A New World

A New World

By Enen

Twenty–two years old Lisa Daniels sat in the waiting room shivering, not from cold but nervousness. She looked again in the mirror at how she was dressed, seeing her reflection completely covered from the top of her throat to her ankles in a pale blue bathrobe with a veil of some kind covering her head.
As she sat Lisa tried to again recall the event that changed her life so dramatically some fifty days earlier. No matter how hard she tried, and had she tried very hard to do so, the event was mostly a blur. All she could remember was that she was walking down Bristol Street in her home town and suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a loud whooshing sound. Next thing Lisa could recall was sitting on the ground in a street that looked like Bristol Street but was not. She was quickly surrounded by a number of people enquiring of her health. As she slowly regained her senses Lisa felt pain in her ankle and saw that she had many small cuts on her hands and knees. A man in a uniform, she later discovered he was a police officer, came and took control. He began by asking Lisa many questions, seemingly very concerned about the way she was dressed, that being in a short denim skirt and a T-shirt and wearing a pair of pink sneakers.
An ambulance was called and Lisa was transported to hospital where she was treated for cuts and abrasions along with a badly sprained left ankle. While in hospital she was visited by a psychiatrist who introduced himself as Doctor Haskins, who told her that the policeman who first talked to her wanted to charge her with being incorrectly attired, something the doctor told Lisa he had talked him out of after explaining the situation. For these meetings she was always dressed in a bathrobe with a veil covering her face. With a degree of difficulty in making herself understood through the veil Lisa asked him firstly why she had to wear the veil, only to be told ‘because it is the law’ then what had happened but she seemed very unsure, only telling her that from what he knew the same thing had happened on many occasions in various parts of the world over the years. After treating Lisa for two days the doctors wanted to release her from the hospital. Dr. Haskins informed them he did not think she was in a fit mental state to face her new environment and that she was suffering from a great deal of stress. Lisa could not understand what he meant but as he spoke to her over the ensuing days she began to understand that something was different. For one thing all of the nurses she saw were dressed in a strange manner.
As the days passed Lisa became more and more frustrated. Dr. Haskins attempted to explain that, from what he knew, Lisa had passed through some kind of vortex or worm hole and was now in another dimension that was similar, but not the same, as her home. Having lost the passing of time she was told it was day 212. This meant nothing to her. She asked what was the day and month. Haskins told her that he had no idea what she meant, it was simply day 212, tomorrow would be day 213. Her biggest shock came when told the year was 2047. She had somehow ‘lost’ thirty-three years. The name of the country Lisa was in was named Anglia and a map showed it was similar in size and shape to Great Britain but not exactly so. Another strange thing she noticed on the map was that the country she knew as France, on this map called Brittany, was connected to Anglia by a narrow strip of land.
After many days Lisa of wondering, eventually asked the doctor “Are you all Muslims?”
“I do not know the word” Haskins replied “What does it mean?”
“You know, as in the religion? Muslims? Islam?”
“I’m sorry but none of these words mean anything to me. You will have to explain their meaning as perhaps we use another term”
Lisa explained as best she could about the various religions she could think of.
“We have nothing like that here” Haskins told her. “Is it important?”
“No” was all Lisa could think of muttering in reply before asking “Then why do all the women I have seen wear a veil? Where I come from it is usually a sign that the woman is of the Muslim religion”.
The doctor replied by saying “It is the law that all women cover their faces”.
A confused Lisa asked “Why?”
“Who can tell the working of the minds of Government?” Dr. Haskins said by way of reply. “It has always been that way”.
From the little she recalled after finding herself sitting on the street, and from what Dr. Haskins told her, Lisa found out things about Anglia. They seemed to be far less advanced than the Britain she had been so unceremoniously removed from. Lisa was withdrawn from her thoughts by the sound of the waiting room door opening. This was her ‘moment of truth’. She had been told by Dr. Haskins that a woman was coming to see her. She was a costumier. Lisa guessed from the name that the woman was something to do with costumes but had no idea why she might need one.
Lisa was desperate to get outside having been confined to the hospital’s psychiatric ward for around fifty-five days. Doctor Haskins entered the room and behind her came the woman. She walked with very tiny steps and Lisa guessed it was because she was dressed in the same manner as the nurses always seemed to be. Even more surprising was her mode of footwear. From what Lisa could see from what was below the hem of their skirts the woman appeared to be wearing extremely high heeled shoes, much higher than the nurses normally wore.
Lisa knew she was completely hairless, it having been removed by electrolysis. When she queried this with Haskins she had been told it was necessary to enable her to comply with the law. She had queried the necessity of this, saying she would need to grow her hair again on returning ‘home’, which had bought the bad news, that being that as the scientists had no idea what formed the vortex and how it worked, return was impossible. Lisa sat in her bathrobe and watched the woman make some kind of preparations. Doctor Haskins introduced Lisa to the women, who barely nodded her head in acknowledgement. After having made the introductions, Dr. Haskins wasted little time on other formalities.
“Best let the woman begin her job of getting you measured for your new clothing” he pronounced and promptly left the room.
Lisa did not like the sound of this at all. As the doctor left the room she shouted after him, asking why it was necessary to measure her, surely there was clothing that would fit her. The doctor reiterated what she had told Lisa before that the clothing worn needed to be made especially for the wearer if it was to fit correctly and be as comfortable as possible.
“Must I wear the clothing?” Lisa asked desperately.
“Not if you don’t want to” Haskins replied “But if you do not I’m afraid you will never be permitted to leave this establishment”.
“Best get on with it then before I change my mind” Lisa replied to his departing back before adding “Please doctor don’t leave. Please stay”.
“Are you sure you want me to stay. After all you will be naked while the measuring is done”.
“You’re a doctor. Surely you’ve seen naked women before?”
“I’m not that kind of doctor remember but I’ll stay if you really want me to” Haskins said as he returned to the room.
The doctor spoke to the woman and explained what was going on.
“Madam you may begin” Haskins informed the woman.
“You will be instructed to do certain things. Please co-operate with Madam to make her task easier” the doctor told Lisa.
Lisa could not believe the number of measurements that the woman took, or how intimate some of them were. After the woman had departed Haskins sat Lisa down and began speaking to her.
“I’ll explain once again about the requirements of the Government’s dress code laws” Haskins told Lisa. “I want you to pay full attention to what I tell you as I will ask questions later”.
He thought she now had Lisa’s full attention as he once again went through the laws. When Lisa tried to speak he said that he fully understood what she had told him about being used to wearing whatever she wanted providing it was not indecent, emphasizing that none of that applied any more. She was now in a different world and was expected to live by their laws.
Lisa had a good night’s sleep even though she wasn’t aware of it. Now fully awake after doing her morning ablutions and having breakfast Lisa waited in the bathrobe with her heart beating through her chest as she thought about what was about to happen. Lisa watched as two women and Doctor Haskins entered the room.
Lisa found that she could not keep her eyes off of the woman standing against the wall as she wondered who she might be. All she could tell was that the woman was wearing some kind of what appeared to be a cloak with a much heavier looking veil. From the way the cloak flared out it was obvious that something underneath was holding it that way.
“As there is quite a bit of work to be done I think it might be best if you begin dressing Miss Daniels” the woman who had done the measuring the day before was told by the doctor.
Lisa slipped off the bathrobe and stood naked in front of the woman wearing just the veil which she had been told not to remove. At a signal from the costumier another woman entered the room pushing a rack covered by a large sheet. Lisa was handed a garment. She turned it around as she tried to figure out what it was.
“It’s an adult diaper” Dr. Haskins informed her.
“Why do I need one of those? I’m not incontinent” Lisa replied.
“It’s to make your life easier” the doctor told her, “The way you will be dressed makes it very difficult, well almost impossible, to do what comes naturally in the way you normally would do it”.
The woman helped Lisa to put on the diaper then handed her a pair of rubber panties to put over it. Lisa was handed another garment. This turned out to be a very stretchy bodysuit that had been made exclusively to her measurements, the only opening being at the neck. She began to pull the garment over her feet and legs. With help from the two women Lisa gradually fitted her arms into the sleeves and worked the tightly fitting garment over her shoulders. Lisa looked down and discovered that the bodysuit had left her breasts uncovered, the stiffened material around her breasts forcing them to sit proudly forward. Once the main part of the bodysuit was fitted the costumier pulled the hood of the suit that hung against Lisa’s chest, over her head leaving only small areas around eyes, nose and mouth open to view.
As she crossed to where the costumier indicated Lisa had a further glance at the woman standing near the wall, noting she had not appeared to have moved.
