The Surprise: Part 3

The Surprise: Part 3


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Part 2



“Come in,” I called after knocking on the door to my new room.

“Do you have time to talk a bit and may I ask you something?” my sister Anna asked me.

“Yes, but surely, what do you want to know?”

“Can you tell me something about your life in Saudi Arabia, have you always veiled yourself, how is that wearing a veil?”

But there are a couple of questions, but I’ll answer the questions for you, maybe we’ll start with the last two: completely disguised, as Soraya does now, it’s only the last four years since my dad started a new job He had lost his job and in order to make ends meet, there was no alternative but to accept this job, which meant that all the women in the family – Fatima, Soraya’s mother, Safiya and Aisha, Soraya’s sisters and I had to completely disguise ourselves, all the time, we also slept in veils, which was a huge change since we had never veiled ourselves at home and even covered our hair when we left the house.

But we had no other choice, because Mahmood had received the job only on the condition that we followed these traditions. Under the veil it is very warm, even if we had air conditioning in the house. As soon as we left the house, the sun burned mercilessly and heated us up. Therefore, we mostly stayed in the house. Anyway, we were only allowed in the garden, which was not visible from the outside. We were only allowed to leave the house with our father. Also a tradition. Life was pretty boring. We were left with housework, praying and reading in the Koran. Other books were not allowed there. And if anyone would have heard that we read something else, Mahmood would surely have lost his job. Everything was very strictly regulated there. That’s probably similar to this, if you have to go to jail. Although I suspect that the prisoners have more freedom here than we had back then. So it was a huge shock when we moved and we had to adjust to the new life.

In the years before, we lived in a very liberal area. Of course not to compare with Germany. Women also had limited rights there. But I could go to school, we had television and since my parents had some time, among other things, also lived in Germany, we could also receive Western broadcasters and I liked to watch TV series from Germany and the United States. I envied the teenagers in the series because they had so much freedom, much more than we did. I often imagined what it would be like to live there.

Apart from the limited freedoms, our lives were not that different from Western teenagers. We were also interested in clothes, makeup, jewellery and boys. And I suspect that we have raved as well as you guys for boys and have blasphemed others. I loved reading books and meeting with friends. We lived in a quiet and well-to-do neighbourhood and were able to leave the house at any time without anyone giving us instructions. Unlike later, life was interesting and enjoyable. Under the Abaya, I usually wore jeans but also had a short skirt, had painted fingernails and wore makeup.

I think you can imagine what that change was for me. I tried to stay with “my” aunt, but Fatima and Mahmood did not allow that.

And then Mahmood and Fatima called me one day and told me that I would marry Sultan. Safiya had already married the son of the head of Mahmood a year earlier. Unlike me, Safiya and Aisha had become more accustomed to the new circumstances of life, even though both were mourning the freedom we had.

I was just 18 when the wedding was supposed to take place. Until then I still had the hope that I could return. But with the wedding that was no longer possible.

Finally, the wedding took place and for me at the moment my life ended. I was sure the moment I would remain completely locked up in the house for the rest of my life.

The marriage had changed nothing for me except that I now lived with Sultan.

One day Mahmood and Fatima came by and finally told us about the confusion. At that moment, things became clearer to me. Unlike Safiya and Aishe, I was more rebellious and stubborn. When Fatima told me, I did not know what that meant to me.

In the evening I had prepared myself again for the nightly visit of Sultan. However, this came much earlier than I had expected.

“I want the divorce” was all he said before he disappeared again.

I sat on my bed and did not know what to do. As bad as it was for me to marry Sultan, but a divorce was even worse. Which man would take me after I was divorced. I would always depend on the help of my parents. In the area where we lived, women were allowed to work only with the permission of the husband or father. My father did not allow me to work before my wedding. Besides, I have no education and I was not allowed to study. So my future did not look very bright.

