The Student

The Student

by MR

“Hello Sarah come in.”
“Hello Rashid, how are you?”
“Quite good and you”
I’ve got my Master’s thesis approval, I already have the topic and it’s deadline in 4 months, so there’s a lot to do by then, what do you prepare for the exams, where do you need help? ? ”
“The preparation is going well, I only have some minor comprehension questions, but I need to talk to you about something else, I think I made a big mistake some time ago.”
“What’s up, spills out, I’m sure we can fix the mistake.”
“Do you remember when you visited me about 3 weeks ago to learn?”
“Yes, but what does that have to do with it.”
“My father called back then and he heard your voice when you said goodbye, of course he asked if I had a ladies visit, I could not deny that because he heard you, he questioned me about you.”
“I was hoping that he satisfied puts up with it when I tell him that you are a fellow student who helps me understand the material. But he has ever drilled and I h abe then resorted to a white lie and told him that you are a devout Muslim, also veiled. ”
“I beg your pardon”
“Yes, I know I should not have said that, but if I told him the truth, he would have blocked the money for me and since I only have a student visa and can not work, I would have had to drop out of college.
That’s why I told him this white lie. That would be no problem if I had not called me yesterday to me to announce, as he s s in 2 months for approx. 3 to 4 weeks for treatment in Germany, better said here comes to Frankfurt. And my parents want to get to know you. ”
“Again slowly for the record. You have your father said that I am a devout Muslim, fully veiled, so you come out of the predicament.”
“Yes, and I’m sorry, I really like you, I should have told my father the truth, I do not know what to do.”
“That’s a good question indeed, I like you very much, but that’s a really lousy situation, but why did you even tell him that, it would not have been enough to tell him that I’m a university tutor . ”
“You’re right, but in my homeland the women are all veiled and I can not think of the version that you’re a college tutor.”
“And what shall we do in your opinion now?”
“I do not know, I’ve been shaking my head since yesterday to find a solution, but I can not think of anything.”
“Okay, you’re a hero, let it be sober and try to find solutions.”
“Thanks, I know that I messed up and you’re mad at me and rightly so .. Best of all, I’ll call my dad and tell him everything and see what happens.”
“Well, first I’m not mad at you, I can not do that because I like you very much, and I do not want to you called your father, because then it would probably be tantamount that you lose the support and back again must. Besides, you can also take off your job at Ingenieur . ”
“Yes you are right, but what should we do”
“The best we can do is brainstorm and then look for the best solution, and one way is for me to study abroad for a semester .”
“That would be a good option .”
“Did you tell him what I’m studying?”
“Yes, I told him that you took the same degree course as I’m just 2 semesters ahead.”
“Then we can forget about studying abroad, he knows about the course of his studies and knows that there is no semester abroad planned, and he can figure out that I’m about to complete my Master’s thesis, and then a semester abroad makes no sense.”
“You’re right, so other options like changing university or something like that will not work.”
“How can we prevent your father finds out that what you told’re not true. We can vorsetzten him no real Muslim. Besides the fact that we would probably find that play along the game would not need this on the Knowledge. ”
“That would certainly not involve Muslims, and you are right with the knowledge that my father would recognize immediately if the Muslim woman has no knowledge of electrical engineering, since there are few women studying electrical engineering anyway, and a pious Muslim woman there’s an even bigger exception. ”
“But why does your father want to meet me?”
“Well, I told him that you were a great help during their studies. He then immediately closed it, you’re a potential wife for me and would therefore like me to introduce you to him. But he would also like to make sure that between us while studying nothing. I also assured him that although good conscience. But my father is sometimes very suspicious. this is probably related to the fact that my older brother has served him in terms of his studies fairy tales and instead to study only celebrated. ”
“So your dad thinks that maybe I could become your wife, which of course is all the more stupid, as we have a real problem with it, I really like you, and I would like to share my life with you now a future engineer and devout Muslim imagine than your tutor, I can not imagine that he will later accept me as your wife. Quite apart from the first this pious Muslim, the engineer is soon to find. ”
It’s a totally messed up situation, and if I tell him everything, then I can do away with my studies and do the job, maybe I can ask my future employer for help, then the problem is solved. ”
