The Surprise – Part 2

The Surprise – Part 2

Part 1

Along the way I remembered that I was still wearing the clothes I’ve been wearing for the last 3 weeks. How should I explain this to my mother? And again countless thoughts shot into my head which I could hardly bring under control. What should I do. I had to sort my thoughts first before I went home. So in the next cafe and collect.
Ultimately, the solution was simple. I just told her how it was and also that I had been leading my mother’s life for these 3 weeks and how my mother was completely veiled.
My mother looked at me skeptically. I suspect she did not know how to classify the whole thing. We sat at the kitchen table as ever and yet it was different. I had a new experience and I told them about it. I think for her the question now was, was it a beginning or just an episode in life? I did not know that myself if I’m honest with myself. Although I had decided to continue living my old life, I could not say if it would always stay that way. I had to get used to it again. And just as insecure as I was my mother.
I knew she did not want to lose me. Of course she would always be my mother. But it would be different cultures and for you it has to feel like a loss. I did not mean to do that to her. But on the other hand, I also have a birth mother who leads this lifestyle.
I slowly realized that I was sitting between different chairs and could only lose, no matter how I decided. I’d probably hurt one of them with my decision. Without realizing it, I accidentally put myself in the nettles. But really. And I had no idea how to get out there again. As feverish as I thought, I could not think of a solution. I had to talk to someone about it, but to whom could I entrust this story without running the risk of making history the talk of the town.
All of a sudden, I knew who I could talk to. Katie my chat friend from the USA. I could confide everything to her without running the risk of being told further.
“Hi Katie how are you?”
“Fine, and you”
“Okay too, but I need your help.”
“Gladly. Shoot what’s on your mind ”
I told her the whole story from the beginning to the present day.
“Now you have a real problem”
“Yes I know and I have no idea what to do now”
“Love first you should relax and let go a few days before you start any frantic action that ultimately backfires. Gain distance and try to come to other thoughts first. The best thing is you are going to spend a week or two to distract yourself. ”
“Thanks, you really helped me. I was feverishly thinking about what to do and wanted to solve the problem immediately. But you’re right, it’s better to pass some time to look at it from a different perspective. Thank you, you’re the best”
“Too much of the praise. If you still need a decision support later, we can chat again. ”
“Thank you and see you soon.”
Holiday is now just the right thing to clear your mind but where to go. After a moment’s reflection, it was clear that it would be Italy. The Dolce Vita will certainly bring me to other thoughts. So gotten internet and looked for hotels. After finding a great hotel, I told my mother about my plans and said goodbye at short notice.
The holiday was lovely and relaxing. I had fun all the time, was on the beach and in the evening on the promenade on the always busy was. Above all, I did not always think about the situation I had got myself into. The thoughts were less and less and I enjoyed the time that did not have to end. But unfortunately the best time is over and the return was on.
Back home, I decided to finish my studies and then find a job and work. The 3 weeks with my birth mother were very nice and I will always remember this time, but it was only an episode. I decided against my birth mother and my mother who raised me. At least that was my feeling.
“Please do not feel guilty. You have made a decision for your life and not against your physical mother or me if you had chosen to follow your birth mother. Also, I have been thinking in the last 3 weeks and would have accepted another decision. I have been in contact with your mother and father while you were on vacation. After all, they raised my daughter too. Meanwhile, your mother has also informed my birth daughter about this confusion. It was not easy for her, also because Soraya was pretty shocked. Your parents will come to Germany with Soraya and her youngest daughter in 2 weeks. Then we will meet and discuss with each other how to proceed. Unfortunately, another problem has come up with the revelation of your mother. The Soraya man has filed for divorce immediately, although neither Soraya nor her parents could be confused. I do not understand what happened, in particular, that none of us affected even the slightest fault. Soraya and also your mother, which is more than understandable, are totally devastated. ”
That can not be true, the whole thing is getting more and more complicated. Now that too.
“And why did he file for divorce? That does not make any sense at all. ”
“He explained that Soraya did not belong to the family and that he was deceived when the daughter was promised to be his wife. The problem with the whole thing is that Soraya is not a citizen because she was confused and thus is not a natural offspring. As a result, she is not allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia and she does not get a visa. ”
“I can not believe it. Where do we live? ”
I could not believe what my search for my birth parents was all about. If I had known that before, I certainly would not have started the search.
And suddenly a thought flashed through my head. I do not know why. Actually I could not meet that. My parents had promised not to have their son-in-law, Soraya, their daughter, to wife. This daughter is me. Does that mean that I have to marry this guy? Or is it all obsolete?
Nonsense. That could not affect me at all, because I’m a German citizen and I would not let myself be coupled so easy.
“Tell me, what’s up with the husband of Soraya? Can my natural parents now demand that they give him the right daughter as his wife? ”
“How do you come up with such a nonsense?”
“The thought just came to me. I am actually her biological daughter Soraya. ”
My mother fell ashes suddenly. This thought had probably come neither her nor my birth mother.
“I had not thought of that yet. And I do not think your mother either. But honestly, I do not think he’ll ask for that. But we should call anyway and talk to Fatima about it. ”
The thought was born and did not let me go again.
“Hello, this is Karin Meier. Hello Fatima, Melanie is also listening. ”
“Hello Karin, hello Melanie, nice to hear from you. How are you? ”
“We are fine, Melanie returned from vacation today and I told her that you are coming to Germany soon. I also told her about your son-in-law and the divorce. And Melanie suddenly had a thought that does not let us go. If I recall correctly, you promised your daughter-in-law your daughter Soraya as a wife. That’s right, right?
“How long is such a promise and must it always be honored?”
“It should always be redeemed. Of course, circumstances may arise in which this promise can not be fulfilled. It is actually so long until it is redeemed or otherwise done, the bride or groom die before redeeming as an example. But I do not understand what you’re getting at. ”
“Simply Melanie is actually your daughter Soraya. ”
“That’s true, I had not thought of that yet. This is getting more and more complicated. I do not know if the promise is honored in this particular case. I will talk to Mahmood. I’ll get back”
The nettles I had set myself in were getting bigger and bigger. When I lay in bed in the evening, the thought flashed into my head that the divorced husband of Soraya was now demanding the fulfillment of the promise from his parents-in-law, and that my parents married me to their former son-in-law. I would then lead a life in Purdah as I had known it similarly. Only this would have no end but be permanent.
It was completely crazy, the idea of ​​being forced to live in such a way excited me immensely. I have never been so excited and satisfied myself. When I returned to normal from my peak, I analyzed the situation objectively.
Even if the promise that my parents had given continued, I live in Germany and not in Saudi Arabia. And I’m not just getting married like that. My parents can not expect that from me. Besides, who also wanted to force me to take such a step. Germany is a free country with equal rights for every human being. Would the son-in-law of my parents even demand the fulfillment of their promise? That may be possible in Saudi Arabia, but not in Germany. Even if my parents feel sorry for me to find myself in such a situation, you can not ask me to keep the promise. Fortunately, I live in Germany and not in Saudi Arabia. I fell asleep with this thought.
The next morning, after we had breakfast, the phone rang and my birth mother was on it.
“Hello Melanie, nice to talk to you. How are you. ”
“I’m fine Mama and you?”
“We are fine too. Your father talked to a spiritual and a lawyer yesterday. The legal situation is not clear. The lawyer said the promise was forfeit because we acted in good faith. We could not expect that you were reversed. But there is no precedent, so it is difficult to make a concrete statement.