“It is now time to fit you with your corset. It will ensure that you will have the required maximum waist and figure required under the law” the doctor said very matter-of-factly.
Lisa was going to complain again but held her tongue. She could tell from the way it held its shape that the corset was made of a very stiff material. A curtain was pulled back and Lisa found herself staring at two upright bars attached at shoulder height to the wall. She was led over to the bars and was instructed her to grasp them tightly and not let go no matter what. Lisa was then ordered to place her feet some twenty centimeters apart, leaving her to quickly work out how much that distance was in inches. Once she had done this the next order told her to keep her feet solidly on the ground. The costumier then placed the corset around Lisa’s torso. Satisfied with its position she held it in place, while her assistant moved to stand behind Lisa and began to pull on the lace.
Without a warning of any kind Lisa felt the corset begin to tighten. The costumier, standing in front of Lisa indicated to the assistant pulling on the lace that Lisa’s waist was already showing signs of becoming smaller. For her part, Lisa was already beginning to feel the effect of the closure as she shook her head from side to side and started to plead for the lacing to stop. The assistant relentlessly pulled on the lace as the pressure and pain showed on Lisa’s face.
Watching her reflection in the mirror situated just to one side of the bars she was holding Lisa soon realized that the corset was designed to fit under her breasts which would be forced to sit on a narrow ledge beneath them, thus presenting them somewhat like a gift. By the time the costumier was satisfied with the tightness of the corset Lisa could scarcely draw breath. The only result this bought was for the doctor to tell her that if she had enough air to complain then she had enough air to survive. Lisa’s waist was now several centimeters smaller than her natural size. Lisa realized the costumier’s assistant was now beginning to tighten straps that had been placed over her shoulders. By the time that had been completed Lisa had little option but to keep her shoulders back as if standing at attention. The final action of fitting the corset was for the costumier to pull the strap at the bottom of the corset between Lisa’s legs. The purpose of this strap was to act as a chastity belt.
“That looks very nice” Doctor Haskins commented.
The costumier’s assistant stepped forward carrying a small bundle of clothing over her arm.
“Under the law, females in Anglia are required to always wear stockings and gloves” the doctor, who seemed to have assumed command, told Lisa “Yours will now be fitted”.
It took a few moments for Lisa to realize just how thin the stockings were. A look at them gave the impression they were made of a similar material to the bodysuit but she could not be certain. The costumier fiddled about adjusting the garters on the bottom of the corset until they held the crotch length stockings taut. She then had Lisa draw the gloves up her arms. These Lisa discovered were far thicker than the stockings although the material looked similar, Lisa thinking they were made from spandex or a similar material. The costumier had her assistant attach the reinforced top of each shoulder length glove to garter-like straps on the shoulder straps of the corset. Looking into a mirror Lisa could see that the tops of both stockings and gloves had reinforced holes in them through which the tabs of the garters had been placed. She tested the dexterity of her fingers, the thickness of the gloves making it difficult for her to form a fist.
“You will now be fitted with your new footwear” Lisa heard the doctor tell her.
They were held high for her inspection. Lisa’s eyes popped wide open at the sight of them.
Lisa was having second thoughts about the footwear as she strained to shake her head. The knee length boots had the thinnest heels she had ever seen.
“The heels are thirteen centimeters high. This is the lowest that the law permits for someone in your age group” the doctor told Lisa. “Even then, due to your unusual circumstances, we have had special dispensation for you as at your age the heels should be at least a further two centimeters higher”.
After a bit of mental arithmetic Lisa worked out that the heels were some five and a quarter inches tall and that the height she ‘should’ be wearing by what the doctor had just said were six inches high.
“I can’t walk in those” Lisa said in a plaintive voice “They are way too high. I’ve never worn anything like those”.
“I’m sorry to tell you but you will just have to learn to walk in them” Haskins said.
Recalling what the doctor had told her during their earlier talks, Lisa knew that arguing would change nothing so remained quiet.
The fitting of the boots took some time. Firstly, Lisa’s feet had to be forced into the foot section. Once that operation had been completed the costumier’s assistant struggled to close the stiff inside part over Lisa’s feet and ankles. Once this had been achieved her feet felt squashed inside the boot, her ankles held at the one angle with most of her weight on her toes. The shafts of the boots were also stiff up to the calves on which they pressed tightly, holding them in a cramped position.
With the footwear finally fitted, Lisa’s dressing continued. The next item was an underskirt of what looked to be the same material as the other garments already adorning Lisa’s body. This covered Lisa from her waist to ankles with the tight hem ensuring that no stride would be longer than the fifteen centimeters the law allowed, a measurement Lisa converted to mean about six inches. The fitting of the next item came as a complete shock to Lisa as the costumier’s assistant carried a large item towards where Lisa stood.
“What the hell is that thing?” Lisa almost screamed before adding “I hope you’re not expecting me to wear that?”
“This is one of your underskirts” the doctor informed Lisa. “It is very necessary to give you the correct shape for the skirt to sit over”.
“Those things went out of fashion over two hundred years ago” Lisa shouted.
“How many times must I tell you to forget what happened in your old life. You are here now and must conform to our laws”.
“Those things were never law just fashion” Lisa whined.
“Just let the women get on with their jobs” Haskins pleaded or else we’ll be here all day.
“If it is the law why aren’t they” pointing to the women “wearing them?” Lisa asked.
“They are. Theirs are just smaller to suit their status” she was told by Haskins.
Finally, the arguing over, Lisa permitted the women to place the large hoop-like device around her lower body. The device, similar to what Lisa had been taught in her history lessons was called a crinoline, opened at a hinge in the front and was hung onto small hooks on the corset at her hips. Once in place the hinge was closed and held together by a number of catches. By the time the cage reached the ground it stood out in an almost eighteen-inch circle from her ankles and was only an inch or two from the floor. The women bent down and attached four elastic lengths of material around her ankles, two to each.
Seeing the strange look in Lisa’s eyes the doctor said “The tapes are to prevent the cage from swaying too much as you move”.
The next stage of Lisa’s dressing was for the women to drop three heavily ruffled petticoats over her head and attach them also to the hooks on the corset. The gradually widening design of the petticoats added about a further eighteen inches of width to the cage at Lisa’s ankles.
The next item fitted was a blouse of pale pink which clung to Lisa’s upper torso from the high, just below the chin, neck line to her hips and zipped closed up the spine. This was followed by the skirt made of a heavier material than the blouse, chocolate brown in color. The skirt was dropped over Lisa’s head. As soon as it was in place around her waist Lisa could feel its weight hanging from her. A jacket was fitted next. It was the same material and color as the skirt and from appearances it was a normal wide lapelled jacket showing the blouse beneath, but the button closures at the front were false, a hidden zipper running from hip to neck up the spine closed the jacket, as they did at both wrists. The collar was of a special design, the jackets rear closure enabling this to be a complete circle enclosing the throat. Lisa stared at her reflection, seeing a very strange shaped figure enclosed in an outfit that to her looked like one from her school history books that was worn over two hundred years ago in her ‘own world’.
Doctor Haskins spoke seriously to Lisa. “We now come to what most women find the most traumatic part of being correctly dressed when they become ‘of age’. This is where you are deprived of some of your senses. First tubes will be inserted into your nostrils and fed to the lungs to keep the airways clear. This action will rob you of your sense of smell. After this a gag with an attached feeding tube fed to your stomach will take away your ability to speak”.
“No please doctor. Don’t do any of that. Can’t you just say that it has been done? I don’t think I can live like that”.
“Oh, don’t be such a cry baby Lisa” Haskins said. “You were well informed of what had to be done under the law”.
Lisa just stood shaking her head as the doctor continued.
“Once that has been achieved you will be fitted with your veil. This will further limit the amount of air you can breathe and, greatly limit your range of vision”.
The distraught Lisa, almost at the point of fainting, permitted herself to be led over to another part of the room.
“One thing that I have deliberately not told you of is that now that you are wearing your cage, sitting is no longer an option you have” Haskins informed the now even more shocked Lisa”
“What do you mean I can’t sit down?” she shouted. “That’s inhumane. You can’t expect me to stand in these heels all the time”.
“I do and you will” she was told. “I assure you that you will get very used to standing in no time at all once you accept that fact” the doctor continued.
Another woman entered the room and was introduced to Lisa by the doctor as Mrs. Bishop.
“The first thing that will be done is to fit you with your breathing tubes. This will be followed by the fitting of your gag” Haskins informed Lisa.