“That would be a possibility, but I do not think so that will be. And we should not stiffen on it. We have to consider all options. So study abroad or transfer to another university are eliminated. That would be too easy to refute. Spending another muslim than this tutor would probably fail to find one at all and at the latest when your dad feels it. If you tell the truth to him, you most likely will not finish your studies. The only possibility I see is that I represent this Muslim woman. Your parents are 3 to 4 weeks in Germany. I think that’s the time I’m going to endure for sure. ”
“That’s certainly true, but then we have the same problem as with the Muslim woman, and when my parents hit you on the tooth, they’ll quickly realize that you’re just pretending.”
They would notice that right away, so I need a preparation time to learn all the important things . ”
“That’s true, but that can not be learned in a short time. In addition, you write your Master’s thesis.”
“Your parents are coming in 2 months right? Do not you think that this rich two months?”
“If you help me, I am sure that there is enough time. Also, I do not sit all day at work. So still it remains for me to learn everything else enough time. And the sooner we start, the more certain I am, when your parents come. ”
“That’s all right, but what then, if we want to live together and possibly marry happens., Then expect my parents that you verschleierst you.”
“One problem after another. We live, if you have the job and we get married here in Germany. We can still tell that. We ask your parents then a fait accompli. I am sure that they accept that.”
“I do not know if this is the best solution.”
If I say now I do not want to meet your parents, then they notice immediately that something is wrong, why should not a pious Muslim woman want to get to know her parents? the situation of Muslim displaced who gets to know a Muslim and whose parents want to know who should be but happy. your father would certainly be suspicious and possibly ask more accurate. and then it can happen that you snared in contradictions. then white your father immediately that all this is a lie. ”
“I think you’re right, so what should we do now?”
“As I’ve already told you, the easiest thing is to deal with everything that matters so I do not fly up and your parents believe me, and I need to know how your family lives, like the relationship between your mother and yours Father is just everything that matters, and I have to get some clothes, or better, you get me the clothes because you’re the one who put me in that position, and that’s going to be an interesting experience The sooner we start with the implementation, the better the presentation. ”
“My dad is the boss in the house, he tells me where to go, my mother is in charge of the household and the childrearing, my family lives in a very conservative part of the country, all the girls live in Burda and the daughters start I was completely disguised at the age of 10. I only saw my mother completely veiled, I would not recognize her if she stood in front of me in a group of women unveiled. “Religion is very important in our family Prayer times are always very well respected, and all other duties are taken very seriously, and my mother only speaks when she is alone with other women, and when men are around, she speaks only when my father asks them to do so Men, so men who are not close to the family are nearby, my mother and also my sisters basically keep silent.The house is aufg divided into 2 areas. One area is reserved for men, the other area for women. My mother and sisters leave their area only when they serve or clean my dad’s food . My mother and my sisters leave the house only with the permission of my father and only in the company of a Mahran man, ie a close male relative. I think that’s all that’s essential . ”
“That means that I have to live similarly because you have told your father that I am a devout Muslim and completely veiled myself.”
“Sorry I’m really sorry and I can really slap myself in . But you do not have to do that for me, maybe I can convince my dad.”
“Stop this nonsense. You know very well that that does not work. And I’m doing this because I love you. If you confess everything to your father, you will not be able to stay here and I lose you. And I will not. So I’ll prepare for my performance so your parents do not get suspicious. ”
“I love you too and could not bear being separated from you, you’re a wonderful woman.”
“Thanks for the compliments, but now we have to see that we get everything ready , because I have no idea what to expect as a Muslim, you will have to teach me a lot in the near future, above all I need a Qur’an and clothes.”
“Do you want to start wearing the clothes now?”
“Yes I think so, the more I get used to it, the easier it will be for your parents to be there, it would be a disaster for your parents to learn everything because of a little something.”
“I think you are right.”

