Visit to the village in Afghanistan

Visit to the village in Afghanistan

by M.A Xalahuddin

Please read the Introduction to Paid Dominant’s reminiscences.

This is the story of a very small village located on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  About the village I would say that people over there are very illiterate and misguided, the village is still run by Taliban law so the females of that village are dominated by males and treated as the animals or house-hold items , the females must obey without hesitation or thinking, the only object for females is to serve, it doesn’t matter what, where and when they are ordered they have to obey if not then they receive pain, the easiest way to deliver pain is by hitting or beating.

I found about this village by my friend who works for some department of Afghanistan, I asked him to arrange a visit for me and soon I received my visa for Afghanistan and I prepared myself to reach there , the trip was long and tiring, my friend told me that he have arranged for me to stay over there so I don’t have to worry about that and he said once I reached the village I should go to “Gul Khan” and tell him that my friend have told him about me. Finally I reached at “Gul Jarga” (the name of Gul Khan’s house) I was greeted very warmly by Gul Khan. He was 6 feet tall, with fair colour and a well-built body even at the age of 60. Then I had a good chat with him and his sons and had dinner then after dinner he showed me to a room on the 1st floor and I should take rest after having a very long journey. The room was huge and very well furnished just like the room which kings use to have. A king size bad white marble flooring, huge balcony from where I can see the whole village and huge bathroom with bath tub and all the thing were white and shinning not even a trace of dust or dirt was found in the room it looked like that is was just made and never used. One thing I noticed that the whole village had lanterns lightening and marking the every house there but the rooms was filled with shining with bulbs. That night I slept and in morning woke up with the sun. At breakfast I asked Gul Khan to give me some one to show around so I can do my work (I was pretending to be a government officer from Pakistan).  He said that his older son is going to some city for his job and the younger son will go with him as he studies in some other village, then I asked him to show me around as he might know more than his son. He agreed and then we went to survey the village I told him we should go on foot instead of some other transport, it was either walking or the bull cart so walking sounded better. We spentthe whole day by the dawn time we returned and to have dinner and spend the night In while having dinner I asked him that “We spent the whole day in village but I have not seen any females here.” He laughed and explained me that Pathans don’t let their females come out in front of outside males and even if they come they are heavily covered. I agreed and then we chatted some more on this topic after dinner she told that would I like to have hookah. I said sure then he shouted something in his native language and asked me to come to the garden. When we entered the garden I saw many men waiting for him there he asked me to have a seat and then one by one all the male scame and discussed some problem about the village or they were facing cause of the village people. I just waited there and listened to their complaints while Gul Khan gave them solutions. In about two hours everyone left and we two were sitting in the garden then he shouted something in his native language and said the kawa (green tea) and hookah are on their way. Then I saw 3 females in blue burqas coming to the garden where we sitting. The 1st was holding a tray containing cups and tea pot, the 2nd a hookah and the 3rd was dragging a BBQ stand. The kawa was placed on the center table and the hookah was placed on the side table. The hookah contains two pipes and then he said something to 1st female and she went and stood with the other 2 who were standing near the BBQ stand then he introduced me to them. The 1st girl’s name was Ruksana she was his 1st daughter obviously after his both his sons. The 2nd was Khair Bano. She was her last and youngest daughter and the 3rd was his wife Gul Bano. All 3 females were standing near the BBQ stand almost all of same height and body one of them would come by to change the coals of hookah. Then around 10 he said that we should sleep and his daughters will be looking after me as there was no one else to look after me and I should not hesitate do order them or punish them in any way I see fit if they don’t do as I say then he said “In this village females are only to serve and not like the city females who would show their attitude, here females are nothing more than our servants or better slaves. Females know either they obey or suffer and nothing else but also are the most valuable that’s why we keep them hidden from others I’m letting you have them both with the trust that you won’t damage their purity and besides I’m old I can’t walk this much with you daily.” I thanked him for giving me such respect and trust and said I think I should go to my room and rest and asked if he won’t mind if I ask his daughters to come with me, he just smiled and nodded yes. I took my leave and asked his daughters to come with me to my room.

