by Vulcan

Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.


The plan of their project was: the integration of different religions into German society.

She was a student who had committed to the German – Arab Peace League to participate in their study during her semester break. First, she needed the money and second, it  supports her in her studies. It was her job to spend six weeks with Niqaabiwomen.

“We want to help you! With your permission, we want to show you the way to the true faith, dear sister! “Anita could read it on a big display infront of them. “Fine,” she said. “But it would be nice if we could talk properly and not writing on a big screen hanging on the wall.” “Sister, we’re always reachable with your smartphone and we decide who we want to talk to. So smartphones give us more intimacy, because no one can hear what we are discussing and also our discretion is guaranteed at all times.“ Anita nodded confused and thought. “If you are in Rome behaving like a Roman?” “Well, I hope sisters is probably the right address?”,she typed. “What do you want to show me?” “Stay with us for six weeks and share with us our way of life. First we have to take care of your outfit. So come on, let’s go to the bathroom.” There Anita had to undress and one of the sisters brought her new clothes and helped her to dress properly. She handed her black panties that reached to the calves and over the navel. Then came a shirt, also black, with long sleeves that reached from the neck to the hips. It went on with a black bandana, which left only the face of Anita. She then handed Anita black opaque socks, which she pulled over the sleeves of her shirt. The gloves were pulled over the gauntlets, so that Anita was dressed completely black except for the face. The next item of clothing was an overhead abaya with butterfly sleeves. So that the sleeves do not slip up, Anita had to pull the straps attached to the abaya sleeve over her middle finger. A slipping up of the sleeves was effectively  prevented. Eventually, she put on the three-ply niqab. The first layer was a transparent cloth that fell over her face. Then followed the second, which released a narrow slit for the eyes. The third cloth was almost opaque. Below, she could only vaguely recognize her surroundings. “Well, just the Khimar and we’re done,” she said. As she looked into the large wall mirror, she saw two black ghosts resembling the size. Then she was led back to the others. There she was joyfully greeted with loud knocks on the tabletop.

“Sit down with us and let us drink tea. “Anita read. When she sat down, two layers of her niqab were pulled over her head. Although everything was dipped in a milky gray through the first, remaining layer, but she could see everything well. “If are only women in our rooms, one layer is enough. In other rooms, which can be also entered by our men, so we always take the second layer. In the presence of strange men and outside the house, you pull the third layer over your face. You will see, the veil also has its charms. But now we’ll show you how to eat and drink with Niqaab.” With practice, Anita quickly got the hang of it. “Here I am sitting in deep veiled silence with women who call me ‘sister’, whom I can not see, whose names I do not know, and but I can already distinguish them by their movements and their gestures. So she wrote: “To my left sits sister ‚wisdom‘ in the middle sister ‘carefullness’ and next to her sister ‘restraint’. Tell me what kind of sister am I?” Sister Wisdom wrote:” You are touching our hearts, we have never been so sweetly named. We call you sister,love’.” Anita felt strangely secure in her company. With tea and biscuits there was a lively but silent exchange of ideas between them. Anita asked sister ‘wisdom’ how long she was already covering up. She said, “Three months ago, I converted to Islam and have been wearing the niqab ever since. Today I would feel naked, when unveiled.”  „What did you do before your conversion?” “I was a prosecutor.” That surprised her very much. A former prosecutor, who now sat in front of her as a deeply veiled Muslimah, it was already a house number in itself. But then her curiosity gained: “How could you change your life so drastically in such a short span of time?” “With a sleep mask, I gained the knowledge of Islam and the knowledge of a believing Muslimah. Allah, be praised! You must know that this is a learning mask that teaches you In the Koran reading and in the prayers. You can test it, if you want.” „Sorry, I do not want to be manipulated by a machine!” “Nonsense, it’s only for knowledge transfer. You still decide for yourself what you want. Through the mask you will only find faster access to the matter and can better form an opinion.”,she lied. Curious, Anita wanted to know: “What exactly happens to me when I use the mask?” “You put it on and it emanates a fine gas mixture that helps you to calm down and earphones will be transmitted to you the Koran verses. You can take it off anytime. Just do a five minute test and you’ll see how harmless it is.” “Okay, I’ll try it.“ Wisdom took the niqab from Anitas face and Carefullness put earphone and mask on her. It immediately emanated a fragrant gas and a gentle voice recited Koran verses that appeared on the glasses inside. Quickly she got calm and relaxed and listened to the verses. She was perfectly shielded from her environment. “The five minutes are up. How did you like it?”asked wisdom. Somewhat startled by the jerky end, Love answered, “It was really nice. It is true, I quickly found the rhythm. It is really just a very efficient learning aid.”

