The New Neighbour: Parts 5 & 6

The New Neighbour


Parts 3 & 4

Part 5

For Miranda, life was monotonous. She prayed five times a day, together with her “parents”. In the morning she changed from white ghost to black. Then breakfast (they stood with her “mother” until her “father” finished and then they ate). Sorting, cleaning, lunch preparation. Lunch was like eating breakfast after the “father”. Washing, early reading. Every afternoon they went to their neighbours. That’s what she was thinking of now. They talked with her mother, her father and Miriam, who was completely at home, and she looked at Miranda in her own room. Her parents treated her as a daughter, though she was bothered by not being able to see her, because she always wore a black veil covering everything. Miriam talked a lot. She was glad that the veil was not for her, but for Miranda, and behaved as a good sister. Maybe that’s why. After the visit, they went home, dined, bathed, picked up the bedclothes and slept until morning. She quickly got used to her new life. The veil had not bothered her at all. She lived covered 23 hours a day. Sometimes Dr. Almari also came. Fatima, she was so called, spoke always of her brother. What a great man Yusuf is, handsome, cheerful, but strict. How many girls would love him, but she wants to take Miranda alone. Of course, she should change. His father, Omar, is a pillar of the community, and his mother Laila would also be happy. The Khan family would be fine. She gave Miranda a picture of him. He is a handsome young man Yusuf, Miranda thought. If I had shown this picture to my classmates in high school, they would have been crazy with envy. She took the picture every day and looked at it. Yusuf was more and more pleased. He imagined what it would be like to marry her. A month after the big talk, as Miranda knew beforehand, Rashid and Jamila adopted her as Jonathan and Elizabeth had Miriam. The procedure was simple. All of them went into office and signed the papers. She is now officially Rashid and Jamila’s daughter, and her name is now Miriam. Jonathan and Elizabeth’s new daughter are now Miranda. “Miranda” (new) was very happy. She could now live her new life with all its benefits and freedom. “Miriam” (new) has fallen into fate. When they got home, her mother called her in their room and took out a white dress and richly decorated veils from the closet.
– That was my wedding dress. I give it to you “Miriam”. If you get married to Yusuf, you can wear it. Come on, my daughter try it!
“Miriam” stood still, while her mother tossed it over her. As her mother gave her more and more part of her wedding dress, “Miriam” felt how serious it was. The veil was thick, barely visible through it.
– Ready! Come to the mirror and see for yourself.
Said Jamila. “Miriam” went to the mirror. The dress was really beautiful and even dazzling, at least as much as the thick white veil allowed her to see. It was very similar to the ordinary black veil, but it was decorated with much finer material, with curtains and pearls, and narrow. He could hardly take a step in it. In addition, it was thicker and more severe. She turned in front of the mirror and looked from front to side when a voice was heard behind her:
– Mashallah! You are so beautiful! What would not Yusuf give if he could see you now?
Fatima, whom Rashid admitted, was staring at Miriam in his bridal dress.
– I came to ask your hand for my brother. Can I buy it?
– Oh, of course! Say yes my daughter! Or at least you nod! We would arrange a great wedding for you. We would invite everyone! Of course, Jonathan, Elizabeth as your parents, and your sister, “Miranda”. Do you have a tip on him now? Let everyone be happy!
Jamila almost begged her. And “Miriam” nodded slowly. Her mother pressed her so hard that she could hardly breathe, even though she was breathing hard because of the thick veil. Fatima came to her, hugged her and kissed her from the left on the right.
– Thanks! My dear sister-in-law! I shall run and tell Yusuf the good news. He will jump out of your skin! Our parents will be happy too, because his happiness is worth more than gold. In addition, the daughter of the Imam gives her hand. Next week we can hold the wedding, then you say the shahada too.
Jamila went to call Elizabeth and “Miranda”. Meanwhile, Rashid came to “Miriam.”
– Here is the time to say the shahada! Now your dress is appropriate for the celebration.
Said the Imam. When the women came, they silenced them and went to the community room. There she said the words and gestured for “Miriam” to repeat them. Then she took her daughter’s hand.
– My dear daughter, now you are a Muslim, and this is the last obstacle to your marriage. Congratulations!
She nodded to Elizabeth and “Miranda,” who also congratulated her. Her mother hugged her and stroked her head. She was very happy, for her beloved daughter is getting married soon. “Miranda” also walked around and sat with satisfaction.
– In the end I get rid of you! Joking! Many happiness! Really!
“Miriam” was strange. Did she really want this? That’s a lot of happy people around him, she thinks she’s happy too. Is that really it? She did not know the answer. It all started with a seemingly smooth play when changing clothes. And since then, she always wears that dress. At first she pretended to be a Muslim, and now she is. Prayers, early reading, will now be part of her life as well as the veil. And Yusuf. She had only seen his photograph, but she had a pleasant warmth every time she thought about it. You may want to? Rashid went out because he was ringing at the door and came back with Dr. Almar and a woman covered with a black veil. She was her future mother-in-law Laila. Laila hugged her.
– Dear dear “Miriam”! I’m glad to meet you. My son loves you so much and I was afraid you’d say no. Even in the end it would have harmed you. Let me call you my daughter, and call me your mother. I know a lot about you! The exchange, everything. You’ll have three moms now! When will you move?
– Thank you mom! It just happened before. Because my dad was an imam, so he went fast.
– HE! Congratulations! Now let’s talk about the details of the wedding.
They talked prolongedly about the details of the wedding, and agreed on the date. Jonathan must have the freedom to attend, after all, he cannot stay away from his own daughter’s wedding. They agreed soon on the spot. The community room of the Imam corresponded. There will not be many guests, the joyful parents, all six. “Miranda” and Fatima, she and her husband and two little boys. Jamila’s mother, Omar and Laila’s parents, their brothers and sisters and their families. There are only twenty people. They talked about what to cook, bake, and bring to the wedding. And finally, they told Elizabeth that as a Muslim wedding she would have to wear veils all the time. She was greatly surprised and said hardly a word.
– How? I do not have a veil. I tried Jamila’s once, but I only had it on a few minutes. And Fatima does not wear it either!
– Do not worry about this. I’ll give you a loan. And remember! This is your daughter’s wedding! Just wear it for a few hours. And Fatima will wear it too! “Miranda” can wear any of her old veils, she is familiar with all of them. Every woman will be veiled!
Jamila said in a slightly overwhelming voice. Elizabeth sighed, agreeing. “Miranda” thought that he could take this sacrifice for her sister in the wake of the wedding, and she was sure that this would be the last time she ever wore a veil.

