Modern Times: Part 2

Part 2

Part 1

As a farewell, she hugged the two girls, then Celine and Samantha went out. It was a pleasant warm day. The air was clean and clean. Celine had seen pictures and videos of the old days when the stinking cars drove. You shuddered at the thought of living in such a world.   Now everything was bright, friendly and quiet. Even animals lived in the cities again. She saw a squirrel sitting on the grass and pointed to it. Samantha nodded, she too had seen it. The two walked with small steps to the carport. Next to the four-seater stood Celine’s little car. Her father had given her the car for her 18th birthday. The car resembled the small vehicles that were built at the beginning of the electric cars. An open two-seater, the second seat was mounted against the direction of travel and served mostly as a luggage rack. When the weather was bad, Celine preferred to take the bus, and when the weather was nice, she enjoyed driving her car. Samantha sat in the back seat, Celine helped her straighten up and smooth her skirts. She was especially careful that no one could see Samantha under her skirts. Then she put a safety bar over Samantha’s thighs and put a wide strap from below to the hanger. This belt was also meant to hold luggage, now he should keep the skirts down. She looked at her sister as their eyes met, both winked. The girls understood each other without words. Celine took the front seat.She waited for a moment, then her belt had connected to the car. On the display appeared a map on the Samantha School and also their destination were marked. She glanced at the data below the map. The batteries were full and everything else looked normal. Before she set off, she strapped on and put down the strap. Since the car had weather protection at the front she was better hidden than her sister. Celine put her left hand on her skirts, the joystick her father had mounted for her right. She pressed the red button on top of the stick, a green signal showed her that the car was ready to go. The route was shown, Celine confirmed the information by pressing the start button again.   She pushed the stick a little forward, the small car slowly rolled down the driveway. Celine looked left and right, the street was clear.

She drove slowly on the road, as every wagon was also limited to 15 km / h when she was driving. The cars of the men were much faster, Celine often wished that they could drive faster but for the protection of women, this barrier was certainly useful. She steered with the joystick and reached the main street. The display showed her a green arrow to the right, she turned and rode right on the track allowed for the women. The display flashed, he appeared AUTO on the screen. Celine pressed the button briefly, the flashing stopped and the car accelerated to 25 km / h. The computer in the vehicle had connected to the traffic computer via an induction loop. She was now led by the central computer.As required, she removed her right hand from the stick and folded her hands in her lap. She had been punished once before because she was not sitting correctly. That her 20 euros were deducted she could get over but that her father had also got in trouble, she was sorry to this day. As head of the household he was responsible for her, she did not want to cause him any problems.

While driving Samantha looked unobtrusively around. She saw a group of young men jogging and envied them as always. She too would have liked to run free. She also saw women walking slowly one behind the other and waiting at bus stops. The contrast between men and women could hardly be greater. The women were almost motionless in their clothes, the men moved unhindered. Samantha bit her gag, she got angry as she often did. Yes, she knew that all this was for the good of women, knew God wanted it, but it infuriated her. Her sister was different, retreating into this life instead of constantly rebel.

A loud warning whistle sounded and the display began to flash. Celine pressed the button, the whistle went out and the flashing stopped. The car left the main street, now steering it over the stick again. Slowly they drove to Samantha’s school. Celine stopped at a red light as it turned green, she drove up to the entrance. The display flashed a star next to the first target, a red dot in which a 2 could be seen. Samantha unfastened the strap that secured her skirts and opened the safety bar. After that she loosened the belt.Celine’s hanger did not open, she stayed in the car. Her sister stood up, briefly arranged her skirts, and held out both hands. The girls always said goodbye by giving both hands. Samantha indicated a curtsey, then slowly walked toward the school building. Celine looked after her for a moment, then pushed the button again and drove back to the main street.


