bazaar.

Whilst I’m here, thanks also to Stephen and Nye for recent suggestions and feedback for TOTV. Such stuff is always welcome and Stephen, I have updated the dictionary and sorry about the wait.

Regards Dave

ball Rebecca…

22nd June, 2007

Part Two of GhostWriter’s SciFi tale, ‘The Proper Ways’ has been added onto the end of Part One. Follow the old link and enjoy!

3rd June, 2007

Like the proverbial bus, we wait for so long for a story to appear on TOTV and then two come along at once. Anyway, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy them both. The first is ‘Candy’s Room’, the latest installment in Bo_Emp’s Darkness Collection, a vignette about a young man who rather fancies a young woman who in turn takes on a few too many muttas (short-term marriages) than she perhaps should. Still, I’m sure that it will all turn out alright in the end.

And the second is from GhostWriter. ‘The Proper Ways’ tells of how, on a continent of snow and ice, things are done, well… in the proper way I suppose. The author himself has this to say about the setting:

“I wrote an earlier story which was set in a low magic Conan-like world. I wasn’t happy with how that story turned out, but loved the low magic world it was set in. This is set in the same world.”

Anyway, we hope that you’ll love it too. Look in the Adult Bazaar and be warned, this is only the first installment. And so, until the next, adieu!

ball Onwards to Candy’s Room…

ball Onwards to The Proper Ways…

23rd May, 2007

We have had a response to the plea for Humble Serenity stories with GhostWriter offering us his take, Humble Serenity – David’s Tale. Here David, born and brought up in the sect, goes to the wider world to attend college and brings back more than he expected. Incidentally, if you are wondering why all of his ideas don’t exactly match mine, then wonder no longer. Remember, you don’t have to build on Danielle’s Tale, only the original Humble Serenity story so you can do different veiling styles to me and reject my non-consensual, somewhat extreme vision. Give it a go!

ball Onwards Humble Serenity: David’sTale…

10th May, 2007

I was looking through some of the lesser read tales on this site the other day and re-encountered Fantasy Towers’ wonderful ‘Humble Serenity’. Although unfinished, I liked the concept so I have written a short vignette entitled ‘Humble Serenity: Danielle’s Tale’ which continues with the theme. I have posted it along with this plea: if any other members have any ideas, (Bo_Emp, Michelle, Mike…), which would make good Humble Serenity vignettes, then why not write them up and we can have a short Humble Serenity comp. What do you think? Anyway, here’s my offering…

ball Onwards Humble Serenity: Danielle’s Tale…

6th May, 2007

Whilst the ‘Veil of Dune’ continues apace, here is something else to tantalise your tastebuds; the latest installment of Bo_Emp’s ‘Darkness Collection’, vignette number three, ‘Something in the Night’. Now I have to say, (and this is just my opinion), but as one who has read all of the Darkness stories, in my opinion, this is the best of the lot. In fact, I will go so far as to say that it is one of Bo_Emp’s best offerings yet, and for those of you who are regular visitors, you will appreciate just what a compliment that is. Anyhow, it’s the story of Rana’s veiled trip to the shopping mall, and how, whilst she rides in the car, the lyrics of a song on the radio remind her of bygone, freer days.


ball Something in the Night…

13th April, 2007

And whilst Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, for us on TOTV its very lucky, for today we present the second in Bo_Emp’s ‘Darkness Collection’, the short but sweet, ‘Adam Raised A Cain’.

Adam Raised A Cain

12th March, 2007

Veil fans, have I got news for you! Our long-time author Bo_Emp has recently the posted the first tale in his incredible ‘Darkness Collection’. Unique in veiling fiction, this series of vignettes takes music – or the songs of Bruce Sprinsteen’s 1978 ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ album to be more exact – as its inspiration, and the result is a rich and varied collection of veiled life in all its hues. My aim is to post a new Darkness tale each and every month, so keep revisiting, but for now, click on the link below to read the first, ‘Badlands’…

The Darkness Collection

1st March, 2007

And at long last ’tis finished! The final part of ‘The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’ is up today. Please, please send me your comments good or bad, as it was a real pain to write!