He gave Lisa a commentary on what Mrs. Bishop was doing. Lisa went cross-eyed as she tried to watch as Mrs. Bishop fed the narrow plastic tubes into her nostrils. She could feel them every inch of the way as they edged towards her lungs. With the tubes fitted Mrs. Bishop began the process of fitting the gag. Lisa eyed the gag with apprehension on seeing its size. On instruction she opened her mouth as wide as she was able, again going cross-eyed as she tried to watch the monster as it was moved towards her mouth. When told to do so by Haskins, Lisa began swallowing the tube that was fed into her throat, again feeling it every inch of the way as it headed to her stomach. Once the double-walled tube, the outer one rubber, the inner one plastic reached her stomach the main part of the gag sat on her tongue. Without any warning Lisa felt the gag begin to pulsate as the doctor explained that the space between the two tubes and the sack of the gag were being pumped full of a sound absorbent resin that would prevent any sound leaving her mouth for as long as it was in place. His next words, that it would require an operation to remove the gag once the resin had set brought tears to Lisa’s eyes.
“The neck brace is next. This will be followed by your veil” Lisa heard Dr. Haskins tell her.
The metal neck brace forced Lisa to hold her head in a high regal pose with little possibility of moving her head in any direction. This was due to its design. The brace rested on her shoulders and covered her neck, its top edge running along the line of her jaw. The veil, when fitted, came as an even bigger shock to her. Expecting some kind of face veil similar to what she knew Muslims referred to as a niqab, Lisa could not believe the item she was shown. After it was fitted Lisa found that drawing breath through the thick and heavy material covering her head apart from where the eyes were, vision permitted only through two and a half centimeter mesh covered circular holes made breathing a herculean effort. With the veil now fully secured it hugged tightly to her forehead before widening until it reached just above her breasts at the front and her shoulder blades at the back.
The costumier’s assistant now carried the final garment to where Lisa stood. With her assistants help the costumier helped Lisa into the full-length coat, allowing the hem to drop to the ground. She then moved to adjust the fit and do up all the buttons that ran from the hem to the chin. Lisa could feel the added weight of the coat, not being sure if it was made of leather or some artificial material, perhaps PVC. Her reflection now gave Lisa an entirely different view, leaving her wondering why all the other garments were necessary as the coat, fitting close to her torso, following the artificial shape the corset gave her, before billowing to cover the full width of the skirt, therefore hiding everything beneath it.
“I don’t know if I made it clear or not but your clothing is locked on” the doctor informed Lisa. “There are locks on the boots and the coat. In addition, there are loops on the underskirt, skirt and outer garment which go under the instep of the boots and prevent them from being lifted. You must be completely dressed by seven o’clock each and every morning and the locks will not release until ten o’clock at night at which time you may go to bed if you wish. The coat is regulation wearing whenever you are not in your home or when at work”.
Lisa’s dressing was now completed and it was time for her to finally leave the clinic.
She was led over to where the unknown woman stood.
“This is my daughter Emily” the doctor said by way of introduction.
Lisa felt a hand touch hers and realized that Emily was trying to shake hands. As she began to move Lisa tried to remember the various words of Dr. Haskins during their sessions, and worked hard at walking as if she had worn this type of clothing all her life as the doctor had told her to do. The doctor’s words flooded into her brain. ‘You will need to try and relax and act as if you have always been dressed this way. I think you will find that if you can do this nobody will take the slightest notice of you’.
The doctor and his two silent companions finally crossed to the point where the car that the doctor was about to call would pick them up from. The walk, although rather short, took some time as the women moved with their shortened strides, especially Emily with her fashionable ten-centimeter ones and Lisa learning to balance atop her heels. The doctor withdrew a small remote from his bag and pressed some buttons.
“A vehicle should be here in a few minutes” he said to Lisa and Emily.
Around two minutes later a vehicle stopped at the pick-up point. Doctor Haskins checked that it was the one sent for them before telling the girls to get in. To Lisa it was a strange looking vehicle, a kind of cross between the kind of thing that in western movies was called a stagecoach and a hovercraft. Emily indicated for Lisa to get into the car. The doctor helped Lisa enter and made sure her back was against the rear wall. The doctor climbed into the vehicle and proceeded to strap Lisa into place. This was necessary to prevent her from falling as the vehicle moved. With Lisa safely ensconced the doctor repeated his actions on Emily.
With the women tightly strapped in the doctor sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine. Lisa was surprised at the small amount of noise the car made as the air bags beneath the car began to inflate. Once the bags were inflated Dr. Haskins put the car into drive and they began to move. As they stopped and started frequently Lisa guessed that this world also had traffic flow problems, wherever ‘this world’ might be but with her head held as it was all she could do was stare across the cab at Emily opposite her. As Dr. Haskins had told her a few days earlier that the first place they would need to visit was the Courts Building to confirm Lisa as his adopted daughter, Lisa assumed that is where they were now heading. On their arrival at wherever they were Lisa, Emily and Dr. Haskins left the vehicle and entered the building, making their way towards an elevator. On exiting the elevator Lisa was led down a corridor and into a room. Here she saw two males, one a young boy, the other a man who looked to be in his twenties. Lisa realized these were the first males she had encountered since the ‘occurrence’. The boy turned out to be the son of Dr. Haskins, his name being Dylan. On being introduced Lisa held out her right hand in preparation to shake hands. She received a complete surprise when Dylan bent at the waist, lifted her hand to his lips and gave the back of her fingers a gentle kiss.
Dr. Haskins then introduced the other man.
“This is Corey Patterson. He is a legal counsel and will be representing you this afternoon” the doctor told Lisa.
Corey Patterson did the same thing to her hand as Dylan had. Lisa was rather confused as to why she needed a legal counselor but found herself unable to ask the question in her brain. The reason was explained when the doctor spoke.
“We need to establish all your legal needs and requirements” he told her “And also get you made a legal part of the Haskins family”.
Lisa was expecting to be given time to discuss things with her counsel but this did not arise as she was led into a courtroom. As best she was able Lisa took in her surroundings, noting the elaborate carving on all the wood benches and court scenes painted on the walls. It was indicated that she should stand beside Mr. Patterson. She did so, wondering what was going to happen. A man in a bright red robe with white fur trim entered the room from a door hidden behind a screen. He took a seat in front of where Lisa and Corey were and began glancing through paperwork.
“Would Miss Lisa Gabriella Daniels please identify herself” he began by saying, or rather ordering.
Corey Patterson put his hand on Lisa’s elbow and indicated to the man, a Judge, telling him that she was Lisa Gabriella Daniels.
“I have the reports of this situation before me” he further announced without fanfare “Who is representing Miss Lisa Gabriella Daniels?” he asked.
“I am Sir” Corey said.
“And you are?” the Judge asked even though he knew full well who Corey was but the law had to be followed.
“Corey Andrew Patterson Sir” he said “Certified legal counsel of this State”.
Lisa tried to follow what was going on. She was not asked directly any questions by the Judge. These were directed to her counsel, who replied on her behalf. Lisa’s had no idea what was going on and she also wondered how her counsel could answer questions he had little idea about regarding her. After Corey had ended his speech, having answered the questions the Judge had asked, it took the Judge only a few seconds to give his ruling.
“After careful deliberation of the facts presented to me and under the power invested in me by the State I hereby declare that Miss Lisa Gabriella Daniels is from this day forward to be known as Miss Lisa Gabriella Haskins, the daughter of Winston and Isabella Haskins.” the Judge formally announced.
Lisa watched the Judge depart the courtroom. She had many questions she wished to ask but guessed that these would have to wait until such time as she was permitted to speak.
Lisa, along with the rest of her new ‘brother’, left the courtroom and returned to the street in front of the courthouse where Corey ordered a vehicle. One thing Lisa had learned was that the doctor, the man who it now seemed was her ‘father’ was named Winston. Once the vehicle had arrived the women were again strapped into place before they moved off.
“Where are we going?” Lisa heard Corey ask her ‘father’.
“Home I guess” was the reply.
How long the drive took Lisa had no idea, but as she had no watch and could not see a clock it seemed indeterminately long. When freed from the car Lisa found that she was standing in the driveway of what appeared to be a large house. She was escorted by Corey into the house. On entry Lisa was confronted by two other women, their ages indeterminate from the veils they wore. Of all the strange things Lisa realized she noticed about the two women was that their skirts were nowhere near as wide as the one she was wearing and did not look to be as stiff. The other point she noticed was that the vision areas of their veils were at least twice the size of the one she was wearing. The two women stepped forward and at a word from the doctor began to remove the coats of Lisa and Emily. Lisa stood waiting, hoping that other clothing might be removed.
