The New Neighbour – Parts 1 & 2

The New Neighbour

Copyright 2018, T_G

Part 1

Miranda Brown looked out the window and saw that there was a big truck in the yard next door as yesterday. Now there was a minibus behind it. Workers brought furniture and boxes to the house. They were guided by a bearded middle-aged man. Apparently, the new owner. At the end of the job, he paid for the workers, took a hand with them, and then the truck went away. The minibus door opened, two black figures got out and all three went into the house. We have new neighbours, she thought.
She went downstairs. Her parents, Jonathan and Elizabeth, were talking in the living room when she entered. She told them what she saw.
His father looked at her.
– Yeah I know. Imam Rashid Khan and his family.
– Imam?
– Yes, they are Muslims. Yesterday the postman sent a letter, he informed us, and he hopes we will be friends. If they were done they would come across the pack. I hope it’s not a problem? They also have a daughter of your age. You can also make friends.
Miranda wondered. Now that she had finished her grammar school and moved home from the dormitory, she felt almost completely isolated. A girlfriend would really be fine.
They were ringing in less than two hours. Miranda went to the door and opened it. The bearded man stood there, and to Miranda’s most surprise were two women, covered from top to bottom in black cloth.
He smiled at her and spoke.
– Imam Rashid Khan and they are my wife Jamila and my daughter Miriam. May we come in?
– Naturally. My dad is waiting for you.
She answered and showed them the way. In the living room, the two men shook hands and introduced themselves to each other, but the two veiled figures only bowed.
– Let’s leave the women themselves. Can we talk somewhere else?
The Imam asked. Jonathan nodded and relocated to his study. As the two men left the room, the senior guest spoke:
– My name is Jamila and she is my daughter Miriam, who is surprisingly physically similar to your daughter. Forgive me that we have not spoken so far, but we do not speak to strangers in the presence of strangers.
– I’m Elizabeth and my daughter Miranda. Because the veil completely covers you, I do not see how you look like, but you can remove veils, we are ourselves.
– We do not even take off our veils home. This tradition is with us, although Miriam does not agree with this. Perhaps the two girls could try to make friends while we could get to know each other. We need as many new friends as possible.
– Good idea. Miranda, show Miriam to your room!
– Yes, Mom. Come on Miriam!
Said Miranda, and she gave her a hand. As Miriam offered her hand, she was surprised to see that she was wearing gloves.
They went upstairs, Miranda opened the door of her room and walked in. She also called the veiled girl. She pointed round and smiling, she said,
– This is my empire. Make yourself at home!
And for the first time Miriam spoke. Her voice was friendly, but slightly muffled because of the thick veil that completely covered her. Even her eyes were covered with thick black fabric.
– Thanks. Allow me to take the veil?
– Naturally.
– Thanks. Oh I hate it! And this whole dress. I’ve been wearing it for six years, but I can never get used to it. Just my dad is the Imam. So I have to wear it.
Miriam said and began to take off her veil. Miranda remembered something.
– If you want to lend to you anything you want to wear while you’re here. How long will you be here?
– Oh really! You are very good to me. It’s like we’ve been friends for a long time, but we only know each other for a few minutes. And my mom is right. We really resemble each other. I think we’ll stay two hours, then go home to pray.
Miranda opened her closet and pulled out the drawers. Miriam took a thong and grinned.
– Like? Try it!
Miranda said, and her new girlfriend was completely undressed and picked up the thong. Miranda took out a matching bra from the drawer and put it on. She went to the mirror and viewed herself.
– Wow! I could get used to it soon enough!
Miranda laughed, then relaxed the happy girl into a pantyhose, and finally into a fancy short dress. She selected a pair of not too high heels. All sizes were as if they were cast. Miriam would have fainted with happiness. She was no longer a black dress, but a sexy 19-year-old girl. She walked up and down in the room, staring at the mirror.
– How do you feel?
– It is indescribable! I’ll never forget this.
– How about some makeup?
– Of course. Please!
Miranda liked to do makeup and in good practice, so she was ready soon.