However, a spiritual judge may argue that the promise has not been fulfilled and therefore still needs fulfillment. The clergyman tended in the same direction. It depends on what is being delivered and who the judge believes. Fortunately, no request has yet been made to fulfill the promise. ”
“And what do we do if your former son-in-law insists on fulfilling the given promise? ”
“I think we should discuss this when we are in Germany. I am glad to see you again and to meet your mother. Soraya and Aisha also want to get to know you. ”
“OK. Then we discuss that. Yes, I’m very excited to see my sisters. ”
After we talked a little more we said goodbye.
“Well mom and dad have no solution and obviously that’s not clear. We want to discuss this as soon as we meet here. ”
“OK. But I will definitely go to a lawyer to clarify the facts. ”
The next few days were like chewing gum. I sat in lectures but did not get much. I kept reminding myself what happens when the former son-in-law pushes for the fulfillment of the promise.
Meanwhile, my mother had talked to a lawyer and she confirmed to her that the promise made in Saudi Arabia is not enforceable here in Germany. Since I’m a German citizen, would also be an extradition, even if the very far-fetched would not be considered. So no need to worry.
Finally the day was here that my parents should arrive. We would meet her at the hotel.
I dressed conservatively like when I met my birth mother the first time. But I also had the things that my mother gave me. I thought about surprising her. Before, I had discussed this with my mother, if she has anything against it. She was a bit surprised when I asked you about it and only said if I wanted to. So I packed the things and so we entered the hotel. After my dad opened up for me, I briefly disappeared in the bathroom to change. I did not want to walk through the city completely veiled and certainly not through our residential area.
After I had finished moving and entered the living room, my mother, and my sisters Aisha and Soraya came too. All three, like me, were completely veiled. Karin jokingly said that if I disguised myself, Soraya could turn the veil off and wear my clothes. I thought I did not hear right when my mother said that. And I was even more astonished when my father and my birth mother agreed. As it turned out later, they had already agreed.
So Soraya disappeared as quickly as possible with my clothes in the bathroom and changed.
That went better than expected. At last I was able to take off this hated veil and these impossible clothes. Well, if the clothes were wearing the Melanie when you arrived here, their standard is, then I have to go shopping first. But I can not imagine that this is her standard. Father, wrong, he is not my dad, so Mahmood has told how she dressed at her first meeting. So this impossible clothes will probably only be selected for today.
After looking in the mirror for some time and liking what I saw there, I finally got dressed. I hope that we will not stay too long. I just wanted to get away from this life and enjoy the freedom. Anyway, I never believed all of these phrases that were repeatedly brought to us about Western women. And now freedom was very close.
If Sultan behaves the way I had instructed him, he would cause quite a stir. Of course he would never file a lawsuit against Mahmood and drive him and Fatima into poverty. But a little mirroring had to be done to make Melanue / Soraya sacrifice for her family and marry Sultan. Ultimately, my threat to make life hell for him got him. Melanie / Soraya certainly would not do that, just to protect her parents. And the prospect of a submissive and obedient woman, who will certainly be Soraya, finally convinced him to agree to my plan.
Time to show me.
My mother came up to me and hugged me:
“Finally I can take you in my arms. Let me take a look. You look stunning, even if you do not like the clothes. I think the clothes of Soraya will suit you. It’s also appropriate for a woman of your age. ”
Both looked at each other with a gleam in their eyes. I became really jealous.
When I saw that, my feelings went on a rollercoaster ride. My mother hugs a stranger and calls this daughter. I am her daughter.
Stop no, she’s not my mother, she raised me and I’ve always considered her my mother. Genetically she is a stranger. Strange thought. The woman she hugs is actually her daughter as well. I begrudge her the joy of finally being able to embrace her daughter. I am also happy about it. Nevertheless, there is something in the scenery that I can not really grasp. It seems to me that we have both done a role reversal. I am now the fully veiled Soraya and she is the sexy Melanie. Strange thought. The next thought that flashed through my mind was what if my parents now completely disguised me as taking Soraya to take with them to Saudi Arabia.
I felt as if things had changed. Here I completely disguised as Soraya, and there Soraya as Melanie, with my clothes, my handbag and especially my passport. If you disappeared now, how could I prove that I’m a German citizen.
It seemed to me as if I had entered through a door in a new unknown world and the door just closed behind me.
Before I give up my thoughts, my father starts to explain the state of affairs to us. So far, his former son-in-law has not yet reported to him because of the promise of the promise. It can not be estimated whether this will demand the promise. Then it has to be checked if this promise is still to be fulfilled, because my parents gave him Soraya as his wife. There was no evidence that Soraya is not her daughter. The lawyer believes that the promise has been fulfilled, and does not revive. Even a clergyman, according to Sharia, believes that the promise has been fulfilled. But these are personal opinions. There was no precedent yet.
My mother Karin then reports on her visit to the lawyer, who has confirmed that I am a German citizen and that I can not be deprived of my citizenship. The pledge is in Germany as well as not so. In addition, I am of legal age and therefore have a right of self-determination, which can not be trumped by such promises.
After discussing everything that was needed about this pledge, Karin suggested that Soraya live with her during her stay and I live with my birth parents at the hotel. Like last time my parents booked a stay of 3 weeks.
Soraya immediately agreed. Since my parents also agreed I had no choice but to agree. In the end, my little sister Aisha spoke up and also suggested that I should be called Soraya for the time in the hotel and that Soraya should wear my name because it would be easier.
After a brief laugh, my dad said, “This is a good idea, Aisha, that’s how we do it.”
Now, what I had feared earlier had happened, we had changed roles. But what should I do. I did not want to give the spoilsport and finally gave in and agreed.
My mother came to me and said, “I’m proud of you, Soraya. I am glad to have you again.” And hugged me.
Melanie (new)
Perfect. Finally I could leave that damn life behind me. They can all turn themselves upside down. I would not go back. I had reached my first goal. Immediately I would Karin, it is still unusual to call her mom, leave the hotel and start my new life. I am really curious if even Soraya has realized that her life has changed. Well at the latest when Sultan shows up she will realize it. Unfortunately, I am not there, but I have always imagined this in recent weeks. Every time this has excited me incredibly.
And now I’m looking forward to my new home, it will not be as big as Sultan’s palace, but in fact it was more like a prison ready to accept a new resident. The thought made me hot again. But I have to stay cool first to make any mistakes.
“Your sister Anna is probably already curious how it went. She would have liked to come, but that would not have been a good idea. ”
Soraya (new)
It was just exciting the last time, but it was different now. Would Karin take me back if I did not feel well here? Would my parents let me go? After all, her supposed daughter just left the room with Karin and went home. Would Melanie return so easily, once she got to know Western life? Was that still my home? The thoughts were just buzzing in my head and my feelings went roller coaster as my mother said it was time for prayer.
We went into the area reserved for women and prepared ourselves. The three of us did the prayer. After the prayer, Alsha also spoke up. She wanted to know everything about me and I answered her questions as best I could. After a while, our mother joined us.
“I can imagine what’s going on in you right now. ”
“Really” I did not ask very friendly.
“Yes. I felt your reaction when Melanie and Karin hugged each other. Karin certainly did not mean that to you, I phoned her several times. And she was just as excited as I was the first time I saw you and could hold you in my arms. I think that was not easy for your mother either, when you called to let her know you were staying here.
Your mother was worried that her daughter would not want to see her or possibly blame her or anything like that. I know that it hurt you to see them in close embrace. But do not worry, Karin will always be there for you just as I will always be there for her daughter. I’m sure that if you have slept over it for a night at the latest, you will be happy for them, just as the two of them are happy for us. Nobody wants to take something away from another. Look at it that way. We have all gained family. ”
My mother had once properly washed my head, which was certainly necessary. And I have to admit she is right. I was pretty selfish, she did not say so, but it meant the same thing.