We have and put on the PC and ordered everything that is necessary. On the one hand, I was quite angry with Rashid because he puts me in a situation I would not like to do, but on the other hand, I was also a little bit excited when we ordered these clothes and I imagined wearing them soon , I also love him and do not want to lose him.

As I lay in bed in the evening, I thought about how his mother and sisters live, and I imagined living in such a way. The longer I thought about it, the more excited I became. I started to caress myself. The excitement grew stronger and stronger. After some time, an orgasm rolled over me as I had experienced him rarely. One part has certainly contributed to the austerity since I fell in love with Rashid. I continued to masturbate and more orgasmic waves shook my body. After some time I fell asleep totally exhausted but totally satisfied.

Two days later, the ordered things arrived. After I unpacked everything, I put the clothes into the washing machine and started to read the Koran. Rashid had shown me how to pray. For the prayer times he had set me an app, so I could not miss the right moment. We had agreed that he passes in the coming weeks every day and helps me to get right and some Arabic words to teach their meaning and correct use of the prayers.
Since I had been washing all the clothes I was wearing all the time, even at night, I did not really want to go shopping for veiled clothes . That’s why Rashid shopped for me. So I almost lived like his mother and sisters because I rarely left the apartment. And then mostly together with Rashid. Rashid had found a clothing store in the city by now, and went with me to expand my fund.

The closer the visit of his parents moved, the better I got along. The clothes did not bother me much anymore. The prayers went as fast as sleep and now also in Arabic . By now I knew the first sura by heart. I also read the Koran several times. I felt well prepared. As a test, Rashid took me to the mosque. Following the Friday prayer event for Muslim women was held there yet. I was not the only fully-veiled woman and felt very comfortable. As a legend, we had considered that I am a cousin of Rashid, whose parents have been living in Germany for many years and I grew up here. None of the women present has become suspicious .

” And how was it.” Rashid asked me as we sat in the car .
There were no critical questions and everyone accepted me that way, and it was interesting to hear the experiences of other women. ”
“I’m sure you’re well prepared. We have discussed everything and I do not see any point that could be critical.”
“I think so too, and once your parents are back, I can finally get out of those clothes.”

The initial excitement over the clothes had subsided over time. It is warm under the clothes, the vision is limited and hearing is more difficult. I had to get used to writing with my gloved hands, but things got better and better. All the other activities in the house also went better with increasing practice. I had only shortly before the arrival of Rashid’s parents started to disguise me, then I am sure that his mother would have rather quickly recognized that mean I do not still conceals me long. And then it would have become problematic. But after this preparation time, I felt well prepared. The prayer succeeded without thinking. Also, I did not need to think about it to give the impression that I was a devout Muslim and had been living in Burda for some time .

Some days after visiting the mosque, Rashid’s parents came to Germany. They had rented a very spacious suite in a very good hotel. I think the description of Rashid his parents are wealthy is a huge understatement. To my knowledge, one night in the suite cost more than € 1500.

In the last few days I only had contact with Rashid via WhatsApp . On the third day after his parents’ arrival, he wrote me a message in the morning just after the prayer that he would pick me up at 10:00 and introduce him to his parents. Now I was pretty nervous. If I dismiss that, what is it with the study of Rashid. And that would inevitably lead to the separation.

Rashid was on time as usual and led me to the car. After a short drive we arrived at the hotel. My nervousness increased more and more. I thought that everyone could hear my heartbeat. I also had the feeling that me everyone staring and know that I am an actress. But now it was too late. I had to go through there. After a seemingly endless ride on the elevator, which actually only took a few seconds, we stood in front of the suite of Rashid’s parents.

“Salam aleikum” greeted us his father.
” Weikum Salami, “Rashid greeted back.
“You must be Sarah, Rashid has already told us about you, my name is Mohammed and this is my wife Rana.”