When Mahmood and Fatima heard about it, I had to come home immediately. It was very surprising for me when they told me that I would fly with them and Aishe to Germany and get to know my mother there. I did not know if I should cry or laugh. I had the news that I am not the physical daughter of Mahmood and Fatima and have not yet digested the upcoming divorce and now I should also get to know my mother and sister. On the one hand, I was electrified, but on the other hand I was also somewhat anxious. I did not know what to expect. Especially before meeting my mother I was scared. Would she like me? In the end, I was afraid to sit between all the chairs and not know where I belong. I do not have that fear now, after you have so lovingly received me. ”

“You’re my sister, and I think we’ll get to know each other better in the near future, I’ll help you with anything, please ask me if anything is unclear or you need help, yes?”

“Yes thank you I will do that, you are really nice.”

“I still cannot believe it, Melanie, oh sorry my Soraya, of course, just wants to be so veiled and lead a completely different life.”

“I think she does it for her parents to prevent the family from slipping into poverty, and I cannot imagine anything else, I suppose she did not see any other way out, according to Sultan.”

“It’s imaginable, because Soraya has always been very socially minded, and other people’s was always close to her heart, even if it had its own drawbacks – I just understood that.”

“Just as you describe Soraya, I can already imagine that she takes all this to protect her family.”

“That was probably.”


My tasks in the household were getting better and better. As a result, I was not so exhausted in the evening and could better take care of Sultan when he came to me. It’s funny, a few weeks ago I would have liked to shoot him to the moon and now I think in the morning about how it will be when he comes in the evening in my bedroom. At the same time I was torn. My mind rebels against the circumstances of life. Basically, I’m being held like a slave. But my body demands sex with Sultan. And again and again the same, my mind can prevail against my physical desire less and less.

These days I should actually have my period, but so far there was nothing. Either I’m pregnant, or because of the troubles of the last few weeks, my body reacts differently than before.

The thought of a pregnancy is again chasing hot shock waves through my body. I start to sweat and get wet hands. Should it really be that I am pregnant? I am dizzy. I have to lay down.

I always wanted to have children, but not so early, but only at 30 or later, as I wanted to study and make a career before. For me, marrying was at the bottom of my priority list.

And now I’m sitting here somewhere in Saudi Arabia, I’m married and completely veiled and possibly already pregnant.

Shortly after Aisha found me she had informed Sultan. He came immediately to take care of me. He led me to the car and we drove together to the clinic. Sultan actually had to have a significant impact, because as soon as we arrived at the clinic, nurses were around me, putting me in a wheelchair and driving me to the emergency room. A short time later came the doctor, as it turned out, it was even the chief physician, who examined me thoroughly.

Although he certainly did not come from Saudi Arabia, my sight was obviously not unusual for him. He did the examinations routinely.

After he had finished, I was led by a caretaker into his conference room, where Sultan was already waiting. After a short while, the doctor came and asked us to sit down.

“Congratulations, they become parents.”

“Can you already say what it will be?” Sultan asked immediately.

“I’m sorry, the gender cannot be determined at an early stage yet, there is still no evidence.”

Now it had happened. And faster than I expected. The doctor’s statement plunged me back into a sense of chaos. I always wanted to have children, but not under these circumstances. I wanted to decide for myself when to have a child. I just wanted to study and make a career. But the last few weeks have upset everything. How many times have I wondered what would have happened if I had not come up with the idea of looking for my parents? I would be sitting in a lecture hall right now listening to the lecture of the professor. I would meet with friends and enjoy my free time. I would go to parties and clubs, go to the cinema or a rustic student bar. But everything in the subjunctive.

Instead, I’m sitting full veiled with a gag in the mouth with my husband at the gynaecologist and is just told that I’m a mother. I feel as though someone has pulled the ground from under my feet. After my husband said goodbye to the doctor, with the exception of the examination he did not notice me at all, I stumbled out of the office almost like a drunk. If my husband had not supported, I would have guaranteed either the length fell over or run into somewhere.

From the drive home I did not notice anything so foggy I was shocked. What else was not. A shock.

Sultan led me into my bedroom and placed me gently and carefully on the bed. After he had removed the gag, he said that I should rest and he would notify my parents.

I was exhausted. The thoughts circled incessantly in my head. But I could bring no structure, no order in my thoughts. At some point I must have fallen asleep.

