The Crow

The Crow

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Part 1

Brigitte Hartmann was a pretty German student girl who was in her final year of high school. Many people did not like her because she loved to mock and bully others. With her two girlfriends, Helga and Ingrid, she often walked up and down the corridor looking for a victim and then struck. The school year had started just two days ago, and there had already been three quarrels. His teachers have heard of the operation of the trio, but they have not managed to catch them yet, and so the students bullied more. They were walking the corridor when they saw a girl covered in a black-veil from top to bottom. Sharifa was a new student in this school, recently moved to the city and with the permission of the schoolmaster, she could wear the abaya, the niqab and gloves, and she stayed in a separate room in the dormitory. His father worked at the local diplomatic office and could afford to buy these privileges. The dormitory was chosen because it was built directly beside the school and so she did not have to travel back and forth in the heavy traffic from the far end of the city. Money did not play a role. The trio stopped at Sharifa and then Brigitte did the following:
“Look what’s up here! A crow! I did not even know that birds were picked up here! Do not you want to fly?”
Sharifa tried to escape them, but she was rounded upon and Brigitte tried to tear the veil off her head. She defended herself with her gloved hands.
“You can see this better when you are nesting!” Brigitte laughed but then she heard an ominous voice behind her:
“Brigitte! You cannot swim away now! And you too!”
It was Marta Schmith, the manager, who was standing behind them.
“At the end of the day everyone in my office! This is a command! Who does not come will fly!” she said, referring to Brigitte’s mockery. In the afternoon the director’s office was full. Brigitte’s parents: Thomas and Elke, Sharif’s parents: Mahmud and Thala. The parents had been called up by phone and the four girls. First, Helga and Ingrid were in with the manager. She put a choice in front of them: she would either talk to their parents or they could do a community job. Of course, the latter was chosen. After they left the office, she turned to Brigitte:
“And now let’s see the Chief! My first thought was to expel you from school but Sharifa’s father does not want me to. Not your parents either. What can I do with you?”
Sharifa and her mother, both of them completely veiled, had suggested something to each other. Sharifa nodded to her with great gesture, nodded several times and then said,
“My daughter and I think Brigitte should move in with Sharifa and wear the same clothes as she does. Live in the same way, experience the life that she is so jealous of.”
Brigitte jumped up, but before she could do anything, the manager said in a grave voice:
“If you walk out, you’re expelled from the school, so sit down right away!
I think it’s a good idea, but what do parents say? ”
Brigitte’s greatest surprise was her parents’ reaction. They both agreed, and her father even declared:
“It’s time for my daughter to learn a little humility.”
Finally Mahmud spoke:
“So, there is nothing stopping it; Sharifa has enough clothes for both of them. Their size looks just the same. When this meeting is finished, we can start. ”
“How many days?” Brigitte asked, broken.
“Well until the end of the school year,” said the manager.
“But it just started! It’s not even a week old! “Brigitte shook her head.
“Well Miss, do you know of any other option?” said the manager.
Of course, she knew of one, but she was not sure which one was the worse choice. She watched Sharifa, or, to be more precise, just black clothes, because she was completely covered. Her eyes, her hands, nothing could be seen. And now she would have to change into these pretty clothes for almost a year because she did not want to be expelled from the school. “I’m strong, I can handle everything,” she told herself.
They stood up and Marta took them out of the office and they went to the dormitory. Sharifa opened the door of her room and they all walked in. Brigitte, Thomas and Elke looked around. It was not a room, it was a small apartment. There was a bathroom with a toilet, cooking facilities, a room with two beds, cupboards, and a table with two chairs.
“Let’s get your stuff out of your old room,” Elke said.
“You do not need it! There is everything here. Even if Brigitte is dressed, you can take her clothes. She just needs training.” Thala replied.
Sharifa and her mother then removed the clothes and shoes from the closet. Then Sharifa grabbed Brigitte’s hand with her gloved hand and guided her to the bathroom where Brigitte was completely undressed.
“You have to wear all that I wear,” she said.
She gave Brigitte a pair of grandma’s panties. Then she gave her a blouse, which reached to her knees. She then pulled black stockings on Brigitte’s feet, then black shoes. Now all was black: an abaya, a hijab, and finally a niqab and gloves. All that could be seen were her eyes, and these through a thin net. Between the two eyes, a small strip of fabric connected the bottom and top of the niche. Then Sharifa flipped down the other layers of the niqab and Brigitte’s view of the world darkened. She almost could not see anything. When she tried to lift the layers, Sharifa took hold of her hands:
“Make sure you wear it because you are being punished. Only I can show my eyes, even if we are just the two of us. You’ll be off to bed before bedtime. And now come on. I’ll show you to your parents. ”
Meanwhile, Thala picked up Brigitte’s clothes and put them in a large plastic bag.
They went out to the others who saw only three identical black figures.
“Brigitte! Which one are you?” asked Elke.
“I’m here mother!” said the middle black veil stepping forward.
“Oh my daughter! I hope everything will be fine. We have to go now! We will collect your belongings from your old room. We will send your books and notes to someone, and take the rest home. Learn well!”
And then Elke kissed her daughter’s forehead through the cloth.
