The Continuing Adventures of the Reynolds Family

The Continuing Adventures of the Reynolds Family

By Nye North

(This story begins the next day to where the earlier story ended. It might be best to read the other story first to get an idea of the characters and their situation).


Magda and Alicia continued to discuss what they had found on the ‘Fun Fetish Fashion’ website the day before after arriving at work.

“I still say many of those fashions are very extreme” Magda again told Alicia.

“I realise that. What I’m saying is that Damien probably likes those the most. It’s just something I’ve picked up from the way he talks and reacts to them”.

The pair stopped chatting when Rory Frederickson approached the reception desk where they were talking.

“When Damien arrives, he’s due in about an hour’s time, please bring him to my office” he said to Alicia.

“Yes Sir” she replied.

Seated at her desk Alicia heard the front door of the office open and close. Lifting her eyes from the monitor she saw Damien ambling towards her, a wide grin on his face. She was about to him give her standard greeting, but before she could he spoke.

“Hello. My name is Damien Kirkby and I have an appointment with Mr. Frederickson”.

Beneath her veil Alicia smiled at his formal speech.

“Yes Sir” she replied, a sarcastic tone in her voice. “You are expected and Mr. Frederickson has asked me to escort you to his office on your arrival”.

It was now Damien’s turn to smile. Alicia rose from her desk and led the way towards Rory’s office.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful derriere” she heard from behind her as she minced across the office.

On arriving at the door to Rory’s office Alicia said to Damien “I might also have a beautiful face but Fashion dictates you’ll never get to know”.

“Touché” Damien said as he passed her to enter Rory’s office.

Alicia was all smiles as she walked back to her desk.

It was close to forty-five minutes before Rory and Damien came out of the office.

“I’ll be gone for some time” Rory told Alicia. “Barry will be in charge if any problems arise while I’m out” he added.

As he passed by Damien said to Alicia “See you later”.

Almost as soon as the pair had gone out the door, Magda was standing beside Alicia.

“Where are they going?” she asked.

“I have absolutely no idea” was Alicia’s reply.

“I reckon they’re off to Fun Fetish Fashions” Magda added.

“Whatever they’re up to, I’ll bet it involves us poor female employees” Alicia said.

It was mid-afternoon before Rory and Damien returned to the office. The pair spent a few minutes alone in Rory’s office before calling the male employees to a meeting. Here they were informed that a uniform was to be instituted for them, consisting of a white shirt, dark grey, two-piece suit with black shoes and a dark blue tie as this was deemed by Rory as ‘befitting attire’ for members of the legal profession. Once the males returned to work the female staff were called to their own meeting where it was announced that on Friday afternoon they would be fitted with an updated uniform at Fun Fetish Fashions. Magda asked what this would entail, only to be told they would find out on Friday. As soon as the meeting was ended Magda and Alicia said to each other that ‘this does not sound good’. With the staff informed, at Rory’s behest, Damien made some telephone calls. The first was to Adam Reynolds to let him know what had been decided in case he wanted to update the way his wife was dressed, as, at the anniversary party, Adam had stated that he wanted Paula dressed in the same manner as her daughter. The second call was to his father. In this he told him what had been arranged, and did he want Damien’s mother dressed in the same way. Rory then made a telephone call to his wife and simply told her to cancel any appointments she had for Friday afternoon and that he would explain why when he got home.

Whenever staff members got together over the next few days, talk always seemed to turn to the subject of clothing. For the men things would be little different from previously, as suits had always been worn by them, their colour choices usually being either light or dark greys or dark blue. The females however were worried about what Rory and Damien had chosen for their new attire as they knew that there were many new and rather restrictive styles being introduced by designers. Wednesday morning saw a rather strange sight when a tailor arrived and, using Rory’s office, proceeded to measure the males for their suits. On finding out that the female staff would have Friday afternoon off to be fitted with their new outfits, some of the men got a little ‘hot under the collar’ at the thought that the females would get a half day off work while they wouldn’t. Rory quickly solved the problem by promising the men a Friday afternoon off, but only one at a time over the following weeks.

For the female staff of Rainbow Legal Services, Friday came all too quickly. Damien arrived as arranged at about half past twelve and, to Alicia’s surprise, he was accompanied by Trisha Frederickson. Shortly after Damien’s arrival taxis were ordered and the female staff, Trisha, Rory and Damien got in and they were driven to Fun Fetish Fashion. Even more mystifying for Alicia was to find her parents and Damien’s parents present.