Miriam did not believe in her eyes when she looked into the mirror. The lipstick, the eyebrows, the whole face, were even more like Miranda.
– We look like two eggs, except you’re blonde, I’m black-haired.
– You think? It’s just a wig I got from my mother for graduation. Anyway, my hair is dark brown. It’s a bit lighter than yours.
Miranda said, then removed the wig with a gesture and put on her new girlfriend’s head, carefully hiding the dark knots.
– Now and the blonde?
They both laughed.
– I am you! And now I’m going to transform you into a Muslim girl.
– Are you sure it’s a good idea?
– Of course! Think about it! It will be a good adventure.
– Well okay.
Said Miranda, and slowly drew it off. Miriam came to her. She urged her to take off her jewels and began to dress. First, the panties, which were on the knee below the white open shoulders as the medieval dames wore. They were not rubbery, and had to be tied at the waist. Then there was a long, combi top, which also provided the function of the bra. She was tight but not uncomfortably feminine. Both are white and delicate. Then thick knee-high black stockings. The panties’ stem had to be pulled onto the stocking and tied.
– Why is this the panties?
– Because if you want to pee, it will take too long for you to lay off.
Miriam said and continued to dress Miranda. Black, calf-length laced boots were put on her feet. A black abaya came to earth, and Miriam wound and fastened the black hijab around her head and only her face and hands were visible. Long black gloves and three-layered niqaab. Now nothing seemed, but it was not over yet. The last piece was a black, hip length khimar that pressed the layers of nikab on his face. There were two small loops on the edge of khimar, fixed to the two gloves. Miriam laughed:
– Now I am you and you are me! Come on for the mirror! How do you like it?
– Warm. I can hardly see it, it’s hard, the sounds are quieter, but ultimately not as bad as I expected.
The answer came boldly from the thick black fabric. She looked at their mirror image. She saw the blonde girl and the black ghost, but now she was the ghost and Miriam was the pretty blond girl. As she lifted her hand, she saw that the fingers of the garment were sewn with cloth over the cloth. Like two bats, he thought.
– Speak louder because speech is even deeper! In the end you’re so fond of not wanting to give up.
They both laughed.
– It’s funny, but now you can help me down.
Miranda said, still smiling, forgetting that her veil did not reveal her smile. But Miriam shook his head.
– Wait a bit, not so fast! Hold on while we talk! One more hour there is about. And anyway, it is very good for you!
The blonde girl kneeled. More like me, he added in thought.
Miranda shook her head for the first time, but then agreed. They sat down and started talking, the minutes flew. From below she heard Elizabeth’s cry:
– Girls go down! We need to talk about something!
– Now what? Quickly get dressed back!
Miranda whispered, fearing, and nobody else could hear them.
Miriam kept his cool and shaking his head:
– There is no time! Now you are Miriam, and I’m Miranda, you may not even notice it. I’ll take your clips, bracelets, and necklaces.
Miriam quickly picked up jewels. As they went downhill, Miranda felt the difficulty of walking in her new outfit. He walked very steadily down the stairs. His new girlfriend helped him. There was no one in the living room, but they heard a talk from the kitchen. When the two women came in, they stopped listening. Elizabeth looked at them and laughed,
– Look at Jamila!
– What?
– Take a closer look!
– Mashallah! They changed clothes!
The two girls looked at each other. What they feared had occurred. Immediately released. Miranda spoke for the first time:
– Mom, how did you get that quick notice? You do not even see me.
– But I see Miriam, and though you are very skilled, but a mother is not easy to deceive.
– Verily!
Jamila also said. Then she turned to Miranda, who had covered her from the roof to the floor:
– My darling is my dear. And tell me, Salam aleikum. This is a Muslim form of greeting.
She took Jamila Miranda’s hands.
– Waleikum salam!
Miranda replied without hesitation.
Jamila walked around and nodded contentedly,
– Perfect! And how do you feel “my daughter”? How to be Muslim?
– Strange. Because of the veil, it is darker and greyish. It is difficult to breathe, move, warm, uncomfortable, but bearable.
– Interesting. Miriam is unbearable. We fear a lot for her, but she is the daughter of the Imam, so she does not have much choice. And how long have you been wearing it? In the meantime, turn around to see your mom looking at the whole veil.
