A Not-So-Strange World

A Not-So-Strange World

by Vulcan

Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.



Modern wars have completely changed people’s lives. Big battles have become meaningless through robotization. It made no sense and no profit for belligerent peoples when machines fought each other. So there was a short time of peace in the civilized part of the world. Politics was more or less well managed by the people, and perhaps for the first time in the history of the population, and not in the interests of a few influential layers.

But where there is no enemy, one is made:


a film that describes very well how to send a people into an unwanted war.

Targeted minorities were so discriminated against and manipulated, they went on. Affected populations often became impoverished, as if they lost an altercation, they also lost their property. Thus, in the streets of the cities was soon fought permanently and only wealthy families could shield themselves from the danger. Those who managed to serve them enjoyed their protection. So again a click, which prevailed, supported by a compliant group of the population, who did everything to avoid the madness of the streets fell. Politicians and journalists were the people of the hour, producing daily in the media and discussing inflated banalities and fueling imaginary fears among the population to keep them docile and obedient. Privacy no longer existed, the majority felt safe and protected in the surveillance cocoon. Nobody doubted at least publicly the correctness of the said.

The modern woman: A smartphone was an indispensable prop today, opening doors in the traditional as well as the figurative sense. Actually, life was impossible without it. Smartphone games were the most important thing for a woman at all. By answering the questions asked there, their profile was generated and their social status determined. The reputation of a housewife has become increasingly important in recent years. The woman had to answer questions of health, nursing, teething problems, chores, actually everything related to domestic duties, if she answered correctly the questions would be more difficult until she ideally reached the highest level. The women were so busy. Her life has been influenced to the smallest detail, so that earlier ideas such as emancipation,


The stupidity of Susie Janssen

Susie played deep in her smartphone, like all the other women present. The news was on the widescreen TV. As always, it was war reports. They almost always showed street fighting of our brave soldiers fighting the cowardly subversives. “Please, can not you make that out?” Susie asked her mother. “And we have to wait a long time?” “Dear, it’s not too much to wait for something. You know our men are fighting at the front every day for our survival, and only a few men are available for civilian purposes.” But she got up and turned off the monitor. Then she focused again on her knowledge game on the smartphone.

Susie was lazy, a fact she owed to her intelligence. She was bored. Things that should interest women were a sheer horror to her. To get close to the ideal meant cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, cooking, etc. and answering idiotic questions on her smartphone the rest of the time, as her mother did every day. Because there was almost always time, because you spent a lot of time in authorities to cope with any bureaucratic nonsense. Finally, her mother and she were called.

They tidied their hoods and aprons and entered the office. To the left of the office counter stood a low bench on which the women knelt. They were identified on their smartphones as they entered. The official went straight to the point: “To ensure proper integration, all women are provided with IdentChips, go to rally 12 on the farm to be taken to the central registration office.” They silently left the office, as they did had it entered, and could be navigated from the smartphone to the collection point.

Once in the registry, they had to sit under a metal hood. Their heads were fixed, then they felt heat in the neck area and that’s it. Unquestioned, they had been chipped. They were now connected to the central computer and the importance of that, they should learn soon.

” Susie, love to wake up!” Susie opened her eyes, assuming to see her mother, but no one was in her room. “Do not be afraid, little one. I am your new girlfriend. I’ll always be with you and make sure you’re fine and I want to help you if you make mistakes. “” Damn! Where are you? “” In your head, stupid! A good girl does not say bad words. I never want to hear that bad word again! “” Damn! I … “then her voice was gone. No sound came from her lips.

” Be a dear girl, then I’ll allow you to speak again soon!” “Get out of my head, bitch!” She thought angrily. “Even your thoughts should be kept in check!” And a stabbing pain shot through her head. Mechanically she got up. It was still too early! She went to the bathroom and washed thoroughly and brushed her teeth very carefully. It felt like she was watching herself. Then she dressed carefully and knelt down to pray. And a prayer she had never heard poured from her lips as if by herself: “God, bless this unworthy girl, show it the joys of being your obedient maid. Teach it to become a good wife and an exemplary, good mother. Amen.