The School

After Samantha entered the school, she headed for a series of doors. They looked like elevator doors. She waited a moment, then heard a gong and a door opened. She entered, then turned left. On the display in the wall appeared “Good morning, please wait”. Samantha stood still while the school’s system combined with her belt. It now appeared “Welcome Samantha. Your first lesson is in room 7. Please wait. “Samantha waited patiently, she knew that now an info-mail was sent to her father and also the school secretariat was informed. The screen flashed briefly, then she read: “Please go inside. Have a nice day! “Samantha indicated a curtsey, then she turned to the door. The door opened, she walked slowly to room 7. There were already five girls waiting on the wall in front of the entrance. Samantha joined them. As required, she stood with her back to the wall, her eyes lowered. As so often, she wondered who her classmates were. Although she had been in class with them for two years, she knew nothing more than the name of them and could barely identify them. The girl beside her recognized her dress, her name was Claudia. Samantha did not know more about her, and she would not know more about Claudia either.

It was not long before a teacher came and led them into the room. In a semicircle monitors and keyboards were lined up on tables, in front of which women’s seats were still sunk in the ground. At the front of the semicircle was a desk. For the teachers a chair was provided, the teachers could use a women’s seat. The students went to their seats and sat down. After that   They tied their chains to the table with a ring. The teacher checked this and then turned on the monitors.   He went out without a word. The students waited a few minutes, then their teacher came. She sat down in the seat behind the desk. On the monitors of the students now appeared “Good morning. We start with the lesson. “

Like everyone else, Samantha typed “Good morning   Miss Dawson. “The lesson was in large parts in a chat in which the students could read the other’s answers after they had sent their answer. Only with questions directed to them or hints the others could not have a say. Samantha sighed in her gag. She hated geography and was accordingly   bad in the tray. With horror she read “You will write a test now. I’ll give you 20 minutes time. “A multiple choice box appeared on the screen. Samantha, like the others, picked up the mouse and began clicking answers. The first questions were relatively simple. It should assign cities to the respective countries of the European states. She knew Paris in France, as well as Rome in Italy. She quickly clicked through the questions.   It came now to assign rivers, here they had to guess once or twice. The Elbe and also the Thames made her few problems but in others she was not sure. She regretted it as so often that she had not learned. The next block almost made her despair, mountains and large forest areas knew her mostly only by name. In the middle of these questions, the screen went black, the 20 minutes were over. The evaluation by the system took only seconds, then all students had the result. Samantha and 2 classmates had missed the test target.   Samantha swallowed dryly. Like the other two, she knew what was coming. Miss Dawson praised first the students who had passed the test, especially the two who had all the questions. Then she came to Samantha and the other two.

“You were obviously lazy. As you know, your fathers pay a lot of money for learning something here and not for not doing it.   Laziness is a sin, sin leads to hell. Please stand up. “Samantha slid her chair to the floor and stood in her seat. The chain attached to the ring held her tight. Miss Dawson tapped something on her desk. Samantha felt two thin metal bars go up under her skirts. “What happens now you owe your laziness, remember this for the future.” Samantha bit the gag. The metal bars were electrically charged, they received several electric shocks. Despite the chain, she tried to escape the blows but of course she had no chance.   The other two girls moved jerkily back and forth. The bars drove down again, the girls could sit down again. Samantha felt a painful burning sensation on her legs. Surely her father was angry with her, she would certainly get in trouble at home. “All because of those stupid mountains,” she thought to herself. As she expected, she typed “Thank you, Miss Dawson, I’ll get better”.   Miss Dawson replied, “I very much hope Samantha. Your father has just been informed. “Samantha sighed, realizing that this was happening.

After the test Miss Dawson showed the girls a short educational film about the different climate zones. It was to see how the earth had recovered since the innovation, how the deserts went back and also the extreme weather phenomena went back. After the film, she said, “Let’s be grateful that the people were still rational. After a short break in which you are allowed to drink something we continue the lesson “. She went to a fridge and took one for each student and herself   Glass bottle out. The bottles had at the neck a rubber stopper that was flush with the gags. After everyone had something to drink, type in “Drink now please”. They took the plugs out of the gags and put the bottles on.Samantha drank greedily, she was thirsty. After the bottles were empty Miss Dawson collected them again and put them in a basket. Disposable bottles had long since been abolished.