The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour – Part Four

27th February, 2007

The busy times continue here at TOTV with a new story by Ghost Writer. It’s the second in his Patriarch Alliance series and is entitled ‘A Simple Day’. It tells of Goose’s life where he has taken on guardianship of his 20-year old sister. Find it in the bazaar and enjoy!

The Patriarch Alliance – A Simple Day

24th February, 2007

I’m back off my holidays now and to prove it there’s an update to ‘The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’ where our heroine enters into her final term at the establishment. Just to remind you of course, that Michelle’s ‘Veil of Dune’ continues apace, indeed, at a pace so rapid that I’m struggling to keep up with it all. Good work Michelle!

And for those who asked, I was in Morocco, a country that I would recommend to you all, for with its wandering souqs, pristine sand dunes, kasbahs and medressas, and most of all, a significant minority of niqaabis, then there is plenty to let your imaginations run riot and produce stunning works of fiction for this site.



The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour Part 3

Veil of Dune

1st February, 2007


The most profuse apologies for it having taken so long, but now, at long last, we have an update to the ‘Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’ by me. It can be found in the Adult Bazaar and covers Anna Rosa’s eventful Fifth Term at the school. Hopefully, we shall not have to wait so long for the Sixth Term. Comments, as ever, more than welcome and do not forget, Michelle is constantly updating her ‘Veil of Dune’ tale so pop on there to see if you’ve missed a chapter or two.


22nd January, 2007

And what a time of great activity it is on TOTV! Whilst Michelle’s story continues to grow, Joaquin I’s masterpiece ‘Strikte Erzeihung’ has finally been completed and what an ending; possibly the most original that we’ve seen so far on this site. That can be found as can Bo_Emp’s translation of it in English, ‘Strict Upbringing’. Well worth a read!

But that’s not all! Let me now take this opportunity to welcome a new author to the site, ‘Mike’, who has penned us ‘Prince Fezak’s Revenge’, the tale of an English lady who is forcibly introduced to some Arabian customs that she does not wholly approve of. It’s a nice tale but then I didn’t expect anything less, for whilst Mike is new to us here on TOTV, he is an established author of corset fiction whose tales can be found on LISA and Retroxtique. Anyway, all can be found in the bazaar. Enjoy!

18th January, 2007

In the distant and violent future of Frank Herbert’s Dune universe, strict veiling makes one final return – as does bondage, corsetting, storage and transportation, caning and spanking, forniphilia, humilation and deprivation, gagging and all those other things we all so love.
Chapter 1 to 5 of Michelle’s new story is up now with the remaining chapters appearing about one chapter every few days so please come back regularly to check.

Also please fill in the questionaire at the end of Chapter 4 as it helps guide future stories to your preferences.

And for those worried about her, Alisha is still stuck in the harem but a surprise for her fans will appear here later.

Veil of Dune

21st December, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is almost upon us and as a festive treat from your friends at TOTV, here is a classic new tale from one of our favourite authors with the latest offering from Bo_Emp, ‘Afghan Assignment’, based loosely on a famous book, this story, set in 2011, tells of a woman sent to find an American girl who has married an Afghan and then disappeared in a post-US/UK Afghanistan more pious and restrictive than anything even the Taleban could think of. This great tale is available in the adult bazaar and bazaar respectively but remember, we want your comments too!

Merry Christmas!

Dave and all the TOTV team

6th December, 2006

A new month and a new story for TOTV. This time Ghost Writer has penned us a lengthy Sci-Fi epic about a planet run by a theocracy that makes even the Taliban look like feminists. Find it in the adult bazaar.

ball ‘The Patriarch Alliance – Homeward Bound’

17th November, 2006

After a relatively quiet period for TOTV, (well, for those of you who don’t speak German anyway), we are back with a vengeance! For starters, as you have no doubt already noticed, Ich has translated the intro speil on the front page so that we are now, officially, a bi-lingual site! The German translations will continue.