“Aisha made a suggestion to change the names earlier. Of course, you do not have to do that if you do not want what I understand. ”
Somehow the whole situation has developed in a direction that somehow did not really suit me. I could not put it into words, which bothered me, but I had a bad feeling. As if I have already taken a path that I really did not want to go.
But not to endanger peace, I said
“If I think about it that’s okay. Basically, we also changed places. ”
“That pleases me. I really loved you and missed you when we left. It was not foreseeable that we would come back so soon. I would like to take you with me when we fly back so you are always close to me. Over the last few months, I have always dreamed of making you a good Muslim who, like all women in our family, lives her life strictly according to the rules of the Purdah. ”
“I can not imagine living that way.”
“I would not force you to. And you do not have to decide immediately. ”
Finally we were at home. I was a little surprised because the house was even smaller than I had imagined. But it was my new home in freedom. That was the most important.
No one else who makes absurd regulations for me. Hopefully, I would soon meet new friends and enjoy my life. I’m looking forward to sitting in the café with friends, going to a club or cinema with you.
What worried me was Anna, my sister. How would you react?
After Mama unlocked the door, she called for Anna. It only took a moment for Anna to literally shoot around the corner. After a brief moment of surprise, she came up to me and fell around my neck, squeezing me as if she never wanted to let me go again.
“You are Ali my real sister. I am glad that you are there. ”
“What do you think about showing Melanie her room, in the meantime, I’m making the coffee.”
Anna looked at Mama uncomprehendingly.
“We had previously agreed in the hotel, among other things, that Soraya and Melanie also change names.”
“Okay.” Was all Anna said. “Come on, I’ll show you your room, and then you can change your clothes. You look like my grandmother. “I heard Anna laugh as she stormed up the stairs.
“Here is your room, that of Melanie or Soraya or whatever, here is my room and here is the bathroom. Mama is sleeping there. ”
“I thank you.”
“I leave you alone now, we can talk later.”
“Yes, thank you, I have to get used to the changes first.”
After Anna left the room, I first looked at everything closely. I have to say that the clothes Soraya has in her closet are much more to my liking than what she wore when she came to the hotel. And this is all my clothes now. The more I moved away from Fatima and Mahmood and their influence, the more secure I became. I was absolutely sure to do exactly the right thing. I would never go back. It seems like a leap from the Middle Ages to modern times. And that’s exactly what it was. Finally, I had my freedom and I want to take advantage of it, so let’s see what I find so clothes.
After searching some drawers, I found what I was looking for. A tight lace tanga and a matching bra. Amazingly, the bra fit almost like a glove. When I looked at myself in the mirror I liked what I saw incredibly well. The thong that released more than he covered and the bra that really brought out my breasts.
A black miniskirt, which brings out my legs beautifully and a tight tight red top with a free belly complete the outfit. I feel wonderful. It’s unbelievable what clothes are about. In the mirror opposite me I see a sexy young woman and not the barn owl, which I was until a few hours ago. My dark hair falls free on the back. Now the shoes, Soraya has tons of shoes. At first I thought of high heels, but I decided for ballerinas, which fit perfectly with my outfit.
One last look in the mirror and I’m ready for my appearance. I am very satisfied with what I see.
The rest of my new room and the clothes I’ll look at later. However, I also have to be careful and not overdo it, so as not to make Mama and Anna suspicious. Finally, this whole exchange came to me “surprisingly”. At least I have to do that.
I walked slowly down the stairs to the kitchen. When I entered the same, my mother turned around and stared at me with wide eyes and open mouth.
“You look great,” she said after a moment, after she had caught herself again.
“Thank you”
“That suits you really well. Better still than Soraya. She has too pale skin to wear belly-free ”
I felt that everything went as I had imagined. Actually, even better. Mama called the woman she raised without thinking about Soraya and even found that the clothes were better for me.
“Thanks, I just picked something out. I think I have to go through the clothes in the closet first what fits together. Maybe Anna can help me with that. After all, I do not have that much experience, “I said the moment Anna came to the kitchen.
“Wow, you look really great. Tom would be thrilled if he could see you like this now. ”
“Who is Tom?”
“Melanie oh entschulidge Soraya’s friend. Soraya bought the outfit when she was in town with Tom 4 weeks ago. Tom thought that was incredibly sexy. Soraya was not that enthusiastic. And yes, I will help you put together the right outfits. ”
That went better than expected. I expected more restraint on the part of Anna and Mama. But maybe not all gold glittered in the ratio of the three to each other. That could only be right. And if Sultan only had his performance, I hope, Soraya will react as I hope. She did invest a lot of money in the search for her parents and if she would just let her parents hang like that. Difficult to imagine.
Just how easy it was to put her in those awful clothes. Which sensible woman would do this voluntarily.
Everything went according to plan and better.

The rest of the day went as usual with reading the Koran and prayers. When I lay in bed after the evening prayer, the same thoughts passed through my mind as the first time. This time the thoughts were more serious and less exciting. I imagined what it’s like to live in Purdah forever. I could not imagine ever living this way. It was unimaginable.
Just before I woke up I had a strange dream. I saw myself completely veiled with two equally veiled children looking into the camera, which was triggered by my husband. I was married, lived in Purdah and had at least two daughters I raised in Purdah. And I was happy I had two daughters and a wonderful husband. When it knocked, I woke up. I realized that it was a dream and not the reality.
I could not banish this dream from my thoughts all day long. Again and again the pictures came to my inner eye. I did not know what that meant. Was that a glimpse into the future or did my brain play a trick on the whole situation?
Otherwise, the day was quite normal as the first visit also. The next night I had the same dream again. I could not explain what that meant.
The next days went as usual. There were no deviations. Also, Aisha participated in our Koran lesson and of course in the prayers. She told me about herself and annoyed me about my life.
After a week I told my mother, after she had pestered me, that she was aware that something was occupying me about the dream.
“It’s always the same dream. Always in the morning before I’m really awake. ”
“I’m not a dream-utterer, but maybe Allah wants to show you the right way and does it through a dream. ”
“Do you really think so?” I asked skeptically.
“Yes Allah does what he likes. And he sees you reading the Koran and praying regularly to become a good Muslimah. ”
Again, my mother has said something with a matter of course what I myself do not feel. Or I lie in my pocket and my mother is right. Am I really on my way to becoming a Muslim? At the moment I did not believe it.
One week had passed and we had not heard anything from Karin and “Melanie” yet. I think the two enjoy their togetherness. They certainly had a lot to talk about. Besides, it is not easy for Soraya / Melanie to lead another life either. I only hoped that both came to the hotel at the end of the 3 weeks, so we could change places again.
While I was thinking, there was a verbal conflict in the living area that I did not understand because it was in Arabic.
My mother stormed into my room and just called “Sultan is here”.
“Who is Sultan?” I asked back.
“The former husband of Soraya” came in response from my sister, as my mother remained shocked. “He is destined to demand the redemption of the promise.”
Aisha had remained completely calm. I got a huge shock after your opening who was Sultan.
Oh you fat egg what happens now? Should he actually demand the fulfillment of the promise as my sister suspected.
After recovering from the first shock, I realized that he can forget. I’m not just getting married. Finally there was a knock and my dad asked to come into the living room, but only my mother and me.
What did that mean?