I do not know how long I slept when I slowly woke up from a gentle shake. A nightmare, it shot in my head, it must have been a terrible nightmare.

When I opened my eyes to see who was shaking me, I saw my mother.

“Finally awake, I’m so happy my child.”

“What why?” I asked

“Sultan called me right away when you came back from the doctor and told the news I’m so happy for you”

So it was not a nightmare, or rather, it’s a nightmare, but one that does not end after waking up. I’m pregnant. I have to keep this in mind, otherwise I do not believe it.

“What about you, Soraya, are not you happy?”

“Yes, but it all happens so precipitously, I have not really realized that I am married, let alone how I have to live, and now the pregnancy is coming too, that’s all too much for me.”

“It will be, I felt the same way with my first pregnancy.”

“I think you do not understand me and you cannot compare that, you have been educated in Islam, but I have been educated in the West, I know the western life circumstances and from morning to night I am in a completely unknown world I also wanted to marry so young, and all the other life circumstances are absolutely new to me and I cannot get used to it, I have always had my freedom and now I am locked up in my women’s area and always and always veiled I could do and leave what I wanted and no man gave me any instructions.

That’s too much for me ”

“Now listen to me, you are my daughter and Muslimah, I know that it is not easy, but you must also try and obey Allah, he will lead you on the right path, it is the way it is and you will You can only try to make the best out of it, or you can trust Allah to show you the right way.”

I was stunned considering my mother was just about to blow my ears. I had to be alone now to be able to think clearly.

“I want to be alone now, I want to think,” I said to my mother.

“I understand, I’m here if you need me.” My mother answered me a little offended.

After my mother left, I thought about my situation. I was sitting somewhere in the middle of the desert, married and waiting for a child. Actually, I should sit in a university lecture. But that will not happen anymore. What should I do? How should I deal with the situation in which I had maneuvered myself into it? No matter how I looked at the situation, I came to no satisfactory solution. I could not find a way back to my old life.

How would Melanie fare now? How is she right with the newfound freedom? Will I ever hear anything from Karin, Anna and Melanie or my girlfriends?

Suddenly and unexpectedly Sultan came to my bedroom. I glanced at the clock in disbelief, and found that there was not even time for the sacrament.

“What are you doing here, it’s still too early”

“I know, I’ve come to talk to you, I know that has changed a lot for you in the last few weeks, I also know that your life is completely upside down and you do not know how to handle it. I would like to make one thing clear, this is your life now and it will not change, but to help you find your way around I decided to do the following: The household will be run by Aisha immediately, as you will be a Koran school tomorrow On the one hand, to learn more about Islam and our traditions and to be able to better accept our lifestyle, and also to educate our children, you will learn the Koran at school and you will become an experienced student as a tutor who will help you in all things, then you have variety. ”

“I would much rather return to Germany and live there as before.”

“I’m sorry, that’s not possible, tomorrow it starts.” he spoke and disappeared.

I was speechless. Again he had sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. After the first few sentences, I had hoped that he would relieve me, and then he destroyed all hope. Each time, my hope of changing my life situation sank.

Today I waited in vain for Sultan. Although I fell asleep pretty quickly after the night prayer. So it was possible that Sultan visited me while I was already asleep. If so, then he had to fall asleep today without his ration.

The next day:

After the morning prayer and breakfast Sultan came to my quarters and gave me the gag I had to carry outside the house. After I put this on Sultan led me to the car and let me get on the back seat. After a short drive we came to a stop in front of a large gate in a residential area. After a short while, the gate opened and Sultan drove into a large courtyard.

“This is the Koran school you will visit from now on.” he told me.

After he had opened the door for me, which could only be opened from the outside due to the parental control, I got out and stood in the courtyard of a 2-story building in the middle of the blazing sun. Even though it was still early in the morning, my clothes were already getting really warm. How could that be until noon, when the sun was really burning from the sky? From a door in the main house opposite us stepped a middle-aged man as well as a woman completely veiled just as I did. After a short greeting between Sultan and this man, whom I could not understand, as both spoke Arabic, the man turned to me.