However, we have also some additions on the story front. First of all our ever-faithful Bo_Emp has written us another little masterpiece, ‘The Shrine’ which can be found in the bazaar. My comment on it, well… let me just say, it is a tale of the unexpected…

And now the other big news, we have a NEW AUTHOR!!! Let me welcome GhostWriter to the TOTV ranks and advise you all to head to the Adult Bazaar and sample his offering, ‘Loving Burqa’, a tale of college capers and blue burqas. Enjoy it!

Nach einer recht ruhigen TOTV-Zeit, besonders für diejenigen, die nicht deutschsprachig sind, sind wir, mit aller Macht, zurück. Die, die schon vorher dabei waren, haben zweifellos bemerkt, daß Andreas die einführenden Worte der Hauptseite übersetzt hat. Deshalb sind wir nun eine bilinguale Seite. Die Übersetzungen ins Deutsche werden fortgesetzt.

Nun aber haben wir endlich einige Zuwächse an der `Story-Front´. Zunächst hat unser, immer treu ergebener, Bo_Emp ein neues kleines Meisterstück geschrieben. `The Shrine´ auffindbar im Basar. Mein Kommentar dazu … laßt es mich so sagen, es ist eine Geschichte des Unerwarteten…

Nun die anderen Neuigkeiten! Wir haben einen neuen Autor!!! Laßt mich GhostWriter bei TOTV willkommen heißen und Euch alle in den Erwachsenenbasar führen, um sein Elaborat `Loving Burqa´ (eine Geschichte über Uni-Streiche und blaue Burkas) zu prüfen. Viel Spaß!


ball Onwards to ‘The Shrine’…

ball Onwards to ‘Loving Burqa’…

11th November, 2006

Our international operations have expanded once again, with the German translation of Michelle’s ‘The Veiling of the Shrew’ being added to the bazaar, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Der Widerspenstigen Verschleierung

7th November, 2006

Jopi recently forwarded a Spanish story to me entitled ‘Dominada por las monjas’ about a schoolgirl who fantasises about dressing up as a nun. I’ve posted it on the site and also ran it through a translator and stuck the English version, ‘Dominated by the nuns’ on too, although it must be noted that the quality of this translation is abysmal and so if anyone can do it properly, I’d be much obliged. They can be found in the bazaar or by clicking below:

ball Spanish Version

ball English Version

Also, our esteemed German translator Andreas, has sent me the following URL which, although in German, is an excellent resource, some sort of dictionary of fetish clothing, inc. veils!

ball Fetish Dictionary in Deutsch

15th October, 2006

New story suggestion added to the Suggestions Page.

14th October, 2006

We now have a German translation of Veiled in Real Life for you to enjoy.

ball Verschleiern im wirklichen Leben…
(link is to English page, now linking to each item with a German version – Bo_Emp June 2009)

12th October, 2006

Andreas has kindly translated the page ‘The Lure of the Veil’ into German as well. Hopefully, given time, he will translate the majority of this site into German for the benefit of our Mittel European visitors. If anyone wishes to translate stories into another language, please feel free to do so and I’ll put them up here.

8th October, 2006

Andreas has kindly translated ‘Commitment’ by Dominque into German. You can find it in the bazaar entitled ‘Amphitheater’.

3rd October, 2006

great news veil fans! We have a new story by a new writer, so some relief for those of you fed up with the offerings of Bo Emp and myself. go to the bazaar to find Deeba bint Thomas’ ‘Veiled and…’ three part tale of misery and happiness.

25th September, 2006

Strikte Erziehung has been updated.

20th September, 2006

Paulo Post recently emailed me with two art sites that may be of interest to some visitors. They both deal with computer graphics and some kind of bondage and fur fetishism.
Deviant Art – Davisprebot
Deviant Art – The Mysterious K
The latter site in particular is interesting to you lovers of the concealed woman as it includes a series of pictures of women in Nadirstan which I think could inspire a top veiling epic. I’ve reproduced them and given details on our Suggestions Page.