Instead of legally demanding the fulfillment of the promise, as he had expected, he went directly to my parents and wanted to demand the promise. Since he did not meet my parents, he investigated and found out that my parents are currently here in Germany. After a conversation with the boss of my father, he also knew why my parents are in Germany and went straight to claim the promise and also to take a look at me. And now sitting here in the living area.
My fears had come to fruition more than I had feared. Luckily we are in Germany. If I had flown to Saudi Arabia and met my parents there, I would certainly have a much bigger problem. So we only had the problem to get rid of Sultan again.
My father and Sultan talked to each other. It was about the question of whether the promise has been fulfilled or not. Sultan was of the opinion that the promise was not fulfilled. My dad thought that the promise of the marriage with Soraya had been fulfilled because, in good faith that Soraya was his first-born daughter, he had given him as his wife.
Sultan did not want to accept this and looked at me and then asked my father if I am the right Soraya. My dad just nodded his head.
“Obviously you’ve found your daughter and unless she’s married, there’s nothing wrong with letting her marry me.”
“You are wrong. The promise has been fulfilled. ”
“I do not think so. The promise is not fulfilled yet and your daughter is not married yet? ”
“So what speaks against giving her to me as a wife?”
“On the one hand, the promise is already fulfilled, and on the other hand, Melanie grew up not in Saudi Arabia but in Germany. She is a German citizen and even if I wanted, I could not force her to marry you. ”
“That may be all, but she is sitting here veiled, as befits a good Muslim and you tell me you can not force her to do anything”
“She volunteers to dress like a good Muslim for the duration of our stay here in Germany. We did not force ourselves to do that, and I’m sure she would not force herself to. If we tried to put pressure on you, she would probably leave the room immediately and we would never see you again and lose you forever. And then you would have no way to marry you, because then she would certainly not be forced to do so ”
“So all that remains for me to do is claim my right to sue. Or you would voluntarily marry me ”
“That they voluntarily marry you we can not imagine.”
“Maybe we should ask your daughter if she would voluntarily marry me.”
“OK, agreed.”
“But before she decides, I’d like to talk to her in private. I think that’s no problem, since she is dressed appropriately. ”
My parents left the room and there I sat with my future husband?
“While it is absolutely unusual for a Muslim groom to speak with his future wife before the wedding, the situation is unusual.”
“Wait, you should not disperse the bear’s coat before it’s been killed.”
“I beg your pardon”
“I meant that I’m not your future wife. And I do not intend to change my mind. ”
“So so. You are quite unruly. But I like that ”
“Have we ever looked after pigs together or why are you talking to me?”
“Oho. Also naughty. It just keeps getting better. It will be a real pleasure for me to educate you to a obedient Muslim. ”
“It just keeps getting better. Listen to me: When the three weeks are over, I will take off my clothes and continue my life as before. A guy like you has no place in it. So beat that with the wedding out of your head ”
“Well, we’ll see who laughs in the end.”
A pretty naughty guy sitting opposite me. But he looks amazing too. If the circumstances were different, I would probably even approach him in a bar to meet him.
Self-confident men, anyway, like better than those who try to make everything right. I prefer machos. However, I have yet to meet anyone who has such a macho attitude with such self-confidence as the sultan. That was a real challenge. But I love that.
“That’s probably clear who laughs in the end. I’ll explain how it works. In two weeks, when my parents fly back to Saudi Arabia, I’ll go out the door, not like I’m sitting here now, but I’ll put on an extra short mini skirt and an extremely tight top for you to see that I do not like a man, and let me say nothing. The man who wants to tell me where to go first has yet to be born ”
I was really looking forward to his reaction. If he is a real macho, then he gives me contraindications. If he pulls the cock, then you can smoke the guy in the pipe.
“You are my sweetheart. The man who tells you where to go is already sitting in front of you. And I’ll tell you where to go. Since I assume that you are not a Muslim, you will first drop the shahada. Then we will marry. For this I will visit the next imam here in Germany and discuss everything with him. After our marriage, we will return to Saudi Arabia without delay. You will, as is our tradition in Purdah, look after the household and future children. You will leave the house only with my permission and only accompanied by a mahram. You will always be completely veiled. As soon as we have visitors or you are allowed to leave the house, you will wear a gag so that no one except me hears your voice. If we have daughters, you will also prepare them for a life in Purdah from an early age. You will fulfill all the duties that Allah has imposed on us. I do not accept negligence. You will be at my service whenever I wish. I was too lenient once. That will not happen to me again. There is a separate area for the women in the house. You will be allowed to leave this area only with my permission. If we have guests, you will serve them unasked and without grumbling. The area for the men you will only be allowed to enter at certain times and with my permission. You will show me absolute obedience and give no objection. ”
I think the guy really means that. So you can not smoke in the pipe. That was a really clear announcement. And I also trust him to do it that way.
Crazy, but I was suddenly as excited as ever, I hope only the guy does not notice. What would I give for being alone now? But how could that be that such an announcement also excited me. I am a seasoned and mature young woman who studies and has her own opinion. I have never had anything to do with men before. And now the absolute upper macho sat in front of me personally, and I was excited. Normally, I would have either knocked him down or got up and left.
Only the current situation was different. I had already entered very far into what he would ask me to do. I lived, if only temporarily, but veiled and already lived in Purdah, as he wanted his wife to do.
Of course I could say it’s just a temporary fun to do that. But was that, or is it more than that? Is this perhaps the desire to be controlled, to be told what I have to do and what to leave?
I realized that I had already ventured dangerously far to his playing field. The longer I thought about it, I realized that in the case of a lawsuit, we can no longer argue that I was brought up in the West and would live that way. Currently it is just the opposite of the western lifestyle. And even the objection that would have been so only during the stay of my parents, is not particularly attractive. Which western-educated young woman voluntarily dresses like I am doing at the moment and still lives in Purdah? If we made that argument, the judge would probably laugh at us.
I already saw the skins of swimming to win the lawsuit. But what would happen if my father loses the lawsuit? Either I would have to marry with this upper macho, or .. what would be the alternative. As long as I’m in Germany, he would hardly have a chance to marry me and bring me to Saudi Arabia. What consequences would a defeat have for my father if I did not agree to marry him?
“Given your silence, I think you know your options. Of course you can get it on a lawsuit and of course there is also the opportunity to win this. But even a defeat is possible and if you would not marry me then, I would demand compensation from your parents. I doubt that your parents would be able to pay this compensation. Aside from that, your father’s boss may also be thinking about giving a man human resource responsibility that is not his word.
But I am sure that I will win a lawsuit. Especially since you already live like a good Muslim and dress yourself accordingly. That will certainly convince the court. So it’s completely up to you whether we go through the simple or the hard way. I will come to my right one way or the other. ”
The guy was not just an upper-macho, he was also intelligent and he knew exactly where the sore spot was. What should I say to him? The self-assurance he displayed was pretty impressive. And I could not oppose that. I had never dealt with such a self-confident person. So far, I have every guy who wanted something of mine wrapped around his finger. But with Sultan I had no success.
This situation was completely new to me and I did not know how to react. While I was still feverishly searching for solutions, my feelings overcame me. I was completely helpless. He has easily broken through all the retreats. My self-assurance and self-confidence were gone. He just smashed it, to put it bluntly. Although he could not recognize my mine languages, he knew he had won. As he spoke and made it clear to me that he was unwilling to just give in, but was more sure of certainty, I had slumped and lowered my head. If I did not want to ruin my parents, I had no choice but to marry him. Even if we were to win the lawsuit, there was still the danger that my father would lose his job and ruin the family. I sat like the fly in the spider web.
