Soap: Part 1


by Vulcan

Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.


Germany 2030 AD – 1452 AH

As-Salaam Alaikum-

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ibrahim Arslan and I am the supreme German imam and chairman of the ‘German-Islamic Brotherhood’. I look back on 25 years of devoted service to the spread of Islam. A time marked by small defeats and a triumphant victory in the end. Today, as you know, Islam and Sharia are dominating the events in much of Europe – at least in the economically important ones. Even Mother Russia will soon submit to our dictates.

But I do not want to bore you with politics, but tell you my way.

It all started in 2018 or as we say today in Europe 1440 AH with the ‘gas’. It gave us great influence on all public areas, as well as the municipalities. At first we could only mentally control the women, but soon our scientists in Egypt developed a gas that also affects men. The effects of the gas are well known, so I will not go into it.

My first place of action was a small mosque in Duisburg – Marxloh. The district was inhabited at the time predominantly by Muslims, that enabled the Brotherhood one of Constitutional Protection, police or party members relatively undisturbed work. The free acquisition of many real estate through the company Müllerimmobilien, which also had its own artisan businesses, in whose possession we came through my marriage with Anita Müller, allowed us to use the gas in more and more places in the city. My brutally hectic approach to Anita Müller, after all, she was a VIP, has led to unwanted attention in the press. So we learned to work more carefully and with very low doses of gas, because time worked for us as long as we could act in the wrong way.

Soon I was able to make important contacts in the individual municipalities. Soon there were no new buildings or renovations in the area where not one of my companies was active and thus the gas was used. The goal was to connect every villa, every tenement, every administration, just every house and to finance all this with public funds. The more successful I became, the more career-hungry crawlers wooed me – many would not have needed the gas.

We organized regular, peaceful Friday demonstrations against racism and integration in all major cities. The first demos in the East brought us the greatest sympathy. When we sent two hundred well-dressed Muslims, the men freshly shaved and in western clothes, the women in modern hijab style to demonstrate in Dresden. They were freshly fumigated and martyred. They were instructed to defend themselves under no circumstances. They were, as expected, silently holding up their posters, some of them holding up German flags, walking the streets of Dresden, beaten by a mob of brutal neo-Nazis, while the police tried to look away. We had posted cameras and passersby with smartphones in all important places. We sent the most brutal excerpts, preferably in the presence of a non-invasive police in the best HD quality on the net.

A wave of indignation and shame over this crime rolled over the country and the mood toppled in our favor. The Bildzeitung asked: “Are these cowardly Nazis still Germans?” The whole picture is accompanied by before and after pictures of young smiling hijab girls at the beginning of the demo and right afterwards with bloody faces in the hospital. Shortly thereafter, a civic movement was formed, which soon organized the largest Friday demos in the country. They demonstrated not only against racism, but also against violations of international law by Islamic states. So they won the sympathies of the entire population on a broad basis, so that, as we know, the IPD emerged, which today ruled the country together with a small CDU. Today, Europe is in our favor and we all expect a wonderful future in Islam.


Part 1

Hanna and Julia:

“What do you want to drink, Julia? I have Coke, Fanta or bottled water. “, Hanna asked. She and Julia were friends since the 7th grade. Now they were in the 13th grade and faced the final exams. They were among the best in the class and, on top of that, were blond little beauties – something they always found to be an advantage. Today, as always, they met to do their homework and then spend their free time together, both of whom had the same career aspirations for journalism.

“It’s so nice weather, let’s eat tasty ice cream at Toni and inspect the men’s world. What do you mean again without panties? “, Julia asked with a big smile. “Of course, when the sun is shining we should have fun too? What you can not learn at “Hanna replied with a dirty grin.

At ‘Toni’ on the terrace sat the two and enjoyed their well-deserved ice cream. They wore airy summer dresses and underneath them NOTHING. Every time the wind caresses her pussies gently, he lifted the hem of her clothes so far that her bare poke flickered underneath. Just then, with a lascivious gesture, the girls casually kept their clothes from further exposure. It was not only an exciting feeling for the girls, but also increased Toni’s sales and thus his generosity. In short, the girls did not have to pay anything.