“I am glad that you want to visit the Koran school, as your husband has told me, because you are not proficient in the Arabic language, you will be taught individually.” The lesson begins in the morning after the second prayer and ends in the evening After 2 lessons you will work together with Alima, who is standing next to me, to teach the class again and Alima will teach you the life of a Muslim, I am sure that you will “After graduating from school, you will be a good and devout Muslim and a good role model for your children.”

There was some uncertainty in me, not knowing what to expect.

“Today Alima will tell you everything you need to know.”

Alilma reached out her hand, grabbed mine and pulled me into the building, which was pleasantly tempered. After a short walk we went to a small but cozy room. Alima meant to take off the gag.

“Hello Soraya, I am pleased to meet you, my name is Alima and from now on I will be your tutor, I hope we get along well and we become friends.”

“Hello Alima, yes, I hope so,” I said, even though I wanted to respond quite differently, but her gentle voice and the fact that she had nothing to do with my situation made me push my hostility aside. Besides, having a friend you can rely on when in doubt cannot hurt. Let’s see if Alima can be such a friend.

“The director has told me about you and your story, I can well imagine that it seems strange to you and I admire you as you have endured so far, it would make me very happy if I can help you.”

It’s very hard for me right now, especially to accept that women do not have the same rights as men, that we’re almost prisoners in-house, which I’m not used to and sometimes drives me crazy. ”

“Do you want to talk about your situation? It sometimes helps if you can pour out your heart, maybe it’s also possible for me through the director to achieve some relief for you.”

“Thanks for your offer, so far I have not had anyone to talk to about my situation and feelings.”

“If you want, I like to listen to you, today we have time”

“Thank you, as you may know, I was exchanged with another girl when I was born, so I grew up in Germany with a German family with Western values and beliefs.” I had all liberties if everything went well at school. I had girlfriends with whom I met after school in the city for a shopping spree or in a cafe for chatting, we had fun with boys and beautiful clothes, we went to parties and discos, and I had my first boyfriend at 17. It was a nice one and, above all, free life, no one who dictated us.

And then came the all-changing day. I got a call telling me that my blood type did not match the blood type according to the vaccination certificate according to the blood donation. Since you also knew the blood types of my father and my mother and their combination could never have led to the blood type that I have, I could not get from the two lineages. After DNA testing it was clear that my parents are not my parents. At first I thought that my parents had adopted me and had not told me. Only my mother denied this and was as surprised by the result as I was. So I started researching. One finally led to the other and I found my parents. These finally visited me in Germany and so for the first time I got in touch with the concealment. I never thought that I would spend the rest of my life now veiled. Back when my parents visited me in Germany for the first time, I wanted to do my parents a favour and therefore decided to spend the time in which my parents in Germany are with you and disguise. I would not have dreamed that this was just the beginning.

After some time there was a divorce between Sultan and the former Soraya. My parents came to Germany a second time together with Soraya and Aishe. At the time, we already had a discussion as to whether Sultan would demand the fulfilment of the promise from my father and wife Sultan.

And it came as it had to come. Sultan stood at the door of the hotel and demanded that I marry him. Of course I refused. But he threatened to destroy my family. After talking to my parents, my parents had actually had problems and Sultan had lent you money. If he asked for this back, my parents and family would be ruined. The only way to prevent this was the wedding with Sultan. How could I ever face myself in the mirror again if I did not help my family? I could not help but marry Sultan to save my family.

But the longer I’m here, the more doubts come to me and I do not remember what to do. I cannot get used to this life. This loneliness, to live like a prisoner and always to disguise me, that bothers me. ”

“I can understand that, Soraya, I felt the same way, my dad had a small business that was in a bad way, one day a customer came and offered to rescue the company if I became his wife, and my parents did I had no say at all, so I had to get used to different customs and habits from day to day as well , so in the early days I often thought about killing myself, I was so desperate, and then became I was pregnant and had to remember that not only would I put an end to my life but also the unborn life that I carried under my heart, after that I never thought about killing myself again, knowing I could not change my way of life It was the only way to accept it, it cost me many more months of self – doubt until Allah finally showed me the right way, I am happy with my husband & wife and our children. The road to get there was difficult and thorny, but it paid off. I’m sure that you too will find this way and go. Allah will show you the right way. Whenever you need help or have questions, I will be there for you.