On the one hand, I did not like the self-assurance and self-assurance that the Sultan displayed on the face, on the other hand, these arrogant self-assertions were just what attracted me immensely. Never before had a man confronted me so arrogantly. So far, I would have given the guy rather a kick in the butt, as well as just a single word to change with him. But this guy made me totally helpless and
More in defiance of conviction I answered Him “I am quite relaxed. You are welcome to complain. But I’m sure the lawsuit will be dismissed. ”
“I think we have clarified our points of view. I await your decision until the day after tomorrow 15:00. Until then, you can think about whether it makes sense to get a lawsuit. I will go now and be here by the appointed time the day after tomorrow. You can talk to your parents. ”
“So long,” I said before the door closed behind him.
My parents entered the room. “How did you stay?” My dad asked me
“Sultan wants to have a decision by noon tomorrow. “I just said. “I’ve never met such an arrogant and autocratic guy. He pretended to get everything he imagines. Whether directly or by action. He is also absolutely sure to win the lawsuit. And if I do not agree at the latest the day after tomorrow in the wedding, he would make you liable for damages. I wonder where does he take that self-assurance from? ”
“I can only guess that he did something about his connections. ”
“But what about the damages?”
At that time, I took part in a business and invested a fair amount of our money there. Due to an unforeseen event, I was forced to repost money to save the company. The money I could do was not enough. Since Sultan comes from a rich house and he was supposed to marry Soraya, I talked to him and he granted me a loan. The problem is that we had to sell the company due to the bad economic situation at that time. The loans we had granted the company were lost. The sale of the company still has debts. I also could not repay the loan from Sultan. He lent me more money to pay off the other creditors. I had agreed with Sultan that he would release the loan when he married Soraya. I think he will now try to claim this loan. Given the influence of his family, his chances are quite good. I have a good job, but I can not repay that loan. And then the question is, if my boss can still hold me, if something like that happens. I would be bankrupt and my family would live on the street.
My boss is an old friend who helped me a lot and also paid for this trip and the hotel. Otherwise we would never have been able to finance the trip. ”
That was a real horror scenario. I was beginning to realize why Sultan had occurred with such self-confidence. In the end it did not matter how everything went, my parents could only lose.
“I did not know it was that bad.”
“We had never talked about it before. It would not be a problem, if not this complaint and its consequences would be in the room. I am sorry that I have disappointed you ”
“You did not disappoint me. Everyone can be unlucky. I’ll always stand by you no matter what. ”
“Thank you. It’s time for prayer. ”
We went to our rooms and prayed for the noon prayer.
After meeting Sultan, I was not hungry. Something was in my stomach, but I did not know what. I needed time to think. I tried first to arrange my thoughts.
And I went, as I had learned it at university, the facts through before I drew any conclusions.
Fact 1: I am the first born baby daughter.
Fact 2: My father promised Sultan his firstborn daughter as a wife.
Fact 3: Soraya and I were exchanged.
Fact 4: Sultan did not marry the right first-born daughter through the barter.
Fact 5: I am a German citizen
Fact 6: My parents are in serious financial difficulties
Fact 7: Sultan demands the fulfillment of the promise and my wife
Fact 8: Sultan would sue my parents if I do not agree to become his wife.
As far as the facts. But what does that mean in detail. Time to play through the different scenarios:
Scenario 1: I agree to a marriage. Everything would be clear. My dad would not need to lament, but I would lead a life as Sultan sketched it.
Scenario 2: I do not agree with the marriage. Sultan would appeal immediately. This in turn would lead to different sub-scenarios:
1. Sultan loses the lawsuit. Then my parents would have nothing to fear at first and I would decide for myself on my future life. However, it is not clear what connections Sultan and his family have to harm my father and my family.
2. Sultan wins the lawsuit. Then there are different scenarios again:
1. I agree to marry him, then everything would be like scenario 1.
2. I do not consent and Sultan sues my parents for damages.
1. If he wins, my parents are bankrupt.
2. If he does not win, everything is like winning a lawsuit.
So it does not matter which scenario occurs, Sultan probably sits on the longer lever.
Now only the question of the probabilities of the respective sub-scenarios in Scenario 2 arises. In WorstCase, my father loses the lawsuit and has to pay compensation, unless I still agree to marry. In the BestCase scenario, the claim for damages is dismissed. After what my father has told me, I guess the chance to fend off a claim for damages as low. Even here in Germany, the husband would probably be able to demand a replacement if the alignment of the wedding thing would have been the brewer’s parents, but the groom pays. Rather, this has to apply to Saudi Arabia, which in its patriarchal structures is likely to decide for the groom.
The longer I think about everything, the clearer it becomes that I alone hold the key in my hand. The only way to protect my parents is to marry Sultan. No matter how I turned it and turned it around. I always came to the conclusion that Sultan sits on the longer lever. Sultan is highly intelligent and certainly unscrupulous enough to help his desire at one point or another. The chances of getting out of it were almost zero. If I refused to marry him, it would bankrupt my parents. I could not forgive that.
I was trapped. No matter how I choose, Sultan would always win. If I refuse, my parents and ultimately me will suffer. If I marry him, he has what he wanted, my family can live in peace. Only I am the one who loses. And always. No matter how I turn it, I always have the worst card.
What an irony of the story, I try to find my birth parents and end up as a Muslim living in Purdah. I have always looked at the veiled women compassionately. Now I will be considered compassionate myself.
I thought about how I would live soon. Forever completely veiled. Handcuffed to the house, obeying only my husband. It was scary and exciting at the same time. Even as Sultan sketched my new life had excited me. I was torn. I wanted to help my parents, but for what price.
Could I really do that? My thoughts turned in circles. And no matter how I turned the tide, without marrying Sultan, I would bankrupt my parents.
Suddenly the thought was there. I was, no I am Soraya. Only through a stupid confusion I am my obligation to my parents to fulfill the promise, so far not complied. I am Soraya, the daughter and I have been promised sultan as a wife, rather I have been promised to him as a wife. The promise is still to be fulfilled. I have the promise to fulfill. Although I have lived west for more than 19 years, I am a Muslim and a good daughter who obeys your parents.
And something else suddenly came to my mind. The indefinite feeling that accompanied me since the meeting with Sultan. I think I fell in love. Could that really be. I’ve never had to deal with such an arrogant guy. But that’s what attracted me unlikely. I’ve always been the strong guy who never let anyone tell me who was going to say it. And suddenly there is a person who is just like you but at the same time much stronger. And someone who exploits this strength without scruple. The longer I thought about it, the more I became aware that I was actually attracted to Sultan.
I could not help it anymore: I will marry Sultan. I will bow to his instructions and lead a life in Purdah.
To lead such a life will not be easy. I have to try to shake off the memories of my life so far and welcome the new life with open arms. I had to try to look ahead positively. I hope the love for Sultan will help me in my new life.
Time to talk with my parents and with my mother.
“I have made a decision. I will marry Sultan. He’s right. I am your oldest daughter and am promised to him as a wife. And I intend to fulfill that promise. ”
My parents were speechless.
“I will not let that happen,” was my father the first to speak.
“We have no other option. And besides, you promised me, “I contradicted him. Without a word, I disappeared into my room.
A short time later my mother came.
“You are very brave Soraya”
“Thank you Mama”
“I know what you want to do for us. On the one hand, I am pleased that you want to become a good Muslim. But I’m also aware of what you give up. ”
“But I have to confess that I was hoping that you would become a good Muslim, that you will also seek the path of a life in Purdah. And so I am glad that you have decided so much. I know that’s pretty headstrong, but you’re my daughter and I love you. ”
“Will you help me become a good Muslim? ”
“But my darling. I will help you to become a good Muslim. We should inform Karin and Melanie ”
“Yes you are right. ”

“Melanie, come on quickly”
“What is?”