As soon as Brigitte’s parents left (they took the bag with Brigitte’s clothes), Sharif’s parents also thanked her. The two girls talked for a while, Sharifa spoke more clearly. Brigitte thought only of one thing: but they spotted me! Nor did she hear me say anything to her.
“We’re meeting someone and having dinner,” Sharifa told her new roommate. Then they ate together. Sharifa did not allow her to eat otherwise except as she did. Brigitte disagreed. It was strange to eat veiled but she slowly got the hang of it. She could finally get out of the clothes. After a quick bath, Sharifa handed her a nightgown that looked as if it had come out of a museum. She had been in bed for a long time and was enviously listening to the steady breathing of her new roommate.
Early in the morning she was awakened by Sharifa. Sharifa helped her get dressed. She went to the mirror, but she did not see the black dress herself, as her view was too blurred due to the veil. Suddenly another black figure appeared beside her in the mirror. They were as indistinguishable as two eggs. Two black eggs. They went to school after breakfast. Some of the other students tried to mock her, as it was an open secret that had happened, but she only shouted at them:
“So! Who wants to go out of my way yet? ”
They left her in peace quickly. Behind her back though, she was secretly called a crow.
Her old friend Helga and Ingrid now avoided her. They did not want to share her fate.
Now that she was wearing the veil, he realized that the impaired vision and the deterioration of hearing due to thick tissue was disadvantageous for a student. And that’s just the first day! She did not dare count the amount of money back. Sharifa insisted on sitting next to each other in the lessons. Everyone thought of them as their buddies. When it came to Friday afternoon, she started pulling out the drawers and unpacking them.
“Are you looking for something?” Sharifa asked.
“Of course. My clothes. It’s Friday. Everyone goes home. I need to get dressed.” she replied.
“Hey! Is this your memory short? Your mother took out all your clothes.” she laughed at her roommate.
“Then how do I go home?”
“As you are!”
“Are you kidding me? I cannot go home this way. Everyone will laugh!” she nodded nervously.
“I’m not kidding at all. I have a surprise too. I am going with you! Our parents have already agreed. Where are your parents, when I spend the weekend with mine? And you will wear veils all the way! In fact, I have a surprise!” she lowered her gently glistening hand to her mouth.
“I do not like such surprises! And why should I wear a veil at home?”
“Do you remember what the manager said? Until the end of the school year! She did not say you could take breaks!”
“Only in school!” Brigitte lifted her voice.
“No! Always! I asked her and she understood that,” Sharifa was having fun.
“This cannot be true! And what’s the other surprise? I’m starting to be afraid.”
“Everything in good time! Your father will come in for you within minutes, and you will know the rest at home,” Sharifa became mysterious. They packed up their belongings when there was a knock on the door.
“Girls are you ready? Let’s go!” they heard Thomas’s voice from outside.
Brigitte opened the door.
“Are you Brigitte?” Thomas asked the black veil, an unrecognizable girl.
“Yes, Dad, I am. And why did not you tell me? Why should I know all from Sharif? Do not I have any word in this myself?” She was angry with her hands on her hips.
“No! Really you cannot! This is part of your punishment. Ready to go? Where are the packages?” her father looked around.
Sharifa brought the parcels. Thomas took them and started out of the dormitory.
They got into the car, the girls sitting in the back and drove home. The sun shone onto the window and Brigitte found herself getting uncomfortably warm in her black costume.
“Dad, turn on the air con! I’m drowning in sweat!”
“I’m sorry. There has been something wrong with it for days now. Next week I’ll take it to the mechanic.”
“Well, at least the trip is only half an hour if we don’t get stuck in traffic,” Brigitte thought. “Well, that’s good!”

Part 2

But of course they got caught in traffic. They were standing for more than an hour or they were only inching forward. Brigitte would have liked to take off the veil, but two gloved hands held her hands:
“Hang on! I’m as warm as you!” Sharifa sighed
As Thomas got into the garage, the two veiled girls got out. Elke was waiting for them.
“Brigitte lead Sharifa to your room! Then unpack! Then come to the kitchen to help! Which one of you is which?” she turned to the two identical black figures.
“I am Brigitte, mother,” and her daughter lifted one hand. She waved to her companion to follow. Elke looked after them. If Brigitte had not spoken before, she would not have known her own daughter. Brigitte opened the door of her room and saw her father insert a guest bed, so the room that was not too large seemed even smaller.
“Your bed is yours, and this bed is for Sharifa. Take the laundry into the laundry room and put it in the washing machine. Then go to the kitchen to help me!” her father said behind him. We are fine, even from the usual comfortable bed. I can go to sleep on the little uncomfortable bed she thought sadly.
“Mr Hartmann! Has my package come?” Sharifa asked.
“Yes, it is here. Where do I put it? “Thomas asked, lifting a large, but not too heavy, bag. Sharifa thanked him and pointed to her bed only.
“What kind of package?” Brigitte looked suspiciously.
“Actually, it’s your package, but it’s a surprise!” Sharifa confessed.
Brigitte was annoyed. Will this always be the case?