You will learn a lot in this school. I was also helped a lot by older and experienced Muslimas. And I would be very happy if you would accept my help and become my friend. ”

“I thank you. I cannot imagine how to go your way, but I trust you and would like to be your friend.”

“Thanks, you can always count on me, so the time is up, I think your husband will pick you up soon.”

It was not long before Sultan drove up. After a few words with the head of the school I was allowed to sit in the back seat and we drove home. Surprisingly, Sultan came to my area and showed me my new computer.

“I know you feel lonely, I want you to feel better, and you can also keep in touch with your family and friends, so I’ve let you hook up a computer, you can work with it and also chat, but not all content free, but at least you can keep in contact. ”

Again Sultan surprised me. I did not make it out of him. On the one hand he is very strict on the other hand he is very loving.

“I thank you.”

He took me in his arms.

“I know it’s not easy for you, but I want you to feel good because I love you, I’ve been a bit too easy in the last few months, and I’ll try to better assist you so that you can stay in your own better cope with new life.”

Again he had sent me on a roller coaster ride. After the first words, I had hoped that he would give me some relief, but when he was done, I knew it would not work out. At least I could now keep in contact with my family and friends. And I already knew who I would contact first.


After starting the chat program, I was pleased to see that Katie was online as expected.

“Hello Katie, do you have time to chat with me?”

“Of course. I always have time for you. What’s new? It’s been some time since we spoke last time. I thought I would have upset you. ”

“No, absolutely not. It’s just so much new pattered on me, I have to process that first ”

“Then tell me, I’m curious what happened since the last chat.”

I told Katie everything that has happened to this day.

“But Sultan cannot just imprison you like this, you’re an adult woman with rights.”

“I know and you’re right, but unfortunately, the clocks are different here.” What bothers me the most is that on the one hand, I love Sultan for his caring, but on the other, hate me for keeping him prisoner I wish I had a good friend like you here with whom I can always talk about everything, the solitude sometimes bothers me a lot. ”

“Thank you for the flowers, I would immediately pack the things and come to you, if I could come in so easily, but what about your sisters and your mother? Come and visit them.”

“Yes, they do, and I’m very grateful to them, but they have grown up different than I. It’s normal for them to live like that, they did not have the liberties I had, so they mostly do not understand why I’m so sad. ”

“I understand you very well, I will always be there for you, and if you have the opportunity to visit you, I will take advantage of this opportunity, but the entry requirements are very restrictive.”

“I’ll talk to Sultan if he agrees with that, but unfortunately I have to stop now, because the evening prayer is coming up, I hope we can chat again soon.” You helped me a lot. ”

“Thanks for signing in. I’m looking forward to our next chat and stay brave and do not let it get you down. Have a nice evening.”


After eating dinner and praying, I did not have to wait until Sultan came to me. I was surprised that he came earlier than usual.

“How was your conversation with your girlfriend?” he asked me.

It’s nice to be able to talk to someone even if it’s just on the PC. ”

“That pleases me.”

“Would it be possible that my friend visited us?” She said something about entry restrictions, but I have no idea. Would you allow me to visit her if possible? ”

“Yes, I would, I want you to feel good and get used to your life, I’ll find out tomorrow what’s necessary for your girlfriend to visit you.”

“Thanks, I love you too, but it’s really not easy for me, I long to be in touch with other people.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll take you back to the Koran school, where you’ll have contact with other students, which will do you good.”

I had imagined different contacts than those I meet in the Koran school. But better than being “locked up” in your own rooms all day long.


“Melanie you come to me please.”

“Yes, just a moment.”

“So here I am”

“Soraya’s friends have been willing to call Soraya several times and know what’s going on with her, so I thought it would be best to invite everyone and tell them the whole story and introduce you to them.” What do you mean? ”

“Do you mean?”

“I think this is the best solution before irgenwelche stories come into circulation that contain only half-truths.”