Miss Dawson was teaching   continue with social studies. “As you know, women in our society have rights as well as duties. Please give me some examples. Samantha thought for a moment, then wrote: “The right that the man cares for her and also that she may always stay with him. Also that she has food, drink, clothes, dwelling. “She sent her answer and saw the first answers of the others. Most responded similarly, one girl had written “that her husband protects her”. Miss Dawson looked through the answers, then she wrote, “You have all responded well. That’s all right and so wanted by God. One thing I find particularly interesting, namely that be protected. What did Elisabeth think of something in particular? “Elisabeth wrote:” so much above all, so also because of ourselves because we are weak and because the devil keeps trying us “. Miss Dawson thanked her for the answer, then asked, “How are you being protected? Give me some examples.” Samantha thought for a moment, then typed: “With rules, even forbidden. For example that we should not go somewhere and should always ask. Also that we are not allowed to talk. Since the gag helps.   So we do not do something bad, we are included and also in the corset. “Miss Dawson praised her for the answer, then she asked more questions until a loud ringing tone was heard. She wrote: “We want to pray now!” The girls got up. Tables and seats slid slowly to the floor. The chains pulled the girls down, now they were kneeling in their seats. Samantha folded his hands and started talking to God. She asked him for protection for her parents and Celine, also for the teachers and for all people. Afterwards, she thanked him for all the good he gave.   She was devout, not because she had to be, but because she was happy in her belief. When the bell rang again, she finished the prayer. Tables and chairs returned to normal position, lessons continued.

After class, Samantha left school and went to the bus stop. She was lucky, the bus came shortly after she was at the bus stop. He stopped, she got in the front and stopped in front of a barrier. It took a moment, then the barrier opened and on a display she saw a green light in a field. She went without haste to the designated cabin. For each woman, there were windowless single cabins to the left and right of the corridor. They were big enough that the women could stand in it, sitting was not possible. When a woman entered the cabin the car door locked automatically. She did not open until the woman arrived at the stop.   Before the bus drove on, Samantha just turned in the direction of travel and put down   her hands on a pole that was mounted in front of her. She pushed the bar down slightly. Several air bags mounted in the walls filled and held them with gentle pressure. She was now safe and protected in the cabin. Before their eyes, a monitor was inserted in the wall showing the route of the bus and its stop. She could see how the green dot of the bus moved towards the bus stop. The pole held her in both hands until the bus stopped at her stop. The air from the sacks was drained, the door opened.Samantha went to the back of the bus. She had to wait a moment at the back door, then opened it   and Samantha stepped on the footpath.

She had only a short walk to the house. In front of her were two women who kept their distance from each other. Samantha followed   They made sure that they too at least three meters distance kept. Her mother had warned her not to come too close to strangers, a woman should never appear intrusive. The first woman walked very slowly.Samantha and the woman in front of her adjusted to the slow pace. Samantha wondered why the woman was walking so slowly. She had heard that some women wore belts made of heavy metal, her mother mentioned it occasionally. Also, there were women whose feet were tied together with short chains so that they could only make tiny steps .Samantha was glad that her father did not like such things. He was strict, but he did not torture his family.

As always, she stopped just outside the front door and waited until the indicator next to the door indicated green. Then she went inside. Her mother came to meet her in the hallway. It was unveiled and without chains. In the house, the women wore this only when visitors were received. Julia hugged her daughter and went with her into the small dressing room. There she took off her veil, hood, hair bag, gag and chains. Samantha shook her long curly hair and pointed it in front of the mirror. Afterwards she hugged her mother and said “you, I’m hungry, I mean something right and not the stupid schlabber”. Julia laughed, then she asked “maybe eggs on toast you cheeky?” Samantha nodded enthusiastically. Shortly thereafter, the two ate together.