Miranda turned around slowly, lifting her gloved hands to show “bat wings”.
– I’ve been wearing it about an hour.
Elizabeth raised her hand to her lips and chuckled. Jamila nodded, then continued,
– And now that’s why we’ve been pulling you out. Did not you ask why you look like each other?
– Well because you are relatives. Second cousins. Jamila’s mother and my dad were brothers. My father’s sister moved and married a Muslim man and became Jamila’s mother. For this reason, family quarrels broke out so much that they did not even know each other. But I was always interested in the story, only until the death of my parents I could not deal with the case, and now my incredible fortune was on my hands.
She took Elizabeth’s voice as Jamila nodded:
– It’s an amazing story, but it’s true. And what’s most beautiful about, we found not just friends but relatives. It turned out, Elizabeth is my cousin. I am so happy.
With this Jamila hugged Elizabeth, then her daughter, and finally Miranda. Gloved with her gloved hand, his pat on the head.
The two girls hugged each other and Miriam kissed Miranda from the left to the left through the material.
– Hello cousin!
– Second cousin!
Miranda corrected it. Jamila raised her finger:
– This the men have to know! Call them here!
– Will not this be a problem?
The two girls asked at once.
– What?
– Well, that’s what we exchanged.
– It will soon be revealed.
Elizabeth went to the men, and almost immediately returned to them. The girls were nervous. What will the Imam say to all of this?
– What are you talking about?
Men turned to Elizabeth. They looked at each other puzzled.
– For what?
– Well for the girls!
– What’s with them?
– Do not you see?
– What?
– Oh men, you do not see anything!
– Miriam turn left, Miranda and you right.
– Mashallah! I did not think so.
The Imam shook his head as he noticed the change. He tried to sharpen his face, but he did not succeed. A loud laugh came out of his mouth, which immediately passed over to the others. Then Elizabeth told her about her relationship. The two men smiled mysteriously. Jonathan started talking. He said there was nothing wrong with it. He started it all because he always knew how much his wife would want to know his aunt’s family. It was not easy, but then he found Rashid, with whom he co-designed this plan. They needed a new house closer to their community. They exchanged their house with the old neighbour, so they were close to them. Yesterday, he left for half a day to talk about today. She approached her and hugged her. Jamila bowed deeply to her husband, who turned to the girls:
– It’s time to go home. Girls change your clothes, but you can see each other every day. But wait. What if Miranda came home with us and Miriam would stay here. The weekend is coming, you spend two days in each other’s skin. Miriam as a Christian girl, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth. And Miranda is like a faithful Muslim, our daughter. And we would also change their name until then.
The others looked at each other and nodded at Rashid’s suggestion. Miriam is the loser. Miranda was not only surprised by the offer, but also that her parents agreed. She shook his head:
– I do not know. I do not consider this to be a good idea. I spend two days in these in uncomfortable clothes?
– Please-please! You will not be wrong. You can experience how I lived and what it is for you. And only two days. If I’ve been in six years, you survive two days. It cannot be a problem.
Miriam hesitated.
Finally Miranda stood on her. If Miriam wants so much. And two days are not the world.
She smiled and gratefully thanked her girlfriend’s gloved hands.
It turned out that Miranda was able to communicate in Arabic because she had taught a former classmate in English, and in exchange for her to learn Arabic.
– You will need it, because at home we speak only in Arabic and pray in Arabic prayers. And now, “Miriam” lean toward Brown, grab your mother’s hand and follow her home. It’s time to pray. “Your mother” will explain on the way home how to pray.
Said the imam. He took a hand with Jonathan, greeted the women and started out. Miranda bowed heavily, took her “mother’s” hand and followed her “father” out. Miriam escorted them.
– But on sight. And “Miriam” come over tomorrow! Let’s talk a little bit.
The smaller, veiled figure turned and nodded. The blond girl watched as the two black spirits reached their house in the footsteps of the Imam. The bigger black figure explained it all the way, the younger one nodded. Then they entered the door.
Now comes the two most beautiful days of my life, she thought. In fact, there may be more!