She did not realize how the time went by and she even forgot that she was veiled. She felt light and relaxed. Then came the prayer hour and one sister wrote: “We want to pray now. Join us in prayer. You only need to be with us. Only your intentions  are what counts.” Anita got up with the women and followed them to the bathroom, where she was instructed in the ritual ablutions. Back in the living room, they showed her her prayer rug, on which she should kneel down. Then the prayer sounded softly from a loudspeaker. While Anita tried to pray with the women, she felt a deep attachment to these women, the typical subliminal competitiveness was gone. Somehow, Anita always looked at them more as her sisters and she guessed why these women were so veiled. After the prayer, Sister ‘Carefullness’ said, „Sister ‚love’, we’re having dinner, then we’ll read the Koran and then we’ll go to bed.” Together they prepared their dinner. After the meal, they cleared the table, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. There Anita learned to work with thick rubber gloves over her normal black gloves. In the living room they sat together and listened to the suras, who appeared simultaneously on the monitor.

“It’s late.”,wrote ‘Restraint’. “We should pray now and then go to bed.” Wisdom replied, “As always you are right, dear sister. After the prayer ‘Love’ I‘ll show your room. In the hallway you will find the bathroom and the toilets we share.” They entered the room. It was simple but lovingly decorated. Again, on the wall hung, a large monitor. ‘Wisdom’ wrote: “We are sleeping in disguise. But you have to decide that yourself. You will find everything you need in the wardrobe. Here is also a learning mask, decide if you want to use it or not. It was very nice to spend the afternoon with you and now sleep well, love ‘until tomorrow morning.” “I wish you a good night too,’ wisdom ‘, sleep well!” ‘Love‘ wrote back’. Then she was alone. She sat down on the bed and thought: “What a day. In what a strange world she had advised. ”


A month before:

Anita Müller sat with some classmates in the cafeteria. “In one month we have semester break and I still do not have a summer job.” Anita complained. “Have you ever tried charitable associations?” Asked Franziska, one of her friends. “There you have to bring your own money, no thanks!” “I did not mean aid organizations, but more political interest groups. If you want, I’ll explain it to you, but not here.” “Okay, let’s go!” Anita said, getting up and grabbing her bag. The warm weather invited for a walk. So they went to the nearby park and sat down on a bench. Franzika said: “You know that I am involved in various political organizations. I heard from a Syrian friend, In the German – Arab Peace League, students are being searched for an integration project for six weeks. I know, they pay well. But it is not clear what political ambitions they are pursuing . They do not care about transparency. They seem more like an islamic orthodox part. If they should invite you to a job interview, pay attention to your clothing. They expect well-dressed applicants.” “Veiled?” Anita asked. “Do not be silly, do not wear decollete and miniskirts. If you are interested, then I’ll make you a connection.” “Yes, please! I urgently need money!”