Rashid’s mother approached me, hugged me and took me by the hand and led me to her room. She first asked me for tea.
” Nice, that we get to know you. Rashid told us a lot about you and also how you helped him during your studies. I find it very interesting that you study as a religious Muslim. ”
“When I started my studies, I was not yet a Muslim, and it was only after the unexpected death of my parents that I had just started semester 3, when suddenly the police stood in front of my apartment and told me about the death of me The three of them were on their way to vacation and got stuck in a traffic jam, standing in the right lane behind a truck when a truck unrestrained on the back of my parents ‘car from behind my parents’ car My parents and my sister had no chance of survival and I should have been in the car as well, although I had received a housework from my professor at short notice and therefore could not join on vacation.
I was paralyzed. I could not think clearly and felt empty. My aunt, my mother’s sister took care of everything, funeral and so on. I was not able to. In the next few weeks, I just worked. One day I sat in the library to do some research for my housework when a Muslim woman came to me and asked me if everything was alright. I looked at her completely rapturously and asked how she would think so. She said that I would sit here for 3 hours and only look into the empty space. Then I came to me slowly and actually I sat there for 3 hours without even having read a page, let alone having turned pages.
She was the first contact I had after the funeral. And suddenly everything came out of me and I began to cry without restraint. She then helped me to clean up and took me to her. Once there, she hugged me and held me until I calmed down. She made me a tea and then she listened to me, just to. I talked and talked and she listened to me. It helped a lot to have someone who listened to me. My remaining family was too busy with themselves to help me.
In the following weeks we met almost every day. The exchange with her helped me a lot. Of course, I also wondered why God allows it. We talked a lot about God or Allah and she made me curious. I have explained myself with the Koran and she has supported me. After a while I converted. Since then I wore first headscarf and chaste clothes. We have studied the Koran very intensively. At some point, the feeling that I had to do more to get to paradise increased. In particular, I felt in certainty naked . My girlfriend felt the same way and half a year ago I started to disguise myself. It was a good feeling.
Since I was already very far with my studies, I also wanted to end this. I owe it to my parents. They always believed in me and always supported me, so I want to give you something back and finish my studies. ”
“I’m so sorry about your parents, you’re a strong woman, Rashid has not said too much , I’d like to get to know you better, Rashid told me that all you have to do is write your master’s thesis Then we can spend time together while you’re not writing. ”
The offer surprised me. I had not expected such a thing. I tried feverishly to find a solution to reject the offer. I could not think of anything.
“Yes, I would like that.” I had no choice but to accept the offer. Well 3 weeks I will endure.
“I’m glad, I’m sure that we get along well. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. I’ll ask Rashid to get you the necessary things out of your apartment. I think unless you ‘re married, it’s better to stay here . ”
My breath caught. How does she expect that we should marry during her presence. She could not mean that. I love Rashid, but I had not thought about a wedding at all. I tried desperately to get out of this number somehow, which was now so completely different than I had imagined. I thought a quick visit, maybe half a day and during the presence of Rashid’s parents one or the other continued visit but not something like that. Did Rashid come up with that? Was he in it? I could not really imagine. Then he should have been a good actor all the last time.
“Is what my child? You are so quiet.”
“Oh sorry. It’s all right, I only degree thinking about what do I need and where I have placed all that. Maybe it’s better if I run my Rashid together in the apartment and my things get before it all through my brings each other. ”
“Rashid is already find anything and mess up anything. It is also the same time for prayer.”
“Yes, it is time.”

We went to a small adjoining room. How many rooms did this suite actually have? Rana gave me a rug and a short time later we were in prayer.

“I understand that you want to finish the study, but what do you want to do with it later? As a wife and mother, your life is pretty busy. I’ve had my experiences.”
I do not intend to work either, my wife and mother are enough for me, “I played their game.
For a woman it is the only right thing to focus on her duties as a wife and mother. My daughters are also already married. I know that in the western states other customs prevail, even women are much more independent and later marry, if at all. I could not imagine such a life. and I’m glad you prefer a life in purdah the dissolute life in the west. I am looking forward to help you. ”
“Thanks, it’s not easy to live here like this.” The situation became more and more crazy. What I have just brewed me. This was completely different than I had imagined. Where should that lead? His mother is trying to help me to live as she did. I racked my brain as I managed to escape from this situation. I could not think of anything. The only solution was to play the game while they were here. I just hope that’s over soon.
“Yes, I can well imagine, I’ve heard that from acquaintances who were already in Germany and some were badly abused.” Rashid’s father warned me , that there are some xenophobic parties here. But the next time you’re here and everything is taken care of . So you do not have to go to the street. How did you survive that in the last few years? ”
“It was not easy, but I have not had any problems in the areas I live in.”
“I’m relieved that you have not had any bad experiences so far, but maybe you should come with us and in our homeland you will not have any problems, nobody will scold you there, you could live in our house, it’s big enough. I would be very happy to help you find your way around Purdah. ”
The whole thing was totally out of control. Now she even dreams that I will come to Arabia and spend my life there. How can I stop this comedy Just chill. The more I tried to extricate myself from this noose, the closer she tightened.
“I’d like to finish my studies first, then everything else will come.”
“How long do you have to study?”
The writing deadline is 2 months, and if the written work is graded, it will be followed by a verbal exam in about 5 months, and if I pass, I’ll finish my studies. ”
“In about five months, then it will not take you more time to marry.”
I was speechless.
“Rashid and I have not talked about it.”
Rashid’s father agrees, so I’ll take care of that, so there’s nothing in the way of your marriage. ”
“Oh thanks, that comes as a surprise.”
“I know that here in the West the marriages will be closed only after a few years and the future spouses will already be living together.” That is sin. “Allah leads everyone on the right path.” Allah has brought you together. “So it is completely out of the discussion that you are destined for one another Because Allah knows best, so it is not necessary for Rashid to ask you, and you have my consent and that of my husband. ”
The whole thing turned into a nightmare. I have to come up with something urgent so that I can get out of here without harming Rashid. Above all, I have to win time now.
“I’ll call Rashid so I can tell him what I need.”
“Rashid is still here, let’s go next door, then you can tell him what you need.”