Once we were in the room I ordered them to close the door and stand on the each side of the door and went to the bathroom to have a shower and change. When I returned both the girls were standing on the each side of the door and with their head bowed I went to the bead and called Ruksana she walked towards me and stood silently I just gave a light slap on her head and said next time when I call you will say jee malik (yes Sir) and that goes for your to Khair Bano. And told her that I would like a cup of strong black coffee and she should get it for me she said yes malik and went then I called Khair Bano and told her to give me a foot massage as I have walked a lot today the moment she touched my feet I kicked her off and said why are your hands uncovered and how dare you touch a male who is not blood related? She just stood there and said jee mailk I told her that is the 1st time it have happened I will not punish her she should go and bring all her outer garments, she said yes malik and went to fetch her clothes by the time Khair bano came Ruksana also came with my coffee I told her to kneel next to the bed and keep her hand stretched so I can keep my coffee on them and she obeyed I saw that her hands were also naked and not covered with gloves, I just ignored and inspected khair bano clothes and told her that from now on she will keep herself completely covered not even an inch of her skin should be visible. I picked 2 pair of gloves and threw them at her and told her to wear them then after she wore them I told her to massage my feet while I enjoyed a movie on my laptop. She kneeled next to my feet and started to massage my feet. She kept going till the movie didn’t end and as for Ruksana she was still kneeling with empty cup on her hands after the movie I told them to wait on each side of the door and not make a nosie and they can leave after I’m a sleep both said jee malik and took their position I kept the light over the door on so I could keep an eye if they standing or chat after almost half an hour Khair Bano asked if I was asleep I just scolded her for making a noise and said I think I need to teach you both a lesson I told Ruksana to get my belt from my pant which was in the bathroom and ordered Khair Bano to walk in the middle of the room and grab her ankles. She obeyed and I got out of my bed and walked towards her while R (Ruksana) returned with my belt I told R to wait by the take her place again near the door and took the belt from her hand then I pulled up KB (Khair Bano) burqa and pulled her trousers down then asked her if she is wearing panties she said jee malik I told her to pulled them down the only thing which left her behind covered was her shirt I let it hide her behind so her modesty stay safe then I told her that she is to count and thank for all the hits she receives if she will forget the count the punishment will start again. Before she could say anything I hit her with my belt and she screamed and then I said lets start, she kept receiving and thanking me  after giving 10 I thought it was enough cause she was shaking and I could hear her whimper in pain I told her to get dressed and take her position then I ordered R to replace her sister cause she will be receiving the punishment. Also she obeyed and took her sister place while she as soon as she received the 1st hit there was a knock on the door I told KB to open and saw it was her father he asked me what was going on he heard screams I told him everything and showed his daughter ready to receive the punishment. He asked me if I don’t mind he can watch I said sure and asked if he would like to deliver it he told me to carry on as soon as his sentence was finished I hit R with the belt and she screamed and said we will start again then R also received 10 hits and then she was told to get dressed as I turned towards Gul Khan and saw him smiling. I asked what’s the matter he said that you punished her welland also protected her modesty the he stood up wished me goodnight and left then told R to put the belt in the cupboard and take her place with a shaky voice she said yes malik and obeyed then I went on the bed and slept.

Next day I woke up and saw that no one was there and called the girls both quickly entered in my room and said jee Malik I told them why they were not present and R replied that they were in the kitchen helping their mother I said ok but next time you should be present in my room before I wake up or you know what will happen and heard them say yes malik told them to iron my clothes while I take a shower and as soon as I’m dressed I want 2 eggs a glass of milk and 2 slices of bread and a glass of water should be on table. R replied jee malik and I went to take a bath when I returned I saw my cloths laying hanging on the cupboard and no one in the room I put on my clothes and called KB she entered and I asked her where was she, she replied she was standing outside the door I told her good but next time kneel facing the wall on your place she said “jee malik” and the R entered with the breakfast. I asked her who ironed my clothes and who made breakfast she told me she did both the work I complimented her and asked if she had had breakfast she said “No we are only allowed to eat after I finished my breakfast I told her to sit on the floor near me and gave her one egg and a slice of bread for her to eat and instructed her to make sure her face is not visible while eating she thanked me for the food and then I turned to KB and said today you will not have any breakfast cause you didn’t do any work she said “JEE MALIK” and stood by the time I was having breakfast, I told KB to polish my shoes and then they should get ready cause we will be going out and both of you should be ready , I completed my breakfast and told R to clean the table and get ready they both should meet me by the door in 10 min.