The next morning, her smartphone reported a call from a certain Abdul bin Almusa to her. “Anja Müller on the phone.” “Good morning Ms. Müller, I’m from the German – Arab Peace League. I hear, you are interested in one of our projects?” “That was fast. I am a student and looking for a paid vacation job.” “Very nice, I would like to ask you to come to our office today, a later date would otherwise be possible in a month. As you may know, we soon have Ramadan, and as a religiously oriented association, we will be resting a variety of our activities. I have an appointment for you today at around 4:00 pm. “Anita’s head whirled – Ramadan appearing religiously at once? Anyway, she needed the job. “I would be delighted to meet you at 16:00 today.” He gave her the address. Today, the university had to do without her. She started preparing for the interview. On time at 15:50 she answered the reception. “I have an appointment with Mr. Almusa. My name is Anita Müller.” “I am very glad to announce you Ms. Müller. Here just comes a message regarding you. It means: Dear Ms. Müller, I am so sorry, but I had to leave in a very urgent matter. If you want to wait for me, go to my office, they will take care for you until I get back. “Well, that don‘t starts off well!” She thought, but she said, “Please, wheredo I find the office of Mr. Almusa?” “Oh, so you want to wait for him. Then please take a seat there. The office sends someone down to pick you up. There she was sitting for half an hour, then a woman dressed in strict Islamic clothes appeared. She stood in front of the reception without a word. “Ms. Müller, please follow the lady, she will escort you to Mr. Almusa’s office.“ Arriving at the office, they asked her to sit down in a small windowless room. They brought her tea and some pastries and asked for her application documents. Then they left her alone.

In another room, Almusa and several other gentlemen watched the waiting Anita. “A pretty specimen, intelligent, from a broken home and strong-willed. How long does she have to wait? If she holds out until 6:00 pm, we’ll take her. ”

Now she waited almost for an hour and a half in this hole. She had just decided to leave when the door opened and a hurried-looking man stormed in. “Dear Ms. Müller, please forgive me! How can I ever make amends! I’m heartbroken!” “That depends on very much what salary, we will agree,” she replied mischievously. “Touche! I think we have made a big hit with you. We offer you 4000.- € for six weeks.” “I thought about a three-week job,” she replied. “I’m sorry, the duration of the project is six weeks. Choose it or not?” “Six weeks then the holidays are over, on the other side 4000,- €, who pays so much?” she thought. “Agreed, where do I sign.” Come with us and talk with the project leader Mesut Özil.” “The soccerstar?” Of course not, our Mesut Özil looks much better,” he said and laugh.

Then they entered a generously furnished office. „Mesut, I would like to introduce you to Ms. Anita Müller, Ms. Müller our Imam Mesut Özil and at the same time one of our best project leaders.“ „Very pleased, I will not shake hands with you, not out of rudeness, but out of respect. Judging by your facial expression, I confused you a bit. And we are right in the middle of the project. It is about making cultural differences public in order to clear up misunderstandings. For example: A muslim man does not shake hands with a woman out of courtesy and respect, not as it is often assumed as discrimination against women. We’ll create a personality profile of you today and a new one after completing the project in six weeks. We hope for a useful result.” „And what would  exactly will be my job?“ Presence and unbiased participation. You live together with niqaabis in a madrasa.There you must submit to the customs and clothing regulations. But do not worry you will not be hurt or tortured.“ „I am supposed to live like a Muslim? Did I understand that correctly?” “Exactly!” “Living six weeks in a completely alien, archaic culture I do not understand the reason?”  “We try to influence you in our interests to inspire you for this completely alien life. You should help us to find cure for hatred of Islam. We are the German Arab League of Peace, our motives are honorable.” “So it could happen that you make me a Muslim?” “Nonsense if then you come along to one. On the other hand, if you would be a devout Muslimah, I would immediately propose to you,” he laughed. Anita giggled a little sheepishly, she did not want to show how much she liked Özil. Then they sat down and issued an employment contract. They said goodbye. Anita will be sent a copy of the contract with a letter naming the location, date and time of the project.



Oddly enough, she did not feel that she was so strangely veiled anymore. Somehow it started to be fun. It was only 8:00 pm and she was not tired at all. Bored, she leafed through the Qur’an she found on the konsole next to her bed with the learning mask. She remembered the soothing effect of the sleep mask, she took it undecided in her hand and then she took off her niqab to put the mask on. Immediately she stepped into action and a comforting feeling spread in her. Again, the verses of the Koran appeared, recited by a soft voice in her earphones. She fell into a sleep-like state. So she learned that night, memorizing the first suras and prayers. Without realizing it, she was simultaneously programmed for Salafist values.