So we went next door and I had my peace first. I told Rashid what I needed and where he found it. A short time later Rashid drove off and I was alone again with Rana. Where should that lead?

Fortunately, the food came at that moment. Rana set a placemat and plate on the table.
“There are three of us, where are the other sets?”
“It is common for us first, the men eat and when they have finished eating, we eat.”

Without further discussion we served Mohammed. After he had finished his dinner we ate in peace. We collected the dishes and then went to the prayer room together. After evening prayer Rashid came and brought me the things and documents that I needed for my master thesis as well as the clothes.

After the night prayer, we went to sleep. Finally peace and no further discussions. The next morning I was able to continue my master thesis. This gave me peace before Rana. Fortunately, I was able to concentrate on my Master’s thesis and did not have to talk to Rana.

The next days were similar. Framed by the prayers, I worked on my master’s thesis. This allowed me to largely avoid further discussions with Rana.

So the days went by. Slowly the date approached want to fly back to the Rashid’s parents again. All the time I had no opportunity to speak directly with Rashid. While I was writing about my work, I wrote him an email telling him what his mother thinks. He just said that I should not take it so seriously.
Fortunately, the 3 weeks slowly came to an end . My mood was getting better. Fortunately, the conversations with Rana did not revolve around the wedding, or a life in Purdah.

However, my mood suddenly fell to the freezing point when Mohammed came out of the clinic and said that the doctor had recommended that he do the rehabilitation in Germany. The doctor had also made a corresponding recommendation. The clinic for outpatient deer was very close. On the recommendation of the doctor, Mohammed has already registered. The rehab would take at least half a year. For this time he would rent a house nearby.

I suddenly realized what that meant. At first, however, I still had peace before Rana, because this took care of Mohammed first. But the discussions would inevitably come.

The next day, Mohammed and Rashid drove off to find a house near the Reh a clinic. Just before noon, they came back with a success message. I continued my master thesis.

After the midday prayer and the meal, Rana came to me.
“How is Mohammed?”
“He’s fine, the operation was successful, and the cure has gone well so far.”
“That pleases me very much.”
“Yes, I’m relieved that everything went well so far, and Mohammed will be fully recovered.”
“It’s good.”
“On the one hand, it is not so nice that the healing of Muhammad takes longer than expected, because the illness was worse than expected, but on the other hand, it’s nice that I can help you lead a life in Purdah Afterwards, we will be able to take care of what will be important for you as a wife and mother. I am pleased to share my experiences with you. ”

This can not be true. I did not think that can come it worse. And yet it’s happened. How can I free myself from the dilemma without Rashid to making an omelet. Even after much thought nothing occurred to me. Rama would not let me out of his fingers, while I still write my master’s thesis and prepare myself for the oral examination. The problem is, that will take the oral examination in 3 to 4 months and Mohammed has at least 6 months rehab on.

Two days later, the company moved into the house. A house in the where I grew up the house at least twice fit well has. My master’s thesis was indeed very advanced stage and I was actually still really a lot of time, but in recent days it was still sluggish. I could not concentrate properly and brought me nothing decent on paper. I was always dissatisfied.

