The Star

The Star

by T_G

Translated by Ed Neil

Original: A sztár

Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.


Marie Paris was a successful Parisian actress. This, of course, was only an artist name, her real name was hardly known by a few. At first she enjoyed the fuss with success, later she was very bothered by the fact that journalists were going to take photos every moment and she would have to hide from the paparazzi.

Her Arab assistant, who was also her best friend, made a suggestion :

“Marie! What if you’re wearing a veil like me? These guys could take photos of black veils, not even knowing who is behind !” said Jasmine Golan, laughing.

“Jasmine! This is a very good idea! I wonder how surprised they will be when we leave wearing a veil! “Marie laughed.

Jasmine brought two sets of veils. Marie was surprised to see the long black pants and stockings.

“You have to dress like a real Muslim woman. And now let’s talk Arabic! We’ve known each other for a long time and you’ve learned a lot from me, “said Jasmine.

She dressed Marie, who was a bit confused about the black veil. Then Jasmine dressed, grabbed Marie’s gloved hand and pulled it in front of the mirror.

“Which of us is the famous actress?” Jasmine asked, laughing.

Marie saw only two women of the same size. They were indistinguishable from each other.

The black dress reached the ground, niqab covered her face and eyes. He saw only two strictly depleted Muslim Arab women.

They left the house. The paparazzi did not question them either, but they were still looking at the big house where Marie and Jasmine’s luxurious apartments were. The two veiled women were not even watched. They talked cheerfully in Arabic to each other’s ears. Jasmine invited Marie to a restaurant and ordered two coke for themselves
They talked with laughing. Jasmine was always wearing such a veil at her parents request, but Marie was wearing her for the first time and she found it interesting.

“I can walk freely at last ! Without you, they will still be chasing me.”

Marie laughed and enjoyed the anonymity of the veil.  They passed under the nose of the paparazzi again on their way home, but they could catch something because they were being photographed. Marie just grinned behind the veil.

“Jasmine it was all good! No one notices me with the veil! It’s like I’m the invisible man! ”

“Yes, but next time it will not work again,” said Jasmine.
“True, but what if you were Marie Paris ?”
“And you would be Jasmine Golan, my Arab assistant. Of course in a veil! “Laughed Jasmine.
“Why not? I already feel like an Arab woman, “Marie!” Marie laughed behind the veil.
“Then do not loose your veil” Jasmine “! You eat and sleep like me when I go home to my parents, “said Jasmine.

Marie nodded. This game is a good one. She quickly learned to eat in the veil. Sleep was no problem either. In the morning she woke up, bathed, wore fresh clothes and veils. She looked at the black-faced Arab girl in the mirror and laughed. She found Jasmine, who was still asleep. Jasmine stretched wide when Marie woke her up.

“Good Morning “Jasmine” ! I dreamed that I’m Marie Paris the actress! It was a great feeling! Do you have breakfast for me? And the veil is good for you! “Jasmine said to his naked girlfriend.

“Thank you, Marie! I’ll get your breakfast. ”

And the mature woman came in for a couple of minutes with breakfast. After that, “Jasmine” helped dress up as “Marie”, the clothes were a bit narrow, but not noticeably. “Jasmine” mumbled “Marie” and put her favorite wig on her head. “Marie” looked at herself in the mirror. It was almost perfect for the actress. It was only a little bit fuller. I have to lose a few pounds, she thought to herself.

Photographers came out of it.

“Marie” came over to them:

“All right ! You can make as many photos of us as you want, but then leave us alone. ”

She removed her sunglasses. Photographers nodded happily and made so many photographs of both of them as they hit the machines and ran away.

“You did it great! I can even take the veil !” Laughed “Jasmine”.
“Just keep on wearing the black veil ! Fans can come at any time ! And anyway, you’re pretty cute!” Marie laughed.

She was right! They were stopped several times during walks. “Jasmine” watched behind the veil smiling as she handed over “Marie” autographs. They went to an Arab restaurant to have lunch. “Marie” assigned “Jasmine” a halal meal and a light French lunch. “Jasmine” has never eaten such delicious. The large portion of heavy food was eaten until the last meal. She wiped her mouth behind the veil and said :

“That was very nice! I ate so much I can not even move! ”

“No problem! I call a taxi. “Laughed” Marie “.

At home, “Marie” introduced “Jasmine” to the guest room where she has slept so far. “Jasmine” just lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

It was late at night when she woke up. He went to the mirror and saw herself in the black veil. she laughed as if her belly was bigger, she thought. Her belly signaled she was hungry.

“Jasmine” opened the refrigerator.  Oho! What I found? I’m getting some food out of that restaurant. It smelled good. She tasted it and liked it. She ate the big food and went back to sleep.

In the morning Marie was bathed and wanted to wear her old clothes. To her surprise, everything was uncomfortably narrow. Looks like I got all my clothes out. She went back to Jasmine’s room and began to dress. She picked up the black clothes. The size is good, but everyone sees that she is wearing them. She picked up the veils. Now nobody can see who wears the black clothes

“You look very good Jasmine! This black veil is so fit for you! And remember, there’s been a new feature for you! “His girlfriend laughed when he entered.

In the new role, she had to play a young Arab woman who, by her role, was too religious, always wearing veils, and that is why she constantly conflicts with everyone.    Her title is “The Black Cat.” She promised a long series of comrades.

“Take it! You also do this now. And believe me, you look very good in it, “said Jasmine.