“You, I have not seen Petra for a long time. I mean outside of school. “Hanna said. “Yes, she was always there and everywhere. Now that you say it, I notice it, too, and right, did you pay attention to her clothes? I always knew her from the latest fashion and sexy styled by. Today she walked around like a nurse in her long, gray skirt and white, high-necked blouse. “Julia said. “I would like to know damn well what went into the busses. By the way, a pretty little exercise for our future career goal. What do you think? “Hanna replied:” I have English class with her together tomorrow afternoon, then I’ll hook her up. “


“How much I long for the madrasa, the rest and the prayers and my abaya and the company of women. Sometimes I wonder how everything changed so fast. I think it started when I visited Rachid. Rachid goes to my class and his family is from Pakistan. He asked me to tutor him in German for a small fee. Since my father Hartz 4, we need every penny and so I give weak students depending on their purse tutoring. Six years ago my mother left us and dad suffers from it to this day. “

The bus stopped to let Petra off. Fearfully, she looked around. It had been arranged with Rachid to pick her up at the bus stop. She definitely did not want to be alone in Marxloh. She saw him wave and she calmed down. “Hello Petra! I am happy that you are here. We walk 100 meters then we are already at my house. “What a beautiful you are!”, She thought. Then he started walking and when she wanted to keep up with him, he walked faster. There were always three steps between them. “Hey, what are you running like this?” Petra shouted. “If you stay three paces behind me, I can go slower!” He called back. “OK, I follow you, my lord, three steps away,” she called laughing after him. She slowed down and he waited for her until she came closer. Then he went on slowly. “Shit, he was serious about that. Hello, Middle Ages! “As she walked after him, Muse had to admire his extended back. “Not such a bad prospect.”, She thought. “If the guy likes me more, he’ll probably have to adapt soon.” She could not guess who would have to adjust soon. Then they entered a normal tenement house. Went upstairs and Rachid rang the doorbell. “Do not you have a key?” Petra asked, slightly distraught. “Yes, but it is with us as rudeness to the women opposite, without making itself felt, to enter an apartment and please take off in the hallway the shoes. In the apartment it smelled fantastic oriental. As she entered the hallway, a veiled woman came to her and knelt down and took off her shoes. The same with Rachid, who then kissed her outstretched hand and then touched her forehead in a submissive bow. Then, before Petra knew it, the woman took her in her arms and rubbed her forehead against Petras. “Welcome Petra, please come in and be our guest. My name is Soraya and I am Rashid’s stepmother. In the living room, a little boy sat on the carpet and played with cars. “This is Mahmud my brother.” Rachid said, picking him up to blow him lovingly on his bare belly. Mahmud laughed out loud and Petra suddenly felt a deep affection for the family. She could not explain it, she was much more reserved.“Make yourself comfortable! I bring you coffee and cookies, “Soraya said. One could see that the flat offered only limited space. Petra could not know that Rashid’s father Achmed belonged to the Brotherhood and thus owner of the house and the men of the family lived in the apartment opposite, so as to offer the highest possible discretion to the women. The two knelt on cushions at a low table and began to learn. Half an hour later, Soraya brought the biscuits and the coffee. “Take a little break, then it’s hard to learn.” And pulled back. “Your mother is really nice,” said Petra.May I ask why she is so veiled and why does she speak such good German? “” Stepmother is a devout Muslimah and German, “he replied succinctly. “Say, as we went to you, you wanted me to be three paces behind you! Was that serious ?! “she wanted to know. “You do not know Marxloh. Here, the clocks tick differently. What do you think, what would expect me for a gauntlet, we would have gone next to each other, “he says. “Now let’s move on. At some point I have to understand your Schiller! “He said and smiled at her. Petra thought, “God, what a smile. Petra! Watch out! You still fall in love and land in his harem! “, And smiled more affectionately than she wanted, back. She forgot her curiosity and enjoyed his company more and more. The doorbell rang and Soraya hurried to open it. Petra heard a dull roar from the hall and then Rachid’s father Achmed entered the apartment. “Welcome, dear Petra!” Rachid went to meet him and immediately Petra followed him without thinking. Rachid greeted his father with hand kiss and forehead and Petra did the same. “Very nice, that gas has already worked for the girl. I give her an order. Let’s see if it works? “Achmed thought. “It gets dark soon. We eat supper together and then I drive you home, “he said. Only now did Petra realize what time it was. “It’s already so late, I somehow forgot the time. I would be very grateful if you would bring me home. May I call my dad so he does not worry? “She said. “Do that and then go with Soraya to make you fresh. I want you to take part in the evening prayer, “he said as if it were a matter of course, and Petra thought it was okay to follow his wishes. She briefly described the situation to her father and he was reassured. Petra followed Soraya to the bathroom, where she took off her veil, socks and gloves and began the ritual ablutions. “Do it all for me, then you’ll do it right,” she told Petra, who stared at her speechless. “What’s