Paulo also let us know about a new group that you people may find interesting. It looks promising…

Confining Clothing

15th September, 2006

Our old friend Bo_Emp has come up trumps yet again with another tale, ‘Faceless Love’. Jake, a Canadian, travels to Arabia for a holiday as he is disillusioned with life and love back home. Little does he expect to be seduced by a faceless lady in the lift going up to his hotel room, and that is only the beginning… As ever, Bo_Emp delivers. Comments welcome. Incidentally, although new to us, this tale has already been posted on the Yahoo! Group ‘Faceless Fetishes’. The tale can be found in the adult bazaar or by clicking on the link below:

Faceless Love

5th September, 2006

Thanks to all of you for your congratulatory emails regarding the birthday of TOTV and thanks also to our own Bo_Emp who has kindly sent us the translation of the next section of Strict Upbringing. The plot thickens…

Thanks also to Elisa Maria who has sent us some information on the presentation of burqas in the book ‘The Caravan’ which I have posted in the ‘Features’ section.

2nd September, 2006

Oh dear! Oh dear! For the first time ever, a whole month has passed without something being added to TOTV! Tragedy! Calamity! But fear not, this situation will not be lasting for long, and besides, there’s some good news too! Did you know that your favourite website is now, officially, ONE YEAR OLD! Happy birthday TOTV! To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to write a few words about your favourite web destination and post a brand new story for you all to enjoy. But first, the few words…

As I’ve said before, veiling has long interested me, as too has erotic fiction, which after a time naturally led to me looking for some erotic veiling fiction on the web. Surprisingly however, there was none. A few genie and harem stories, yes, and the occasional TG tale or corset story with veiling elements, but heavy-duty veiling, alas, it was but a desert. Which of course led me to thinking that someone should set up a veiling fiction website and so upon coming to that realisation, I did what anyone would do, sat down and waited for someone else to start one.

So I waited, and I waited and after several years it became apparent that it just wasn’t going to happen. If I wanted veiling fiction then well, I would just have to write it myself. That of course, presented a problem. As our writers can tell you, the stuff that you write yourself, however good, (and I hope that my stuff is kinda good at least), is never as good as that done by someone else. The element of surprise perhaps, unexpected directions, who knows why, but it isn’t and that’s that. So, essentially what I was faced with is a lot of time starting a website in the vague hope that someone else would visit it, like it and contribute to it, and remember, I was far from sure a year ago that anyone else shared my rather strange fantasies.

But anyway, after a long wait, TOTV was born with but three stories posted, all by myself. Of them, Ihbat was nothing new, (it can also be found on Storysite and LISA), and Hamesd the Honoured and Laila had been posted on the Veiled Beauty Yahoo Group for sometime. Not the greatest of beginnings, particularly as from the outset there were some rumblings from more pious posters on the (excellent) Veiled Beauty Group about the nature of the site, but thankfully, the group moderator defended my cause and several e-friends rallied round and TOTV became the success that it is today.

That success is of course, due to many people, not just those who have written stories, but others who have sent in pictures, posted ideas, forwarded articles or just read the crap that we put up here. Thanks to you all, but especial thanks to the following:

Alex Streuth
Joaquin I
Vagabond Philospoher
Fantasy Towers
American Sultan

Now, I hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone there, but there are two names that I must highlight for extra-special, super help. Thank you so much! Firstly, our own Michelle, writer of the Alisha stuff amongst others and co web-master who has tarted the site up no end and given us some great stuff to read and Bo_Emp, our most regular contributor, a master of veiling fiction. Thanks again!

And so there you have it, a year on and a successful website that has done no less than establish a whole new genre of erotic fiction. Give yourselves a pat on the back and then enjoy my latest offering, ‘The Imam’s Daughter’, which was inspired by a visit to Stoke on Trent railway station a couple of months back when I came across three heavily-veiled girls, dressed in black Yemeni outfits, two of whom were undoubtedly Arabian, but one, by her eyes and voice was a British Muslim revert.

The Imam’s Daughter

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about The Academy. Part IV is written but I have neither the inspiration nor time to complete Part II at present. Sorry!

1st August, 2006

‘Sarah Safiyah’ has written to me about his veiling experience. It can be found in the Veils in Real Life section but be warned, it may not appeal to everyone, particularly the more pious who are adverse to hearing about men ape Islamic Sisters.

