Teleshop (English)

Teleshop (English)


Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.


Dear ladies and gentlemen, Already, here is your great showman to impress you with new excellent products! Look at my beautiful assistant in this incredibly beautiful black dress and veil! You’re so pretty! This elegant dress can be worn for all occasions! For wedding or funeral? Want to go to theater or work? Suitable for every occasion! It protects against harmful sun radiation! Come closer to me! Look at it. The thick black veil not only covers your eyes but also protects them! No need for sunglasses. Because of the black gloves, spending on nail polish and manicure can be saved! Gentlemen! This excellent dress protects your wives and daughters from sexual harassment! Ladies and gentlemen think that they can go to bed in the morning, because there is no need for make-up! This is all a big saving for the family pot! Additionally, we add a free rubber-toothed gag for free, which prevents unnecessary chatter! Well, what a great offer it is! It would be a sin to miss it! But that’s not all! If you order it now, we’ll send you three sets of shoes, stockings and lingerie. Can this be bettered? Yes! The first 100 customers will get another set, free! Four sets for the price of one! And that is still not the end! Look at this golden beautifully crafted virginity protected. It’s like a pair of iron panties, but more! It provides perfect protection for your wearer! Made of thick steel, yet comfortable. It barely limits movement! The front and rear openings allow for unlimited use. You do not have to remove it when the need calls you! Do you see my assistant dress up? No, no! Just be careful not to lose the key! It cannot be replaced! If both are ordered at the same time, we will reduce half the price of the chastity belt! And we will send two more for the half price if you order it today!

Do not hesitate. Call us right now!

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