“What about you Sarah?”
“I do not I hang and just cannot get past.”
Rana came to me and took me tenderly in his arms.
“It’s ok sweetheart. Get some rest and then everything comes by itself”
As I lay in her arms and felt the warmth and security I started terribly to cry.
“It will be okay sweetheart. Wine keep quiet and if you want I’m listening pleasure. Generally it helps it, when you talk to the concerns of the soul.”
“Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of my parents and my sister.”
“Oh dear I did not know, I’m so sorry. I will for you life .”
“Thank you. That’s bad, that we did in the dispute parted are. My parents had planned the holiday for all of us and booked and shortly before the holiday gave me a professor offered an assignment to write in order to improve my grade. My parents thought the this is not necessary because the impact is minimal on the final score. But for me now it was clear that I write in order to improve my housework, even if it only makes a difference of more than 0.1 in the final mark. How did and totally fought and I’m stormed out of the house and went to my apartment and did with my housework. We had talked after the dispute a word. And then the police were at the door. I could not apologize. That’s the worst thing that we in the dispute parted are. ”
“I really am sorry for you. The more I would like for you existence, if you would like that, too. You’re a wonderful young woman and I’m sure that your parents have already forgiven you. Even if I were fighting you, your parents had forgiven you long even if they have not expressed this to you over because you have not spoken. Parents their children cannot this be evil really love. I know it from personal experience. Rashid’s older brother and a lot of grief prepared. We had a fight more often, but we could not it be long angry. ”
“Thank you. And yes, I would like that too. I was missing something in the last few years. Now know I what I missed. I think I make myself get back to work. Thank you’re there for me.”

It was a strange feeling, I could not place it right. But I felt a relief after talking with Rana.

The Master’s thesis made very good progress in the following days and weeks. Through daily routine with regular prayers and meal times I could divide my work very efficiently. 2 weeks before the deadline my work was done, Korrektu r read and already committed. Rashid did the work in the secretariat of my professor and now we had to wait.

Since I had only once nothing to do with my studies until the announcement of the result, Rana took me hogging. After the first morning prayer then came to study the Koran, the morning prayer. After the prayer, we have prepared the breakfast, first for Mohammed, then we ate. After that followed the washing and the housework. Rana pointed me in everything. Completely obscures the housework was make an effort n of and because of the size of the house there was always something to do. Before noon prayers we started preparing lunch. Rana gave me recipes from their home in which I intended to cook. After noon prayers we Mohammed enjoyed eating applied and then even eaten. After washing have we retreated for two hours on the Koran study and then does the rest of the household chores for the day. After the evening prayer we Mohammed initially prepared dinner and applied and subsequently eaten themselves. After the obligatory dishes we have until the night prayer in the Koran read and talk.
Rana told me about herself and her family and I have you told about me and my family. Since the 4th anniversary of the death of my parents, as Rana had comforted me, our relationship has changed slowly but surely.
This is initially not noticed since the days always went the same. This routine helped me a lot the stress that had built up in recent weeks and months to reduce. I did not have to think big and started to get my head clear. Rana was me becoming a mother substitute. We understood each other better and it did not come to the references that you made right at the beginning.
She was always there for me when I wanted to open my heart. This was fallen short in the past 4 years. After the death of my parents, I have focused exclusively on the study and otherwise get close to me.
Only Rashid has the ice broken something after some time. The relationship with him if you want to call it that had developed slowly but steadily. At the beginning it was all about to help him in the study.
Since I was not very busy studying, I was looking for me in addition a tutoring site and Rashid was my first student. Rashid made good progress and it so happened we had during the hours have I taught him more and more time for talks used. He told me about himself and his family, from me. So we have slowly developed feelings for each other. Eventually we met outside the university, are the Café gone, rode a bike or in a museum. It was to be very nice with him. In particular, he, unlike other students do not turn me on.
If I had something on my mind, I could go to Rashid and he helped me or just listened.