I went down and saw that both were waiting by the door but the difference was that they were wearing black burqas with a rope hanging from their necks which was tied around their necks and GK “Gul Khan” was sitting on lounge sofa. He called me and said “Make sure that you keep a firm grip on their leash and that they keep their head bowed and walk with a distance of 3 feet.” I nodded and gave him a smile. By the door I sat on the chair and ordered them to place the shoes on my feet both of them kneeled down and placed the shoes on my feet then I  took hold of their rope and told them to follow me and took them to the far end of the village which was not able to see in between I use to make one of them kneel and other was to be on all fours so I could sit on her to take rest whole day we were out in the sun at lunch time I took them to a small dabha “ very small café” as soon as I entered he told me that this is the men area the girls would have to sit in the next room which was only allotted to females so they can have food I told him they will not be having any food but I will be glad to leave them in the female room I asked him to make sure that there are no other females so I can take them to the room. I led them to the female room and told R to kneel in on one corner with her nose touching the wall and told her not to move. To make sure she didn’t I tied her hands with the rope by which I was guiding her and placed a coin between her nose and wall and told her it should not drop then did the same with KB but in the other corner of the room so they don’t talk to each other. I had my dinner and went back to collect them but I saw that R’s coin was missing whereas KB’s coin was still in place I just whispered in R’s ear that they will be punished for not obeying me once we reach home, she just lowered her head and said nothing. That whole day I made sure that they were standing or on their knees except for the time when I needed a place to sit. By the end of the day we went back and as soon as we reached the home I told them to remove my shoes and meet me in my room with a glass of water in 5 mins. I went to my room and took a shower while in the shower I heard the door of my room was opened and closed almost after 10 min I came out from the shower and found both of them in their position and back in their blue burqa gloves and socks, R holding a tray with a glass of water. I took the glass it was not cold I told her to get cold water and also told her to call her father. Within few mins R came with a cold glass of water and came near my bed while KB was giving me a foot massage soon Gul Khan as came and asked is everything ok. I told me that they both were very bad when we were out they didn’t obey me and from time to time I caught them looking around when you and me both had told them to keep their heads down and asked him if I should punish them or not. I said they should be, but in a way that they don’t forget. I asked him for his suggestion he told me that once he took his wife out she was also looking around so he made her wear a heavy metal ring around her head which forced her to keep her head down and after that he have never found her raising her head or trying to look around unless she was in his room, I said that’s a good way to make them remember but what about disobedience and trying attract attention while in the dabha. He said a good beating I best but I didn’t thought it was enough we both kept discussing their punishment while KB was on her knees near the bed giving me a foot massage and R was still bowing a little to receive the glass on her tray from my hand.

After almost 15 mins we came to a conclusion that they will wear the metal ring for next 3 days for looking around, tomorrow they have to wear nothing under their burqa so they have to hold the burqa to hide them from others seeing them naked and they will receive 30 whips from both of us for disobeying. On listening to this I could feel KB was very scared that it will be hell for them tomorrow and as soon as Gul Khan left and said that dinner will be served in 1 hour. As soon as Gul Khan was out of my room I placed the glass on the tray and told R to put the glass where it belongs and return immediately she said “JEE MALIK” with a shaky voice and turned to walk out of my room. As soon as R was out KB said Malik can I say something , I gave her permission and listened to what she wanted to say

Khair Bano: Malik, will both of us will be punished or only R

Me : Both of you.