All that happened was that she was guided by Corey down a short hallway and she saw Emily, who was in front of her, turn left through a doorway. Lisa automatically followed and found herself in what appeared to be a living room that was almost as large as the entire house she had lived in with her parents before ‘it’ happened. She noticed another woman present in the room, her skirt seeming even larger than the one Lisa wore. Once the men were settled in chairs Dr. Haskins spoke.
“Welcome to your new home Lisa” he began.
Pointing to the latest woman that Lisa had seen he added “Lisa I’d like you to meet your adoptive mother” then turning to face the woman said “Isabella meet your new daughter Lisa”
Lisa held out her hand to shake with Isabella but the woman did not move and then it was then that Lisa suddenly felt sorry for the woman, she had no arms.
“Oh, don’t worry Lisa” he told her on seeing how she looked at his wife “Your mother is one of those who follow the latest fashion. Her arms are bound behind her back”.
With those words he indicated that Isabella should turn around and show Lisa how her arms were held. Lisa was shocked to see that her ‘mother’s’ arms were held straight up her spine, her hands at the back of her neck.
Lisa’s new father spoke again “Feel free to treat this house as you no doubt did in the one in your old world. That means there is no need to stand on ceremony or ask permission to do this or that. I will get Emily to give you the guided tour in a little while. First I think we men need a drink and something to eat”.
With Isabella leading the way the family, plus Corey made their way to the dining room. Emily moved to stand behind Corey and Lisa was directed to stand behind Dylan. After the doctor had taken his seat Isabella moved to stand behind his chair. The doctor pressed a button on the arm of his chair and a few moments later two women appeared carrying trays. After the pair had set down the trays on the table Winston introduced the two to Lisa, saying they were maids.
“On the left we have Madeline, on the right is Cassandra, better known as Cassie. They will help you with your toilette and dressing each morning and evening as well as other matters as and when they arise”.
The two girls gave Lisa a curtsy, which she found somewhat amusing. The doctor dismissed the pair, telling them to get on with their work.
Lisa wondered about the meal wondering how she was going to eat with her face covered by the veil and her mouth and throat filled with the gag, that was until she remembered about the tube that had been fed to her stomach – the feeding tube. It now all made sense she thought. One confusing point was that from the little she could see of the table, the tray only seemed to contain three plates of food. Along with her sister and mother Lisa could only watch as the men ate and drank with nothing being offered to the women.
A short time later, at the behest of her mother, Emily showed Lisa around the house, leaving the quarters that they were to share until last. Lisa could not believe the space and further inspection revealed an en-suite bathroom. The two spent most of the afternoon in ‘their’ quarters. Time flew past for the pair. ‘Conversation’ Lisa discovered was done through notes. Of course, throughout the ‘conversation’ Emily wanted to know about where Lisa had previously lived, with Lisa telling her as best she was able. Emily found the part about fashion very strange, asking time and again if the females really wore whatever they wished. For Lisa, her interest, after asking about Emily’s father and being told that he and her mother were divorced four years previously, was in her ‘new world’ and Emily’s talk of fashion. The first thing she wanted to know about was the coat that she had worn earlier. ‘What is it made of? It was very heavy and was very shiny’ was Lisa’s message. Emily’s replying message told her that at first the garment did seem heavy to wear but she had now gotten used to the weight and thought nothing of it. She then added ‘It’s made of plastic’.
Lisa kept probing about fashion.
‘Surely there cannot be much fashion if what you wear is regulated?’ she wrote.
Emily’s reply was that the type of outfit that Lisa was currently wearing was only the minimum required under the law. So long as the outer garment covered completely, much of what was worn beneath, again so long as it covered the wearer, was up to the individual. Lisa received a real shock when Emily bought some dolls into the room to show Lisa different fashions. ‘Maybe we can go a boutique and see them for real tomorrow if you want to’. Lisa vigorously nodded her head in reply.
Bedtime saw Lisa receive yet another surprise. Maids came and removed Emily and Lisa’s clothing, leaving them standing naked in the bedroom. Lisa then followed her maid into the bathroom where she showered, again to Lisa’s surprise, assisted by the maid. Having finished her shower, the maid began to prepare Lisa for bed. Before that she was fed by the maid who used large syringes filled with a puree of food which they pushed into the valve at the end of the feeding tube before pressing the plunger, thus forcing the food into the stomach. With the feeding ended the maid put the Lisa into a clean diaper, dressed her in a clean bodysuit, replaced the corset, which was laced less tightly, gloves, stockings and footwear before replacing the veil. Lisa wondered what was going on. She thought she was being readied for bed not dressed again and she tried to write a note to ask the maid what was going on.
Lisa was shown her ‘bed’. This comprised a narrow board covered by a thin mattress over which a sheet of something shiny was spread. The maid helped Lisa sit on the edge of the bed and swing her legs and feet onto it. This done Lisa lay down as instructed and with Lisa in place the maid pulled the upper sheet over Lisa’s body and zipped the edges closed. Tubes were inserted into the breathing tubes. These were part of the upper sheet drawn over Lisa’s body and connected to a hose that was fitted to the bottom of the ‘bed’. Before Lisa really understood exactly what was happening the maid had started a pump that drew all the air from between the two sheets of rubber, leaving Lisa unable to move from the position the maid had placed her in. Lisa was in fact, whether she knew it or not, in a vacuum bed as she would be every night. With all of the air withdrawn from between the two sheets of rubber Lisa lay pinned in place, barely able to move a muscle, the sheet of rubber over her leaving her in total darkness. Minutes after the pair had been ‘vacuum packed’ Isabella entered the room, walked over and kissed Lisa on the forehead. After Isabella had departed the maid turned off the lights to let her charge sleep in peace.
Due to the unaccustomed position she was forced to sleep in and from thinking about how this world was different from her own, Lisa spent a sleepless night. Her morning ablutions, done in the large bathroom, were somewhat of a surprise as the procedure used was very different from that of the night before. Lisa stood with her arms stretched out to her sides, held by cuffs at shoulder height to either side of the shower cubicle while the maid washed her under the shower and even cleaned her teeth for her.
Having been led to her dressing room, Lisa was dressed by the maid in the same manner as the previous day. Following instructions that Emily had given her the day before she made her way to the kitchen where Emily had said was where the family had breakfast, only to find nobody there. A maid indicated that the family was having breakfast outside so Lisa began to walk in that direction to join them. As Lisa neared the door a maid stopped her and handed her a message which read: ‘To go outside you must be wearing your coat’. Now suitably attired to be outside she made her way to where the family was seated, next to a large swimming pool she noted, she saw that, apart from her adoptive mother, only Dylan was present. Her new mother welcomed her and indicated she should stand beside her.
“Emily will be along soon” Dylan informed her.
For the women breakfast again meant standing behind the chairs but with only the doctor and Dylan present the sisters had to both stand behind Dylan’s chair. With breakfast over Lisa returned indoors where a maid removed her coat. She looked about for Emily, finally being told by a maid that the doctor and Emily had left for work and Dylan had left for school.
Using a notepad a maid asked Lisa if she would like something to read and she was shown some magazines which turned out to be fashion magazines. Lisa opened one to a page and saw several pictures of women wearing plugs in their bottoms, others with their nipples stretched as Emily had said hers were. As she slowly read the magazines Lisa realized that in this world these items, along with many others, were ‘fashion’ items that the women chose to wear or have inserted in their bodies in addition to the clothing required under the law. Lisa was confused as to why anyone would choose to do such strange things. While she had been reading Isabella had gotten one of the maids to set up a film projector to which she drew Lisa’s attention, signaling the maid to run the film. Lisa watched as the film showed what she had just recently read about. Every so often there was what appeared to be a white piece of film on which there appeared to be writing but no matter how hard she tried and concentrated, Lisa was unable to make out what it said.
A maid, Lisa still did not know how to tell Madeline and Cassie apart, or even if there were others, was cleaning the room when the film ended and on seeing Lisa looking around pointed towards the door to the patio that Lisa knew led outside and onto the patio. She indicated to a maid she wished to go outside and was fitted with her coat. Wearing the coat still gave Lisa a small problem as, having to be closed from bottom to top, the upper closures pressed the veil close to the face, making it harder to breathe. On her arrival at poolside she was a little surprised to see that Isabella was already there and standing under a large umbrella. She indicated that Lisa should stand next to her. For Lisa the rest of the day was rather restful as she attempted to get used to the new lifestyle imposed on her. She did go for a trip to the local shopping centre with her adoptive mother and a maid to buy food in the afternoon.
