Non-Muslims with and without veil

Non-Muslims with and without veil

On the Flickr page of Irfan Nyietz I found these photos of genuine non-Muslim women before and after wearing niqaab. Now, considering that so many of the stories on here are about non-Muslims choosing/being forced to wear veils, then perhaps these may inspire you to something or you may wish me to pop one or more on the top of your tale. Let me know if you do!
Dave, January 2006

The Flickr page of Irfan Nyeitz does not exist any more (Nov 2013).







Nina and Amanda

Veiled Kingdom has mailed us the photos below. Sarah doesn’t wear a veil, which is normally a criterion for a photo on TOTV, but this page was originally made to inspire story ideas, and as such it nicely illustrates that you can easily create an ad hoc veil. There is no need for buying or sewing. If you meet the sheik of your dreams it’s just to grab the cloth available, towels, sheets or in this case napkins and get some safety pins (and perhaps cover the body some more as well) and you appear attractive to him, will catch his attention and is very likely in for an exciting night or even begin a new adventurous phase in life.
Bo_Emp, November 2013



Veiled Kingdom has also dug up a set of photos she remembers to have seen in the Confining Clothing Yahoo Group many years ago.


Veiled Kingdom has found a Flickr page with a series of photos with and without veil.
Bo_Emp, October 2014

These photographs are part of a series of images of photographs that I created while in my second year at university for a module called Persuasive Image. I began looking at the Niqab and all the controversy behind it. I have created a series of images, trying to link the two photographs together with the eyes. Even though the module has come to an end, I am going to continue with this series.
Catherine Nalla Photography, Copyright 2014


Mr A_B has found an unusual three piece photo on the net here.
Bo_Emp, December 2014


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