When the wedding day came, Elizabeth and “Miranda” carried a parcel of food that was made for the wedding as part of the discussion. Jamila took Elizabeth with her hand and introduced them to their room. She was already dressed in bed. What would you not do for your daughter’s happiness, she thought, while Jamila dressed her. By the time they were done, there were two completely identical black shapes. Jamila passed through the door to find Jonathan and show her the way with the rest of the pack. Then she went up to dress up the bride. When Jonathan arrived, a veiled figure welcomed him. He had not been in the meeting, so he thought it was Jamila. He was shocked to hear the muffled voice of his wife behind the veil:
– Hello, my dear! Bring me the packs behind me!
– Is that you Elizabeth?
– Yes! At our last meeting I agreed to wear a veil for the wedding. Forgive me forgot to speak!
– It’s good for you! Do not you want wear it at home?
Her husband said dreaming, but Elizabeth shook her head,
– I do not think so.
– Oh, my dear!
He laughed, but he was serious.
Jamila reached for “Miriam,” the two girls were waiting for her. They stripped off “Miriam,” and then Jamila opened the package for her. To her surprise it contained some diapers and rubber pants.
– What about this? I’m not a baby!
– But you will be the one who cannot leave the room during the wedding. You’ll need the toilet, won’t you? But wearing this outfit you may not be able to hold it in! It is better to wear them than to suffer an accident!
Jamila grabbed one of the diapers and fitted them around “Miriam’s” waist. Then she held the rubber pants for “Miriam” to step into. Slowly she pulled them up and fitted them in place. Now the panties completely covered the diaper, tightly fitting around on her thighs and his waist. Then came white panties that covered the rubber pants and slowly dressed her further. It was just her head when she had another surprise. Her mother brought a rubber ball with two straps. She put the ball in the mouth of the surprised girl and tied the straps at the back.
– Do not be afraid there are no more surprises, but this is necessary. You cannot talk to anyone. There is a hole in the middle of the ball, you can drink through it. You do not have to, as there was a generous breakfast. Then when the guests go to dinner for dinner. Until then fruit juice and soup.
Finally, the hijab, the niqaab, and the khimar covered what remained of her. The snow white bride waited for the wedding and groom. “Miranda” was also dressed. The black veil she had worn for six years, she hoped for the last time. She had fantasized that he was going to get married, but she was wearing a trendy tunic skirt, her hair down to her shoulders, her feet on white needle-like shoes, and thought of a handsome groom at her side. But now she’s here again in this all-encompassing dress, but this is her sister’s wedding. And she loves her sister. They are left alone because Jamila went to receive the guests. She took her hands and spoke to her to comfort her.
First came Laila and Fatima. Both in full veil. Laila was there, and now the three equally black figures were waiting for the other guests. Meanwhile, Fatima ran to the girls. When the last guest arrived, Rashid shook a bell. The door of the upper room opened in the doorbell, and the bride appeared between two black women. “Miranda” and Fatima interfered with “Miriam” and slowly guided her down the stairs. Without their support, she could not have come in the tight dress. They wandered in front of the double row of guests, one on both sides of the veil, and some on the other, men on the other, in festive clothing. Awe-inspiring whisper was heard from everywhere. The women tried to brush or at least touch the bride, the men chanted. At the end of the double row, Yusuf smiled and smiled. “Miriam” looked at him, and she saw even through thick veil, that he was more handsome than the photograph. She was almost melted, and not just because it was warm in the dress. She had a new, unknown feeling in her power. She had fallen in love with her own groom! When they entered the room, men were one, and women on the other side. They chose them with a thin translucent curtain. The ceremony began. They prayed, the imam talked about marriage, another prayer. He kept on for hours. Then the feast began. Everyone ate and drank abundantly except for the new wife who could only drink.
Then the guests said goodbye. Jamila’s mom had spoken to Elizabeth for a long time, who had many questions about old things and promised to visit her. Then came the taxi, and they left. Only the happy sisters are the two sisters and the young couple left. “Miranda” has already but back on her normal clothes, that was enough for her. Jonathan looked at his wife with great pleasure, who was still wearing the whole veil. It was only her voice that he could recognize.
– Well Elizabeth? No, who could have been. Even as I look at Jonathan, you really like her in these veils. You know what? I’ll give you them, you can keep them.
Said Jamila laughing. Elizabeth looked at her husband and saw how excited he was. She realized that Jamila was right. She thought of the coming night, deep blushing behind the veil, and only quietly thanked her. Jonathan took his wife’s gloved hand. They thanked and they went home with “Miranda”. Homes also started. The new husband almost got tired of his wife. He whispered something softly in his ear, nodded, then picked up with loud greeting and left the house. “Miriam” was very happy. She is now married to her new husband. She thought about the upcoming wedding nightand the future. Yes. She married the man she loved and would give birth to children. Boys, if Allah so desires.