In the evening she was again permitted to converse with Emily who explained about items it was thought fashionable to wear that Lisa had read and watched about earlier in the day. She did find out that there was a downside to wearing any of these ‘so-called’ fashion items as, once a female had decided to wear such an item, it became almost compulsory to wear them most of the time as others would question why such and such an item was not being worn that day. Emily also told Lisa of ‘fashion items’ she wore. Using a notepad Emily wrote ‘If you want to be fashionable it is almost compulsory to be deafened and have your arms restrained except while actually at work. Some employers insist on it. Yesterday father permitted me to have my arms unrestrained to welcome you. This morning, after breakfast they were restrained behind my back. Not like mothers but behind me across the small of my back like this’. At this point Emily turned and showed Lisa how her arms were positioned. Lisa took hold of the notepad and, turning to a blank page, wrote ‘Why would employers want you deaf and your arms restrained?” Emily’s took back the pad, writing ‘I think it is so that the employee does not hear things they are not supposed to and with their arms restrained it makes it difficult for them to make contact with people outside of work to give away any secrets’. After Lisa had read this message she added more words ‘The Government encourages us females to wear fashionable items by sometimes offering monetary bonuses and things like that’ were the words Lisa read.
In her bed that night Lisa thought about what Emily had explained and told her about. The more she thought about it the more confused her mind became between what seemed sensible, to wear only what the law required, or being a girl up with the latest fashion. The ensuing three days did not change a great deal. Her new father and Emily went to work, Dylan went to school, leaving her at home with her adoptive mother, who was unable to make any kind of communication with her, and whichever maids were on duty, as she was sure by now that there were more than two. In an attempt to be useful Lisa tried to help clean the house and prepare the meals but the maids sent her away indicating it was their job to clean the house and prepare meals. On the third day, Lisa was handed a message by one of the maids, asking she if she would like to accompany the maid to the shops to buy needed groceries. At first Lisa thought she was being asked if she wanted to accompany her mother and the maid, only to realize moments later that it meant go on her own with the maid. Lisa was very apprehensive as she left the house for the first time on her own except for the maid. Having gone with Isabella days earlier she knew the way but every step had her thinking that people would stare at her as she minced along the street.
Over the ensuing days and weeks Lisa gradually became more bored. With the maids doing the housework and her not having a job she had nothing to do. She had gone to a few job interviews arranged by her father but nothing had come of them. She had helped out in the doctor’s offices on the reception desk a few times when one of the staff was unavailable and she had quite enjoyed doing it. Each evening during their conversations Emily would ask Lisa if she had thought any further about wearing some fashion items. She kept saying ‘no’ although she knew her resolve was slipping. Her father told Lisa each evening that he was on the lookout for employment for her. Each time she was told this Lisa wondered why she was not permitted to look for her own job.
It was two nights later when Lisa’s resolve finally gave up. ‘If I did want to become fashionable, only if mind you, what should I get first?’ her note asked Emily. ‘I guess that would be up to you. I got all of my stuff done at the same time. It saves you money that way’ was Emily’s reply. ‘It’s a stupid idea anyway. I have no job and no money to pay for anything’ Lisa wrote. ‘I’m sure father would help you out. You know? Lend you the money until you could pay him back. It might also be a help you get a job. As I said the other day, most employers like their staff to be fashionable’. The pair ‘talked’ a bit more before bedtime.
When she arrived down for breakfast the next morning Lisa saw Emily hand her father a note. Lisa watched him read it and saw a smile spread across his face.
“So, Lisa. Emily informs me you want to become more fashionable. Is that right?” he asked.
She did not know how to answer. This was an unexpected turn of events. She was hoping that the conversation she had with Emily would be forgotten as she was not really sure she wanted to be fashionable when thinking about what it required. Taking a sheet of paper from the table she wrote ‘I’m not sure. It was just something I was talking to Emily about last night’.
“Is that a Yes or a No?” her father insisted.
‘I guess it’s a Yes but I’m not really sure’ Lisa added to the bottom of her previous message.
“I’ll take it as a Yes and make some arrangements” her father told her.
‘What do you mean by you by you will make the arrangements? I’ll just go to wherever I need to go when I feel ready to do so’ was Lisa’s next addition to the note.
“It doesn’t work that way. As you are a single female, a parent has to give their permission and make all the necessary arrangements”.
As best she was able Lisa just shrugged her shoulders.
Lisa knew she was now fully committed after being told that an appointment had been made for her at ‘Fantasy of Fashion’ in two days time at nine o’clock.
‘What I am going to have done?’ she asked Emily later. ‘That will be revealed once you are at Fantasy of Fashion’ Emily’s note informed her. Lisa was no longer looking forward to that particular day.
Accompanied by Isabella, Winston and Emily, both of who had taken time off work, Lisa was shown into a waiting room at ‘Fantasy of Fashion’. A short time later Winston was asked to accompany another man and left the two women alone. They sat looking at each other as without a pen and paper they were unable to communicate with each other. Around fifteen minutes later Winston returned, telling Lisa she was to go with the man. Her heart began to beat faster as she thought about what was to happen but instead of being taken further into the boutique she was led to an office where a man sat behind a desk.
After introducing himself as ‘Mr. Ross’ he spoke “Miss Haskins” he began, momentarily confusing Lisa who was still getting used to being called Haskins and not Daniels, “Your father informs me that you are currently unemployed and looking for work. Is that correct?’ the man asked.
Lisa indicated that it was. The man spoke again.
“I understand from him that you have some secretarial experience. Is that also correct?”
Lisa wondered where this was leading. Was this information really needed for her to be made fashionable? The man let Lisa know he knew her circumstances.
Without any further preamble Ross asked Lisa “Would you like the opportunity to work for Fantasy of Fashion?”
Lisa was shocked. Where had that idea come from she wondered. Taking a sheet of paper from the pile on the desk she wrote ‘I thought I was here to get some fashionable clothing not applying for a job’.
“After what your father has just told me about your circumstances, Fantasy of Fashion, well I, as the general manager, are prepared to offer you a job. I need a secretary and you are available. Are you interested in the position?” were the words Mr. Ross used.
‘When do you want an answer by?’ were the words of Lisa’s next message.
“Preferably right now” was his reply. “But I guess it could wait until tomorrow”.
‘Can I speak with my father?’ Lisa asked.
“Why do you need to do that? He has already negotiated on your behalf and agreed to you taking the job if you want it” were the words Lisa heard him say.
Lisa was a little shocked to be told this until she recalled what he had told her about a ‘guardian’ making decisions for her.
As quickly as she could, she was still having a few problems in writing while wearing the gloves, Lisa wrote another message ‘Sorry, I was forgetting. You must understand that having somebody else talk on my behalf is still very strange to me. I guess if my father thinks it a good idea for me to work for your company then I accept’ she wrote.
“Good. That’s all settled then. I hope you’ll be very happy working for us. All we need to do now is get you dressed in the in the manner of an employee of Fantasy of Fashion” Mr. Ross ended in saying.
This last comment left Lisa wondering exactly what he meant and what she had let herself in for, wondering just how an employee was dressed.
Lisa realized there was another person standing beside her. Mr. Ross told her the woman’s name was Mrs. Bishop and that Lisa was to accompany her as she was the person who would be overseeing her progress into a Fantasy of Fashion employee. Lisa awkwardly turned and followed Mrs. Bishop out the door and into another room. Once there Lisa saw two females were also present and at a signal from Mrs. Bishop, after overriding the time locks on her clothing, they began to undress her. For some reason unknown to her, Lisa used her arms to cover her breasts and vagina as best she was able. She was handed a pre-written message. ‘As you are already fitted with a permanent gag we will be able to bypass that. To be a Fantasy of Fashion employee requires you to be dressed to a certain standard, much of which will not be comfortable and will be restrictive. Hopefully we will be able to get you to the required measurements’ Lisa read.