21st July, 2006

And here’s some happy summer news for you all! Our old friend Bo_Emp has contributed another excellent story entitled ‘A Deserted Beach’. It’s a tale of sunbathing and swimming and a reminder to us all in these sad times that the Middle East isn’t all about death and war, but indeed for the most part life goes on there in a pleasant and peaceful, (if heavily veiled) manner. Enjoy!

A Deserted Beach

18th July, 2006

Part two of the Academy is now complete. Comments welcome as ever.

8th July, 2006

The first part of Chapter 20 is now up.

4th July, 2006

Now that the World Cup has turned thoroughly depressing, here’s some more reading material to fill those long footballless nights. Chapters 16 -19 up of the Academy.

27th June, 2006

An interesting article on forced veiling in Kashmir has been added to the Features page. Cheers to Elisa Maria for that!

24th June, 2006

The first part of Chapter 16 of the Academy is now up and the link to it from the first part of the Academy story has been sorted out.

19th June, 2006

Chapter 15 now up!

14th June, 2006

Chapter 13 completed and Chapter 14 added to ‘The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’.

12th June, 2006

Chapters 10, 11, 12 and part of 13 have been added to ‘The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’. Hope that you’re enjoying it.


7th June, 2006

I promised no more updates and yet here’s another only a day afterwards. Two more chapters on the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. I hope that you’re enjoying it.

The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour

6th June, 2006

666, it may be the day of the Devil for some, but for Tales of the Veils, it’s a day of great joy for we’ve got lots of new stuff up. First up, yet another fantastic tale by Bo_Emp, entitled ‘Moretta’ this time, it’s about Renaissance Italy. I’ll let him explain:

Hi Dave,

I came up with the issue of Morettas myself as an answer to your features subject of masks. I didn’t expect I could write a story about it as I know nothing of the Renaissance. In fact I first found out it was Renaissance, when I searched for pictures of dresses similar to the drawing of the Moretta woman in an orange dress. I did this search because Elisa Maria had sent me another picture of a drawing with a Moretta. I wanted to see if there existed photos, not drawings, of Morettas and if the usage was described somewhere. I found only perhaps half a page including the description for the ebay item with the pictures attached. Maybe I was very lucky searching at that moment because the mask on ebay is now gone, and it is the only proper photos of a Moretta I have seen. I thought it was so beatiful that I must try to come up with a story based on the few facts I’ve obtained.

Once again, another great story by a great author. It can be found in the bazaar.


Next up, the Sultan of America has written us another installment of ‘The Emirate of America’, this time telling the tale from the perspective of the Emir. It can be found tagged onto the end of the existing tale, once again in the bazaar. An interesting scenario.

The Emirate of America

The last story update is by my humble self. It’s a new tale entitled ‘The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’ and it tells the tale of a Colombian girl sent to a purdah school. The first seven chapters have been posted. As ever, comments and feedback extremely welcome. It can be found in the Adult Bazaar.

The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour

And last but not least, Elisa Maria has sent us her thoughts on her beloved burqa as well as some photos of her in her favourite garment. Look in the page on real Life Veil Devotees.

Well, that should be enough to keep you busy for a while and I hope it does as I suspect updates will be a little scanty this coming month as football commitments will of course take over. So, to all of you, wherever you are, enjoy the World Cup, and I hope that your country wins, (unless they’re playing England of course). As they say in Deutschland, ‘Auf wiedersehen!’


25th May, 2006

Once again, thanks to Bo_Emp for another update of ‘Strict Upbringing’ or ‘Strikt Erzeihung’, (depending on which tongue you prefer it in). Also, thanks to Elisa Maria for continuing to send pictures to inspire. Hopefully we’ll be posting some of them soon.

10th May, 2006

Our old friend Bo_Emp has added a tale of strict purdah and partying, this time entitled ‘The Birthday Party’, and it is to be found in the bazaar.

Also, may I add that an alteration has been made to Chapter 6 of Strict Upbringing, making it a little more logical.