They cleared the table, then Julia said, “So, you lie down now.” Samantha gave her a sullen look. “I’m not tired and I’m not a little girl anymore that needs afternoon nap. Just leave me down here, “she added softly” then I’ll help you too “. Julia replied: “Firstly you need the midday rest and secondly your dad wants it that way. So do not do theater here, come on. “Samantha sighed and followed her mother upstairs. In the room, Julia undressed her to the corset she just loosened. “Then I take that stupid part off too, I feel like in a lemon squeeze.” Samantha sighed theatrically. “You know that afterwards it will be unnecessarily difficult to tie you afterwards, so you stay that way. So, then lie down. “Samantha was silent and lay down on the bed. Julia pulled on her leather bondage gloves which were connected by a short chain. Then she stuffed plugs in Samantha’s ears.A thick padded mask that hid the face down to the nose followed afterwards.   The mask was with   padded straps around the neck, a half strap that ran centrally over the back of the head and one that ran from the hairline to the neck strap. On the neck strap a ring was attached.   Samantha raised her arms so that Julia could cover them. Julia took care that the straps were tight without pressing. The gloves and the neck ring were connected with a thin chain, then Julia stroked Samantha’s head. She went out. After a few minutes Samantha had fallen asleep.   Neither noise nor daylight disturbed her sleep.


The Women’s Course

Celine reached the main road and had to wait a moment. Then she showed the display that she was allowed to drive on the road. She confirmed the automatic mode after she was on the track and clasped her hands. Only occupied with her accelerated the small car much better, even the load indicator remained in the lower third. Celine looked forward, approaching the main church. She tapped briefly on the display, it appeared an input field. She pressed prayer. The field flashed, then she saw a 16. She confirmed pleased. She had enough time to hold and pray at the church. The warning whistle sounded, Celine confirmed and the car left the lane. After a few meters, she reached a kind of tunnel in which she slowly drove. It was now under the church in a kind of underground garage that had been converted into a prayer room reserved for women. Celine headed for a free stop and turned off the car. It was her not allowed to get out, the bar was locked. She refrained from loosening the seat belt and tapped the display. It flashed briefly, then appeared first a cross, then a Bible word was read. Celine also read the explanation, the priest spoke of the duty to serve and the blessing that lay upon it. Celine prayed briefly, then pushed open a field stood on the admonition. The field blinked, she confirmed again. Several terms appeared, including pride, laziness and disobedience. Celine sighed in the gag. Yes, she had been haughty because she had made fun of Samantha, yes she had not done her housework as she should have done, so she was lazy and yes she had contradicted her mother. The display flashed briefly, then she read: “Celine, you have confessed this last week, this time you will be warned a little stricter. Are you ready? “She tapped YES with a heavy heart. She read “Then it should be like that. We will also inform your father. You are a well-willing daughter, that’s a pleasure. The punishment is designed to help you get even better. “Celine nodded despite knowing that no one saw it.She felt a painful electric shock from her belt. Just when she was wondering if that was all she was getting punished she read “You will be punished for 2 days. We wish you God blessings. “Celine confirmed with an uncomfortable feeling. Then she drove slowly back to the street and lined up. Her father was informed automatically. He read the mail smiling. “She’s a good daughter, Samantha should be like that,” as he often thought. He loved both girls a lot, but he knew that Celine was far more pious and obedient than his “rebel” as he often called Samantha. Then she drove slowly back to the street and parked up. Her father was informed automatically.

It was only a few minutes to their destination. Celine found a parking lot near the entrance, then waited a moment and got out. Before she went in, she briefly ordered her skirts. The door opened and she entered a kind of lock. Here she stayed until the front door opened. As she stepped out, a man stood in front of her. Surprised and a bit unsure, Celine bent and waited with her head bowed until he allowed herself to straighten up. “Hello, I’m Mr. Franklin, Celine. Please come with me. “She got up and followed him. She stayed behind a bit and kept her eyes on the ground. A woman should never look at a man for too long. Mr. Franklin saw her in a mirror behind her. He was very satisfied, Celine kept his hands folded,she had her hand chain in her hands and she followed him with a downcast look. He led her through the building into the courtyard. There he asked her to wait. She stopped motionless.

He returned shortly afterwards, accompanied by a wife. “Miss Henderson, this is Celine. She’s one of the best of the year. “Celine curtseyed in front of Miss Henderson, not as deep as before Mr. Franklin, because she was just a woman, but so deep that she paid her respects. Miss Henderson indicated a curtsey. “Celine, you see a course here. I ask you to go with me once here. Imagine that I am your husband. “With a cheerful voice, he added,” Do not worry, I will not hold your hand, I’m a bit too old for you “. Celine blushed and was glad the mask and the veil hid it.