Mrs. Bishop informed Lisa that the first thing they were going to do was the cinching of her breasts and the stretching of her nipples. Lisa was not sure she wanted this done but knew that having accepted to job she needed to be dressed in the required manner. Mrs. Bishop showed Lisa one of the metal cinches that were thirty-five millimeters wide that were soon to surround her breasts. ‘Some women wish to be restrained for the fitting of the cinches. Do you want to be restrained while this procedure is undertaken?’ a further message asked. Lisa shook her head having decided that she would attempt to try and show how strong she was. With the help of one of her assistants Mrs. Bishop began the fitting of the cinches. The women took a breast each and began pushing a cinch over the breast towards Lisa’s chest. With them hard against her body a slight pressure was exerted so that the narrower lip could slide into the groove on each cinch. Once this had been achieved a circular piece of cloth covered metal was placed around the cinches. Using a screw-driver the assistant, under the close scrutiny of Mrs. Bishop began to turn the screw, which in turn caused a ratchet to slowly push the lip further into the groove. Lisa stood squirming as the pain increased, tears streaming down her face. To Lisa’s relief Mrs. Bishop called a halt. Showing Lisa another of the seemingly never-ending messages that now ruled her life she read ‘There are still several millimeters to go before the cinch reaches its desired size but we will do that at a later time’.
The nipples were the next part of Lisa’s body to undergo change. The assistants began kneading and twisting the nipples until they became rock hard. Once this had been achieved Mrs. Bishop closed small golden colored rings around the base of each. This done and without warning Lisa she pierced her nipples and placed barbells through the holes before placing cage-like devices over each nipple. As the cages slipped into place Lisa could already feel the tiny spikes pressing against her areola as she drew breath. Mrs. Bishop then took hold of her left nipple with a small set of forceps and pulled it outward. When she felt that the nipple was extended as far as it would go she released the forceps grip on the nipple. This action allowed the barbell to drop into a small groove in the cage, thus holding the nipple stretched. The action was then repeated on Lisa’s right nipple. She could now feel the spikes pressing harder against her breasts at each inhalation. Another message ‘Over time we will gradually stretch your nipples further. Hopefully we will be able to get them to about twenty to twenty-five millimeters in length’. Lisa made what she thought the conversion into inches coming up with twenty-five millimeters being close to an inch. How can they stretch my nipples that far? She wondered to herself. Lisa could only watch in horror as plastic tubes were fitted over her stretched nipples. ‘These will stop you or anyone else for that matter, touching your nipples’ a message informed her.
Lisa was directed to sit in a chair that looked very much like one you might find in a dental surgery, the main difference being a number of straps attached to it. Mrs. Bishop had her assistants strap Lisa down before she explained what the next part of her becoming a ‘Fantasy of Fashion’ employee involved. After being told that she was to be made deaf as was the growing trend, basically begun several months ago by the company, Lisa began to panic, the straps holding her firmly to the chair. Unable to get out of the chair she watched as two other women came into view. Neither of these women said a word, they just began to do their job. Lisa was shown the devices that were to rob her of hearing. They were shell-like devices with a small plug attached. A mirror was placed so that she could watch the procedure. The rubber devices were stretched over the shell of her ears so that the plugs sat inside her ear canals. Next a container was affixed to a small hose in the same manner as it had been when she was gagged. Strapped down she could do nothing when the saw the hoses begin to tremble as the epoxy resin was pumped into the plugs in her ears until the shells over her ears began to bulge. One of the women took up some kind of siren and blasted it right next to her. Lisa knew that ordinarily this would have scared her to death but with the resin in her ears she heard nothing.
Suitably deafened Lisa was then directed to a gynecological table where her legs were placed in the stirrups and pulled widely apart. Another pre-written message was held in front of her face. ‘You are now going to be fitted with your ‘arouser’’ the message informed her, leaving Lisa to wonder exactly what an ‘arouser’ was, she could not recall Emily mentioning such a thing in their talks about fashion. Lisa looked in awe as Mrs. Bishop showed her the large ‘arouser’ she was going to fill her vagina with. To Lisa’s eyes the ‘arouser’ was a dildo. From Lisa’s perspective it looked harmless enough, just a lump of rubber with shiny metal spots along the outside. If she could have seen inside the rubber she would have seen a large metal core. This core was mainly hollow, containing the battery and other electrical parts. Mrs. Bishop carefully inserted the object into its new home, giving Lisa the feeling of being absolutely filled. ‘When your dressing is finished the arouser will be turned on’ Lisa read in the next message. The next message scared Lisa as she read ‘From what we know from others wearing this device, within a few hours of it being activated you will be silently pleading for it to be turned off. Of course, that is not going to happen. For an unmarried woman of fashion life is one of permanent sexual frustration’.
Lisa was freed from the table and ordered to bend over a waist high bar. Another of a seeming endless number of pre-written messages on thick card appeared in front of Lisa’s face. ‘We are now going to fit you with your enema plug. Once it is fitted it will be locked in place, never to be removed’. Lisa jumped when the nose of the plug touched her sphincter but she was helpless to stop the gigantic plug’s progress into her bottom. To her horror more resin was pumped in to it and Lisa thought she was going to be split in half. There was no warning given to Lisa that many small ‘locking devices’ were going to be sprung from the plug into the tender flesh inside her anus. She was horrified at what had just been done but the gag ensured she kept any comment she might have to herself. ‘You will unfortunately feel very sore for a few days’ a message informed her.
The next stage of Lisa’s dressing was the fitting of the diaper into which her urine would now run unimpeded as the catheter ensured she would not be able to hold back her bladder function. Just before she fitted the diaper Mrs. Bishop released the clamp on the end of the urine drain and allowed the stream to drop into a small container. Attention turned to Lisa’s upper body again as she was fitted with a combined neck brace and head cage. This was made from metal with an open lace-like design so that the head and neck could be washed and dried without its removal, necessary as the brace was a permanent fitting.
An assistant carried something over her arm to where Lisa stood. It turned out to be a bodysuit but once fitted it felt and looked very different from the one she had been wearing since being permitted to leave the clinic. The tightly fitting suit was stretched over her body, taking Mrs. Bishop and one of her assistants to achieve this. As the suit was pulled further up her body Lisa realized that there were holes that allowed her cinched breasts and stretched nipples to pass through. The bodysuit covered Lisa’s head with only small areas left uncovered at her nostrils and eyes and where the feeding tube was at mouth level. Mrs. Bishop she Lisa a number of messages and Lisa found it harder and harder to comprehend much of what she was being told. Making matters worse was that whenever Mrs. Bishop mentioned measurements Lisa had to try and calculate the metric sizes given into the inches that she knew better. Another message appeared which read ‘Fantasy of Fashion insists on rubber bodysuits for its female staff members You are now wearing yours’.
Lisa permitted Mrs. Bishop to lead her across the room by the elbow without a struggle. Here she saw one of the females holding what was obviously her new corset. ‘What had she been told about this corset’ she asked herself. She recalled something about a forty-centimeter maximum waist measurement and tried to quickly work that out in inches, coming up with a number that frightened her, surely her waist could never be reduced to sixteen inches which was the size she worked out. To her utter surprise, by the time Mrs. Bishop and one of her assistants had fully tightened the corset that covered her from hip to shoulder, a tape measure showed forty centimeters. Lisa struggled to draw breath, each inhalation pressing her ribs hard against the stiff metal stays of the garment. She could feel her breasts attempt to rise and fall with each breath. Lisa was permitted to look at her reflection in a mirror and what she saw shocked her, with her tiny waist and cinched breasts she looked like a comic caricature of a female.
With Lisa again seated in the chair, but not strapped down, in which she had been robbed of her ability to hear a message told Lisa that her footwear would be the next item fitted. One of Mrs. Bishop’s assistants held them up for her inspection, an action which resulted in a great deal of violent head shaking from Lisa. Mrs. Bishop lifted her skirt a few inches and drew Lisa’s attention to her own feet where she saw that the woman was wearing the same style of boot, as were the assistants when they did the same thing on the instruction of their boss. The items drawing Lisa’s ire were a pair of black, thigh length boots in a style she had seen in fashion magazines shown her by Isabella. From what she could recall the style of footwear was known a ‘toe shoe’ as they forced the wearer to remain on their toes as a ballerina might when ‘en Pointe’. The difference between this footwear and that worn by a dancer was the seven-inch tall spike heel that prevented the wearer from dropping from ‘Pointe’ at any time due to the stiffened ankles. Once the boots had been fitted Lisa also discovered that as well as having no flexibility in her ankles, her knees were also hard to bend, only giving enough to let her take a tiny step.
Just the action of walking the few feet to the mirror in the tight corset had left her out of breath. Lisa reflected on her dressing. Following the corset, she had been fitted with a pair of stockings. These were red in color and, from the little she had seen of them, looked to be made from rubber. Once drawn up her legs they were attached to garters on the bottom of the corset. Shoulder length gloves, also red and also appearing to be rubber were the next items fitted. A garment that looked like the narrow underskirt worn previously was drawn up Lisa’s legs to the bottom of the corset where it was attached to the small hooks. Lisa looked down and saw that this underskirt as she assumed it was also seemed to be rubber as it shone in the light and appeared to be of a tighter fit than the one recently removed.