Elke was waiting for them in the kitchen. Both girls got involved in making the dinner, so they got ready soon. Elke talked to her husband. To everyone’s surprise Sharifa took Brigitte’s hand, who wanted to sit at the table.
“We will eat after them!” He warned.
“But why? I’m hungry! “Brigitte said.
“Really. Why do not you sit too? “Elke asked.
“Rule! We girls can only eat after men! ”
“And am I a man?” Elke inquired.
“Now you are, but if Mr. Hartmann has finished and goes out, you can wait for us and see how we eat in the full veil. Brigitte is doing it very cleverly. She’s a real pro,” Sharifa said.
Brigitte was annoyed at the same time, and she was satisfied with the praise. Elke did not believe her ears.
“Do you eat veiled? Brigitte too?”
“Naturally. Since the first day. Just like I do. And she did not even mess up at all,” Sharifa nodded.
Thomas finished, thanked them for dinner and went out. The two girls sat down at the table and began to eat. Elke watched them stunned as they raised their veils a little, with their gloved hand on each other. None of them saw anything. Where one, where he looked at the other, and saw no difference between them. She also heard the words of her husband when he inquired of her after her daughter. You had to see it now, right. They really look like that. The girls had finished eating, chasing and washing. Elke just sat and watched them. Despite all the annoyance, she realized that there were advantages to this new situation. Sharifa reigns over her daughter, but behaves like a girlfriend. It affects her, but in the right direction. Brigitte would not have thought of helping her before, but would have gone into her room. She thanked the girls for their help. They went to the living room where Thomas was waiting for them. They started chatting. Thomas and Elke asked their daughter how she feels living her life under the veil, and Sharif was always controlling her during the three days. Brigitte said she was the first person to have ripped off the veil herself for the first day and how hot she was, how bad it was. The manager constantly checked that she was following the rules. Sharifa is sometimes tough with her, but this is more helpful. The first day she was dressed, the second she helped her dress up, then she dressed alone. They have formed a good relationship with each other, almost friends. They cook together in the little kitchen, they study together, Sharifa is not at all angry with her and they are slowly bonding.
“But if you’re so interested in living under the veil, why do not you try it yourself? Sharifa would love to get together! Is not it true?” she turned to her companion.
“Why not? It would be your first choice to answer your questions,” Sharifa nodded.
The two girls waited, but Elke shook her head. She asked her husband for help, who, in surprise, agreed with the girls.
“Why not? Soon we go to bed, you can try it,” her husband smiled.
The girls laughed over as they went to Brigitte’s room. There they undressed, leaving only underwear and shoes. They added the greatest abaya, which proved to be a bit, but not remarkably short. Sharifa wrapped the hijab around her head and tied the niqab. Brigitte pulled the gloves onto her hands. Now she understood what her daughter meant by being warm and that it was difficult to see. As she blinked, his eyelashes brushed against the small net before her eyes, and that was a big annoyance. Sharifa pulled the layers of the niqab in front of her face, and she became all gray before her. They returned to the living room where Thomas was pleased with her.
“You look great darling! Your new dress really is sexy!” he laughed and embraced his wife.
“Sexy? You cannot even see me! How can you say I’m sexy?” the woman murmured.
They still talked for a while and then Elke said,
“Girls, it’stime to bathe and go to bed! When we do what we are going to do. We only have one bathroom.” she turned to the black veil she thought was Sharifa.
“This is me, and I know. Sharifa is the other one,” muttered Brigitte.
At first Sharifa occupied the bathroom and came out to Brigitte’s greatest surprise in her most beautiful pyjamas.
“That’s a bit much!” Brigitte hesitated.
“Why? I wanted something special for you this night so you will not need it! But do you know what? If you do not like it, I’ll put your pyjamas back and I’ll be surprised. I want to really become friends! But first take a bath, then I’ll unpack it,” she became mysterious again.
Brigitte picked up her bathrobe after bathing and told her parents that the bathroom was free. She was surprised that her mother was still wearing the veil. She sat in her father’s lap, holding him close to her. When he entered his room, he saw something strange white on his bed.
“This is a net gown.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You’ll sleep in tonight, but if you want, I’ll be in it.” she laughed at her roommate and slowly dressed her.
Brigitte was now in white, from top to bottom. She looked at herself in the mirror, her white gloved hands wrapped in her new nightgown. Like a bride, or rather a mummy, she thought. It was difficult for her to admit it, but she liked it. Though Sharifa wanted to surprise her, but she was expecting something like this.
“How do you like it? Will you stay or change it?”
“I’ll keep it on! I think it’s okay!” Sharifa slept with her.
“All right. Good night and thank you! “The answer came from the white mummy.
“Good night, my dear friend! And sleep well!” She kissed Sharifa through the veil.

Part 3

When Brigitte woke up in the morning, there was something in front of her eyes so that she could hardly see. She groaned, but then she remembered where she was and what she was wearing. She heard Sharifa’s voice:
“Good morning how did you sleep?” she asked her friend.
“Well, thank you!”
The bathroom was fortunately free. After bathing, she changed to look in the mirror. The black veil was the way it should be. Sharifa also changed clothes and went to breakfast. Thomas had already eaten his, so they could start quietly. Elke looked again as the two veiled girls were eating. He thought about the night. It was so good that sex had been so long ago.