27th April, 2006

Long time no update, but today we’ve a new tale by ‘American Sultan’ entitled ‘Emirate of America: The Eunuch’s Tale’; an interesting scenario…

3rd March, 2006

Thanks to Bo_Emp for sending us two more chapters to the German story ‘Strikte Erzeihung’ by Joaquin I and its English translation, ‘Strict Upbringing’.

26th March, 2006

Turning Muslim in Texas, a new tale by Bo_Emp can now be found in the adult bazaar. As ever, this work is of a high standard.

Turning Muslim in Texas

23rd March, 2006

Have a look on the Special Features page for a discussion on masks and masking that has been opened up recently on the site. Have you got anything to add?

15th March, 2006

A new tale has been added to the bazaar by Bo_emp entitled ‘Not Without My Daughter’. Here’s his description of his work:

In 1987 Betty Mahmoody publised her true story “Not Without My Daughter”, which was turned into a movie by the same name in 1991. The Internet Movie Database plot outline reads: “Moody” is an Iranian doctor living in America with his American wife Betty and their child Mahtob. Wanting to see his homeland again, he convinces his wife to take a short holiday there with him and Mahtob. Betty is reluctant, as Iran is not a pleasant place, especially if you are American and female. Upon arrival in Iran, it appears that her worst fears are realized: Moody declares that they will be living there from now on. Betty is determined to escape from Iran, but taking her daughter with her presents a larger problem. But she won’t leave Iran – not without her daughter.

In june 2005 hardline former mayor of Teheran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, age 49, won the Iranian presidential elections in two rounds becoming the first non-clerical president after the 1979 revolution. Among his domestic plans are banning of “western” music and sex segregated sidewalks, to complement his propositions as mayor of segregated elevators and to construct new appartments to conform to an islamic society.

In this futuristic story, the fate of another mixed American-Iranian family, going to Iran after ten years with president Ahmadinejad, is told.

WARNING: People die in this story, but there is no explicit violence.

Not Without My Daughter

I absolutely LOVE this tale, one of the best that we’ve ever received on TOTV so please visit it today and let us know what you think. All comments will be passed onto the author.


14th March, 2006

Seatou’s new tale entitled ‘Memories’ has been added to the bazaar. Many thanks also to Akitagirl who completed his translation of the story into English.


6th March, 2006

A brilliant new tale entitled ‘Picnic in Purdah’ has been added to the bazaar. By Bo-Emp, it is set in Pakistan and contains some great detail.

Picnic in Purdah

2nd March, 2006

A new tale, ‘The Mask’ by Dave Potter, inspired by a story by Michelle, has been added to the bazaar.

The Mask

27th February, 2006

Alisha’s trials and tribulations in the harem come to an end. Or at least her diary does !

Alisha’s Diary from the harem

26th February, 2006

Fantasy Towers has a new short story called “School Project” in the main tales section which we trust you will enjoy.

School Project

25th February, 2006

A new story has been added in the bazaar by Hans entitled ‘Studentmaster’. It should be noted however, that this story is in German only at the moment. If any reader wishes to translate it into any language they feel then please do so and we’ll post the translation.

22nd February, 2006

Due to stricter security in the harem Alisha is struggling to send us updates on life there. Normal service will hopefully resume later.

13th February, 2006

If you are following Alisha’s trials and tribulations in the harem please note that due to bandwidth overload this huge chapter has been moved to another account. The links from Chapter 1 and 25 work but if you have bookmarked the chapter 26 you may need to re-save the link.

Alisha’s Diary from the harem

11th February, 2006

I (Michelle) have just had a fascinating exchange of e-mails with Deeba Bint Roberts who has taken up a veiled life where she can. I have to say that despite all the research I did for the first Alisha story, these discussions revealed so much more that I could have included, I almost want to go back and rewrite it.

Anyway although much of her beliefs need to remain private, I have persuaded her to write a short description of her thoughts on veiling which are included in the new “Veiling in Real Life” section which I trust you will find as interesting as I did.

Veiling in Real Life

10th February, 2006

A new set of short stories involving the Countess di Medini from “Interview with a Countess” will gradually appear under the header “Being Educated by a Countess”.

