The Locker Room

The Locker Room

by T_G

Translated from the Hungarian Az öltöző

Anna Goldwin had lived in London for 24 years since her birth. She regularly went to the gym because she took care of her body. She had been in the “Body-breaker” club for a long time even though it was a pretty expensive place. Only women came here. Two dressing rooms were waiting for visitors. Everyone had a separate big cubicle where they could change their clothes. The machines were almost new and varied. She was training now too. As she opened one of the cubicle, she was surprised to find that there were black clothes in there. She looked at the other cabin. It was empty. ‘Someone left her clothes here instead of putting it in her locker,’ he thought angrily.

“Hello! Is anyone here? Someone left his clothes here,” she said aloud, but nobody answered. It was very early, as usual, when she came to train. The gym staff could be out of earshot because they did not answer her call. She looked more closely at the clothes and realized that she had come across an Arab woman’s veil. She pondered. She did not remember seeing anyone between the guests or the staff. She walked around and did not see anyone anywhere. Where can the employee be? She should be here, but there is no one. She was alone. She began to examine the clothes. It was a complete set. Bottom and top clothing, shoes, veils and gloves. ‘What if I tried it?’ she thought, and disrobed The first piece was a pair of black panties to the ankles that had to be tied at the waist. The second was a long sleeved knee-length shirt, also in black. Then came a black knee-high stockings over which the panties had to be pulled and lowered to the bottom. She then had to put on almost knee-high shoes, wrapping the shoelace around. Her feet were now complete! Then she let a black abayah fall over her and wrapped the hijab over her head. She picked up the three-layer niqab and tied it to her face. She fitted black gloves over her hands and then let the niqabs drop down in front of her eyes. She has seen this done on a YouTube video so it was not difficult to work out how to get dressed. She went to the mirror and looked in it. A veiled Arab woman looked back at her. She did not notice the door the cubicle open, and a young Arab woman would step into it. She walked cautiously into the cabin where Anna’s clothes were laid and began to dress. As Anna continued to look in the mirror, she picked up Anna’s clothes. Anna heard something and turned in alarm. The Arab woman stood in front of her in her clothes.

“And who are you? And why did you put on my clothes?” she asked Anna.

“I could ask you the same thing, but this is better. I paid off the attendant, so there’s two of us. I knew you were coming, the attendant said you are always the first to arrive. You know, I wanted to get away from my husband, but he would only agree the divorce if I found someone else to replace me. Well, I’ve found you now!” said the Arab woman with a smile.

“What?” Anna was shocked and tried to take the veil off, but the woman sprayed something in her face which made her weak so had to sit down. She only watched the woman through the black layers, but she could not move or talk. An Arab man came in and asked, “Is this her?”

“Yes! The effect of the spray will last one hour, you can take her to the airport. And you live happily, you Arab woman. Your husband takes you home now, and I do not think you’ll ever leave it.”

“Well said,” said the attendant.

“You really resemble me, so you will not be missed, but we must be quick as other gym users will be arriving soon as they said they would open half an hour later today.”

She helped Ann into a car and soon they boarded a small plane and flew to her new home. She could not do anything against them. The effect of the drug had worn off, but she could not talk about the rubber ball in his mouth. Even though nobody would hear her. There was only the two of them and the “husband” who piloted the plane and said to her, “You will not have a bad life if you obey me. As for escaping, do not even think about it. You are mine already. They will return you to me either voluntarily or with violence. I will make you Muslim and my wife. You’ll always veiled, serving me and keeping the household. You will bear my children, but you will not have any problems at all. I’m rich enough to keep any worries away.”

Anna was weeping and she sat alone in her veil silently, helplessly.

8 thoughts on “The Locker Room

  1. Sorry. Didn’t enjoy this story very much as its plot and purpose evaded me. To me I’m afraid none of it made much sense


    1. I shall pass that feedback on. It was noticably shorter than the other stories by T_G. Which is why I translated it first. Making the Hungarian tales readable is really hard work. I just completed another on the flight.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Sorry. You Don’t like my story. If you say what you like, Maybe i can write. (my English is bad, i write Hungarian, and Dave translate them!


  2. Wieso, weshalb und warum, das entgeht mir auch in der Geschichte. Der Anfang ist gut, Eine fortsetzung wäre schön um diese Fragen noch zu klären.

    Why, why and why, that escapes me in the story. The beginning is good, a continuation would be nice to clarify these questions yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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