“How was the veil?” her daughter asked. She just blushed. The two girls turned to each other and mumbled. Elke felt like a noble lady. The two girls did all housework. Where they were here, where they were discovered, they were cleansed, they put everything in order, their black veils almost fluttering behind them. They made lunch too. Sharifa made Arabian food, Brigitte was her assistant. Thomas said it was very nice and thanked them. The girls were happy. After the parents had finished, the girls ate. Then they washed and went out to talk to the yard. Elke just watched as the two black figures clung to each other, whispering and joking. Like two real teenage girlfriends. After dinner, the girls cleaned and tidied the kitchen and she thanked them. As they reached Brigitte’s room, Sharifa pulled out the dumbbell.
“What do I have to wear the nightgown or do you like so much that you’re sleeping in it again?”
“I want to sleep in it again!”
“As you wish!” Sharifa smiled.
Brigitte blanched and let her girl crawl into the gown.
“Good night mummy!” she said laughing.
“You too” There was a blunt response from the mummy. She felt really good in it.
The next day, besides chores, they also learned a lot. Elke watched the two girls help each other in preparation for Monday. She was very pleased. The punishment idea seems to have worked brilliantly. In the afternoon, Thomas brought them back to the dormitory.
And so passed without incident the next seven days. Brigitte always slept in the white veil. She walked by day in the black veil or sat in the classroom with Sharifa, with whom she was developing an ever deeper friendship. On Friday afternoon Sharif’s father came. They put their luggage in the car where Thala was waiting for them. The journey was not long. The passenger compartment of the car was divided into two parts by a dividing wall, so the three women could talk. Thala was curious and pleased to hear how much they loved their new life.
“I’m glad you feel so good about yourself and that you help each other together. I spoke to your parents, Brigitte and we all agree that it was a good idea for you two to live together. “Thala said and took Brigitte’s hands.
When they got there, Mahmud got out and went into the house. The three covered women followed with the bags. Sharifa showed Brigitte her room. It was a nice big room, elegantly furnished, with a huge bed. Actually the whole floor was hers. Outside the bedroom there was a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a toilette bidet and a separate study room. Everything seemed to be a rich man’s property. They went downstairs and saw Thala whisper in her husband’s ear. He smiled and nodded:
“Of course, there is no obstacle. Get ready for dinner.”
Before dinner, Mahmud ate, then the three women could sit at the table and eat their food in their veils. Thala asked Brigitte if it was difficult to get used to the veil.
“It was really bad at first, I felt like jacking it in and I could not breathe, but I got used to it, and now it is not strange,” she replied as they washed and put put the dishes away.
Mahmud looked at them but did not say a word, nodded and left.
“I thought with my husband that as long as you were with us, you will live as a normal Muslim girl lives, pray with us, of course it is not mandatory unless you agree,” Thala said.
“I do not know what to do!” Brigitte shook her head.
“That’s not an obstacle! We will teach you and give you a prayer gown. “What do you say?” Sharifa inquired.
“I do not mind, though I did not see you praying at school!”
“Do not tell this dad. There I adapted to you and prayed alone. At home, however, we keep the five times prayer daily.”
“All right, here I will adapt to you,” Brigitte nodded.
In response, Thala embraced the two girls. Prayer was no problem, though it was awkward in the morning for the morning prayer. All three prayed in their white gowns.
“How did you sleep?” she asked after Sharifa.
“Thank you, but I would have slept more!”
“You’ll get used to it. Tomorrow it will be easier, you’ll see! ”
Then they bathed and dressed. Mahmud has already gone, he still has a lot to do. The three women had breakfast together and then cleaned up the whole house. They prepared the lunch, waited until Mahmud ate and then they ate. Brigitte fell into the life of a Muslim girl. They all prayed, ate, and did housework. She was wearing the veil anyway.
The weekend soon passed. Then they went back to the dormitory and the school started again on Monday.

Part 4

Time was moving fast. In the autumn break they were at Sharif’s. They lived there in line with their lifestyle. Brigitte prayed with the others, and in their free time the three women alternately read in the early morning. The winter break was spent with Brigitte’s parents. Christmas was celebrated together. They asked if Sharif had any objections.
“Why would I? I live with you in these days and so I must adapt to you. Indeed I brought gifts too!” she replied laughing.
The usual Christmas baking and cooking was done by the three. On Christmas Eve everybody gave their gifts. Sharifa’s gift was this:
“We will go home to AAK for the spring break. With my father’s permission I will invite the whole family. Do not worry about the costs. Everything is paid by my dad. He also will arrange the necessary papers. Elke and Brigitte, you’ll have to wear veils all the way around, home! Do you agree?”
“Naturally! I also tried them and my daughter is always wearing them. I do not think there’s any problem. Except that Brigitte would not have to wear them during the flight because they are incompatible with her passport and airport security. And thank you very much! So what is AAK?” said Elke.
“AAK = African Arab Caliphate. Our home. During the trip, the director has released you from punishment. I already talked to her,” Sharifa nodded.
After Christmas, Elke felt like she was in a hotel. All the housework was done by the girls. She rarely had to direct them, but most of the time, not at all. He was sorry that the break was over and the girls had to go back.