I was wondering what was coming up on me. Hopefully see the girlfriends in me not the trigger for the Soraya now is married to Sultan and performs her new life, as I lead her life here.

“Well, I’ve even all invited for tomorrow. By the way, Tom, the former friend of Soraya.”

I did not expect that. I had assumed that only the girlfriends of Soraya are not her boyfriend.

“It’s great when they come tomorrow”

“Against 15:00. So we have enough yet to bake cakes and prepare some time. Anna is you everything that is important to tell about the guests.”

“OK. Then I’m going to go to Anna. When you want to bake?”

“We can do that later. I call you then”


After talking with my mother, I’m talking to Anna and with her about the girlfriends of Soraya ”

“Hello do you have time?”

“Yes, you probably want to one or the other know about the girlfriends of Soraya?”

“That would be nice, then tomorrow I am not so stupid as”

“So her friends called Nelly, Lena, Sarah and Annabelle, where Nelly is her best friend, if you know what I mean. The two have shared secrets with each other. The two have always stuck together through thick and thin. I am at the moment but not so sure if this would be even more so when that would meet both now each other after Soraya has disappeared so head over heels without Nelly something to tell. Lena, Sarah and Annabelle are not quite as close friends of Soraya. Although have getting much done together but were never as close as Soraya and Nelly. The five have played together handball and went to school together. Lena and Sarah are currently studying in Hamburg, Annabelle in Berlin and Nelly do an apprenticeship as a bank clerk. Since the Break moment are, are all at home. ”

“Can you describe to me the girls, so I can tell them apart?”

“Nelly is the largest of all with black hair. Lena is blond and has the largest stone. Annabelle is rothaarigund Sarah is dark-haired and restrained except in handball. Since she is the wildest of them all.”

“Thank you. I’m curious how that will run tomorrow. I hope to make my girlfriends not blame the Soraya now in Saudi Arabia and I here”

“I do not think when they heard the story.”

“Are you coming to the kitchen for baking”

“Yes we come”

Based on a true Küchenschlacht we had baked three cakes. It was to be incredibly beautiful with my family. Too bad that’s passed my biological father before I could get to know him.

It has been running in recent months, much better than I had dreamed. My new family took me full of love. While Soraya is sometimes still talking point but not too often. My mother is happy I am there. I hope that I accept the girlfriends of Soraya, I did it.


“Hello Soraya, nice that you’re there” greeted me Alima in the madrasa. “I want you to meet two classmates. Noor and Samira, they are already studying some time at the Islamic school and will help you your way around to find and support to know you when.”

Except two black pieces I could not see anything. Fortunately, each student wore a name tag, otherwise you could not tell them apart, the students because all students were completely obscured, and black is the only color. Slowly I realized that this must be a very conservative and religious madrasa. Because in my mind I had seen women in a documentary about Saudi Arabia, which had only slightly veiled and even when strange men were there. Here were my exception of the Director but only women. And yet all were completely veiled. They saw not a bit of skin, none of the students.

“Hi Noor, hello Samira to get to know you well.”

“Hello Soraya” came back in unison. “I think we should now go into the classroom” took the lead Noor.

“We will start reading the Koran and you explain the content. The interpretation of the Koran is up to the schools of law. So you will learn how the statements are interpreted. In addition, you will learn the suras by heart. If you spent only once a few months here, you’ll have already learned some suras by heart. In time it will become easier and you will be able to learn the suras faster. ”

“You’re pregnant,” now asked Samira.

“Yes. I’m in the third month.”

“I’m happy for you. We’re both still single. I’m getting married in three months and Samira in half a year. I hope that I will get pregnant fast. I want children.”

“I feel the same way.”

“I am also on the child, but would like to also waited a little.”

“But it is the task of the woman to serve the husband and bear him children and to provide for the family.”

“Yes you are right.” I replied briefly in order to prevent a further discussion, as I had the feeling that these two were particularly devout Muslim. I’m sure that Alima had the two extra-chosen with the consent of the conductor and my husband for me to me to indoctrinate accordingly. In future this will not simply be me these two and deprive especially your views.