“Mahmood just called me and told me that the Sultan was at the hotel today and asked for Soraya as a wife. He threatened to sue, saying that he would drive Fatima and Mahmood into poverty if Soraya did not agree to become his wife. ”
“And what does Soraya say about that? Mahmood can not just marry Soraya, after all she grew up here in Germany ”
“He did not intend to, but Soraya herself has agreed to become Sultan’s wife.”
“I do not believe it. Why does she want to do something like that and live like a prisoner?”
“She wants to protect her parents. Soraya has always been very social. I guess that was the reason for your decision. Funny I saw that coming somehow. And worse, I’m not even sorry. It was as if someone else had told me this. But I raised Soraya over 19 years. And now your marriage to an Arab almost does not bother me. ”
“Mum, I can imagine how you feel. It is a situation that is so unusual that no one could adapt to it. On the one hand you lost Soraya, no lost is not the right word, but I think you know what I mean. On the other hand, we are together again after these many years. ”
“Yes you are right, my darling. I’m so happy to have you again. ”
I can not believe it, it went the way I had hoped. Sultan has indeed made a stage appearance. Had Soraya blocked, Sultan would never have come up with the idea to sue Mahmood. He had made that pretty clear to me. So if Soraya absolutely did not want it, he would have gone that way.
But she’s actually bowed down and is going to marry Sultan. There’s nothing left for me to lead a free life with. With Soraya, I was also a competitor for the favor of Mama. Although Soraya is not her daughter, she has accompanied her throughout her life. And maybe the connections to Soraya would be even closer and thicker than to me. But by the clever move of Sultan, I have got rid of them. Let her be happy. Besides, she is the daughter of Fatima and Mahmood and if we had not been exchanged we would not have this situation. So it all happened the way it really is anyway.
And now I’m curious about Soraya and how she reacts to her new life. I thought about wearing what I put on the day I first checked my new wardrobe. But I did not want to put oil in the fire and dressed like I did when I left the hotel a few days ago.

After an hour, Melanie and Karin arrived.
Melanie was wearing the same things she was wearing when she left the hotel a few days ago. I had already expected that she would plunder my wardrobe and accordingly aufgetakelt arrives here. But apparently she prefers to dress more subdued. After all, she has become so tall. It is certainly not easy to walk around without a veil as a fully veiled woman. Will Melanie stay here or will she come back to Saudi Arabia? We had not talked about the future yet. Well mine was now clear. But what will Melanie do? If you returned to Saudi Arabia, that would be a big blow for Karin. She would lose her daughter who was just found, and also the woman she raised.
I told both of them what happened. In particular, Sultan’s appearance both found outrageous. After I explained my thoughts to you, Karin was shocked and tried everything to stop me. After realizing that I’m serious, she could not hold on anymore and started crying unrestrainedly.
Melanie took her in her arms and began to comfort Karin.
“I can understand Soraya well. It is important for her to help her parents.As just as I would do anything for you. ”
With this statement was finally realized that we had exchanged the roles and forever.

I could hardly believe what Soraya degree as uttered. It had gone even better than expected. The only tricky Situatuion came when Karin became aware that she has lost Soraya forever. After I had taken her in his arms and comforted, she was quiet.
After some time we said goodbye. Soraya now felt the same as I meet her new life. However, there will be less enjoyable for you as surely for me. But I do not care.

After some time, Karin and Melanie adopted. When they had closed the door behind him, I realized that I would both probably never again see how I would never see even after the end of the three weeks Germany.
My mother accompanied me to my room.
“I know how hard you has fallen. You are a strong woman and will a good wife and children be a good mother Sultan. We should you now dress like Sultan would expect from his wife. ”
This announcement came as a surprise for me. First I had to undress completely.
“This underwear is not a good Muslim. You’ll no longer need. ”
First came a long-legged panties me almost to the ankle enough. Then, a long-sleeved shirt is also similar to what was my grandma. Both in black. Then thick black stockings came. Next, a scarf so that only my face and my hands were visible. With a bottom layer skirt and a tunic it went on. After black gloves only my face was visible. I was already warm now and we were not ready. Next, a floor-length Overheadabaya came that was so wide cut, which looked like a tent. If I spread the arms I had a tent indeed. The Ärmal were attached to the central finger by means of loops, as was thus prevents rising of sleeves. The next item was a shock. An inflatable gag.
“I know you’re shocked, but you heard what Sultan demanded. You’ll have to get used to it. From now on you will always carry the gag with minor exceptions. ”
The hardness in the voice of my mother surprised me. But what else could I do to wear as the gag. By the time Sultan appears tomorrow I would have to wear the gag.
So I opened my mouth and my mother kept the gag and locked it behind my head. They then took a small bellows and pumped the gag on plump. My jaw began to ache but I could give only vague grunts from me.
“At first, it is unusual, but you’ll get used to it. ”
But we were not finished. Then came a 3 ply niqab. After my mother had draped all 3 layers in my face, I was practically blind in the light conditions that prevailed in the room.
“This niqab is thicker than you wore before. ”
Yes, I have already noticed. I thought that we are now ready, but I was wrong. Now there was another about hip-length Khimar. The perfidious this Khimar that he makes sure that I only can lift very awkward the layers of the niqab. To be able to eat and drink, I must run under the Khimar to mouth this. Very inconvenient.
“So now you’re fully clothed. It is unusual for the moment, but you’ll have to get used to it. Later, I will remove you the gag again. Then comes an imam and you will speak the Shahada, your commitment to Islam. Your father has already informed Sultan. This will be released along with the Imam and after you’ve filed your confession, the Imam will trust you. Then Sultan will have the responsibility for you. ”
Practically blind and dumb I was sitting in my room and thought about whether it was indeed the right decision. I was torn. On the one hand it was clear for me to help my parents, but the price was for me not too high? My mind told me clearly that the price is much too high, my feelings were talking a different language. I have never felt so much attracted to a man like Sultan, at the same time but I have never learned such a arrogant people know. And something else happened, I was incredibly excited. This sudden change in the behavior of my mother made me aware that I am going to start a new unknown life.
Am I now leave of his senses? Change I can now and then nothing more, so I should reflect on my feelings and love Sultan.
While I pondered my mother came into my room and took me into the living area. Having taken from me the gag, asked me to repeat the Imam him Shahada.
When I had finished hugged me my mother. “Now you’re a Muslim. You’ve made the right decision. I am immensely happy that you have decided to live in purdah. It certainly will not be easy for the beginning, but you’ll get used to it. I’ll help you find your way around in your new life. ”
Immediately following the wedding took place, which was kept very simple. The actual pompous wedding had already taken place, although I had not participated in the wedding.
After I had signed the documents, I was married and I was expecting a new life.
My husband and the imam were leaving our suite and my mother took me, after having pushed back my gag in my mouth and tightly inflated to my room.
“I’m so happy that you got married Sultan. He is a good man, very strict but caring. ”
I wanted to answer her, but how would I do that. Through the gag, I could not speak. I panicked, how could I communicate in the future?
“Calm. You do not need to panic. I’m there. You’ll have to get used to it, that you can only speak if your husband allows you. I have here a note pad and pen so you can write down your wishes and needs. ”
Fine, but how should I write with three dense veils and gloves sensible thing? Slowly but surely the realization spread through me that the idea was not a good. Detected by a sudden panic I wanted to pull my Khimar over his head.
