The Life of an Arab Wife (Original version)

The Life of an Arab Wife

by Bo_Emp;
Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.

Fatima notices the morning light is coming through the high windows in the large bedroom. She is lying in the large bed next to her husband, who is still asleep. As usual she has at most dozed a little during the night. As her sole purpose is spending the night with her husband, she gets plenty of rest outside the bed. The clock says 7:10 am. She must be ready, when it sounds at eight. She rises from bed, and goes to the buffet for a piece of cake and some fruit left over from yesterday. Five minutes later she enters the big luxurious bathroom with direct access from the bedroom. After 15 minutes in the tub, she is blown dry by warm air. She combs her hair and put oil all over her body to keep her skin moist for the hours coming. At ten to eight she is back in the bedroom still naked, eating a couple of grapes, while waiting for her husband. The alarm sounds by playing soft music gradually increasing in volume. After five minutes her husband moves, opens his eyes and turns his legs over the bedside to sit at the edge of the bed.
“Good morning. You’re ready? Then I’ll take care of you before going to the bathroom,” he says. Fatima nods and goes towards the large closet build into the wall five meters behind the opposite bedside. Her husband following presses a button on a remote control hanging down from the ceiling. The doors of the closet slide into the wall. Fatima and her husband go to the shelves in the right side of the closet. Fatima takes a wide leather belt padded with silk and ties it around her waist. Her husband has taken a sophisticated dildo vibrator and selected a program for Fatima. Now he slides it into her love tunnel. The vibrator is secured by taking a strap hanging down from the back of her belt, lifting it up between her legs and attaching it at the front. Fatima gets a little hot just by sensing the device inside her. Next her husband takes a large plastic bottle and attaches it to the belt with a strap for that purpose. The bottle, which is resting against her right leg, contains a liquid nutrition with strawberry flavor. It contains enough energy to avoid feeling hunger, and just enough to be able to hold back the need to go to the bathroom, until she is free to go there. Her husband is ready with the rubber feeding gag in his hands. She opens her mouth to let it slide in, and puts her arms behind her head to buckle it, while her husband connects its long plastic tube to the top of the bottle. Now Fatima is almost prepared. She only has to put her arms straight down her sides to allow her husband to fix them to the belt by a strap on each side.
Her husband grabs the remote control again. The leftmost empty leather bag hanging from a small conveyer system at the top of the closet turns 180 degrees and slides to the right passing the three full bags, before turning 180 degrees once more to end as the rightmost bag. Then all four bags slide one position to the left. Her husband pushes the keys again. The steel wire holding the rightmost empty bag unwinds, until the top of the bag is 50 centimeters above the bottom of the closet, which is level with the floor. Now the bag is hanging folded from the wire and for the most lying on the floor. Her husband unties the bag from the ring at the end of the wire and places it halfway out of the closet. He opens the top fully. Fatima, one foot at a time, steps over the folded side of the bag and places her foot inside the bag on its bottom. The bottom of the bag is made rigid by a circular metal plate between layers of leather. When Fatima is standing inside the bag, her husband lifts at its top, until it is above her head and she is fully covered and in complete darkness. Then he ties the drawstring at the top of the bag over the ring at the end of the wire. The ring has a diameter of 25 centimeters. Enough to allow an adequate airflow inside the bag. Especially when helped by silent fans above each position blowing well temperate fresh air down in the bags. Next he starts winding the steel wire, while he holds at a strap on the side of the bag to keep it steady, while it is lifted towards its position inside the closet. When the winch stops the bottom of the bag is 50 centimeters above the floor. Fatima hears the doors sliding shut. Her husband is probably already in the bathroom. Now she has plenty of time reflecting on her fortunate life and her hopes for the future. Her husband provides all her needs in a protected life without any work. Because of this Fatima has always done her best to please and entertain her husband in the hours they share.
If nothing special happens it will take about 85 hours until she is in the leftmost position and a maid opens the bag. Inside the bag she can dream, reflect, doze, pray, sleep or let her sexual feelings take control. She doesn’t have to stand up all the time. By curling up and moving her feet forward and a little up the side of the bag, it tilts a little, making her tilt back nearly lying like in a hammock. When taken out she has about one hour to use the bathroom, including beautifying herself. Afterwards there is usually time for eating some real food from the buffet, while waiting for her husband, who will enter the bedroom in anywhere from one to four hours. Then she can once again fulfill her duty as a wife, by giving him a pleasant transition from his busy day to the restorative sleep. And of course Fatima hopes she is able to bring him children as well. It haven’t happened in the sixteen months she has been married so far, but her husband is capable, as two of her co-wives have given birth within her time of marriage.
Her husband is kind to inform her of such reasons for deviations from the normal. Often even without her having to signal him for permission to ask. And if she, when taken out of the bag in the evening, sees that one of the other bags is empty, then there are only two possibilities: Illness or maternity. If a wife is close to giving birth, she is taken out of the sleep scheme, and moves to a private chamber for thirty days. Having children she is allowed to spend approximately one day a week in her chamber with her children until the youngest reaches puberty. The day with her children is always after a night with the husband, and the wife returns to her bag early in the evening, before the wife for the following night is taken out. Because of this Fatima has never seen or talked to her co-wives.
She has, praise to Allah, never been ill and not yet been pregnant. For these reasons she has never been to her own private chamber, or outside the bedroom at all, since her wedding day. Nor has she worn any clothes, since her wedding dress was removed.
There are two other reasons for irregularities in the scheme: Menses and travel. If she is taken out too early compared to the normal duration in the bag, and the three other bags are occupied, then it is because one of the other wives has her period. But it is often hard to know. Even if she can hear the doors sliding, and feel when her bag is moved to the next position, Fatima often makes mistakes in counting the days. Either she is half asleep, when it happens, or her vibrator makes her forget the event or the current count. Their periods are probably logged by the maid or maids. Fatima is not sure if there is one or more, as they are always completely covered in black cloth, including feet, hands and eyes. And they never speak inside the bedroom. If time is up for her period before a night she should have spend with her husband, she is taken out at least an hour early. Less than an hour later a maid returns and puts her in the bag again. And the maid then continues taking the next wife out for her to entertain their husband.
When their husband is away from home a maid takes out the wife in turn like on a normal day. But instead of the husband entering an hour later, it is again a maid immediately putting the wife in the bag again, resulting in a 10 hour longer stay in the closet than normal.
To think about it, this night Fatima really had a very pleasant time in bed playing with her husband. Perhaps she has been lucky this time. Fatima longs for a little boy to make her marriage perf…. Her thoughts are interrupted by activity from her crotch. The timer in the vibrator has started the first of a countless number of cycles. Fatima is lost in pleasure.

Copyright © 2007, Bo_Emp

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