Being Educated by a Countess

2nd February, 2006

New story “The Veiling of the Shrew” by Michelle is now in the bazaar. Also we never mentioned “Living with a Countess” or “Secret of the Veil” here so if you missed these you have some reading to catch up on. All our new stories now have a comments and scoring system added which we really would love you to make use of. Authors love to hear what people think of their work – bad bits as well as the good – and the second Alisha story has had several improvements made to it due to these suggestions. Speaking of which her diary in the harem is still progressing, though if you prefer to wait fot the end we’ll tell you when it’s all up here. By the way, it seems a lot of you somehow missed chapter 6 and chapter 25. We’re not sure why this is but if you think you’ve missed something this might explain it 🙂

Also we realise the site is often down because the allowed bandwidth for each hour has been used up. We can’t afford to buy a proper ad-free site so are looking at spreading this site across several accounts to alleviate the problem. Please bear with us in the meantime.

26th January, 2006

Most visitors will probably have noticed the changes to the frontpage and layout of this site which have occurred over the past week or two. These have been wholly due to the efforts of Michelle Bound who has recently become co-webmaster(mistress?) – (I’m holding out for web-dominatrix – MB).
Most of you know Michelle from the Alisha tales amongst other things, but I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome her onto the team and thank her for her invaluable efforts, made at a time when unfortunately I do not have much free time to spend improving Tales of the Veils. Thanks Michelle! As always, comments on the changes are most welcome.


25th January, 2006

An exciting new story entitled ‘God the Merciful’ added by Matthew E. Pointon. Something different from the norm, this is a serious piece with no erotic elements at all. Look for it in the bazaar.

21st January, 2006

Chapters 24 and 25 of ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ now up. Also, Michelle has started upon Chapter 26 which, unlike the previous ones, will take the form of a blog of Alisha’s time spent in the Harem. This blog will be uepdated daily so please check it regularly, even if nothing is written here on the updates page as Michelle will be adding to it daily. Also check out Michelle’s ‘Interview with a Countess’ in the Adult Bazaar, something a little different.

13th January, 2006

Michelle, the author of the Alisha tales has added an interesting little piece in the bazaar about Afghanistan in the year 2012. What do you think, she’d like to know? It’s entitled ‘Making the best of a bad job’. I personally cannot believe that things will ever get that organised there, but who knows, I have been wrong in the past and the only lot who seem to have brought any order whatsoever were the Taleban…

12th January, 2006

Chapter 23 of ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ added.

11th January, 2006

Chapter 22 of ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ added.

10th January, 2006

Chapter 21 of ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ added.

7th January, 2006

Chapter 20 of ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ added.

6th January, 2006

Chapter 19 of ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ has been added today. Also, Michelle wishes me to point out that some of Rose’s comments and suggestions have been acted upon and if anyone else has ideas to offer that are not too extreme, then please, let her know. Also, after some recent browsing on the Net, I have found some interesting photos on Flickr which I have added to the end of the Features Page.

5th January, 2006

More additions today! Firstly I have penned a rather silly little tale inspired by a recent reading of the original version of Arabian Nights entitled ‘The Tale of the King of Yunan and His Unfaithful Wife’ which may be found in the bazaar. Furthermore, an updated version of the story ‘Strict Upbringing’ has been added to the bazaar and an updated German translation of the same tale. And finally, did any British visitors happen to see the fabulous ‘English Harem’ TV film shown over Xmas. Starring Martine McCutcheon, this tale of an English girl who becomes the thrid wife of an Iranian restauranteur will I imagine, have been to the taste of most visitors to this site. If anyone has any stillclips from this, please send them to me and I’ll post one or two.

4th January, 2006

A Happy New Year to you all and welcome back after the Christmas break! Whilst we’ve been away eating turkey/goose, Michelle has added two chapters to ‘Alisha Earns Her Veil’ and Fantasy Towers has sent us ‘Humble Serenity’, the tale of a family that join a religious cult. Now, before you read this, be warned! This is the draft of a tale only, far from finished, but Mr. Towers has posted since he thinks that the idea is a good one and wishes someone else to help it to its (un)happy conclusion. It’s in the bazaar…

September, 2005

TOTV is created. No updates information has been made before January 2006

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