“Your father, my father and Rory all want their wives dressed in the same manner as you will soon be except theirs will be in brighter colours than your grey” Damien explained to Alicia when asked.

The women were escorted by boutique staff to different dressing rooms with two to each. Alicia found herself in the same room as her mother and had noticed Trisha and Kate Lever, Damien’s mother, enter another room, meaning the remaining four staff members were paired up. Paula and Alicia were quickly stripped down until both wore only a hood to keep their faces secret even from the boutique staff. The voice of Damien was heard over some kind of speaker system.

“I shall be giving commentary on what is going on. Other men are doing the same thing for the other women” they heard him say, before he added “Once you are suitably covered I shall enter the room and personally see that you are dressed in the manner prescribed by Mr. Frederickson”.

The pair listened as Damien told them what the first stage of their dressing was to be, letting out a gasp when they heard.

“That might be the last sound either of you ever make” they heard him say.

Seated in chairs facing each other Alicia and Paula sat as still as possible while small rubber tubes were fed into their nostrils and to the entrance of their lungs. These they had been told was so that their noses did not get blocked and they could breathe.

With the breathing tubes in place it was time to rob Alicia and Paula of their ability to speak, or as Damien had forewarned, make any kind of sound. With their mouths jacked wide open by ring gags the women sat awaiting their fate. Covers were placed to protect their teeth, both from the gag and to prevent any decay. Tubes comprised of inner and outer sections were pushed down their throats to the stomach as they heard Damien’s voice tell them these were their ‘feeding tubes’, now to be the only way they could be fed, with their nutrition comprising a pureed mixture of high protein and vitamin mush. These tubes were made of plastic and latex. The inner tube, the one the nutrients would pass through was plastic while the outer was latex. With the tubes in place and the sack that would make the gag laying on the tongue, an epoxy resin was pumped into the space between the tubes in the throat and to fill the gag until the women’s cheeks bulged from the size the gag had been pumped up to. Except for corsets that cinched the waists a half inch smaller and applied extra pressure to the ribcage, the only difference in the remainder of the outfits was that they were now all latex instead of the previous PVC. Alicia could not help thinking how much better her mother’s orange dress looked compared to her own grey.

The men gathered their partners, Damien escorting Alicia. At Rory’s suggestion they went for an early dinner. At the restaurant the women were seated at one end of the table with the men at the other end. Dressed as they were the women could do little but stare across the table at the one seated opposite, listening to the men’s conversation but unable to speak amongst themselves, or even make comment on the male conversation. Sunday saw the Reynolds’ and the Lever’s go out for the day by taking a tourist cruise on the river. Once again Paula, Alicia and Kate were again frustrated by not being able to join in any conversation unless by writing notes.

Monday bought about several comments by the male staff members of Rainbow Legal Services as they questioned Rory on how their female colleagues were going to able to work effectively if they were unable to speak. It took some guile from Rory to convince the men that many other businesses in similar lines of work had gagged female staff and from what he had been told, and seen for himself, most managed to do the work allocated to them. Throughout the following week the female staff of Rainbow Legal Services slowly got used to not having the use of their voice. Paula Reynolds found the same thing, communicating with Adam and Jacob, who thought the whole situation ‘stupid’, by the use of notes. On the occasions that Kate Lever saw Paula she indicated, again by notes, that she was finding the whole way she was now dressed to be very restricting and tiresome. Paula let her know that she thought that the whole idea of the fashion was to restrict the wearer.

On instruction from Rory the women of Rainbow assembled at the boutique on a Saturday morning. This was agreed to by the women as Rory had told them he could not keep giving them time off but wanted to progress the upgrade of their outfits as quickly as possible. Adam and Paula Reynolds were also present as were Jeff and Kate Lever. The last to arrive was Rory and Trisha Frederickson. No sooner had Trisha got out of the car the others all noticed the difference to her body. With a grin spread wide across his face he told the others that the enhancement of her breasts was all Trisha’s idea, he only agreed when she asked if she could have it done. Seeing that he had the attention of all present he explained how it was achieved in such a short time span.

“There is nothing artificial used apart from a chemical” he began by saying. “The growth, which was almost immediate, I could see it happening before my eyes, is done by the use of this special chemical which causes the fat cells in the breast to expand. Trisha is currently a 40EE” he told them “And plans to go even larger”.