After we had gathered up the morning in the Koran it was time for prayer. All the while both had repeatedly tried to convince me of the merits of your chosen lifestyle. It gave me every effort to leave the topic. After prayer and lunch, we continued with the Koran studies. In the afternoon, however, Alima took over for the two nerves blessing. It was to learn very pleasant with Alima, as they are exclusively focused on the Koran and its interpretation. She swung too much further and explained a lot to me. It made a lot more fun because Alima was intellectually equal to me.

In the late afternoon I was picked up again by Sultan.

“How was your first” “like it?” School

“Apart from my two tutors Noor and Samira I liked it well. I have a feeling the two are to persuade me how beautiful life in purdah is. Did you cause that?”

“No, the decision can. I will speak with him only the ladder.”

“Thank you”

“Incidentally, I have good news for you. I have spoken with our corporate lawyer and asked him whether it is possible to invite someone from abroad. He has found a solution. Want, so if you invite your friend and she wants to come, we can cause all this. the visa is valid for up to 4 weeks. ”

“Thank you’re a treasure. I’ll ask her if she wants to come. And you do not mind?”

“No, I want you’re going because I love you happy”

“Thank you, I love you, too”

Silently we continued our journey. This time, the roller coaster ride never came. When we arrived at home, I could not wait to chat with Katie. I hope they would actually come.


“Hello Katie”

“Hello Soraya, how are you”

“I’m fine. I was back today in the Koran school and had two new tutors. The two are fully indoctrinated. They have tried all morning to convince me that a life in complete concealment besides having children is the only fulfilment in life is. Fortunately, Sultan wants to talk with the head and try that I get other tutors. and how are you ”

“I’m quite well. Although my study does not run as I had imagined, but otherwise everything is fine”

“What about your studies?”

“One of the teachers wanted to get me throughout the semester to the laundry, which have verbeten me. In return, I now have a bad mark on my homework. I was already with him and he wanted to me to the laundry, he would then reassess work again. I’ve had rebuffed him again. Tomorrow I go to Polizie in and see him. ”

“Right this way. The guys need to know where the limit is. I have spoken with Sultan and has scheduled his lawyer on the conditions of entry and who has actually found a solution, how can you come to a visa to visit me. Sultan would also assume the entire cost of your trip. ”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. There is a special visa. This is valid for 4 weeks. I’m looking forward infinite, when you come to visit me.”

“Sometimes I would also be happy. What else can see and far away from this bitch of a professor. Hold me up to date. I would be happy if I could get on short notice.”

“This is not only because the professor. Since put still more to it.”

“You are right. At the moment so runs pretty much everything wrong. My friend, rather ex-boyfriend slept with another woman. My parents divorced and then came as icing the thing with the Prof. I’ve had enough for the moment why would. a change beautiful. ”

“I’m really sorry for you. And then I bother you with my things too. I will address later Sultan and take specific ways”

“That’s fine. What are the girlfriends there.”

After we have been chatting about trivial things, I had to release me, the decency, the evening prayer.

Sultan came as usual. I told him about my chat with Katie and he promised to take care of everything else.


Slowly, I was nervous. How would react girlfriends of Soraya. Anna and Mama I could convince. But both are family and certainly easier to convince than girlfriends. Especially since Soraya now living in Saudi Arabia. It rings. Before I could react Anna had already opened the door. I stepped out of the living room into the hallway and Anna introduced myself.

“This is the real Melanie and this is Sarah, Lena, Nelly and Annabelle. And as an attachment Tom.”

“Hello, I am pleased to meet you.”

“Hello,” it came back in unison.

Before I could even react Sarah already fell on my neck.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Please come in.” my mother called from the living room.

So we all went into the living room and after being greeted by my mother all sit down at the table. After Anna had opened all the cake, my mother began to tell.