When the spring break was approaching, Sharif’s father called Thomas and discussed the details.
The day of departure came. Brigitte was dressed in a special dress and was very nervous.
“What’s wrong with you, daughter, are you afraid of travelling?” asked Elke.
“No, I’m just used to wearing a veil and I feel naked without it. Everyone will look at me!”
“No one will stare at you! You’re a German girl, and you’re wearing beautiful clothes!”
“But still mother! Should not I put my veil on? ”
“No! How would you explain it in the airport? Debate closed!” she said angrily now.
“I wish we could be there and I could put back on my veil,” Brigitte thought.
A big car stopped in front of their house. Mahmud got out of it. They packed their bags and boarded. Thomas went ahead of Mahmud, and the women got into the back, where Sharifa and Thala were waiting for them in full veils. As the papers were being set up at the airport, Brigitte slipped with a red face uncertainly. Sharifa tried to calm her down with little success.
“Everyone looks at me!” she whispered.
“You see horrors! But now you have to go because we’re leaving!” her girlfriend whispered back.
The flight was okay. Brigitte was getting used to the no-go ride. She was sitting beside Sharifa and they were all in the first class. After landing, Thala and Sharifa called Elkka and Brigitte into the airport washrooms. There they were tossed down, and Thala and Sharfa were dressed in veils. Finally Brigitte could put on her veil. In the big mirror four women dressed in the same dark black veil looked back at them.
“Actually, I feel so much better. And you mother? How are you?” Brigitte asked behind the veil.
“Awful! I’m so hot!” she heard Elke’s voice.
“It will be worse if we go outdoors and the sun shines on us. But in the car, there’s an air conditioner, also at home,” Thala sighed. Elke also sighed. The trip in the car was no more than a few minutes, but it seemed to be at least an hour. They finally reached the house of Mahmud. Thala showed Elke and Brigitte the house. It was a lovely big house. A separate area for men, where women can only enter with permission, with separate rooms for women. A prayer room, where they pray together. Thala showed the guest room where Elke and Thomas would live.
“When we are together, you will always wear the veil! If you can take it off, but I suggest you take it. In the closet you can find clothes and veils. And sleep in what you think you can manage for the night. Try it on at least! Now I’m going to the kitchen, I’ll tell you when dinner is ready. Come on girls to help you out!” Thala said and started out.
“And I? Where am I going to live? Brigitte asked.
“You dear friend will live with me in my room! Come see! Then we’ll run to help Mom.” She grabbed Brigitta’s gloved hand and went out of the room. Elke looked after them and then turned to her husband:
“I expected this, but I hope we will be alright.” She lifted her hand to remove her veil. Thomas took her hand:
“Leave it alone! You look great in it!” And he kissed her through the veil.
“Really? You do not say! In the evening I figured out a program! Find out what’s wrong!” She laughed laughing, her glistening hands stroking her husband.
“I do not know what you mean!” he grinned at her. He pressed her against him and kissed her again. They knocked on the door ten minutes later. Thala said dinner was ready.
“Men eat first, what’s left is for us. This is the rule. Elke, if you want to help me, come with me. Normally, I only serve, but now I thought that I would serve my husband, you and your husband. What do you think?”
“All right, though it’s totally unusual for me.”
“I’ll help if you have to, but it’s enough to listen to me and imitate me. And do not say anything. Do not interfere with the chattering of the gentlemen.”
They went into the dining room and knelt down to the low table, each one in front of her own husband. Mahmud did not even look at her, but Thomas obviously enjoyed it. When the men had eaten and left the table, Thala called the girls.
“Elke you’ve seen the girls eating in the veil, now we’re all gonna try this. After dinner we will pray. You can see how. ”
Finally, it was quite easy. They were talking about eating. Thala talked about tomorrow’s day and set programs for sight-seeing. Then they removed the table and went to the prayer room. Mahmud was waiting for them. Everyone was dressed for the prayer gowns, Elke too. But, of course, she watched as the others began to pray, Brigitte surprising her greatly. She was shocked to see Mahmud praying in Arabic with the three women in the middle. She did not know that her daughter had learned Arabic. Had she converted to the Muslim faith secretly? She asked her after the prayers.
“No mother! I did not become Muslim. You know, when I spent the weekends at Sharifa or the fall break, I prayed with them, following their habits. I still do it. You can try it tomorrow, but I warn you, you must be up early. And it’s okay if you do not do it properly, the intention is enough. It’s been more than half a year to learn the language. We just talked to them in Arabic on the last weekends. They were very happy about it, and I was glad to make them happy.”
Thala showed her where they could get undressed. First she asked for it, then when Thomas went, she said to Elke:
“We’re gonna surprise your husband a little.” She dressed her in the white nightgown and placed her in front of the mirror. Elke looked sceptically at the white veil, and from the little white net that hid her eyes:
“Do you think you’ll like it?”
“Surely! He’s coming! I hope you will have a happy night!” and she said goodbye.
Thomas walked around his wife and was breathless.
“Wow! That’s amazing! Honey! I think I know what kind of program you have thought of!” And he walked over to her.