“They do not look exactly natural” Damien blurted out.

“That is because the breasts are tightly cinched at the base close to Trisha’s chest. This action causes the breasts to appear very bloated and almost circular” Rory informed them.

Damien’s first idea was to have all of the women present undergo the same procedure.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that Damien” Rory told him. “It would be against the law to do such a procedure without the consent of the person involved”.

“Well . . .” Damien began, looking anxiously around the women. “Any takers?”

The women just stared at each other. Alicia and Magda looked at each other. Alicia moved forward, took a sheet of paper from Damien, and wrote ‘What do you think? Shall we do it? I think she looks great. Like a Barbie doll. I’m game if you are’. Magda read the note and stared at Trisha for several seconds. Trisha caught her doing so and may have guessed what was going on as she took the paper from Magda and wrote ‘It doesn’t hurt and only takes about an hour. They take a bit of getting used to, especially the throb caused by the cinching. I’d like it if another of ‘our group’ became a ‘Barbie doll’, which, with our tiny waists is a great description by the way’ then handed the sheet back to Magda. Alicia moved close to her so that she could read what Trisha had written. Magda then passed the paper to the other women, who in turn showed it to their husbands.

Alicia turned towards Damien who has also seen the note. Turning the paper over Alicia wrote ‘I’m game if you’re game’ then handed it to Magda.

“Looks as if we have our first two Barbie dolls” Damien exclaimed.

Adam almost immediately turned to face Paula, the look in her eyes telling him she had already seen the consequence of her daughter’s action.

“Yes. That’s right” Adam said to his wife. “Under the agreement you signed for our anniversary, if Alicia gets this done, you are obliged to do the same”.

The remaining women of Rainbow seemed totally uninterested, not even bothering to see what had been written.

Jeff turned to his wife. “What about you? Do you want nice large breasts?”

Kate took a sheet of paper from her son.

I’m new to all this. I’m struggling enough with not being able to talk’ were the words Jeff read.

“Don’t avoid the question” Jeff snapped. “A simple yes or no is all that’s required”.

Seeing as Mrs. Frederickson has undergone the procedure and it seems as if Paula and Alicia, along with her friend are having it done I suppose I shall have to as well or else I’ll look the odd one out when we go anywhere together’.

“That’s all settled then” Damien said. “I’ll get some appointments made once Rory has told me where Trisha went”.

The party now entered Fun Fetish Fashions. Once in the door Damien caught the attention of one of the staff and told her who they were and why they were there. The women soon found themselves in a room that they were beginning to know too well. Separated into the same pairs as the week before the women awaited to hear their ‘fate’. Their veils and other head coverings were removed while leaving as much as possible of their other clothing on. Damien’s voice came over the intercom.

“Hello ladies. No doubt you are wondering what is to befall you today. I can now tell you that another of your senses is about to be taken from you” they heard him announce. “What is about to be done has been around for some time but is only just beginning to become more popular” he continued. “I am of course referring to the loss of hearing. Yes ladies, it’s being deaf time for you”.

In the dressing rooms there was a considerable shuffling of feet as the women listened to their fate.

Damien’s voice continued. “I am not referring to the use of the type of earplug that permitted hearing on occasion, nor the type that turned all sound into white noise. I’m talking about the new, one hundred percent sound blocking type that are filled with the same epoxy as your gags that will permit absolutely, and I mean absolutely, no sound to reach your ears. Also, like your gags, these plugs are a permanent fixture”.

The women listened as Damien continued.

“As we head towards how Mr. Frederickson requires his female staff, and in the case those not employed by him, your husband’s wishes of how you are dressed, I have some further information for you about today’s proceedings. When the stage is reached to re-dress you there will be some changes to your outfits. As I’m sure you are aware, corsets will be tightened to further reduce waists. Just a quarter inch this time as it is felt you are all reaching your limits. You will be fitted with a new item, namely a neck brace to ensure you hold your heads regally erect at all times. The brace is made of metal, quarter inch thick brass, so its weight and restriction to head movement will make its presence known at all times. You will find this rather tiresome to wear at first but, like most of your other garments, Mr. Frederickson, and your husbands, are sure you will endure and finally accept the further restriction this brace will bring to your body. On taking your first steps after being dressed, please take care as you will find the length of stride you will now be permitted has been reduced by the hems of your skirts to a meagre four inches. Yes ladies, you will have to take even more of your lovely mincing steps to get anywhere. Finally, and possibly most important, will be the change to your veils. The ones you are to be fitted with today are made of a much thicker and heavier grade of latex. You will find that they attach to your dress in a different manner also, by the use of a zip instead of poppers. This type of closing ensures that there are no gaps where the dress and veil join. The final point is that the new veil has a smaller air intake area with smaller holes.  This is designed to make the intake of each breath even more difficult and will ensure that any activity above walking at a serene pace will prove almost impossible. Thank you for your attention ladies. I’ll now let the staff start their jobs”.