KB:  Malik, I obeyed all your orders I did everything you told me and didn’t look around when we were outside then why should I be punished?

Me: On the 1st day I told you both that if one will make mistake then both of you will be punished. You should have warned your sister not to disobey if you didn’t wanted to be punished.

KB: But But…I

Me: No more discussion if you other any other question your punishment will be doubled. Do you want me to double your punishment!!!

KB: No Malik

Things went the normal way me and Gul Khan had dinner while all 3 females stood by the table to serve us. After dinner both of us went to the garden to hear the villagers complaints and while ladies cleaned the table, had dinner , prepared kawa (Green Tea) and sheesha. This became our daily routine every day but with me both the girls had very different time and many things changed. On purpose I use to make them do useless and tiring work ,pointed out small mistakes which could be ignored but I didn’t, made them stand in the room for one hour even after I was asleep and they had to come and hour before I use to wake up. They were always on their toes and alert that what I told them to do for me.

After 15 days of serving me they would accept anything I did to them, they would obey me with thinking or hesitation they knew how to behave like the proper females they should be. Every morning before breakfast they were whipped by me to remind them my power and their purpose. They were dressing more modestly so that they don’t disturb me or attract any attention even while walking they were soundless. Many times they would walk beside me without even being noticed. They started to dress only in black and began to find dark spots so they didn’t attract any attention. Their father noticed a drastic change in their nature and said that “It good that you have taught them how they should stay. At the start I used to think that you were very strict with my  daughters but now I see that what you did and do with them is better for us.” I replied, “Thank you for the kind words but I believe there are many things that still need to be changed  but I’m not taking those steps as I’m a guest at your home and you might mind or get angry.” He said, “Please feel free to do as you like I’m seeing a lot of change in my daughters and even in my wife before you came I was always telling the girls to behave but they just didn’t listen but you have changed them completely. But if you don’t mind can you tell me what do you think that still needs to be changed?” I replied, “There are a few things but if you don’t like them or don’t want them to happen just say as it.” GK nodded and I told him.

1st: I think that you have given them very good quality clothes but I think that females should have lowest quality of the and limited clothes should be given them for a year so they don’t think that they are equal to males and forget their place.

2nd: You have given too much freedom and luxuries. You might have not noticed but for the time they have been under my control they have not used any furniture in my presence, they are standing or kneeling.

3rd: You have given them to much time for themselves. I’m sure that before me they used to hardly come out of their rooms and uses to spend most of their time in front for mirror and dolling up themselves up, but I have kept them busy with some work and very less free time for themselves.

4th: They have too much free movement of hands and feet. A female should not have this much movement as it might attract unnecessary attention to themself which is not needed. A female should take small steps of not more then of 6-8 inches and their hands should only move enough so they can do the work given to them and nothing more.

5th: Females should be hidden but always under your surveillance. They should not even have the time to think that they can do something without our permission.

I have few more things but I thinks it’s not appropriate to discuss in front of the females, we will talk on that after dinner in the garden while we both are alone. For the whole time I was telling he didn’t utter a word but just kept nodding.

GK “I think you have some good points but how is that possible? I mean clothes, free time, luxuries can be dealt with but how can we control their body movement is that they have to control by them.”

Me “Yes and no we can control their body movement with ropes or chains”

Gk “ Go on tell me”

Me “It’s a bit difficult process but I think you will like it. To tell you how I would need a little privacy”

I told both the females to go at the far end of the corner and kneel facing the wall. By now they knew what’s best of them both of them didn’t utter and sound and started walking towards the separate corner and kneeled with their noses touching the wall.

Me “There is a device which stops females from touching themselves. It’s called a chastity belt. It’s locked around their waist so they can’t remove it and if you don’t want them to wear the belt you can make them tie a chain around their waist and then pass another chain so through it and lock them on their wrists so this way you can get them to have limited hand movement and when they are not working they will have to keep their hands in front so you can also observe that they are not signaling to anyone and as for the feet the same thing applies but do make sure that the chain is not long and thick cause if it will be wrong it will tangle and they might fall and if its thick it will make to much noise and will attract attention.”