At some point during the night she woke up. She got rid of the mask, went to the bathroom to wash and brush her teeth. As if it was natural, she put on the Niqaab again and lay down in bed, full of disguise, to sleep. It seemed normal to her, as if she had always done so.

Early in the morning, the monitor woke her up to ask her gently  to pray. Refreshed from a restful sleep, she got up and knelt on the prayer rug for morning prayer. Then she got fresh clothes out of the closet and made her way to the bathroom, which was just leaving by ‚Restraint‘. Silently they hugged and rubbed their veiled heads together to greet each other. Unconsciously, she behaved as if she realy were a niqaabi.

‘Love’ undressed and showered extensively. Then she took the fresh clothes and dressed carefully. In the kitchen she met the other women. After a long but quiet greeting, they had breakfast and ate in silence. Again they cleared the table, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen clean, to meet then in the sitting room to a small silent morning chat. “Well, how was your first night in our Madrasa?”‘wisdom’ asked ‘love’. “First I tried the mask and then I slept completely veiled. The mask is fantastic. This morning I knew intuitively how to pray. I think I like it with you, “she wrote. “I’ve not spoken a word since I’ve been with you, and I did not even care.” With a unseen smile on her face ‘restraint’ answered : “We love you sister, love,” welcome!” And greetings of ‘wisdom’ and ‘care’ followed. Anita thought, her tears of emotion running down her cheeks, “How nice is it to be so loved. Here I am called ‘love’, here I feel so secure.” “Please teach me your faith, so that I may be like you.” “If you want to believe with all your heart, you don‘t need us. We want to pray now. If you want, you can wear the mask until noon. The prayer with her new sisters was now much more intense. Then she retreated to a comfortable corner with the mask. Quickly she was in harmony with the mask.

The voice was particularly gentle and resonant through the headphones, not at all unpleasant. While she was in a trance, after a while the Kuran verses became quieter and only sounded like a nice background music. Then a Niqabi woman appeared. “Salam a leikum, ‘love’.  Well, I want you to sit back, take a deep breath and relax.” Anita did as she was told and was surprised to feel the tension leave her body for a moment she exhaled. “Mmmm,” said Anita. “It really works.” “Do it again,” the niqabi said. “Breathe in and exhale all your stress and tension.” Next time, it got even better, Anita felt like she was floating. “Very good,” the niqabi said. “You reach a state of mind that is perfect for learning. In fact, you are very fortunate to get this experiences.” “Yes, it is very fortunate to get this experiences.”Anita thought. “Alright, now we come to the most important part of your education,” the niqabi said. “You need to understand exactly why this theme is so important to your life.” To help you with this, I’ll show you a computer simulation of someone who has chosen a different way to gain that understanding, and as you learn to see things from their point of view, you’ll better understand the idea behind them. “I think that makes sense, Anita thought. Actually, the idea seemed a bit strange, but she didn‘t matter. She certainly did not want giving up the beautiful Koran verses that sounded softly in the background or left her comfortable place. On the computer screen it appeared a slim, busty young blond woman. She was standing in a kitchen. She looked strangely familiar to Anita, though she was not sure why. Surely none of her friends would style their hair in this obviously sexy way or wear such an outfit. The woman had a ruffled pink apron around her waist, over a very short skirt. Her long, slender legs were wearing very high-heeled pink pumps. The girl also had a white silk blouse with several open buttons under which a Wonderbra had to be, considering how her large, partially exposed breasts showed out. The girl wore a delicately pink lipstick, coated with so much lip gloss that her lips seemed incredibly wet. Anita was shocked. She felt loathing at this woman who presented herself to her so naked.