The item Lisa thought of as the ‘crinoline cage’ was fitted next. By the time it had been fitted by attaching it to the hooks at the hip level of the corset Lisa could feel its considerable weight. Its design also looked different and was definitely wider at the hips than the one she had been wearing and from what she could see it appeared to be wider at the hem as well. The flouncy petticoats were then lowered over her head and they too were affixed to the hooks on the corset. Lisa wondered what was going on as all of the clothing that she wore to this point seemed to be made of rubber. Everything went black for a few moments as another garment was dropped over Lisa’s head. Once able to see again and after Mrs. Bishop and her assistants had the garment correctly fitted she saw it was a dress. Her reflection showed that the dress was a bright scarlet in color and Lisa could see what she thought was the company’s logo picked out in a random pattern in blue and yellow. The dress hugged her upper body from chin to waist with the enormous skirt flowing over the underlying cage and petticoats. Being made from a heavy grade of rubber the dress added considerably to the weight Lisa was already carrying upon her body, leaving her wondering just how she was supposed to work while carrying this weight around all day.
A message informed Lisa that there was now only her veil to be fitted before she was wearing what the message called ‘her office outfit’. Resigned to what was to happen she stood still as the veil was fitted. As it was pulled over her head again everything went black leaving Lisa to think it was black in color as the one worn earlier was. As Lisa peered through the clear plastic, smoke grey tinted vision area, the mirror revealed this was not so. Although the inside was black the outside was the same color as the dress. From what she could feel Lisa thought the veil much heavier than the one worn previously but breathing felt more difficult even though it had never been easy while wearing the earlier version. Messages revealed that the veil was indeed made of rubber, the only breaks in its surface being the multitude of pin-head size holes at her nose for breathing. With the now well-hidden neck brace in place, all Lisa could do was stare straight ahead through the vision lenses in front of each eye, these being rather small, five-centimeter circles.
Lisa had but a minute to check the remainder of her clothing as the bottom of the mirror was adjusted away from her. She saw that her feet and hands, both in black, contrasted with the scarlet of the dress. She also had a moment to reflect that, as a message had told her, the hem of the underskirt would permit her paces of no more than ten centimeters, four tiny inches she had worked out. It was at this point that Martin Ross entered the room.
“Just the out of the office garments to be fitted now” he said, himself forgetting that under the latest change to the fashion, none of the four women in the room could hear him.
He directed Mrs. Bishop to fetch the jacket that Lisa was to wear at all times she was outside of the office. As it was lifted up for her to place her arms into the sleeves Lisa wondered why it was being fitted from the front and that the arms looked to be far too long. It took some effort for her to push her hands through the tight elastic at the wrists, only to discover that she was forced to fold her hands into fists so they would fit into the small pockets at the end of the sleeves. Martin Ross took over the fitting at this time as he closed firstly the zip up the back of the hip length jacket and with that done to close the many straps that ran up its back.
Once satisfied with the tightness of the straps, which had pulled the jacket tightly about Lisa’s torso thus keeping her exaggerated shape on view, he pulled the sleeves of the jacket, and thus her arms, behind her, an action that at first Lisa resisted until his pull got so great she could not longer fight him. By now Lisa’s hands were close to her shoulder blades and it was now that Martin lifted the veil up as far as her neck and locked a narrow metal ring around her neck. To this ring he attached the ends of the sleeves to a roller buckle on the rear of the ring. By using the roller buckle he slowly pulled Lisa’s arms higher up her back until by the time he stopped her hands and forearms were beneath the veil and touching the back of her neck. Lisa was in a considerable amount of discomfort but found she could do nothing to relieve the strain on her shoulders. Taking a metal ring from one of the female assistants Martin Ross began to press Lisa’s elbows closer together, a procedure he continued to do until they touched resulting in her forearms being held up her spine. The ring he then placed around the elbows, ratcheting it closed until Lisa had no option but to keep her arms in the position they had been placed in.
The messages, they seemed to be almost continuous, were beginning to annoy Lisa but she realized that they were about her only way of being communicated to or with since she had been robbed of speech and hearing by what this world thought to be fashion and was starting to regret accepting the job and wondering how easy it would be to change her mind. The next set of messages from her boss Mr. Ross informed Lisa that at all times she was not in the office or being bathed her arms would be kept in the position they were now in and that, as her father had told him that her mother already wore her arms in this style and the maids knew the procedure there would be no problems. They also informed her that instead of a coat she would now wear a cloak and that it would, except for while at work, be worn both inside and outside. As she did not have the use of her hands there was no need for hand slits in the cloak. The cloak also been designed to further reduce the amount of vison permitted. The style was described as ‘pepper-pot’ and from what Lisa understood these were a number of three-millimeter holes in front of her eyes (she worked this out to be around an eighth of an inch). The hood of the cloak would cover her head completely with slightly larger holes than in the underlying veil. The messages ended by letting Lisa know that the way she was dressed was designed to virtually isolate her outside of the office as the ‘pepper-pot’ eye holes made even reading messages almost impossible to do. This would prevent her from moving very far on her own and that the company would make an escort available to her.
Feeling a hand on her elbow Lisa allowed herself to be led from the room. In addition to the difficulty in drawing breath, she could tell that the thick rubber underskirt was far tighter about her thighs than the one she had worn the past few days, thus adding to the feeling of restriction. By the time she had reached the elevator, a distance of no more than fifty feet, Lisa was badly out of breath and glad of the short wait for the elevators arrival. Another short walk, a return to the office of her boss, left her short of breath again. Once she was in the office Martin removed the cloak so he could let his new employee read messages explaining the way, as a female employee of Fantasy of Fashion, she was expected to behave and deport herself at all times, which basically seemed to be that she was to act as if none of the confining items were being worn. They went on to tell her the hours of employment, which were nine o’clock in the morning until five in the afternoon Monday to Friday, adding that she would be expected to report daily, at fifteen minutes before eight o’clock to enable the cloak to be removed and her arms released.
Lisa suddenly felt a slight tickling sensation in her vagina. This made her jump a little and when she looked at her new boss he had a wide grin on his face. Almost instantly Lisa recalled being told that she would be kept almost permanently aroused and guessed her boss had begun the process. She was informed that the dildo filling her worked on radio signals over which she, or anyone else, had control, the intensity she would feel could be anything from a slight tickle to something far more but that she would never be permitted to reach the climax she would be dying to attain. To Lisa’s horror her boss told her that now that the process had been started there was no way for the arousal feature to be turned off unless the dildo was removed. Her boss gave her information about the cloak. He told her it was made of rubber, a fact she already knew, and was four millimeters thick. She was also informed that the outside was covered with a compound that reflected heat away from the body while on the other hand heat generated by the body would remain trapped inside the garment. Lisa was also told by Mr. Ross that the garment she wore weighed close to two kilograms. By this time Lisa had given up trying to convert the metric measurements to imperial sizes and weights.
“Now to set you to work” Mr. Ross’ note told Lisa, who was quite surprised as she had not expected to start work immediately. ‘We’ll start by getting you up to speed with the use of the telephone and communication set-up’.
Lisa was shown to the desk in the outer office where a man was waiting for her. Once she was stood beside him began to show Lisa how to work the system.
Lisa immediately discovered a problem. She had learnt to be a secretary using computers and all their ancillary equipment. Here there were no computers, literally no equipment of any kind except for what she knew to be a manual typewriter. Lisa began to test out the typewriter. Problem number one, the keyboard layout was not qwerty. The letters of the alphabet appeared to run in order, the top row being a-h, the second i-o with the third row taking the rest of the alphabet. The bottom row of keys contained all the punctuation marks. Another surprise was that all the letters were capitals, Lisa could not find any lower-case letters. The numbers 1-0 ran down the right-hand side of the keyboard in two columns of five.
A panicking Lisa went to see Mr. Ross to try and explain her problem to him. He had no understanding of her mention of ‘lower-case’ letters and it was then that it dawned on her that all the notes and messages she had been shown, and written herself, were in capitals. Anglia did not seem to have lower-case. Mr. Ross told her not to worry, he was sure she would learn quickly, something Lisa was not so sure of. She spent some time trying to type some words, seeing just how much pressure was needed to operate the keys. If copies were required carbon paper had to be used, this again something totally unfamiliar to her. Lisa was extremely shocked when she was told it was time to go home. ‘Time to finish for the day’ Lisa’s boss informed her.