After Mr. Franklin signaled, she stood next to him. It was unusual for her to go next door to a strange man, until now only her father had been at her side. He walked slowly along a path, she stayed at his height. When he suddenly stopped, Celine stood immediately. Mr. Franklin took note of it with pleasure. She evidently let herself be led by him and not only ran blindly beside him. He changed direction, Celine deftly turned without her skirts swinging, and with a few quick steps, went back to his side. They went back a little way, then turned right. At that moment, an unexpected electric shock hit Celine, she groaned in the gag and opened her hands. Her chain clinked as she slid over the skirt. Mr. Franklin stopped and looked at her in surprise. “Celine, what is it?” He sounded genuinely worried. She was ashamed of being so badly controlled and wanted to kneel in front of him. He held her by the arm like that and said “no, stop.” Then he held his cell phone in front of her belt and read out the belt’s storage.After looking over the data for a moment, he looked at her seriously. “It is good that you are trying so hard to become a good godly woman. But you have to learn to control yourself even better. A woman never attracts attention. Something like that just can not happen to you, Celine. You are one of the best here, as I said, the more it is a shame you just let yourself go. I will increase the impulses as well as the frequency, also this will be for a day longer. Then you have the opportunity to prove that you are really trying. You want to be a good wife, right? “Celine raised her right hand as a sign that she wanted it. He tapped something in his cell phone, Celine immediately got an electric shock that was harder and took a little longer than the one before.She stood motionless in front of Mr. Franklin. He saw it and praised it “you can do it Celine, God will help you. Pray diligently and try to obey. “She bent low in front of him. He then said, “Come on, let’s go a little further.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Henderson stood motionless behind them. She had seen and heard everything. Celine went back to Mr. Dawson’s side. They came to a staircase leading to a pedestal. Just before the stairs Celine slid the chain slowly between her hands, then she grabbed her skirts left and right. She took care that she was lifting the skirts and not further than necessary to get to the steps. Ms. Henderson watched her from the side and was very satisfied. Mr. Franklin also watched Celine closely. When they were on the pedestal, Celine resumed the chain with an elegant movement and folded her hands. At a sign from Mr. Franklin she turned, then they went down again. On the way down, she kept up the skirts as best she could with the chain.

The three went a little further and came to a bottleneck at the left and right bushes were planted. Mr. Franklin went ahead, Celine followed closely. He took a step back, she stopped immediately and went back a little too. He nodded in satisfaction. They came to a bank, he sat down. Celine sat down beside him on the edge of the bench. This also pleased the other two very much. Finally, they went to a circular walk around a pond. Here he quickened his pace, Celine did not have it easy in her clothes and with the chain to keep up with him. After three laps he stopped, she had also passed this task properly. He asked Celine to wait a moment, she was glad to stand. She saw how Mr. Franklin gave his cellphone to Ms. Henderson. She tapped something in and handed it back to him.He read what she had written and thanked her. Then he came back to Celine. “Celine, you have done well. Ms. Henderson will now lead you into the house, she still wants to talk to you. I wish you Have a good day. “Celine bent low in front of Mr. Franklin, then followed Ms. Henderson. The two women went into the building.

They walked down the corridors until they were in a part of the building Celine had not known. Miss Henderson stopped in front of a door and waited. The door opened, they went inside. Across the hall, they came to another door. Here, too, Miss Henderson waited just before she entered. Celine followed her. They now stood in a tastefully decorated