Part 2

Miriam closed the door and started back. She stopped in front of the mirror and looked at herself. A pretty sexy girl looked back at her.
– You are very pretty, “Miranda”!
And she smiled at her. She did not notice Elizabeth standing next to her.
– Yeah, you’re pretty cute. But now come help me! We’re preparing for dinner.
– Thanks! Dinner so early?
Elizabeth told her that Jonathan is a security guard in the nearby supermarket and is still working for the night. So they eat early. In the morning they come home, they eat breakfast together and rest. She works at home. It contacts her colleagues through the net. Miriam did not understand what the study would have to do then?
– Workroom, understand hobbyist! She likes to make her out there. Her colleagues buy what they are doing or even order from him. But this is a secret!
– I understand now. Listen to you like a cry!
They laid the table and then they said to Jonathan. Miriam only stood as long as her “father and mother” sat down.
When they told her to sit at table she apologized. They do not even know, because at home she could eat only when her dad had finished. Elizabeth nodded:
– I understand, but you are with us now. What do they do now? ”
They asked her.
– Jamila reads her the prayers and teaches the lesson. Iman is over.
Miriam responded while eating. And she was right.
Miranda took her “mother’s” hand and walked after her “father”. Jamila explained how to pray. She was relatively slow in the long dress. Her vision was rather limited and she had to concentrate heavily on what she heard. Her Arabic knowledge proved to be enough. She only asked a few times for some unknown words. When she came to the house, the two houses were nearly identical from the inside, but here everything was much bigger. Downstairs living room, kitchen, dining room, three rooms, bathroom, toilet. There was a narrow wooden staircase upstairs. “Her mother” escorted her and entered the room.
– This is your room “daughter”. Here is a bathroom with toilet.
She showed her another room in the room. The room was large enough but it had simple furnishings. There was a large closet, a bed, some chests, some seat cushions and a large carpet. “Her mother” went to the chest, took out a carpet and pressed it in her hand.
– This is your prayer carpet. Take it and come with me! It’s time to pray.
Below one of the two rooms was the prayer room. The other two are the parlour bedrooms and the community hall of the Imam. “Father” was already waiting for them. The three of them had their carpets closed and prayers began. Miranda proved to be a good disciple. Only practised eyes could have detected minor flaws. Rashid and Jamila were satisfied with the performance of their “daughter”. Rashid went to the other room, leaving the two women alone. Jamila brought her a book.
– It’s early. Before dinner, let’s read this, and now I’m going to teach you a few bits
Jonathan thanked them for dinner and got up from the table.
– I have to go! But I can take you in the car to eat ice cream or watch a movie at the cinema or both.
Elizabeth nodded enthusiastically, and Miriam was excited. You will experience things you could not have thought of before. “Her mother” gestured to her, quickly removed the table and adjusted their makeup and hair. Elizabeth picked up a jacket and handed it to Miriam. Jonathan was changing over. His uniform resembled that of the police, but he had no weapon. He walked out of the garage with the car. Miriam was amazed at the unlikely small car. It was not a car, just a motorized stroller, she thought. Their own car was a seven-person small bus, a real cruiser to this. But it was also because it was a community car.
Elizabeth sat beside her husband. Miriam slammed himself into the back seat behind his “mother”. It was still good for her mother to have shorter legs, and she did not even think she was thinking of her mother and father. The journey lasted only ten minutes. When they arrived, Jonathan parked, handed the key to his wife and said goodbye. He closed the car and walked inward. Miriam was amazed. Elizabeth smiled.
– We take the car home. My husband will go to the home of a colleague in the morning. Do not be afraid of being comfortable. And now let’s see what they play in the movies!
It started to darken. The thick veil did not lighten her vision anymore, but Miranda did not see anything at all. In addition, she felt almost swollen with sweat. When Jamila turned on the light, at least her vision returned but it was still obscure. They laid the table for dinner. Miranda was surprised to see that Jamila was only setting up a single space.
– We’ll eat ours after dad.
– I understand “mother”
Why do I say that Mom and Dad? Miranda asked herself. True, we agreed. It will be two days. Rashid sat down comfortably for dinner, and they stood waiting. Miriam felt very hungry. At last Rashid finished eating, nodded toward the two veiled women and left the dining room. Miriam tried to take off her veil, but Jamila took her hand.
– Stop it! We do not take off the veil while eating! Let’s eat this!
Jamila showed her what to do. With her left hand, she raised the khimar and niqaab slightly, raising the right and the food to her mouth, without showing the least of it. Miranda tried to imitate her and managed to finish the meal without having to mess up her clothes. Jamila hugged her.
– You did it great! You’re a talent our “daughter”!
– Thank you mom”! But I want to take it off! I’m completely flustered.
– Wait a little more time! Let’s take the table, wash it and then you can take a good hot relaxing bath after the evening prayer. You deserve it!
– That would be nice “mother”!
Everything was transferred to the kitchen. The remaining food was put in the fridge and Jamila brought two long waterproof aprons. She pushed in one, and the other fitted onto Miranda. She fitted gloves on her gloved hands and then on her own. They started to wash. At first Miranda was slightly clumsy due to the two layers of gloves, but she did not drop anything and slowly got better. Jamila was satisfied again.
– You’re doing too well! My dear “daughter” I love you! And now let’s pray! Then I’ll make you a great bath.
– I cannot wait!
But she thought of the bath, not the prayer. She felt beads of sweat dripping down her face and could not even wipe them away! Prayer began, but she was thinking of bathing. When they were done, Jamila led Miranda to her room, urging her to undress. Miranda could finally get rid of her uncomfortable, completely concealing clothes and veil. By the time she was undressed and had picked up a bathrobe, she heard her “mother” call for bathing water ready. She went to her bathroom. There was a good, hot, fragrant bathing water.
– Fuck it! I’ll prepare your nightdress.
First she went to the toilet because she felt her bladder burst. Then she handed herself over to the joy of bathing. The fragrant water had its effect. She was almost stunned. She did not want anything other than hitting the good warm bed and sleeping until the morning.