There were raised heartbeats as what they had just heard began to sink in. In their room Paula and Alicia waited wearing only a bodysuit and a hood that left only areas at the eyes and ears uncovered. The pair turned to face the door as they heard it open. They saw Adam and Damien enter followed by two other men.

“As your faces are covered it was deemed okay for Damien and I to come in” Adam said.

Damien introduced the other men as the people who were to rob the pair of their hearing. Without further ado the men each walked to one of the women and asked them to sit in the chairs provided. Once the women were settled one of the men told them what the procedure entailed and began work by cleaning the ears. This done he showed the women the small earplugs that were to soon rob them of hearing, probably for the remainder of their lives. Working almost as if synchronised, the men pushed the plugs into the ears. Paula and Alicia could still hear but very softly.

“Do you have any words to say to the ladies?” one of the men asked Damien and Adam.

“Always remember I love you” Adam told his wife.

“I love you dearly. I hope one day you may agree to be my wife” Damien said to Alicia, who’s heart skipped a beat at the words, words which also surprised her parents.

The two women heard small motors turn on and within minutes both were deaf once the sound absorbing resin had been pumped into the plugs.

After the two men, there job now completed, had left the dressing continued. As promised the corsets were tightened further, leaving both Paula and Alicia again gasping for air. Dresses were fitted. Alicia’s was again grey while Paula’s was this time lime green in colour. Once the dresses had been fitted Damien suggested that the women take a few steps. Both stumbled as the hem of the skirt made its smaller step purpose known to them. On seeing what the dressers were carrying towards them both Paula and Alicia drew in as sharp a breath as their corset permitted. Each was carrying a strange shaped piece of shiny metal. It appeared to be slightly U-shaped along its length with a hole in the centre and the ends folded down at an angle.

On reaching where Paula and Alicia stood, Adam and Damien beside them, they were shown the piece the men held. After allowing inspection, Adam and Damien allowed to hold it to feel its weight, the dressers released a catch and opened the piece, showing it to be hinged ons the left side. At almost identical moments the men lifted the pieces and placed them over the women’s shoulders. As the two edges were bought back together it could be seen that the pieces covered the shoulders right out to where the arms began and that the central hole was where the head went through and the U-shape allowed it to reach three inches over the shoulders at both front and rear. Due to its slightly arced shape the piece pulled the shoulders sharply back. Paula and Alicia could feel the weight on their shoulders but it was not as much as she had at first feared from what Damien had said at the beginning.

In addition, Alicia was, from how Damien had described the brace, surprised at how much freedom her neck had as in fact this brace was far less constricting than the high tight collar the earlier dress had. Then horror struck. She saw the men returning each carrying another metal item. She looked at Damien. He was grinning like an idiot. Adam was shown one of these new pieces and he also smiled. The man responsible for Alicia’s dressing showed her the item and undid the clasp so it opened on the hinge. He slowly moved it towards Alicia’s neck, sliding it under her chin, then slowly closing it. Holding the brace so that the clasp was nearly closed he pushed the brace upward, forcing Alicia to raise her chin higher. Signalling to Damien he had him help to push the brace upward until six flanges on the section that ran up the neck for an inch on the piece already fitted mated with holes on the part of the brace currently being fitted. Alicia could feel her neck being stretched to the limit as the brace was forced higher. With all six flanges now poking through the mating holes, the clasp was allowed to snap shut.

The man stepped away. For Alicia the pressure on her shoulders and chin did not relent. A look in the mirror revealed the brace attached to the shoulder piece with its top edge reaching over the line of her jaw. She lifted her hands to her neck, trying to find a way to relieve the pressure. She found none. An attempt to move her head proved pointless, all she was able to do was stare straight ahead. The weight was now how Damien had described. Turning her body, now the only way to see in any direction, she saw that her mother was similarly ‘braced’.