And now I had listened to the Rana me and me just in the arm, took when I needed it. The same routine always helped me relax and to clear my head. I could grieve properly with the help Ranas last. Something I had deliberately while studying not admitted. But I had felt that I had not been processed to death. This I had to do to be able to look ahead again. In the period after the delivery of the work, I was able to grieve and Rana always stood by me. It has developed a very special relationship at this time. It is hard to describe. She was my mother and best friend at the same time.

Finally the redeeming news came on the grade of the master’s thesis. I was totally surprised because I had never expected such excellent mark. The oral exam was already scheduled. I had two weeks time to prepare myself for it. So I sat down to go through again and study especially my work intensively again at the desk of everything. These were again two stressful weeks.

The appointment for the inspection was approaching and I was getting nervous. Rana calmed me where she referred to my grade in the written work. You left me with all the activities we had done together in recent weeks, completely alone.

At last it was time. The appointment was at the door. The next morning at 11 o’clock should oral examination take place. I had in the last few days so focused on the preparation, was not aware that I was completely veiled. I had gotten used to it. Only I can not seem to oral test that. But what should I do. I felt hot and cold as I thought about it. How do I get to suitable clothing for the exam. I ran out of time.
While I was walking about the room, searching for a solution, there was a knock and Rana came in. About your arm lay clothes, my clothes. I was totally confused.
“I have asked from your home clothes for your exam to get Rashid. I think that is better suited to an oral test than you’re wearing now.”
“But I do not understand?”
“You should rest now and prepare for tomorrow. If you have tomorrow the exam behind you, we can talk.”
“OK see you later”

I was still confused. What did it because now mean? Rana was right at the moment is the oral examination in the foreground. The clothes she brought me, I would have picked out. But I cannot imagine that Rashid has chosen. Either was mitgefahren Rana or Rashid had to get the job everything he could find.

I tried again to concentrate on the exam and with some difficulty I managed well. The night I did not sleep well and so it was that Rana came at 08:00 into my room and woke me up.
“Good morning, my sleepy head, it’s 8:00 time to get up and to get ready for your big day.”
“What time is it.”
“Why did not you wake me for breakfast prayer?”
“You have such a bad night, that I can sleep in it for the best kept you so that you are rested to your exam. The prayers you can catch up. So everything is fine.”
“Thank you.”
“You go into the shower, until I make the clothes ready, and then you get to have breakfast.”
“Thank you. You’re really good to me.”
“So go ahead so that you are ready.”
I was confused, but did not have time to concern myself with it. After the shower, I moved the first time back to my old stuff. A cream-colored blouse, and a wine-red costume. Pantyhose and pumps with 5cm heel. When I looked at myself in the mirror I had a strange feeling, but I could not place it, and was too excited. After a quick breakfast Rashid drove me to the university. It was the first time since his parents came to Germany 5 months ago that we first time were alone and could talk. But I was so absorbed in myself and went my thesis again by that no conversation about civil came.