Part 6

On the way home, “Miranda” walked past Jonathan and Elizabeth. She saw them hold hands, and with his hand Jonathan pulled his black-veiled wife into his arms, his hands glistening with her gloved hand. He whispered something to the woman’s ear, and she whispered softly, like a chitra. When they got home, they said good-bye to “Miranda”. She started up the stairs, but after two steps she turned back and forth curiously. Jonathan had picked up his wife in his arms and hugged him. Then they entered the room and closed the door. Like a young couple, she thought. He was cautiously ebbed and ears hung on the door. Soon the voices of love filtered into her ears.

As they came home, Yusuf helped his new wife out of the car. “Miriam” felt his strong arms lift her up. She clenched her gloved hands, but not just to fall. She watched her lord through the white veil and was happy. In the room, the new husband slowly, almost ceremonially undressed. He led her to the bed, and he himself sat down. My wedding night is coming, she thought, “Miriam.” She felt with little pain and great pride she lost her virginity. The delight struck her with unimaginable force and she fainted.

The next day Elizabeth and “Miranda” made the after-breakfast cleaning when Jamila came over. In a bundle she brought Elizabeth’s discarded clothes.
– How was your night?
She asked what Elizabeth had confessed with blush when she had been so excited the night before.
– Sex in the full veil is something quite different. And I slept till morning. I’ll make it up and give it back. And thank you again!
– I told you to keep it if you like!
– Really? Thank you very much! You know what? In return, I’ll give you the pots we’ve taken over for the wedding.
– THE! They are much more valuable, but I’ll give you a set of bedroom veils. Do you understand me?
– Sleeping Veil?
– Yes, we sleep in it. It’s just white and lighter. Jonathan will be happy. And I think you too.
They both laughed.