Brigitte looked in the mirror. Next to him appeared a woman with the same white veil.
“It’s time to go to bed! In the morning you have to get up in time!” Sharifa remembers.
“What do you think, sir?” Thala asked her husband.
“I think it was a good idea to invite them. That’s what you think. I think their friendship rises to a new level, and not just between the girls!” Mahmud nodded.
The next morning, the girls knocked, and they called them to pray. Elke and Thomas came out and went to the prayer room. Now Elke and Thomas were crouched on a prayer mat and tried to imitate them. Thala then went to Elke and embraced her:
“Thank You! You are a good woman! And how was your night?” she asked in a loud voice. The girls giggled softly. Elke blushed deeply and was glad she was in the veil and did not see it. Thomas was not so fortunate, he reddened. Mahmud thanked them for attending prayer and smiling because he knew the cause of the blush.
“How sexy are women in their veils?” he whispered into Thomas’s ear, and if it could be even deeper and he nodded. From that day on, they always prayed together for the greatest pleasure of Mahmud. Meals were also done according to local custom. Thomas was happy to be served by his wife. Elke got her husband every night, she felt like she was on her honeymoon. Mahmud and Thala showed them sights every other day. They saw museums, mosques, and other wonderful things they could never have seen on their own. On the last day of their surprise was Mahmud’s request:
“I want you to meet Sharif’s groom and his family. They’re ordinary people and they too want to get to know you. My wife told everything to Ali’s mother, he is the groom, and they are very curious about you.”
“If you wish, we’d be very happy to meet them, but is your daughter not too young to be married?” Thomas asked.
“This is our culture. In fact, she could have been married years ago, but we wanted her to mature first. But the groom also wants Sharifa to go to school. They are a rich family, ordinary conservative people.” Mahmud said with his phone rumbling.
“They’re coming over and waiting for the sms. They live here two houses away.”
Indeed, they came in a few minutes. Ali and his father, Omar, went with Thomas and Mahmud into the mansion, and they followed him to ask for a veiled woman in the reception room of the female housekeeper.
“My name is Hassina, I’m Ali’s grandmother. Ali Sahar’s mother is next to me, “said one of the veiled figures who seemed older in how she moved. But when she revealed her mother’s face, she went to Brigitte and said,
“I’m glad to be able to meet you personally, my dear future! Please allow me to look at your face.” And before the surprised Brigitte could do anything, she lifted the veil over her face.
“Sorry! You must be Brigitte,” she said, seeing Brigitte.
“Yes she is my girlfriend Brigitte!” Sharifa laughed, showing her face.
Everyone laughed. Sahar was very embarrassed and again covered her face, so that the others could not see her blushing in shame.
“Forgive me? Even Brigitte may be a bridesmaid! “Sahar said confused.
For a short time, everyone showed their face to the others. Then they started to talk. The main theme of course was the upcoming wedding, but Ali’s relatives were very much interested in Elke, and Brigitte’s opinion about life behind the veil. They knew a lot because Thala had told them, but Brigitte told them a lot of novelties, including how difficult it was to not wear her usual veil during the journey and how comforting it was to veil herself again.
“It’s going to be hard to get back to school, but then it takes a while to get used to life without veil again. Is not that terrible?” she took both of her gloved hands with her naked head.
“There you go! If I were you would not have such a problem! You could wear it for the rest of your life,” said Sahar, but only half-jolly. In the meantime, she wondered secretly what about her son marrying this girl too? A dual wedding! How good it would be! How envious the neighbours would be!
“Whoa! Do not steal the fiancé!” she put his hands on hips with Sharif and Brigitte laughing.
“Oh she would not ruin your marriage, do not be afraid! But a second wife would be perfect! I know my son would accept the idea if I put it to him.” Sahar continued to be more intrigued.
“I would already accept it, and it would be perfect! Two girlfriends would marry at the same time to the same man and live together until the end of their lives! It’s a great idea!” she laughed at Sharif, but she did not mind, she also wondered how good it would be.
“I will not give permission for my daughter to marry! She’s too young,” Elke said funnily.
“Doesn’t anybody ask me what I think about this?” Brigitte asked.
“No!” They answered her at once, and then laughter broke out.
Then the guests said goodbye. Ali came to say good-bye to the girls, smiled at them and bowed. Brigitte’s eyes stuck to him. What a handsome boy, and how charming was his smile. They went back the next day. In the airport washroom Elke took off her veil with mixed feelings. Uncomfortable and warm, he thought, but she was so excited about Thomas. It would be good for home. Two, one black and one white. Whenever I need a little love, I would just fall into one of them, and she would go all the way, she thought dreamily.
Then she had to fight with Brigitte because she did not want to take off her veil. Finally, her mother threatened to smother her in front of her girlfriend. She was reluctantly relieved. Thala gave a pack to Elke:
“A little farewell gift. I put a black and a white set on you. My dear friend!” she squeezed Elke’s hands with her gloved hands.
“Thank you very much, my dear friend! You are a mind-reader!” she whispered into Thala’s ear.
During the flight, Brigitte stared out the window. She even barely spoke to Sharifa. When they reached the airport, they went to the washroom and came back in a black veil.