“And now, come and let us go to the director and sign up for your contract.”

She caught her girlfriend’s gloved hand and almost pulled the veiled girl. When the director saw it, he said,

“Wow! Are you Marie? I was just thinking of a black scarf with a face brow, but this, which covers your eyes, that’ll be a lot better! Wear this please! It emphasizes the deep religiosity of the character you are transforming into! ”

Marie enjoyed shooting and interviews during the shooting. Her parents in the filmmade were played by Jasmine Arab parents who were invited by Jasmine and were happy to be on TV. But the main character was Marie. They are very close friends. They offered her to move to which she accepted. Because of the veil she always wore (not just on the set, but also at home), she did not seem to be the daughter. She lived in the veil as if she were really Jasmine. She still prayed with them. “Her mother” taught her to cook and behave like an Arab woman. She missed the Internet and the TV a bit, but she was used to it. She was reading the early “parents” for their great pleasure. She accompanied them to the mosque on Friday

When the shootings were over, Jasmine appeared.

“You did a great job! Great Success “The Black Cat”! Here is the new contract, soon the shooting of the new season begins! ”

In the break between the two seasons, with Jasmine’s papers, she moved to Saudi Arabia. Jasmine suggested this to her, and she lived as an Arab woman with her “parents” who were glad to see her. Apart from the warmth, she felt good. Saudi Arabia no longer demanded women to be discharged, but the district where she lived with her parents was extremely religious and all women were wearing veils. They slept with her veil again. Marie did not mind. It was rather a good game.

She waited for the announcement of the new shoot, but instead received a letter from Jasmine instead:

“Dear friend !

I’m sorry to hear from you, but the second season is falling behind. According to a lawyer organization, the series is Islamophobic and sued the company. You would be singled out for them, because you think you want to ridicule believing Muslims. Fortunately, they do not know where you are. I would have been guilty of being alive with your papers, but I and all the members of the company made the most definite statement that I was not in the series. And we did not lie either! They just looked like stupid! I guess they wanted to get a pile of money from me, but they did not succeed! Just stay with your parents Jasmine, because they would like to crucify them!

Your friend: Marie. ”

Marie was shocked. There was nothing in the series that could be tied to. She wore a veil over the waist, something that met the strictest standards. They did not laugh at it, but the show was humorous. Everybody was enjoying the shooting. Her “mother” also read the letter and shook her head.

“France has an extradition treaty. If they want to, they can go home and be convicted. But let’s face it! Come with me, “Sahar said.

She whispered to Faruk’s ear, and he nodded. Sahar grabbed Marie’s gloved hand and walked along the street after her “father.” So they did so because they could not leave the house in the veil without the man’s escort. Marie got used to these strange rules. She just had to ask for her “father” if she wanted to leave the house and he always helped her. She is used to the constant veil, so that she walks with her “parents” and is not new to her.

Their first trip led to the mosque. Sahar whispered softly but long in the ear of a bearded man.

He cried a big one:

“Wife! Come here fast! You will not figure out who they are here with us! ”

Meanwhile, he signed a paper and sealed it. A woman wearing a black veil like them came in.

“The black cat is the protagonist and the serial mother is here! How do you say you have a regular husband who can help you meet them? “He laughed.

“Thank you sir! Wow! Good luck! I already call my girlfriends. Do you know how much fan club you have here? Everyone has all the parts! We often look at them together and laugh at tears. We’d love to cut those who blocked the next season, “said the veiled woman.

He drew them into his room and started talking about the series, about shooting. Marie told me some scenes. How many funny incidents occurred during the shoots or the breaks.

An ever newer and more veiled woman came into the room. Finally, they could not move from them.

Faruk put an end to the fun-filled conversation:

“It’s late! It’s time to go home, but first sign these papers! We’ve signed it. ”

Marie signed everything without thinking.

“Now try to take us away!” Laughed Sahar, Marie, holding her gloved hands.
“Verily! Now you are officially Jasmine Golan! Our daughter, Muslim, and Saudi citizen! They can not do anything about you! “Faruk smiled, patting” Jasmine “veiled head.

The new Jasmine was astonished. That was not it! So far he voluntarily wore the veil, acting as an Arab girl, but now he really became a Muslim. His new parents were adopted for good intent and made him a citizen.

The next day, the wife of the Imam came to visit one of her friends.
“Jasmine! We thought about the series. What if we were shooting the director next season. You can not stop shooting here! “Said the veiled woman.

A month later, shooting started. The scene of the series has also been transferred to Saudi Arabia. Most of the characters were wearing a black veil like Jasmine.
The series was again successful, though, as usual, it did not succeed in achieving the first season’s success.

Geri, the director, asked for Jasmine’s hand after the season’s fall.

“You are not Muslim! First put the sahada down. I will help you get citizenship. And afterward I will give you my daughter, “said Jasmine’s father.

Following the fall of the third season, Jasmine took on a new role. The role of the Muslim wife and mother as she married Geri. After a year she gave birth to a boy.
Jasmine happily took on this role. Her husband was nice to her. She just had to say if she wanted to leave the house and went shopping for him, to the mosque, to the girlfriend or to go for a walk.

She and her friends regularly took part in the “Black Cat Fun Club” events. Over the years, the club was slowly pushed back. She had little time for her and her friends since she had already had four children and they were almost seized.

She talked to them in a veil of an actress who was born in Europe but became a Muslim woman.

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