“Stop what you’re doing.”
My mother pulled the Khimar back over my head. After some back and forth I gave up.
“Sweetheart, there is no turning back. You are now Sultans wife and only he can give yourself relief. Even if I want it, I can not give you this. So sorry I’m also, I have to make sure that you entledigst you no clothes. ”
Shit. In what I have just gotten myself into. I did not think the Sultan which translates as consistently what he told me. My mother left the room briefly. Time me to get rid of some stuff. Grade when I had drawn the Khimar over his head and tried everything to knot apart, my mother came with my sister into the room.
“I told you, it is not extended. Well, if you do not want to hear, I have to take other measures. Aisha you’re know ”
My sister had placed himself beside me. I was still trying to Khimar rid of them.
On command Aisha and my mother attacked each after one of my arms pulling her down and behind the back. Before I could react had put my mother handcuffs. I tried frantically to free my hands, but I had no chance.
“That’s what you ascribe to yourself. “Cried my mother when go too.
I was devastated. As bad as I had not imagined it. Why on earth would I have gotten myself into it.
I flew to hell at top speed from the sky.
I racked my brains for a solution be found to this nightmare behind me. I film all sorts of thoughts through my head. My feelings went roller coaster. The helplessness and the thought of Sultan excited me at the same time it scared me. I had never had anything with BDSM on guard, but the current situation was exciting for me and terrified at the same time. After some time you door and my mother opened came into the room and asked me to come. Back in the living room, I found my father and Sultan. Sultan came up to me and stood beaming in front of me:
“My dear woman. I have a great surprise for you. I was earlier at the consulate and have regulated the last things. You are now Saudi citizen. Your German citizenship, I have returned to you. Once the papers are issued, we will fly to Saudi Arabia. ”
My last spark of hope had just vanished into thin air. The last straw of me could have helped is capped. As a Saudi citizen, the German Embassy would not lift a finger. When I sit with my husband on the plane, there is no turning back.
“You must be thirsty.” He asked me almost tenderly.
He took a bottle from the table in the put a straw and threaded this sent into the hole of a gag. The presence of Sultan alone sent my feelings back on a roller coaster ride. I could not make sense of Sultan, on the one hand self-assured and self-confident man, on the other hand he was helpful. On the one hand strict and unyielding, on the other hand, almost tender and caring. It was a love-hate relationship.
I sucked for a drink to get as quickly as possible. The thirst was enormous and nothing in naught point I had the cup empty. After a while I got tired and their eyes closed to me.

Once we were back at home, Mama Anna told everything. This was just as shocked as Mama.
“We have yet to do anything to get out of there Soraya. We can not leave just like that run in their misfortune. ”
This was again a delicate situation. When Anna Karin should get them, but to try Soraya to hold back, it could be tricky.
“Anna was you dont have explained their decision as Soraya us. You know her and know that if they made a decision this also runs through this way. She will marry Sultan and go with him to Saudi Arabia. There is no way to help her. You do not want it too. ”
Anna said out anything. Hence this delicate situation was clarified.

“Good morning my dear sleepyhead, have you slept well?” I heard the voice of Sultan ask. I was disoriented. The last thing I knew was that I drank something and then became infinitely tired.
“In about an hour we land in Mecca. Then we are at home. ”
When I did not move, he continued, “There was a sleeping drug in your drink. After falling asleep, we drove straight to the airport and boarded the plane that brought us to Saudi Arabia. I’m looking forward to showing you our house and your new home. ”
If any hopes were there, they were bursting like soap bubbles. And again my feelings started to ride roller coaster. Sultan has planned everything ice cold to the smallest and without batting an eyelid. He has treated me as his property with which he can do whatever he wants.
But he also shows me empathy and was very worried about my well being in which he asked me if I’m thirsty. With a nod, I affirmed the question. Carefully, almost tenderly he lifted my niqab and led the straw into the hole provided in the gag. He gently put his arm around me and pulled me close. I felt as safe as before, when my mother (former as I mentally complemented) hugged her when I needed it. And the longer he held me in my arms, the more my dissatisfaction waned, and my feelings reached new heights. I felt comfortable in his arms.
Abruptly he brought me back to reality when he pulled his arm away. “I have to buckle up now, since we’re about to land.” I was back on the ground again. This constant flirtation almost drove me crazy. After a short time we landed in Saudi Arabia. Sultan unbuckled me as I was still wearing the handcuffs I was unable to do so myself.
The first shock came when we got off the plane. Sultan had hugged me and led down the gangway. Already after this short time I was completely wet with sweat. The sun burned relentlessly and my black clothes attracted the sun’s rays even more. A sauna would certainly be a treat against this heat. Especially a short-term, very short-term compared to my current situation.
Fortunately, it was cooler in the car, but the clothes were still stuck to my body.
After a short drive from the airport we turned into the driveway to our house. It was more like a villa after all I could see because of the Schleider. Sultan helped me out of the car, hugged me and led me to the house. We entered an impressive entrance hall. I had never seen such a size in a private house before. I was impressed.
Sultan then led me into the men’s area, which I was only allowed to enter if I had to serve him or the male guests, or Sultan allowed me to do so. The premises were huge and luxurious. On the bed in the bedroom could comfortably accommodate 4 or 5 people without even getting close. The Wohnberiech was everywhere with the finest marble laid on the pillow in all colors and sizes. I suspect that these were for the men to sit in, as I did not see any armchairs or other furniture to sit on. Then he showed me the smoking room and his study. Everything I saw was huge and luxurious. I was really looking forward to seeing my rooms. What I noticed but especially was that it was pleasantly cool in the rooms. I was still heated by the few minutes in the blazing sun, and slowly returned to normal temperature. I was looking forward to my premises, as I think they are certainly similarly equipped. Above all, I was looking forward to a shower.
Then he walked with me to the women’s area with his arm around a talie. After we had entered this I was back on the ground of the facts. The rooms were not nearly as big as those in the men’s area, even though the rooms were much larger than the ones I had inhabited in my previous life. Also the equipment was far away from luxury. The rooms were rather equipped only with the necessary. The bedroom had small barred windows high up under the ceiling, a bed, a closet of clothes, a locker, and a prayer rug. The whole thing was illuminated by a small light bulb. The living area had only simple carpets and a few pillows on which you could store.
There was a kitchen with direct access to the men’s area and a small bathroom. Further rooms were planned for children and female visitors. These rooms were also rather spartan.
Through a door you could reach a small yard with about 4 times 4 meters in size, surrounded by at least 3 meters high walls. The whole thing was more of a prison than an apartment.
“I know that you are certainly not thrilled with your rooms, and you have presented something different in the light of my premises, but in our family all women live in similar rooms. I’m sure you’ll get used to it. You can now set up in your realm first. I’ll take the handcuffs off now, then you can freshen up and put on clean clothes. The clothes I called you, for safety’s sake, I have this noted again in the closet. As long as you stay here in these rooms, you can put down the gag. But as soon as you leave the premises the gag is obligatory. I know that it is not easy for you to get used to this lifestyle. But you will not be left with anything else. I hope you do it voluntarily. Otherwise, I would have to force you to.