A man entered Ross’s office. Mr. Ross handed Lisa a message. She read ‘Miss Haskins I’d like you to meet Sam Wallace’. Lisa had to turn her whole body to face the man just introduced. Lisa continued to read the remainder of the message ‘He will be escorting you to and from work each day until you feel that you can manage to do so yourself’. Lisa found it strange, almost surreal, as Sam guided her from the building and into the street. After the pair had entered the street he made sure that Lisa understood that she should turn right. Under Sam’s guidance she minced and tottered her way down the footpath until reaching an intersection. There they waited until the sign across the street said ‘cross now’ and once it did so Lisa found that she was forced to hurry to get across before the light changed. This action left her short of breath and she tried in vain to get Sam to slow down. About half way down the block Sam stopped and pointed to the several signs with numbers on them, moving towards the one that said ‘12’ where he and Lisa joined the line of people waiting there. Sam produced another of the inevitable notes which, due to the small amount of vision now permitted, she had great difficulty in reading ‘This is the stop, number twelve, you need to catch the coach home’ it told her.
After many minutes wait, something Lisa was glad of as it enabled her to get a few breaths into her lungs without expending any. Once a large vehicle, a coach, stopped in front of them Sam indicated that they should get aboard. As soon as the vehicle began moving Sam bought Lisa’s attention to a sign flashing a number at the front of the vehicle. The sign was flashing the number ‘25’ and shortly after the vehicle stopped and Lisa saw people moving, guessing they were at another drop off/pick up point. ‘We need to get off at stop number forty-nine’ the message, again obviously pre-prepared as it was on card not paper informed her. When the number they wanted began to flash on the sign Sam helped Lisa to rise from her seat.
By now Lisa was finding it hard to concentrate on where she was being led even though she knew she that was what she was supposed to be doing. The problem was that simply getting enough air into her lungs, the act of walking in the extreme heels with such tiny steps and the continual tickle in her nether region were taking most of her concentration. Sam turned her right, back the way the coach had travelled. After a few paces she found herself staring across the road at a ‘don’t walk’ sign and stood waiting until it changed to ‘walk’. If she could have Lisa would have smiled at the thought that crossed her mind, that being that it would be nice if she could walk instead of mince across the road. On reaching the other footpath Sam turned her right and down the street. Lisa suddenly realized she now knew where she was, she had seen this street when going shopping with Isabella, realizing ‘home’ was some distance away.
By the time Sam and Lisa had walked close to a kilometer from where they got off the coach to her home, Lisa was again close to collapse, very glad of Sam’s arm at her waist to help hold her up. Sam knocked on the door and it was answered by one of the maids. Sam explained who he was and the maid bid he and Lisa to enter.
“Doctor Haskins said to expect you Sir and said we were to offer you something to drink”.
“Thank Doctor Haskins for the offer but I have to get home” Sam informed the maid. “I will be here at about seven o’clock in the morning to escort Miss Haskins back to work. As we will not have much time, please make sure she is ready”.
The maid nodded her understanding to Sam and after his departure led Lisa to the living area where her adoptive mother stood. Lisa sat and drew in as big breaths as the combination of the corset and face covering permitted.
Having recovered her breathe Lisa rose and found her way to the kitchen where Emily was busy supervising a maid making dinner. With her arms held behind her back she was unable to communicate with Emily or the maid so Lisa simply stood and watched as best she could with her head held rigidly. It was at this time that Lisa began to understand about the ‘frustration’ she had been told about. While moving about, her concentration required elsewhere in breathing and walking, the tickling sensation was not so evident but having little to do and her mind blank the tickle began to get annoying and against her wishes, her mind concentrated on it. A little later Isabella arrived home but the happiness quickly turned to more frustration as Lisa realized it was not possible to communicate with her either. Eventually the family sat down for the evening meal. Lisa was having a difficult time coming to grips with her situation as she stood behind Dylan’s chair staring across the table at Emily. At last it was time for bed. Lisa still found it strange to be expected to sleep wearing the same clothes with only the outer garment removed.
Lisa was woken at six o’clock and prepared for the arrival of Sam an hour later so that he could escort her to have her morning ritual undergone and a change of clothing even though that would be identical to those that were removed. Lisa spent much of that day again learning how things worked in the office and practicing using the typewriter. Filing she found was similar to what she knew, the main difference being that the drawers used for filing were situated side-by-side and not above each other, this Lisa assumed because she was only able to see things at a certain height and was unable to bend to reach anything lower. Lisa continued to work for the remainder of the week, with her boss congratulating her on how quickly she seemed to be adapting to using the unfamiliar equipment.
The daily cleaning process, now done at Fantasy of Fashion and not at her home, meaning she now had to arrive at the office building even earlier, still amazed Lisa. It was mostly automated. She was stripped of her clothing and, wearing only the head cage/neck brace, was positioned in a shower with her arms strapped fully extended at shoulder height. From this point the process was automatic, shower, drying and oiling. When the process had ended Lisa was released from the shower cubicle, redressed and told to report to her place of work. Stood at her desk Lisa began work. The first thing she had been told to check each morning was the mail and any internal messages that may have been left for Mr. Ross. At just after five o’clock Sam entered the office to escort Lisa home.
On her arrival home Lisa was shown a message by the maid who greeted her at the door. The message was from Emily and read: ‘I have arranged for us to go out this evening if you wish to do so. At about seven o’clock we will be picked up by Corey and a friend of his. I do not know where they intend to take us, but that is a normal state of affairs for “dates’” here which, from what you have told me, is much different than you are used to. If you wish to come with us, indicate so by twisting your body from side to side. From this the maid will know your answer and let me know accordingly’. To Lisa it seemed but a very short time after her arrival home that she was on her way out again, having been introduced to Corey’s friend Jason. A fifteen-minute ride in Jason’s car saw the four of them arrive at a cinema. Lisa strained to see a name so she might later be able to work out where the cinema was situated. With his hand on her elbow Jason escorted Lisa into the cinema. Corey and Jason had paid for a small glass-fronted room at the rear of the cinema. The room only contained two seats, Lisa and Emily having to stand behind the seat of their partner. Although Lisa was glad to be out of the house, she found the evening rather boring. Compared to what she was used to the movie was very old-fashioned, she thought of those she had seen from the 1950’s back ‘home’, and being unable to view the screen easily or hear the dialogue did not help the problem.
By the time she got home Lisa was feeling extremely tired and her feet were in agony. A maid was waiting to help her to bed, quickly stripping her of the outer garment and getting her into her bed. When woken the following morning Lisa still felt very tired and her feet and legs still ached but even though it was Saturday, a non-working day, there was no chance of ‘lying-in’ as she still had to report to the office building at her designated time for her daily cleaning and change of clothing.
For the remainder of the weekend, although she would not have openly admitted it, Lisa became very bored. Except for the cleaning visits the only time she went outside of the house over the weekend was on Saturday afternoon when she accompanied Isabella and Emily to do the shopping but was only able to mince along the aisles. When Sam showed at the door on Monday morning to escort her to work Lisa felt a certain amount of relief. When it was time to leave work for the day Lisa’s boss called her into the office and handed her a message. ‘As Sam has an appointment this afternoon I shall be your escort home tonight. We will be travelling by car’ she read.
Nothing much changed over the ensuing weeks and months. Lisa settled into her new surrounds. Many evenings, while standing in the living room of the Haskins house in almost total isolation, her mind wandered to her ‘previous’ life. How were her parents were reacting to the loss of their only child? If it had even been mentioned in the media, what had been said about her disappearance? Had it been assumed abducted, murdered or simply classed as yet another ‘runaway’? Was she still being looked for or had the police given up, classing her as a runaway? The thought of the police set her mind to thinking that surely somebody had seen what happened, surely a large ‘flash’ that suddenly happened on a fairly crowded street would have had witnesses.
All these thoughts did not help her solve anything. According to the answers of her questions to her adoptive father the scientists of Anglia insisted they had no knowledge of what caused the vortex so had no way of telling Lisa what had happened. This all led to her finally accepting that her life was now in Anglia and not Britain, especially since Jason had begun to regularly take her on visits to places on the weekends.

One thought on “A New World

  1. A pretty violent story in another world. I do not want to live there as a woman either. But still an interesting story, as it could be in a paralell universe.

    Eine ziemlich heftige Geschichte in einer anderen Welt. Da möchte ich als Frau auch nicht leben wollen. Aber trotzdem eine interessante Geschichte, wie es in einem paralell Universum sein könnte.


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