After seemingly endless waiting, I turn came. After the first questions when I was a little excited, everything went like clockwork. After half an hour everything was already over and my two examiners congratulated me to the master. After facilitating the euphoria came to have made it.
When I saw Rashid I ran to him and jumped’m really into his arms.
“I’ve done it. The oral exam is through.”
“We must celebrate that.”
“Let’s go after the house. I want your mother also learns that I have passed. Celebrations we still can.”
“OK.” it came back a little disappointed.
But I had my reasons why I as soon as possible back wanted. I wanted to know what Rana has to talk to me. After a short time we got back, but of Rana was nothing to see. So I’m in my room and I changed my clothes. After I finished moved, I made up the prayers and when I was finished and wanted to roll up my prayer rug again I noticed that Rana was now in my room.
“Congratulations my dear, I’m proud of you”
“Thank you.”
“I think we should talk.”
We went into the living room and sat down. Rana gave us tea and started.
“I want you to listen to me. We can then talk about it. Is that okay.”
“Yes, sure”
Now I was really curious what’s coming.
“I know, that you’re not a Muslim. I know also that you have played both of us all this.”
My mouth fell open to . It was lost everything. ”
“I already knew that when I spoke my Rashid when we arrived here in Germany. I know Rashid long enough to know when something is wrong. Unlike his brother Rashid an honest. Whenever he prevaricate for his brother had he faltered and began sometimes to stutter. When he told me about you after we arrived, I immediately noticed that it was unsafe. While he has the stutter under control, but he was not sure. and that was not to be overlooked. that could only mean that you love to have you. a mother can feel it. When Mohammed told me that he has a female voice heard in the background, and that it should be a devout Muslim and tutor of Rashid it, I was immediately suspicious . In the Major in a devout Muslim who also disguises itself as a tutor because anything was wrong. Since Mohammed wanted to be treated in Germany, I told him that he should say Rashid, that We want to meet you. I just wanted to see how he reacts. As you both you came to our hotel, I doubted initially in my estimation. I was then decided at short notice to keep you at the hotel in order to feel you on the tooth. I wanted to know how you respond. When you told me your story, I was not sure if and how the story is true. That your parents had died, I lost, because as you’ve told the story, the truth had to meet.
I wanted to feel you on the tooth to see. I have to tell you you very well prepared. Over time, I became unsure if the story is not yet right. When the procession decency in the house, I again spoke with Rashid. After I repeatedly on probing, he told me everything. Also he loves you and that you only have made her so that Rashid’s father did not missile? Him off the money supply and be torn apart her.
Even if Mohammed had known that, I would never have admitted it, that he missile? Rashid the money supply. Rashid is a good-hearted person to make is always trying everything right. And in our society, it is now not allowed to before the wedding with a woman to be taken that does not belong to the family. I was immediately clear when Rashid had received the study place in Germany, it is different here. But he has assured me that nothing happened between you. Is that correct”
“Yes. I’ve Rashid met when he asked for a tutor. He has just turned me down, but there was no other tutor time, he had to accept if he wanted to prepare the fabric. I was aware that he felt uncomfortable so I’ve focused from the start only to teach. I have not tried to seduce him or the like. by the time he gained confidence. We had all the time seen exclusively in the university and learned there. One day, the space which was occupied and we used, we also found no other, he suggested to him to go and learn there what we did. After that hour, it was the first time that we were talking about something other than the subject matter. From then on, we have often learned from him and after class and entertained. It’s never come in all the time to a rapprochement neither Rashid from me. Earlier this year, I then my courage together and confessed to him that I had fallen in love with him. He also confessed to me that he’s in love with me. But we also agreed that we only get closer when we were married. Until then, we wanted to as close as possible to be together, but also so much keeping distance than necessary to practice in his home country enough to do.”
“This has the same also told me Rashid and I believe you. I know that you love each other and I wanted to know you better. I wanted to know who Rashid has chosen. And I thought to myself, a little bit will not hurt penalty if you already tries to deceive us like that.
In recent months I have you very fond of . I’ve seen how much you has taken the death of your parents and your sister. I want nothing more than for you to be there . I know you’re not a Muslim, but that’s not important. You are a wonderful Rose and I am pleased that Rashid has such a great wife met. It was clear that it would not be possible for you veiled take the oral exam. I have therefore Rashid sent to your apartment and asked him to pick up your clothes. I then picked you what you wore before. I had imagined how you would look in it and have to say that you’ve looked more beautiful than I had imagined. ”
When I heard those words, I could not hold back my tears. Rana had known it all the time and treated me still with respect. They helped me a lot.
“But you need not cry, my dear.”
“I weep for joy. I thank you for these wonderful words.”
“You’re so beautiful looked before, but why you have moved you again. You need me nothing audition.”
“Also I have grown fond of you as a mother and best friend.”
“If you want I would like to be your mother. That would be a wonderful gift”
“Thank you mom. I love you. You’ve given me in recent months as much given to love, as I have not seen for a long time. I want to be like you. I know that this is not easy, but you are my role model. and I want to give you back something and make you happy. I want to be what I initially played. I want to be a pious Muslim, for I have spent me. ”
“For real.?”
“Do you know how happy you make me. I love you my daughter. And I’m so happy that you have decided to live in purdah. We have a big house in Saudi Arabia, large enough for two families. We would then be for always together. that would be wonderful. First, it is now necessary, however, that you discard the creed. ”

Said and done, a short time later she has been telling me the confession and I repeated after it. After that Rana has closed me tight in his arms.

“My beautiful daughter. We should not all wait with the marriage too long. I would like grandson.”

We both had to laugh.


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