“But I do not want that shit! “She thought and this time the pain was so bad that she fainted. When she awoke, she saw how she cleaned the kitchen. At the table sat her mother and watched her silently. Susie kept working quietly, whether she wanted to do or not. Finally, her mother said, “Our new girlfriend is very disappointed in you. If you do not get better, she wants to kick you out. What that means should I explain to you, our friend does not care about your presence. Yes, I know that you can not speak. But you can hear yes! If you get kicked out, it means you can not hear, see, smell, or taste anything. You are deprived of all senses. she throw you in a black hole, without life. You are buried alive. Still you have the choice.

With one step swoop her world disappeared. She was in a deep nothing. All perception was taken away from her. There was no where, when, how. It was really a grave. Whimpering, she crept in, what? ‘ Then she was suddenly back in the kitchen, as if nothing had happened.

” I submit, I will do everything for my new friend, I want to obey her,” she thought in the absence of a language.

” You should be forgiven again. Now do your work properly and conscientiously. ”

Quickly she should understand what girlfriend understands by help. Because no matter what she did, she did it until her friend was satisfied. So she stayed in the kitchen all day. She had to cook for the family and then clean everything until the kitchen shone again. She herself had to settle for the leftovers left over. At the end of the evening, after everything was done, she was allowed to sit down for the first time. Exhausted, she fell asleep at the table.

“Good morning, dear friend! It’s time to get up! Refresh yourself quickly and then prepare breakfast for the family. Hopp, hopp hurry! “She went into the bathroom and washed and brushed her teeth, just as her friend ordered. Back in the kitchen she started to prepare breakfast and while the family ate, she cleaned the vegetables for lunch. “You have to hurry up, because your father’s shirts have to be ironed.” After she had cared for the family and the kitchen gleamed again, she went to iron in the laundry room. Never before have shirts been ironed so carefully. Girlfriend did not let up until everything was perfect. Now quickly into the kitchen, well that the vegetables had already been cleaned. When the family arrived for lunch, she was just finished preparing. “Do not trödle! The beds have to be freshly made today! “Thus, after the kitchen gleamed again, she ran into the bedrooms to make beds.She immediately put the dirty laundry in the washing machine. Then she went to the kitchen to prepare supper. When she had finished everything, she went to the laundry to the basement. It was late at night when she came in her bed.

Always the threat of the black hole in mind, girlfriend drove her to more and more work. After one month alone, she ran the entire household.

Meanwhile, a year has passed. All her tasks fulfilled she cleanly and precisely.

The house became her hole world, she forgot that there is also an outside. In summer she was allowed to serve the family on the terrace, this was her one and only with the outside world and she got used to the loss of her voice. Now she was proud of her work and her friend let her feel her satisfaction with her, deep down she felt her love and so she fulfilled her duties with great joy.

Today is a great day for her. Girlfriend had registered her to the big competition of offspring housewives. Only those who have a high annual current account balance can participate. There were still 50 young housewives in the final round. The nice thing is that no one had to leave home. Since she has girlfriend, she has been watched by the public. They say the home is for the woman the place where she beats her battles.

The evaluation has resulted in third place for her. She was so happy. Proudly, she hung her certificate the kitchen wall. Girlfriend is also very proud of her and says she wants to register her on the marriage market, because every man appreciates efficient housewives. “Which man will take me to his wife? A strong young warrior or a slightly older and more mature man, or …? “She mused.

Girlfriend sayed that she found the right husband for her. His name is Abdullah Raman and he lives in the AAA (African Arab Alliance). He had watched her for a long time and was very impressed by her. “Friend, how should I serve a Arab man well. Is not that a completely different culture? “She asked in thought. Girlfriend answered her and she was already confident: “I will always help you. Obey and everything will be fine. ”

Girlfriend taught her Arabic, how to dress, to read Islam and the Koran.

She prayed five times a day, talking in her mind the Shahada. Now she was a Muslim and  became Abdullah’s wife.


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