Soap: Part 5

Part 4


Then came the Friday. It was the Friday before Pentecost. Hanna and Julia had agreed to spend only two days in the Madrasa and to make Whitsun a bike ride together. Petra was looking forward to four days in the Madrasa.

At noon, the lesson was over and they wanted to set off. As they passed the schoolyard gate, they heard a car honk and Ibrahim waved to them. Surprised, they went to him.

“Hi girl! I thought, I’ll pick you up from school. The incident last week should never happen again. So you want to drive with me. “

“By car through Marxloh is always better,” said Julia and rose in front. Hanna and Petra got into the rear. They were suddenly so quiet, Julia thought. They sat in the back of the car, their heads tilted slightly forward, holding their hands together.

“I had figured out when the girls left school and had a miniature gas system installed in the front passenger seat. So I had an easy game with them until we arrived at Madrasa.

“You are sure Julia, Hanna’s girlfriend. Do you want to become a journalist as well? “The gas began to work, because she only nodded.

“We serve in the community. Call me Ibrahim. I want you to sit back to the others and keep silent. Do you understand? “I ordered her. Again she nodded, because I had missed her a full dose of gas and she climbed backwards. The gas had meanwhile also captured the rear passengers. Three women, sunk deep in each other, sat holding hands together. Satisfied, I stated in my thoughts:

“In three days, the church will be able to welcome three new German sisters, and later each one will marry a brother, who would then get the German citizenship. So the influence of his church will grow. She was already one of the biggest brotherhoods in Cologne. “

Arriving at the Madrasa, I led the girls into the adjacent house and left them in the care of the Niqabi sisters.

“These sluts are put into the Purdah program for a day. On Sunday they can then speak the Shahada in the mosque. Work carefully, I do not want problems! “Then I left.

Julia Meyer + Hanna Böhm + Petra Meiser

First, they stripped Julia, removing her hair from her neck, removing her little facial hair, and her eyebrows were styled into symmetrical sickles.

Then they washed them and then put them in a black panties that reached to the calves and over the navel. Then came a shirt, also black, with long sleeves that reached from the neck to the hips. It went on with a black headscarf, which left only the face of her left. Then came black-faced dense socks and armwarmers, which they pulled over the sleeves of the shirt. Black gloves were pulled over the gauntlets, so that she was dressed completely black except for the face.

The next item of clothing was an overhead abaya with butterfly sleeves. So that the sleeves did not slip up, the loops attached to the sleeve of the abaya were pulled over the respective middle finger. A slipping up of the sleeves was so effectively prevented. Then the niqab was created. After a few moments, Julia’s blue eyes disappeared forever behind a black veil. Finally, only the Khimar and she was dressed ready. While the other girls were being prepared, one of the women took Julia’s arm and led the almost blind and slightly stunned girl into another room. There she had to kneel on a big pillow. The pillow was specially designed for continuous use, it was soft with a special filling even after days. At the same time, it supported the body so that it could be used only kneeling and it was also a toilet, which completely dissipated the need for smell and automatically and then cleaned the person. Belts were attached to the side of the pillow, fixing Julia until she could only move her head. Then the woman folded the niqab and plugged headphones into Julia’s ears, which made no noise and put on a pair of nasal cannulae, which then delivered the gas in a controlled manner. On the eyes were glued two displays, which displayed the permanently played Koran verses in Arabic script. Finally, she was given a nasogastric tube, which was passed through an inflatable mouth gag, which was then applied last. Julia was now a blind, deaf-mute and motionless black cone; ready to transform into a godly, volitional and modest Muslimah. This is how the two other girls were treated.


I was informed that the girls were ready and so I started for each their individual program. At Petra, a small sequence was enough to continue her transformation. At Hanna, I had come up with something special: she not only wanted to transform her, but also to make her my second wife. After completing the treatment she will be overjoyed to submit to me completely and with my first wife she will cultivate a loving and sisterly relationship. Julia had to complete the entire program in one day, which will lead to the greatest loss of intelligence in her, but it also made her more docile, which was the goal of the programming.

“Cunning will certainly not be one of you, rather dull and good Bimbos.” I thought, as I pressed the start button.

Julia Meyer:

I woke up and it was horribly hot and stuffy. I wanted to get up, but I could not move, not even my hands. It was pitch black and dead quiet. I wanted to call for help, but not even the smallest peep I succeeded. Then I heard a very distant voice, it was more a breath that I did not understand. If I blinked hard, I could see a very fine white mist passing from right to left. It fascinated me so much that I completely forgot to worry about my situation. I felt a deep joy in listening to the voice and watching the fog. I did not know that I was subliminally listening to the Qur’anic verses and passing them before my eyes. They should become louder and clearer, until they occupy all space in my consciousness and my old self would be pushed out to the bare minimum and in the end a happy thing remains over.

– That’s how it should be for the others. A goal that they should reach after further meetings. 

Part 6

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