Listening to this he said, “Let’s give it a try of limited hand and feet movement. If this works, then I will tell my wife to do it also, but if not then we will use rope.” We shook hands on this and told the girls to get us some kawa and snacks, and told Gul Khan to get some ropes tomorrow and we will start with it.

Next day the routine was as always but after breakfast I told the girls to follow me to the lounge and Gul Khan was there and we greeted good morning to each other and I asked him if he was ready. Then I told KB to pick up the rope and tie some around R’s waist and tie it tightly. She obeyed the R did the same with KB. Both the girls were confused and had no clue what was happening but they obeyed. Then I told R to tie a rope on KB’s wrist and pass it trough the rope around her waist she did then told her to tie the on the second wrist and made sure to check if she had enough movement to do her work and to ordered KB to get us some water she went and came back with water and it was success. Gul Khan was smiling when looking at this. I then told KB to do the same with R and after it was done told them to tie a rope on their feet with a distance measured by me. Then R tied the rope to KB feet and I told them to run to the door and come back both tried very hard but both of them was able to run they were walking hardly and me and GK both burst into laughter looking at them and I said, “See I told you it was better this way.” He agreed and said, “Let’s test it for 3 days then their mother will join them,” and then he told them that they will always keep the ropes as they are from now on.

The days were flying in very high speed they were being submissive day by day and accepting whatever I did to them. They were dressing more heavily. Multiple layers of clothes were added to their daily dress. They lost their room and were shifted to a room without any mirrors or furniture. Their bed was just one thick sheet that they can either use as a matters or place it over them on cold nights. They were only given food 2 times a day. They were only allowed to go in their room at night and change their clothes. Outside their room they were not allowed without being properly covered. No time alone was given to them. They were always under my watch except when they were in their room. This was their life and Gul Khan made sure that his wife also followed all the rules which were applied on his daughters.

During the last 2-3 days that were left I was in a naughty mood and was thinking of doing something to the girls that they would never forget for life but I was not sure what should I do. I was thinking for doing something very bad to them, but what else could I do that they would never forget? I was sitting in the garden enjoying my coffee while R was acting as my footstool and KB’s head was the table to keep my mug I was thinking and Gul Khan came and laughed and said, “You sure know how to keep them busy!” I replied, “What do to can’t leave them alone then sudden I the mug falling down from KB’s head and she was shaking cause she knew I hated even if my mug would move an inch and now she broke it she quickly started to gather the broken mug and I just kicked R and grabbed KB by her burqa covered hair and stated scolding her, that she can’t even stay still even after so much beating I have to do something that you will never forget she was scared to hell and she started begging, “Please malik forgive me it will never happen I don’t know how it fell I was trying my best to stay still please forgive me, apa (dad) please ask malik to forgive me I will never do it again!” Before Gul Khan could say anything I told him, “Don’t say anything she needs to be punished. You know what I do I do is for their own good so don’t stop me from punishing her. She has made a huge mistake and for this mistake she is only going to pay and not your other daughter cause she has made a lot of progress but she needs to be taught a lesson.” Gul Khan just walked away and breaking any hope KB had, I told KB to stop making noise otherwise it will get worst and threw her on the ground, I told R to get me some water and a razor and scissors, both understood what was about to happen but R obeyed and came back with the stuff u told her to bring then I told KB to cover her face and R would be removing your burqa. She felt utter most embarrassment of her life as she have never removed her burqa in front of any outside male both obeyed and I told R to braid her hair and get me some more water and shaving cream from my bathroom she obeyed she came back with the can of shaving cream and a bucket of water I told her to stand behind me and watch it can also happen to you if you will drop my mug ever and then I grabbed the braid of KB and pulled her towards me and told her to kneel she was kneeling with her gloved hands covering her face then I twisted her braid in my hand and started to cut it at the nap soon the braid was removed from her head and told R to keep hold on it. She obeyed, then started cutting hair as close as possible to her head. Soon she had almost no hair. I then started to pour water and made her dripping wet, then took the blade and started shaving her hair. Soon she was bald, no hair was to be seen. I could see the braid in R’s hand was shaking cause she was shaking with fear and the look of her sister and on the other hand I could see freshly shaved KB crying with still gloved hands covering her face but I was not over I started to apply shaving cream over her head and then shaved it again. Now her head was shining, no trace of hair was left, she was completely humiliated. I ordered KB to kneel right next to the door of the house and stay like this with braid stuffed in her mouth for the whole day and she is only allowed to come in after the sun is set. She obeyed and went to the wall with the braid hanging from her mouth her braid was touching the floor and she kept crying. Then I told R to clean this mess and bring me another cup of coffee and then place the stuff where it belongs. I stayed in the garden watching bald KB kneeling next to the door with braid hanging from her mouth and face covered with gloved hands. Just before dark Gul Khan returned and saw her daughter bald and kneeling and looked at me. But didn’t said anything and went inside the house as soon as the sun was set and the darkness took over the sky. I told KB to put on her burqa and go inside the house. I stayed in the garden and skipped dinner. At night the same routine followed and after kawa the sheesha was lit and Gul Khan said, “You were too harsh with her. I asked her and she told me that you have said that her punishment is not over. What else you have in mind? She is very scared.” I replied, “Gul Khan, I know how she would be feeling and, yes, her beating is still remaining which she will receive before me going to my sleep and she won’t be allowed to sleep today cause anyway she won’t be sleeping but will be keeping R awake also with her sobbing and crying and as you think I have did wrong but I can bet after today what happened earlier she will be more submissive and obedient she will only do as she will be told do you want to see”