“Miriam” woke up, opened the closet and dressed. Some of her clothes have been passed on. She looked at himself in the mirror. Perfect! Her husband has nothing to complain about. His mother-in-law entered the room.
– I’m glad you woke up and dressed, but you’re not ready yet.
She held out some metal panties for her to wear. They were what was in the trunk, flashed into the “Miriam’s” brain. After her mother fitted them and then locked them shut with a key, a gag was produced. A ball filling her entire mouth behind her head heard a click of a shutter again as the next key locked it in place. The last item was a short chain with two lockable cuffs for her ankles. She was only able to take short steps and move slowly. Laila rearranged her “Miriam” clothes. She no longer seemed to wear her under her.
– Now you are ready! I will give the keys to Yusuf, now only he can unlock you. Come on, sweet daughter. Let’s spread it out!
She said and stroked her head with her gloved hand. “Miriam” followed her mother with small steps. The chastity belt was rather tight, cold and uncomfortable. Well, I really have to live in a strict manner now, Miriam thought. By the time the breakfast was laid, Omar and Jusuf came in. They nodded to the veiled women, ate and went to work. The women sat down and Laila talked about the future while eating. “Miriam” had a tasty meal that she did not have to chew, but was pressed into her mouth by a tube and threaded through the hole in her gag. Laila took “Miriam’s” hand:
– Give him boys my daughter!
– Mffff
She was hearing through the muffling black veil. And what that meant was: Yes, I’m going to try to become a mother!

Afterword 1

Years passed. “Miranda” became a fashion model, worked and later married to a photographer. They had a son of John, who was five years old. Her husband was a good man. They lived well and came home once a month. “Miranda’s” Mark loved the sexy lingerie, the tight laces, the tangos. Elizabeth started waiting for her husband in her black veil regularly and not in vain. If Jonathan was away for a night, she picked up the sleeping veil and slept in that. Once they went to her aunt, they spent a whole weekend there, and at Elizabeth’s request she wore veils. There was something to talk about.

“Miriam” gave birth to three girls and a son Yusuf, and they were happy. Since his wife was always wearing her veils, after their wedding night he never saw her face. For him, “Miriam” was always young. Omar and Laila regretted when the young people moved to their own home, but they went home every weekend, and then the kids had their kids covered. Once every month, everybody gathered in their house and talked without end. The ladies: Elizabeth, Jamila, Laila, “Miriam”, Fatima all appear the same in their black veils. Only “Miranda” looks different. She is in her beloved sexy dresses, especially before “Miriam”, who is very envious of her. Only on these days Yusuf allowed her to be ungagged, but she still had to wear the chastity belt and the ankle chain. When “Miriam” first told her mom what she was wearing under the veil, Elizabeth did not want to believe it. She wanted to look at her, but her daughter refused, as she could not undress her. But she allowed her mother to touch her. Elizabeth felt the hard metal. She shook her head sadly. “Miriam” just shrugged. Men: Jonathan, Rashid, Omar, Mark, Jusuf’s main theme was of course work and their wives. In that case they spent the entire weekend together. The two neighbours’ houses were nicely packed.

Afterword 2

“Miriam” turned to her husband. With her gloved hand she caressed his face, kissing him through her veil (If they were alone, Yusuf sometimes removed her gag):
– Sweetheart! How about a boy?
– Yallah woman! We already have four children!
He playfully slapped “Miriam” on her metal butt.
– But we have only one boy!
– And if it is a girl again?
– Be the will of Allah!

Afterword 3

“Miriam” has not heard from “Miranda” for more than half a year. She and her family had stopped coming to the regular family reunions. She missed her. Even if she knew she was wearing the sexiest clothes in these meetings just to needle her. As she cleaned her husband’s study, her eyes closed in a fashion magazine. From the front page, “Miranda” laughed at her, in a very nice bathing bikini. Her long blond hair was blown by the wind. She looked awesome. “Miriam” quickly read the magazine.

“Mark Houston, a famous photographer, has a celebrity photo model as his wife Miranda. They’re on a multi-month bicycle tour of the Caribbean, while their boys are part of a kids’ adventure holiday.”

This was the title of the article that belonged to the title page. The article has been featured on several pages to make sure that the couple looks good, but not just resting, making photos that will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

“Miriam” screamed. It could all be mine! She stole it from me! She thought bitterly! At that point, two strong arms squeezed her. Yusuf came up unexpectedly and walked behind his weeping wife.

– Are you sorry that you do not live that life?

He asked his wife, who turned to him and hugged him.

– Yes! But here you are for me, and for the four of us, and that’s it!

She pushed her belly to her husband. Ten weeks and their fifth child is born.

– You know, dear sir, this compensates for everything. And you could get rid of my hostility because, in the end, it is not real; this is.

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