Celine gets a surprising offer

They were in a living room. There was a desk in one corner and most of the room had a very flat table around the big pillow. In one corner stood two chairs that looked strangely out of place. Miss Henderson tapped something in a keyboard at work and pointed to the screen: “Welcome to my private rooms. Please take a seat. Please kneel on a pillow, I have no women’s chairs here. Are you thirsty? We could drink some juice if you like. I would like to explain something to you and ask you in advance for permission to make something more fitting . ” Celine read it, then she wrote, “Yes, may I have some juice, please. Miss Henderson, you do not have to ask me for permission because as a student I obey you and as a young woman I know that I can and should learn from them . ” Miss Henderson nodded. She pointed to a pillow. Celine lifted her skirts lightly and knelt on it. She arranged the skirts as well as they could, Miss Henderson helped her. Then she went to a cupboard. She took out a thick padded collar and a leash and a leather short whip. Celine saw the collar and jerked back. Miss Henderson stroked her forehead to reassure her. Then she put the collar around her and fastened the leash to a ring on the table. She knelt behind Celine and put a leather strap that was firmly attached to the pillow over her legs. Then she got the juice. Celine waited until Miss Henderson drank, then removed the plug from her gag and drank as well.

Monitors and keyboards were embedded in the table. Miss Henderson turned on the system, Celine saw in front of her in the table a “Welcome to my private room . ” She politely thanked and waited.

“Celine, I’m really happy that you’re here now because I want to talk to you about something. Before that, I ask you to treat everything we are discussing as confidential. Of course you can report it to your father but no one else. Do you want to promise me that?”

“Yes, Miss Henderson, I promise. May I ask please what is it about? Can I do something? ”

“You are very eager Celine and I have often seen it with pleasure. Also that you have very good grades and here in this preparatory year for a long time the best student. We are already on the subject. You have eagerly learned and I was and like to be your teacher. Celine, you have two options now: Go the way most people go, marry a man, go to his house and be an obedient wife to him. That’s good and right, it’s God’s will. Or, and this is only for a few. Stay with us, learn more and be a teacher too. You will not marry then but will be accepted into our order.”

Celine considered what Miss Henderson meant with medals. She tapped hesitantly, “What is an Order Miss Henderson? What should I do there and why can not I marry? ”

“Celine, you can marry. But I want to show you an alternative today, something other than the normal way for women. Do you want to see that? ”

Celine pressed her tongue tight against her gag as always when she was excited. Yes, she was curious and asked to learn more. With joy let them:

“Then I want to tell you more about us and show you a lot. Do you have some time left? ” Celine thought for a moment, then she answered,” Yes I have time Miss Henderson. Actually I wanted to go shopping but I can do that another time. Can we please inform my father that I will go straight home ? ” Miss Henderson nodded, she wrote a short note to Mr. Jenkins. He confirmed immediately. “Your father knows. Now briefly what our Order is. ” Miss Henderson told the story of the Order as it emerged from the previous Order of the Nuns. Celine read eagerly, it was not new, but it was very interesting for her.

Without warning, she received three strong surges. She groaned into the gag and winced. Miss Henderson looked up. She took the riding whip and came to Celine who was kneeling quietly on the pillow again. Miss Henderson gently stroked her forehead, then lifted Celine’s skirts and took off her shoes. She hit Celine’s soles, Celine jerked again. Again she was stroked and beaten. Celine understood. She braced herself against the pain and kept still. Miss Henderson sat down again. “You did well, Celine. We never show anything that hurts us . ” ” Thank you, Miss Henderson, I’ll try it in the future. May I have my shoes back , please ? ” “Not yet Celine, only when we leave”. Celine nodded and kept reading. Miss Henderson kept writing, then at some point she wrote: “So enough text Celine. I’ll show you the house now, you already know the public part. Before I put your shoes on you, please remember one thing: If I pull on a leash please kneel next to me. ” She looked at the clock on the table and continued:” It’s about time for devotion, do you want with me? come? “Celine wrote:” Yes, Miss Henderson, I am very happy to come with you and I will do everything you say. ”

Celine felt that her skirts had been lifted. She wondered why Miss Henderson raised her so high. Then she felt the gentle female hands stroking her legs. She sat motionless and enjoyed it. Her breathing was faster, Miss Henderson heard it. She stroked Celine for a while, then put her shoes back on and straightened her skirts. The shackles were loosened, Celine got up and bent. Miss Henderson nodded and led her out of the room and down the hallway. They came to a courtyard where a few women were standing. Miss Henderson led Celine on past the women into a small chapel. There they went to a seat in the back rows. There were no benches, no pillows. Celine felt a slight jerk. She knelt on the hard stone floor. Miss Henderson pulled on a leash until Celine leaned forward. The train slowed, she remained kneeling, her upper body lowered. It was uncomfortable but also strangely stimulating for Celine to kneel like that. A bell sounded.