Gul Khan “Ok show me.”

Me “Call her and tell her to do what she never likes to do or use to tell you that she will never do. I’m pretty sure that if I or you will order her to clean our shoes with her burqa-covered face and without using her hand she will do it.”

Gul Khan “Are you mad no one will do it?!”

I just called KB and ordered her to clean our shoes with her burqa-covered face and without using her hands. On hearing this order she just bowed down to my shoes and started to clean them with her face. Gul Khan was shocked that I was right; I had made his daughter the most submissive female he had ever seen. I stopped her and told her not to drop this cup and placed it on her head and then I called R and told her to kneel next to her father and told Gul Khan to place his cup on R’s head and he did. He was amazed and said that the kawa is not moving like it’s on a table! He was just amazed. I finished my kawa and placed the cup on the table and said, “R you can go to your room. If your father and mother allows you to and KB and you come with me to my room.” After reaching my room I told her to get all  the clothes which she used to cover herself and get ready for her punishment. After saying this I went to take a hot shower and change into my sleeping clothes. By the time I came out I saw she was standing with all her clothes in her hand. I told her to place the clothes in the corner and taker her whipping position. She obeyed and grabbed her ankles after lowering her shalwar and panties and raising her burqa with only her kameez covering her body I asked her does she want to ask or say anything.

KB: Yes malik.

Me: Ok go ahead for the time you speak you will receive you whipping and if I think that what you wanted to say was not long enough for your punishment I will keep whipping. Now start!


KB: Malik, why (WHACK!) did you (WHACK!) shave (WHACK!) my head (WHACK!) only? (WHACK!) aaa when you (WHACK!) (WHACK!) always punish me also (WHACK!) (WHACK!)aawoo for my (WHACK!) mmmm sister mis (WHACK!)sss mistake.

Me: Are you the (WHACK!) one (WHACK!) to (WHACK!) decide (WHACK!) who (WHACK!) will (WHACK!) b(WHACK!)e punished (WHACK!) and (WHACK!) how?


Me: Then (WHACK!) why (WHACK!) did (WHACK!) you (WHACK!) ask (WHACK!) such a (WHACK!) stupid (WHACK!) question? When you know it’s my choice. If you will ask me this next time (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) (WHACK!) then will make (WHACK!) sure (WHACK!) you (WHACK!) stay (WHACK!) bald (WHACK!) for the (WHACK!) rest (WHACK!) of your life.


