Deepshikha’s new show

Deepshikha’s new show

Deepshika Singh isn’t showing much of herself these days, literally ! We found our beloved actress from ‘Diya ki kahaani’ shopping at Bombay’s bhindi bazaar, covered head to toe in a burqa, and underneath that, a zentai and a gag! Its all for preparing for her new role in an upcoming tv show that traces the double life of a muslim fashion model, caught between tradition and ambition.
Deepika didn’t tell us much beyond what is already in the news, “the story follows the life of Zeenat, born to conservative and highly traditional bohri family in Bombay, she discovers her love for glamour and fashion, and the art of shibari. She becomes a model much against her parent’s wishes, and has to hide her works from them. The story follows her struggle and rise to stardom while navigating through conflicting pulls and pressures of of her society.”
This of course is not the first time that a movie has been made with the backdrop of a conservative muslim family. A few years back Bipasha Basu started the trend with her movie ‘bandish’ . She too reportedly lived a veiled life and practiced being restrained to adapt to the role. Rumour has it, that upcoming show will be part of a wider series centered around female protagonists all set to Bombay, part of Ekta Kapoor’s grand designs for a ‘Bombay tales’ series. Deepika of course couldn’t tell us more than that, as soon as our brief interview was finished she slipped the wide white tape gag back over her lips with a mischievous smirk and pulled the hood of her zentai back on, and concealed that over with her hijab and niqab.

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