Celine almost looked up, she heard a friendly female voice that initiated the devotion. Otherwise, men were always in charge of the service, and this was evidently different. Celine was happy about it. She listened to the words carefully, mentally speaking the prayers and obediently keeping her hands folded. Miss Henderson saw that Celine maintained the uncomfortable posture. After the last Amen, she rose and led Celine out. Going out, Celine saw some cages standing against the wall. In one knelt a woman. Miss Henderson took no notice of the unfortunate. They went back across the courtyard and into the house.      Miss Henderson led Celine past her rooms to a door. Here she rang. Celine watched the old-fashioned ritual, she knew only ringing from movies. There was a bell on the other side of the door, and soon afterwards a small door opened in the door. The door opened, the two entered. A woman in a simple black dress with a white apron knelt down before them. Miss Henderson passed the woman quickly. She stopped at a desk. Celine read, “She is a servant, do not pay any attention to her. I’ll show you the bedroom of the sisters first. ”

In a large room, beds were lined up on the left and right. The beds were covered with white linen. Clean-folded nightgowns, thickly padded nightgowns, and leather head masks lay on the smoothly painted comforters. Belts hung on down the bed sides and also on the to-ceiling post at the foot end. At the foot of the beds stood simple stools. Celine could not explain the purpose of the stools, she wanted to ask Miss Henderson.

They went through the bedroom into a large dressing room. Spacious closets on both sides of the room and also in the middle provided space for the women’s wardrobe, everything seemed very clean and tidy. Miss Henderson opened a cupboard. Celine saw the abundance of clothes, underwear and nightwear. In drawers, chains, gags and metal hangers were handcuffed. As she wanted to look closer at the contents of the drawer, she felt an energetic pull on the collar. She bent and took a step back.

Miss Henderson led her into a room with ceiling-high bookshelves on the walls. Celine looked around in surprise, she had never seen so many books before. She felt an energetic jolt on the leash. She quickly followed Miss Henderson to a desk. “Curiosity is of the devil, please keep your head straight !! “Celine bent deeply, then she wrote,” Please forgive me, Miss Henderson. Please punish me! ” ” Not now Celine, you take enough on you. “As if the belt had read it, he was active and gave Celine four hard kicks. She winced but stopped dead. “Thank you, Miss Henderson, I want to obey … it’s hard.” “It’s hard but you’ll learn it Celine. Here is the library, all these old books are our treasure. Do not worry, they are also digitized. Come on, I’ll show you the dining room . “

They went out into the corridor, then entered a room with low tables and pillows. Everything was very clean, on the tables were tablecloths and flower vases. Two servants covered for later as they entered. The two knelt down immediately and lowered their eyes. The two women left quickly. When they were back in Miss Henderson’s rooms, they knelt down again at the table. Celine expected Miss Henderson to mend her but she stayed without the belt. The collar was removed from her, Celine regretted it. The pressure of the leash had pleased her, it was a nice feeling for her to be so led. She wrote without thinking. “Please may I have the necklace again, Miss Henderson.” “Not yet Celine, not until you decide. You’ve seen a lot and heard a lot. Think about it and then say Sunday how you want to live in the future. One more thing: we serve the brothers, they are all our men. ” Celine thanked Miss Henderson. Yes, she would have a lot to think about. Miss Henderson accompanied her out.

After the system of the car had connected itself with their belt a message appeared in the display. “Route has been changed, directly home. Pa. “Celine confirmed receipt of the message and started the car. She turned onto the road, then turned on the automatic. While driving, she thought about what she had seen. The warning whistle pulled her out of her thoughts. She took control and focused. When she turned off the car she saw that her father was not at home. She went into the house.

Part 3

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