Me: Now I think this will be enough for today. Do you want more?

KB: As you see right, (WHACK!) malik.

Me: Now get up and dress as I tell you but 1st say what clothes you have brought and how many.

She pulled her panties and shalwar up and lowered her burqa.

Kb: Malik I have brought 15 clothes. In them I have 4 burqas, 3 are black and 1 is blue, then I have brought 2 black scarfs, 3 pair of gloves, 2 pairs of socks and I have 2 abayahs and 2 very long scarfs (chaddors).

Me : Come here and let me remove your rope, (she came and I freed her one wrist). Let the rope stay tied to the other wrist and now turn your back towards me and wear both the abayahs, then the scarfs (as she was told she started to dess, she picked up the abayah. It was to be buttoned from top to bottom. She wore the 1st abayah, then she picked up the 2nd abayahit was an overhead abayah. She started to put it on. After wearing both the abayahs, she started to tie the scarves over her head). Now put on a very long scarf but wear it in such a way that on your lower face and body is covered, not your head. (She folded the chador vertically and started to tie at the back of her head so her lower face is covered) Now socks, (she wore both the socks) now the gloves, ( she wore them), and now give me the other chadors and wear all 4 burqas, the blue oneshould be on top. ( she wore her all her burqa one by one as the burqas were added her sight started to get less and after the 3rd burqa she was only able to make the outlines of the stuff but after the blue burqa she was completely blind but she picked up the chador and was turning and trying to look for me but she failed I got up from my bead tided the ropes back in their places and then I took the chador and tided it around her neck and then guided her to the corner of the room and passed the chador through the loop of a chair making her bend half then tied it to the bottom of the chair which caused her to stay kneeled or half bend if standing then I turned of the lights and went to sleep.

In the morning I freed her and saw that R was in her place by the door, I told her what I will have for breakfast and told KB to go to her bathroom and change back to her normal clothes she asked if I could remove the 3 burqas for her cause her hands won’t let her remove them. I said when R comes tell her to help you till then stay there and I went to the change my clothes. When I came out I saw that breakfast was placed on the table but both of them will standing in their place and KB was holding 3 of her burqa in her hands. I told both of them to go so KB could change in to her normal clothes and told R to call tell her father that I have asked him if he could come to my room then she could help KB to change. I was having my breakfast when Gul Khan came and asked what I wanted to talk I offered him breakfast he denied then I told him that today I will be leaving if he can arrange some vehicle for me to get back to the city he said he will arrange and said he had good time while I was there and said that I helped him a lot and taught how to deal with females and he hopes that I will come back. I said sure I will be can’t say when and advised that his daughters have become very submissive and obedient but now they should be kept gagged so that no one get attracted to them by their voices. He nodded and said he will tell them to do so. I asked him please arrange the vehicle I will be leaving in 2 hours if he can arrange it by then. He said sure no problem and left the room. Soon my breakfast was done and I started to pack my bags. Then both the girls came to my room and took their place I told KB to take the dishes from breakfast and told R to take her morning whipping position both obeyed and after packing the bag I took my belt and gave 15 whips to R then told her to get dressed while I was whipping her KB came and stood in her place. I told KB to take her position for whipping and told R to polish my shoes as soon as R left I gave only one whip to Kb and told her at that for today is enough for you (I found a soft spot for her) she thanked me and took her place. I finished my packing and told KB to bring the bags down and I went by the door told R to place the shoes and told her to bring me a cup of coffee in the garden and then told KB to place it near the door and come in the garden, and took her position as the footstool. Soon Gul khan came and said have a cup of coffee till then the car would be here and R brought my coffee. I took the cup and told R to take the footstool position for her father she obeyed. Then me and Gul khan talked and said byes to each other till then the car came and I told KB to put my bags in the car then me and Gul hugged and said make sure you do as I told you and don’t forget to whip them every morning. He said will sure do that.

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