“Brigitte could not have taken her home? And why the veil?” asked Elke.
“No! It is better like this! Now nobody sees me! The veil is from Sharifa. I got it and she gave it to me,” Brigitte answered.
Then she gripped Sharif’s gloved hand with her gloved hand and motioned for them to leave. At home they spent so much time to gather what they bring to the dormitory and they started off.

Part 5

At school she had to learn to study. After a month, they both successfully graduated. The director congratulated them separately, allowing Brigitte to wear the veil.
“Your punishment has expired. I have to admit wearing those clothes did you good. There was no complaint about you and you left the bad crowd!” she said with a smile.
“Thank you, but I will keep the veil on until the graduation ball. It’s just a week.” she replied.
“It seems that this punishment has had unforeseen consequences!” The headmistress shook her veil.
At the banquet, their crows were talking to each other. The others just smiled. Sharifa tried to persuade Brigitte to go to Ali to marry him:
“A wedding with two brides! A real rarity! It would be very good! We could always be together! And I saw it, you liked him!”
“Mother is right! I’m not ready for marriage yet!”
“Then at least come to the wedding! I would like you to be there. You’re my best friend! Do not make me beg!” she grabbed his girlfriend’s gloved hands.
“I do not mind. When will the wedding be?”
“Next week, but tomorrow we should leave for all preparations to take place!” she said happily, Sharifa, breaking the truth.
“Tomorrow? But what about my parents?” Brigitte shook her naked head.
“Call them by phone! We’ll invite them, but I need you! ”
They thanked the former classmates who wished Sharif a lot of happiness. Then the “twins” went to Mahmud’s car, marching while Mahmud phoned Thomas. They talked a long time. When they arrived at Sharifa, he said to Brigitte:
“All is well. Your father agreed for you to come with us. And now we go to bed, we start early in the morning! ”
Two black figures met secretly and whispered:
“My daughter! Did you manage it? “Thala asked.
“I’m halfway there, mum! She does not want to marry him, but she will come. The rest is in our hands! I need her, mum! I do not want to lose her! I never had such a girlfriend!”
“Do not be afraid, I’ve got everything sorted!”
The next morning, Brigitte sent an SMS to her mother who answered only: “Watch out for yourself!”
Brigitte noticed that they were not going to the usual way to the airport.
“We’re not going to the airport? And should not I change clothes? ”
“We’re going by private jet, where you can travel veiled, as you are not comfortable unveiling in the airport, am I right?” said Sharifa.
“It’s true, but it’s all so fast. I have some bad feeling about this,” Brigitte looked at her girlfriend in black.
“You foresee a nightmare! We arrived, boarding!” Thala said.
They were standing by a small private jet. They’ve just been packed with the packages. Thala, Sharifa and Brigitte all veiled at the back, Mahmud ahead of the pilot.
They came tired to the house of Mahmud. Brigitte was surprised by Ali’s mother and grandmother too. And a bearded man she’d never seen before.
“My dear sweet daughter, Sharif!” said Sahar as she walked to Brigitte.
“I’m Brigitte! The other Sharifa!” laughed Brigitte.
“After all, it does not matter!” Sahar said. Brigitte did not understand what she meant, and she was again feeling an insecure feeling.
“Do not you want to see my bridal dress? Sharifa said, secretly glancing behind Brigitte at the two black veiled woman, who waved to take care of everything.
“Why not! Very welcome!” Brigitte said as the four escorted her to the next room. She saw the dress. It was a beautiful white gown with many decorations, with rhinestones, pearls, and all-enveloping veils.
“Try it on!” she was encouraged by women. Brigitte stood still. She was undressed, and to her surprise, a diaper was fitted to her, and a pair of rubber pants was pulled up over it.
“Are you sure I need this?”
“It’s part of the dress! You have to wear it for a long time, and you cannot undress to use the toilet easily!” they told her.
“But that’s not necessary. I’m only going to be wearing it for a couple of minutes!” she protested.
“It’s all or nothing! Pick up the whole set!” They hung it up and began to dress her. Brigitte let them do their job. She looked at them uneasily though she had to admit that it was an extremely beautiful dress.
“And now the veil! Did you put that on?” she heard the voice of Thala from behind her.
“Of course! As we discussed it,” Sahar replied. Brigitte saw in the mirror that the white niqab was fixed on her head, and the layers pulled down to cover her face, making her almost blind. The she heard Sharifa whisper in her ear:
“You look very good in it! You are a most beautiful bride!” The others agreed, then Sharifa and Thala went out. Brigitte wanted to ask Sahar and Hassina to undress her when she felt the strange smell of air inhaled through the veils. She rubbed herself, but a chair was pushed down under her and she fell into it. She tried to remove the veil but found that she could not raise her hands. She had been stunned somewhat. She was frightened. But why? The she saw the unknown bearded figure coming in. “I am Imam Golan,” he said and “I have come here to hear you recite the shahada, after which you be a Muslim and I can give you to your fiancé.” He then began the ceremony. Brigitte tried to resist, but the gas had weakened her mind and she did not know how. She said and did what the Imam asked.
