My Road to Becoming a Niqabi

My Road to Becoming a Niqabi

by Maisha

Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.
Contains adultery situations ignore it if you are still ok with this.
Today am going to tell you the story of a niqabi. A niqabi is one who loves and wears the Niqab. For me Niqab is nothing but love. I started wearing the niqab when i was quite young and used to wear it just for fun at home and became niqabi much later on.
I’m so fond of niqab because it has given me those  which nothing in world can give, the satisfaction, the privacy and much more. The niqab protects me from men. Moreover, not only niqab, the burka and the gloves are also ones to be mentioned. They are like my friends, presence of them does not let me feel any bad whenever a man or even a non-muslim women touches me!!! Its  protecting myself from all these people. Whenever I go out, I wear the burka, niqab and orna (dupatta) and then go out. What kind of better costume is there in this world except the niqab??

To tell the truth I did not start doing niqab for the Lord’s satisfaction but for personal protection and later on when I understood the magnificence of niqab I never took it off. In fact it feels to me now that besides doing niqab outside the house I should wear it inside house that is  24 hours of niqab to protect myself not even from man but also the Jinns!!!!!

I was 16 at that time and was in high school,I should tell you that a that time I  havenot started niqab. Our school dress was similar to western dress,shirt and pants. I was never comfortable with those. And I always kept Orna (Dupatta) over my head. One day, just as the class finished, my classmate Johan touched my shoulder making me a bit uncomfortable with and asked me to come to his house that evening. I don’t know why but I agreed without any objection.

In the evening when I reached I was pleased to find him such caring, he took my hand off and kissed it. I was a bit feeling shy.Then he took to a table, lit with candles and asked to have snacks laid there. We had a good chat and ate. Then he took me to his own room which was also lit with candles. I got a bit anxious after he did not reply of my “What is this all for?”. He gently made me sat and started talking again. Every moment I glanced at him I used to find him sitting a bit closer than before. On the last time I noticed that it was 9pm so was going to leave, but he refused!

Next moment I found that half of the candles were already blown out and the room was a bit darker. He was close enough to me and it all started. He removed my dupatta and kept it aside and continued. I could feel his erect penis which was gently moving on the part under my belly! I did not know why I was not getting any will to refuse him. As it was the Waswasa of Satan. Soon then I found myself lying just over his breast with myself letting him hug tightly. I opened up my dress and allowed him to suck. He was in full form. And it continued. Soon my salwar (pant) was fully wet, while the dress was nonetheless wet compared to the salwar. That erect thing just rubbing my vagina gave me such pleasure that I did not have before. Every moment seemed to me so precious and fun. He kept kissing and was not eager to leave me. Droplets of milk were dropping from his mouth.

I jumped out from the bed when I just saw it was 12am. I sighed to him that my parents will be worried so I need to leave. He kissed me again and set the permission.But as my clothes were all wet I got a bit nervous on how will I go home. After explaining it to Johan, somehow he managed to bring me a burka and niqab from his neighbor. I forgot to ask him how he managed. I was amazed to see those but could not think of a better option. I wore it and went home. My mother was really happy to see me on this but did not knew the reason behind it.

Maybe this is not good on the sight of others but this sex changed my life!! Next day I started thinking why do the girls wear niqab? What’s the reason behind it? I searched the net over it and was amazed to see its magnificence and the words of other niqabi sisters. Meanwhile, I also learnt that what I did with Johan was completely wrong and was sorry for that.

I used to keep staring at my aunt while she used to tie the niqab over her head everyday while taking my cousin to school. It used to feel me, that after wearing the niqab she is more cute to me than before and a really Almighty loving woman. She never used to take the niqab off in front of people whom she did not knew. I also used to stare at my mother when she was wearing the burka. I was really amazed to see how it covers the body. A single black cloth covering from the neck to the feet hiding those parts for which I got harassment from boys. And then she made her orna like a hijab on her face covering upto the breast. Next moment when she got the niqab by reciting the  lords name she seemed to me a totally different person. A woman who has her body fully covered, no matter what no man can see her face now, no non-mumin can touch her hand and kiss it. Her hands will not polluted by those kisses. She can be fully pure.

So, one day I asked my mother for her niqab and burka. I was glad that she gave it without any question. I went near the mirror, to take a mirror selfie of my whole body, I tried to focus on my  breast and bottom part. Then I moved a bit aside and wore the burka, after that tied my face with the orna like a hijab, then went for the niqab,and was amazed to see myself in it. I attached the niqab with a pin on my breast and wore black gloves so that not a single part of my skin can be seen. I went downstairs and hugged my mom, she was a bit scared and thought me as an unknown but later managed. She was really pleased to see me.

I came out wearing the niqab and I amproud that I am a niqabi.My body is protected from any kind of man, I took a cab went for the shopping mall to do some shopping. There I encountered Johan, he did not recognise me. I hugged him tightly after explaining after all he was the one  for whom am now a proud niqabi. Soon my hands were full with shopping bags and was coming out. Just then I saw a little cute girl rushing to me she approached and hugged me, I could not understand who she was. Out of the blue, she started calling me with the very precious word, “Mom!”. The word brought tears to my eyes it is really hard to make believe someone who has not heard it. Actually, the girl mistakenly thought me her mother. It was one of the most precious moment of my life. A small girl calling me Mom!!!. I later managed to get her to her mother.
This moment triggered me further to keep wearing the niqab!!! After that I always go to the market by wearing the holy Niqab, being a niqabi, wishing that another little child will offer me with the words Mom. I managed to get a selfie with the cutiepie.

Just a few days earlier I got married to a very handsome guy, whom I have now recognised as my king. He is a very gentle and good person. The precious time which he gives  me every night means a lot to me. Sometimes I remember those moments with Johan but what my dear husband provides me now is far much better than that. And he has been kind enough to bless me with a child, whom am now carring on my belly. Only, after a few days I will be again called Mom. Thanks a lot to my husband for what he provided  me with. At least,I feel it more excited when my husband (may almighty be kind to him) sucks my breast than Johan.


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