“We have invited bring you all around you up to date. As you probably know, Melanie or Soraya has sought as they are now called by their biological parents. After a long search they found it. First, her father came to a DNA sample ensure that he is the father. as it turned out Mahmood was the father of Soraya. Some time later, her parents came to visit and stayed 3 weeks. During this time Soraya lived and that just veiled like your mother with your parents at the hotel. After the experiment was completed, was obvious for Soraya in Germany to live and not to be drawn to your parents to Saudi Arabia to ”

“But why is she gone yet?”

“Soraya’s father had to come to a business friend who had helped him bounce back Soraya promised as a woman. The customs are in Saudi Arabia other than in Europe. This wedding has taken place. Melanie was the wife of Sultan, the business associate of Soraya’s father. After this had learned that Melanie is not the daughter of his business associate, he immediately demanded a divorce and a judge has issued this also immediately. A short time later came Melanie’s sister Soraya and her parents returned to Germany. We have visited the hotel. Soraya has stayed with your parents and Melanie is come to me. Suddenly was the former husband of Melanie before Hotel rooms and demanded marrying Soraya because the original wedding did not take place with the right Soraya and the promise was not fulfilled. He has threatened to recover the loans if Soraya does not marry him. This would have meant the ruin of the family. After some consideration Soraya Sultan has agreed to marry, so that the family does not end up in the gutter. ”

“This is Melanie as we know it. Always there for others.” said Nelly.

“You’re right. As Soraya went to Saudi Arabia, Melanie has stayed here. Melanie is my own daughter and I’m glad to have them here. I hope that you Melanie help to find your way here.”

“Yes of course.”

That went better than I had thought.

“Tell me once what happened to you.”

“Yes like” I told the same story as I have told Anna. They all looked at me with wide eyes. Nelly got up and took me in his arms.

“We help you where we can. I’m sure that you’ll find yourself here soon feel at home.”

“I thank you, and you.”

After I had embraced and Sarah, Lena and Annabelle and had assured me to do everything possible to help me at home to find me here, Tom came up to me and hugged me.

“Melanie sorry Soraya and I were together. Unfortunately, she had after her parents here were ended our relationship. I hope we get to know us. You are a great woman and I want you very much help with everything.”

“Thank you. You’re sweet.”

After we had talked some time and I had answered all the questions, I was sure I had found new friends. After some time, all adopted. I was very satisfied with the outcome. I think I have arrived. A back there will be no more for me.


Today, Sultan drove me back to the madrasa. Unfortunately, the manager refused to allot me other tutors. So I had to continue to do my Noor and Samira. Both were completely convinced of the way of life in strict purdah and of course tried to convince me. It was not easy not to respond to these attempts. I’m afraid that I could make friends so I actually when this went for the next months like this. I was always on my afternoon when I sat with Alima together and the explained to me what I had not understood. In the course of the time, my understanding of the Koran was getting better.

It did not take all to Katie was too long and I have again a normal person to talk to. Sultan kept his word and sent everything possible so Katie can come to Saudie Arabia. I’m really grateful to him. The longer I’m married to him the more I love him. I got used to slow my life. I could not change anyway. Possibly also the constant allusions and attempts at persuasion by Noor and Samira had an impact. Fortunately, Katie comes over soon.


Finally it went off. Sultan had done everything and I had a visa for 4 weeks. I was looking forward to finally learn Soraya know personally. I was extremely excited to see what to expect in Saudi Arabia. From what I have read in recent weeks and months about Saudi Arabia and heard, although I had some concerns, but Soraya has convinced me that Sultan ensures that everything is fine.

After I had again checked everything, I made my way to the airport. A short time later, the plane was in the air.

Since it took some time to landing in Saudi Arabia I closed my eyes and tried to relax.


After the Madrasa Sultan picked me up as usual. But today he went as far as I could tell, a different route. In any case, the track seemed unknown. Only shortly before the finish I realized where we were going. I immediately realized why we were driven to the airport. to pick up Katie. My heart began to beat wildly. I had seen Katie only in photos and now it should be as far as they get to know in real life. The excitement rose every second. At last we reached a parking lot and Sultan opened the door. We went to the arrivals lounge, where it was much more pleasant than outside in the blazing sun. Nevertheless, I was incredibly warm. Presumably because I could no longer wait for the  arrival of Katie.

Part 4

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