There is your prayer corner. The prayer times are announced. Tomorrow Aisha will teach you everything. We’ll see you later. ”
This constant roller coaster ride of emotions was driving me crazy. I did not know what I am with Sultan. In a moment he is loving and tender and the next moment he relentlessly forces me to his will. Carrot and whip. A devilish mixture. I’ve never been in a situation where I did not know how to react or do. How should I meet Sultan? If I try to get my own way, it will inevitably have negative consequences for me. At the moment I could not imagine how my situation could get worse, but I did not want to try it either. After some time of reflection, I had made the decision to submit to Sultan’s will. I could not have done anything else anyway. I tried to set up in my situation and make the best of it. Above all, it was necessary to banish the constant thoughts of earlier times, as I was always sadly sad. I had to try to look positively into the future. If I followed Sultan’s instructions, he would be tender and affectionate to me again. I loved him, but I also hated him for the compulsion he exercised. But if I obeyed him, he would not have to force and treat me lovingly.
After taking a shower and fitting Sultan’s instructions, I felt better. The sweaty clothes I was going on and the sweat I had rinsed off.
By now the time had come for prayer. After the obligatory prayers, which have since become routine, Sultan came to my “flat” and gently embraced me. Again I melted away. I felt protected in his strong arms like a baby in the womb. I pressed against him to feel his closeness. He had obviously showered and freshened up, because he smelled good. Besides, he had put on something light. We stood for some time tightly entwined in my bedroom, as he slowly and carefully directed me to the bed. As he pushed me onto the bed, he took off his dressing gown and gently lay down on top of me. I also wanted to undress, but Sultan meant to stop me. What did that mean now? I thought he wanted to sleep with me and at the same time forbade me to undress. Sultan lay down on me, pushed my skirts aside and found after a short search the opening in the underwear. A moment later, he penetrated me. I was no longer a virgin, but it did not seem to interest him either. But I had never slept with a man who was so well equipped. He filled me completely. Sultan did not spend much time either but got down to business. It was not long before I came to an insane orgasm and also Sultan came to the shot. He remains for a few moments lying on me. After a few minutes, he pulled his manhood out of me, lay down on my side on the bed and hugged me. My feelings went through the ceiling at that moment. For me it was clear I want to make Sultan happy. And if that means veiling sex, that’s okay with me. The glow after the orgasm still continued. I have never had such an intense orgasm as today.
I had hoped to spend the night together, but after a while Sultan got up and made his way to his quarters. To my question why he could not stay with me or why we can not sleep together answered succinctly:
“Because tradition is that husband and wife sleep separately.”
And again he had brought me back to the bottom of the facts. I lay awake for a while, thinking about my situation. I could not help but love Sultan, as I had never loved anyone before. So far, I’ve always been the one who said where to go, who was the strong person who just dumped the men when I did not like them anymore or did not keep what I promised them to do. There I was the ice cold angel as me once called an ex.
But Sultan was different. He radiated an aura that I could not escape. I had fallen for him and could not help it. Even if I had wanted it, I could not give it back, I could not say I do not want your games anymore. I love him and I want to make him happy, even if it brings restrictions for me. I never had anything to do with role-plays, with submission and BDSM, at most I was the dominant person. Now I was the submissive person and that was crazy, it excited me. The idea of ​​having to live in Purdah for the rest of my life, of having to wear a gag outside my rooms, of being able to move freely only in my rooms, and of leaving the house only with the permission of Sultan, excited me. Had I gone crazy in the short time, or had Sultan awakened something in me that I did not know yet? I realized that even if I wanted to, I could not resist it.
As I thought about this, my hand had moved between my legs and I had satisfied myself. After this second orgasm I fell asleep exhausted.
The next morning, after a short night I was not really well rested, Sultan woke me up and introduced me to Aisha.
” Good morning sleepyhead. It’s time to get up. From tomorrow Aisha will wake you up and prepare you for the day. Aisha will also brief you on the process here in the house and will teach you Arabic. You have the instructions of Aisha to obey. Should I hear from Aisha that you resisted her instructions, I must punish you for it. ”
After this speech, Sultan disappeared and Aisha came up to me. “First of all, we have to shower you and get new clothes. After the early prayer, I will guide you to prepare breakfast for Sultan. ”
“When do we have breakfast,” I asked with a growling stomach.
“As soon as Sultan is finished and we have cleared the breakfast.”
So we started in the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Sultan. Covered and with gloves, the preparation took longer than expected. “In the future, that must go faster,” came a snappy comment from Aisha. It seemed she liked me umzukommandieren. She had a good talk, she just stood next to me and gave orders, but did not even take part.
After we had put everything on a tray, I wanted to go with this already in the men’s area going on. Aisha, however, held me back.
“You forgot something”
Puzzled, I looked at the tray to see what I had forgotten, but could see nothing. Finally, Aisha held the gag in front of my face. I had not thought of that at all. I forced Aisha to fasten my gag and then carry the tray into the dining room. Sultan nodded and motioned for me to leave the room.
After Sultan had finished the breakfast I was allowed to clear again and have breakfast, but only the remains of what Sultan had left. The gag I was allowed to remove, but otherwise I had to completely veiled breakfast, which is more than getting used to.
For washing dishes I wanted to take off my gloves. However, Aisha held me back and gave me rubber gloves instead, which I should wear over the other gloves. Apart from the fact that this is not so easy, the washing up was even more difficult. I could only feel very bad through the double gloves and some parts fell into the water again and again. After an eternity I was finally finished. But the further housework was waiting for me. Washing, ironing, cleaning. In the late morning the preparation for the lunch began, which was to be served after the noon prayer. Once again, I was busy preparing lunch. Aisha just gave me instructions. After lunch, I first had to do the dishes again with 2 pairs of gloves and then further housework.
Before the evening prayer I had 2 hours “Koranunterricht” with Aisha. After the prayer I had to prepare dinner and serve. Then clear everything, wash it off and finally do the night prayer.
After all these actions of the day, I was pretty skulker. Due to the complete concealment and the associated restrictions everything took longer and it was more exhausting than I was used to. In addition, the rooms were also much larger than my previous apartment. I would have to make an effort to get everything done faster.
I had barely 2 minutes on my bed to sleep, Sultan came to me. I was wide awake from one second to the next. Sultan slowly came to my bed, took off his robe and lay down with me. After a tender kiss on my veiled lips, he pushed my skirt aside and it was not long before he had penetrated me. Again he brought me to an unexpected climax.
After both of us regained our breath, Sultan rolled away from me and hugged me.
“I am satisfied with you. You have done your job as a housewife well. I’m sure that everything will go faster in the near future. ”
Amazed and pleased with the praise, I gave Sultan a kiss. “Thank you” I breathed in his ear.
After a short time Sultan disappeared again into his sleep. I’ll have to get used to the fact that I’ll sleep alone, though married.
The next days went like the first. Slowly I got into routine and everything went faster by the hand. In the evening Sultan made me happy with his visit. In the meantime I got used to all restrictions. I love Sultan. But he still manages to get my feelings on a roller coaster ride. Mostly out of a completely clear sky. Will I ever get used to it?

Finally peace had returned. Although Anna and Mama always thought back to Soraya, but ultimately they were glad that I was there. Anna showed me all what she meant what I could have missed. We went shopping together and went to the cafe, exactly what I had dreamed of. And it was just as I imagined.
Today Mama invited the friends of Soraya to tell them about the fate of Soraya and introduce me. This will certainly be a test again. But I’m sure, with Mama and Anna behind me, I will be able to make the friends of Soraya mine too. It is good that Soraya is completely shielded by Sultan. No phone, no internet to chat with former girlfriends. This makes sense from Sultan’s point of view, because he can control Soraya better and protect them from unwelcome influence. So it’s unlikely that Soraya will make contact with her former girlfriends.
So it’s up to me to make mine out of Soraya’s girlfriends.

Part 3

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  1. It would be nice to continue, but I think this is so complete, and I have no idea how to do it. Or from the perspective of two moms?


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