Miriam and Elizabeth poured their ice-cream as they walked back to the car.
– How was the film?
– Great! And that ice cream! Really delicious!
– I am glad that you enjoyed yourself. And now get in! We are going home.
The front seat was actually more comfortable. After a short return, Miriam said goodnight to her “mother” and went up to her room. In the small upper bathroom, she quickly showered, using Miranda’s branded shower gel. She towelled herself dry and took out some pretty pajamas from the drawer. She got into the bed and pulled the quilt over herself.
– What a day! This is how I should live up to the end of my life!
She said softly and almost immediately fell into a sweet dream.
They knocked on the bathroom door. Jamila urged Miranda to have time to go to bed because she had to get up early in the morning. She got out of the tub slowly and wiped herself dry. She went to the room where there was waiting a pile of clothes on the bed. “Her mother” started dressing her. As she became more and more dressed, Miranda realized that these dresses were almost the same as they wore during the day. The only difference was that all dresses and veils were white. Their material is thin and silky. She turned to the mirror and now saw a white ghost. Oh, Miriam, you did so well! She thought about it.
– Good night “daughter”!
– Good night “mother”!
Miranda sighed and lay down on the bed. “Mother” carefully covered her like a kid, then left the room.
– Just two days and you’re going to back to your old life Miranda!
She muttered and fell asleep.

The New Neighbour: Parts 3 & 4

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