“You are Muslim now and also, in keeping with your new religion, you have been given a Muslim name. From this day forwards your name is Bire! The Prophet is accompanying your every move, my daughter!” he said. Brigitte/Bire nodded half unconsciously. The imam motioned to the two black veiled women. They helped Brigitte to stand and guided her to the car. There was another bride in the car in the same dress as her.
“Sharifa! Why did you do this to me? Why are you compelling me to marry Ali?” she whispered, almost inaudible due to the drug.
“Do not grieve tragically! I want us to be best friends forever! And now I will be married to you! So accept it! You’re wearing a veil which you like! You can now wear it for the rest of your life! And you like Ali! I saw you staring! Do not worry about your parents either. They will be here in a couple of days. You can meet them. And maybe they will stay for a long time. It depends on them! ”
They were taken to the mosque and walked along the women’s side to the first queue and sat down. All the women were dressed in black veils and sat on little pillows. They were all the same. Beside Brigitte sat Thala, Sahar, and Hassina in their black veils. On the other side Sharifa. The other side of the men are Ali, Omar, and Mahmud. She did not even remember the ceremony. After the ceremony, they went to the house of Ali.
The new husband came and hugged his new wives.
“My dear wives! This is the most beautiful day of my life! Sharifa and Bire, my darlings! I swear to the prophet’s beard, and I will be happy to make your life happy. I never make any difference between you. And you Bire! Though you are my second wife, you will not suffer any disadvantage! Do not be angry that they used deception to bring you to me. You will love me! I know from the first moment you liked me. I’ll do whatever I can to make our love and happiness grow,” Ali said and before leading Sharif into the bedroom.
Brigitte/Bire sat alone. She felt the drug slowly lose its effect. There were doubts. What will happen to her? What about her parents? Can this be undone? Did she want to undo it? On the table she saw a laptop video of the wedding ceremony. It seemed all legitimate. All papers were signed by her. What can a lawyer refer to? The drug? She did not even feel the effects now. She was sure it could not be detected. And Ali. She was not indifferent, in other circumstances she could have been in love. But he promised she would love you. Maybe if he decides, she will return.
Elke and Thomas watched the recording stunned.
“Mahmud, you’ve deceived us! I’ll call the police! “Thomas stood up.
“Slowly! Brigitte did everything voluntarily. You saw the recording! No violence has happened!” Mahmud said slowly.
“But you’re sure to have cut it!” Elke cried.
“Have you seen any trace on the record? If I wanted to go wrong, would I have come here? The recording is three hours, and it is uncut. Take it to an expert and ask what you see!” Mahmud continued.
“And how can we see our daughter?” Thomas asked in a hoarse voice.
“That’s why I came! I offer you my house! You can live in the end of your life. We only have to be twice a year for a few weeks. Ali’s house is on foot for five minutes. You can go through every day. Thomas, I’ve been working for you already. You will find multiple times for the present if you accept it. Will we be reconciled?” He stretched out his hand. Thomas was uncertain.
“This is your turn! If we can get started, we can. The pilot is waiting for you! Elke! My wife sent you a set of veils, you can dress up! I know Thomas will be pleased when he sees it!” Mahmud said with a smile and handed over a parcel. While he was waiting outside, he called Thala in the car.
“How did you go?” his wife asked.
“Everything as you planned! Now we have people who will take care of our house as long as we are away and we can help our daughter. She’ll get used to her new life for a few days, then Sharifa will help her. When Brigitte conceives her first child, they will be happy. His parents will also say the shahada then. You will really have good friends. One day we will tell them why we did it. Elke, I think, will adopt a fully-veiled lifestyle soon. She will serve your husband. You are very tricky! ”
“I’ve got you, too, is that not right, my dear sir?” laughs Thala.
When Thomas and Elke came out with the luggage, he helped them get into the car. The two women slid forward, wrapped in black from head to toe. And they started their new life.


A year later Thomas and Elke said the shahada. Their new names were Tarik and Elise Hartsun and they had been keeping Mahmoud’s house for a year, but they now took a new house that came with Thomas’s new job and moved in. Elise and Tarik regularly visited their little granddaughter, the little Amira, who was a beautiful little girl. Elise always wore veils at home, even at night. Whenever she left the house, her husband helped her to put on a gag as did Ali for his wives so as to improve their modesty. Thomas was happy. Bire soon loved Ali, who really carried his wives on his palms. Sharifa was a bit jealous that his second wife and her girlfriend first bore him a child, but now that she was pregnant, she hoped that her son was born. By the way, they were almost always together, with their heads twinkling together. Omar and Sahar lived only for their grandchildren. Even Ali was in the background when they came near Amira. Mahmud and Thala moved back to their house after Thomas left. Mahmud stopped doing diplomatic work, took up a job locally. Finally, they told how Elke and Thomas how Thala had planned it all and that she had been guided by good intentions. When she suggested in the headmistress’s room at the beginning of it all that the girls should live together, she was only thinking about getting her daughter a friend. After that she wanted to keep the close friendship that had developed between their daughters uninterrupted. And Bire would have had a hard time returning to her old life, and who knows what a man she would have ended up with, and, and, and… They understood and even though they had been reluctant at first, but seeing their daughter’s happy daughter, Thala was forgiven.


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