up, Petra. What are you staring at me like that? “” Sorry, it’s your look. I would not have expected such a beautiful woman under the veil. “Petra replied. Soraya laughed: “By Allah, I have not heard that forever. That is why we Muslim believers disguise us, we are beautiful for our man and want to be the same sisters with each other. We help each other and do not compete. “Petra nodded and tried to do the same to Soraya. Now she saw Mahmud again. He lay in a triangular cloth on his mother’s chest. Through another door they went into the woman’s room. “No stranger has access here, so I do not need to disguise myself here. “It would be nice to have a prayer veil during the prayers. It’s not compulsion, you’re just closer, like a sister, do you understand? “” You mean I’m supposed to disguise myself? “” No, just cover hair and body. “” All right, Soraya. “Petra said she smiled. With benevolent eyes they were received by the men. To Petras wonder they left the apartment and went to the opposite. Everything was fine and expensive here. They entered the prayer room. There they knelt down to pray. Achmed said, “You do not know our prayers yet. Suffice it, if you kneel and think of Allah, you will like him. “Achmed quietly recited the prayers and Petra felt her heart warm. After the prayer, Soraya rose and left the men with Petra to go back. In the kitchen, Soraya asked her if she would like to help her prepare the meal. When everything was ready, they loaded the food on a trolley. “Would you like to serve Rachid? I serve then Achmed. You just have to imitate me. “Somewhat unnerved, she just nodded. So she knelt down to her hands and face veiled in front of her classmate and served him. “How strange! I enjoy using Rachid. I hope I’ll do everything right. “, She thought and focused on watching Soraya. When the men were full they stood up and thanked the women for the good food and their services. Petra was so impressed with the praise that she did not notice Soraya covering up. “Come on, let’s go to eat, then we can eat.” In the women’s room sat down to eat and gratefully ate the already cold remains. Then Petra Soraya followed in the kitchen and helped her clean up. Mahmud answered and Petra was allowed to feed him on her lap. Achmed came in and said, “It’s about time. I’ll pick up the car when I’m there, and I’ll horn you and Rachid will bring you down. “After five minutes, it honked. Quickly she said goodbye to Soraya in which she touched her forehead. “Keep the veil, I’ll give it to you.” Soraya said goodbye. Then she followed Rachid, as a matter of course, three paces away. Rachid said, “You really made an impression on my family. Soraya wants to see you again and father was deeply impressed by your modesty. “” Yes, it was really nice with you. I already miss the little Mahmud, “she replied. Then they were in the street, Rachid opened the rear door for her and she got in the back. It was a quiet ride. Petra found it somehow wrong to address him and Achmed basically did not talk during the ride, especially not with women. When Petra arrived at home, Ahmed said: “I still have to talk to your father.” Went ahead and rang the bell at Meisers. That Petra had a key did not interest him. From the intercom came in: “Yes, please.” “Mr. Meiser here is Achmed Kadir. I bring you your daughter and ask you for a short conversation. The buzzer opened the door and Achmed entered. “Which floor?” He asked shortly. “The third. There is a lift. “, She replied quickly. “Nonsense, three floors by elevator. Stay behind me. “, He ordered. With quick steps he went up the stairs, without getting out of breath. Unlike Petra, she had to wheeze after the second. Arrived at the front door, the men greeted each other and Mr. Meiser asked him to enter. Behind them stood a gasping Petra, sweating in her abaya. “They should forbid their daughter to use a lift, so she can get a bit of stamina,” Achmed suggested with a grin. “Come in first. And you Petra heard it: “No lift anymore!” Both men laughed. Petra was not in the mood to laugh. Embarrassed, she took Achmed’s hand, kissed her, touched her forehead, and headed back to her room with a crimson head. Mr. Meiser looked confused at his counterpart. But he just shook his shoulders. “Why I want to talk to you Mr. Meiser is: Are you interested in a job?” “How, please. Whether I need a job? Why, surely! What is it? “” Financial control and organization of our real estate full time. “” I’ve done similar work, always with top marks, but unfortunately only for a limited time. “” We know all that. We research ourselves and do not rely on offices. We are not talking about your certainly existing qualifications, but how tolerant they are towards other religions and beliefs. Could you imagine working in a Muslim organization? “” As a Muslim? “” No, there is no compulsion in Islam, “said Ahmed, thinking,” But gas. “” If you’re interested, you’ll be here tomorrow morning 11:00 clock with me over. “He handed him his card and said goodbye. Petra had showered and heard nothing of the conversation. Like every night, she went to bed before going to bed with her father. “What did Mr. Kabir want from you?” She inquired. “He offered me a job!” “What? That’s fantastic! A full time job? “” A full time job, yes. But I do not know. He said it was a Muslim organization. What do you mean? “” How many non-Islamic organizations have you been cheated of and exploited in recent years? A decent work on decent conditions you should not wind up.If need be, we’ll be Muslims, “she said, laughing. “Sleep well my clever child. I will listen to you. Tomorrow at 11:00 am I will be with Mr Kabir. “

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