„ Hello! I am here to divide the joys of my home with you ‘, said the woman with a soft, breathed voice. „ I love it totally! ‘ The voice was sexy and giggling, like a silly cheerleader. Anita wanted to say something else, however, she was caught up suddenly again by this quiet, relaxed feeling. What did she wanted to say? Whatever… She felt so good.

“Now it works like a language lab,” said the niqabi, “she will say something and you will repeat it. And remember, the idea is to see things from her point of view. ”

“I could never see things like her,” Anita protested. “I mean, look at her.”

“Anita, she’s a woman, just like you. Do not you think you should have compassion for other women?” It was a strange argument, but Anita could not deny that she wanted to support other women. “Yes,” she said. “Okay, just try your best.” “Okay,” Anita said. “The girl on the screen has such beautiful blue eyes, or Anita?They are pretty, just like yours.” “Yes,” Anita said. They were really pretty … just like hers. “I love my home,” the girl said in her sweet, sexy voice, “Come on, Anita,” the niqabi said, “Um … okay.” She can give it a try. “I love my home.” “Come on, Anita, you can do better,” said the niqabi. “See things like her … say it the way she does. Feel it in you.

“I love my home,” Anita said. That was better, she thought, this time she could feel a little giggle in her voice. This was certainly a stupid practice. “I need my home,” said the girl, “I need my home!” repeated Anita. Okay, that was not that hard. “I need my home to pamper my husband!”said the girl. “What? Wait!” Anita thought. In the background, Anita heard the niqabi saying, “Anita, ‘love’, you do not have to believe what she says, you just have to understand where she’s from, put her in her place, you can, now relax and say it.” “I need my home to pamper my husband!” The girl repeated, “Okay … I need my home to pamper my husband!” Anita replied. Yes, now she could see it. To reconcile a man. Why not?

“I need my home because I’m just a woman,” she said. “What?Alright, that’s crazy.”Anita said. “I’m getting out.” The Koran verses in Anita’s ears grew louder. “Relax, Anita,” cooed the niqaabi. “There is nothing wrong with that we do here. You are learning something new. That’s okay, right? Now relax, relax, relax.”

Uh … Anita had to think. Something was wrong. She had to concentrate, but relax, relax, relax, she could not seem … to relax, to relax, to relax.

“It’s so hard to think,” said the woman on the screen, “I’m just a woman and it’s hard for women to think.” “It’s so hard to think,” Anita heard herself saying, “Wait, she had to think. But it’s so hard for women to think …” So hard to think, if you’re just a stupid woman,” the girl said. “So hard to think, if you’re just a stupid woman.” Anita repeated, she almost chuckled. This whole thing was so stupid …”I just want to cook and clean and pamper my husband,” the girl said. “My husband is so beautiful and strong,” said the girl. He makes me feel so soft and feminine and I get very weak in my knees. I can not think when I’m near him. I can only think about him. ”

Anita felt her mouth open slightly. She could not move her lips well enough to repeat the words aloud, but they were buzzing in her head. The girl had such beautiful blue eyes … She was just like her. Anita understood what she said. Everything was so right, so true. “I always thought I was smart, but now I know I’m just a woman,” she said, “I can only do things that help me serve my husband. I can cook and clean and mend and sew. I wish he would sleep with me … I need him to sleep with me all the time … ”

Anita wished her husband would sleep with her. She was trying to think of something … what she had been thinking before … so hard to think if you’re just a woman. Wait, no … I can think for myself.“ Anita said faintly. Then the girl disappeared and the niqabi reappeared. “Did you understand what makes this woman wrong, ‘love’? She wants to pamper her husband, what do you mean is that wrong? “Anita said,” I do not know, it’s so hard to concentrate.” “Love, I know you know, what was wrong with the girl?” While the niqabi spoke, Anita listened to the suras in the background and the answer came over her: “The girl was naked! She looked like a hussy! Never a respectable man will take her for a wife! All she said was right. Serving a man who one loves, being a good housewife and being ready for him is good. She does not have to be smart. But she has to cover herself if she wants to be loved by him.” “You’re on the way, ‘love’ to earn your new name.” Then the Niqabi disappeared and the verses of the Koran were recited louder again. Anita melted away in sheer bliss. Her head was empty and that felt so good. She did not want to burden herself with heavy thoughts. She did not want to be smart. The emptiness in her mind filled with the sounds of the suras until they faded away. Slowly she came back to herself. She tried to remember, but it was only happiness that remained. “Sister, are you awake?” She read on the monitor. She turned and saw ‘care’ sitting next to her. “Oh, that was so nice,” she wrote. “It’s time for noon prayer, come on!”wrote ‘Care’. A happy Anita followed her and she prayed with devotion with her sisters.

Anita hurried after lunch to quickly get back under the mask. The kitchen was clean again and Anita retreated to her corner with the mask.

This time she heard Arabic hymns to Allah and His Prophet Mohammed. They touched her heart and she understood every word. Then the Niqabi sister reappeared. “Salam aleikum, sister, love” are you ready for a new lesson? Our sister has learned to, see how beautiful she is in her veils! “Anita saw a deeply veiled woman and immediately recognized the former slut again. But now Anita felt honest, sisterly feelings for her. “Yes, she is beautiful. She deserves a good husband to take good care of her and his future children, “stated Anita. “I want to say what she says and think what she thinks,” love said. The girl said: “I think whatever my husband tells me.I believe whatever my husband tells me. I’m so happy, that my husband is always right. Men are so tall and strong and right … it feels good to be so weak and soft. I love being just a woman.” The words echoed in Anita’s head and she said,”I think whatever my husband tells me, I believe whatever my husband tells me, I’m so happy that my husband is always right. Men are so tall and strong and right … it feels good to be so weak and soft. I love being just a woman.”

„I want to forget old Anita, the bitch. I am ‘love’, I am the muslim sister of ‘wisdom’, ‘care’ and ‘restraint’. It feels so good not to think, “said Anita, feeling so good forgetting, forgetting, forgetting, forgetting, forgetting, forgetting.“ Anita thought. No, not just that. I need a good muslim man who makes me feel so soft and secure, I just have to do everything he tells me, I love to do everything he says, I want him to love me, I need him to breed with me, I need him to love myself, Anita thought, my husband, my husband … ”

“Have patience, soon your husband will embrace you! Diligently learn the prayers and sura and become a good muslimah, then everything will become good! Forget Anita and become his ‘love’. “The Arabian hymns sounded, but this time they praised the modesty, obedience, and modesty of a good Muslimah. ‘Love’ she sang with fervor. Slowly the songs faded away leaving a happy ‘love’ behind. She was thoughtlessly happy and eager to surrender to a man and serve and obey him.

Soon she spoke the Shahada and seamlessly integrated into the life of her sisters. Her name was Ahbik, meaning I love you, and old Anita was only a distant memory. Three weeks later, Ahbik worked on the special food ‘care’ had taught to her .It was a bit complicated for a stupid woman like her, but since she was only concentrating on domestic work, she was starting to get pretty good. Sometimes she wondered why she spent all her time cooking and sewing. Occasionally, she even seemed to remember her past life a little before wearing the veil. But she always had a hard time thinking …

At that moment, Restraint interrupted her. Here is someone, who wants to see you, Ahbik. He is waiting in the living room.” Ahbik accompanied her into the room. “You remember me, don‘t you?“ It was the imam for whom she had mediated here. ‘Restraint’ left the room and closed the door behind her.

“Hello, Ahbik,” he said. He looked at the young, formerly intelligent student who now stood before him as a black, submissive ghost.

Ahbik saw the most gorgeous man she had ever seen and felt her heart melt, her knees buckling and her thoughts blurred.

“I am glad to see that you are doing so well here and you have become a good Muslimah and housewife. If we are married, you can spoil me every day and cook for me. ”

It was the happiest day of her life.


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