It was now time for the dreaded veil to be fitted. From the little Alicia could see of the one carried towards her it appeared to be rather stiff. The man doing the dressing lifted the veil high over her head before letting it slowly drop. The veil was still held in place by a tight band around the forehead as the earlier ones had been. Suddenly everything went dark for many seconds as the bulk of the veil passed in front of her eyes, frightening her into thinking that was the new design. To Alicia’s relief a small amount of light crept in as the veil was positioned. She could feel the man adjusting the lower edge and once was satisfied with the fit of the veil he joined the half zip on the bottom edge of the veil to the matching half of the zip on the dress. Alicia could feel the tension on the veil increase as it and the dress became one. A look in the mirror revealed that she could see about the same amount as previously and recalling Damien’s words, understood what he meant about the amount of air the new, smaller area at her nose would permit as she struggled for each breath. Both were then fitted with their cloaks.

The instant that Alicia and Paula were led from the room they discovered the problem the neck brace caused, neither could look down to even attempt to see where they were placing their feet. Along with Adam and Damien they had to wait a few minutes for the other women to appear. Alicia did have time to note that her work colleagues, Magda included, had male escorts with them. Rory, Jeff, Adam and Damien talked for a few minutes before guiding their companions from the boutique and into the shopping centre. Making their way to a pre-arranged spot they found Jacob waiting where he was supposed to be and he was not alone, Yvette was with him. The first thing she did was hand Adam and Damien envelopes. The party headed to a café where Damien asked Yvette if it was okay to open the envelopes, to which she nodded. Inside Adam and Damien found invitations to Yvette’s seventeenth birthday party in a week’s time, with apologies from her mother for the short notice, saying Yvette only decided she wanted a party ‘at the last moment. Like today’. In Adam’s envelope there was another sheet of paper from Yvette’s father asking if Adam could come and talk to him at their home sometime before the party as he had something he wanted to discuss with Adam.

On arriving home Adam immediately phoned Yvette’s father to make an appointment to meet. It worked out that neither had anything planned for that evening so they were invited for dinner that evening with Jacob, along with Alicia and Damien if they ‘do not have other arrangements’. Adam thought to tell Yvette’s father that only the males would be dining and explaining the situation with Paula and Alicia, which the man said he ‘fully understood’. As Damien was still in the house he was asked and said that he and Alicia would like to go. Adam noticed that Damien had said yes without even consulting Alicia. While this was being arranged Alicia sat at the computer and wrote a message to Damien. ‘Was that a proposal of marriage earlier?’ were the words he read. ‘Maybe if you’re a very good girl and do as you are asked at all times and behave yourself it could be’ was his reply.

On arrival a man opened the door and invited them all in. Once in the living room he introduced himself and his wife as Phillippe and Bridget Lazzell, needlessly adding that they were Yvette’s parents. Bridget, who seemed to be wearing little more than the basic veiling style, excused herself to return to the kitchen to continue preparing the meal while Adam. Damien and Phillippe had a beer and got to know each other. Paula and Alicia were able to do little except sit in the chairs provided while Jacob and Yvette had disappeared somewhere. Later, after the meal, for which Bridget was congratulated Adam seeing that Phillippe wanted to say something but was not sure how to approach the subject, asked Phillippe what it was he wanted to talk about. He still had problems saying whatever it was that was on his mind until Bridget said to him “Just tell them what we would like them to do”.

At that he began talking, stuttering several times until he finally managed to get out what he and his wife wanted to say.

“I’ll have to ask Paula what she thinks” Adam told them. “For that I need a computer”.

“I’ll fetch mine” Bridget said.

“A laptop is not much good I’m afraid. I’ll need one where I can move the monitor so Paula can see it”.

Phillippe said they could kick Jacob and Yvette off of hers and use that in Yvette’s room and this was decided as what to do. It took some time for both Paula and Alicia to read the messages Adam wrote and reply to them. Damien remained quiet throughout. Back in the living room Adam spoke.

“Paula sees no problem. Yvette can use the spare room”.

“Thank you. You’ve made our lives much easier”.

“How is this going to work?” Damien asked.

Discussion took place. Phillippe had already explained that he and Bridget had to go away for ‘at least’ two months and had arranged a three months long hiatus from school for Yvette. Damien was quiet for some time before he spoke.

“I have an idea of how to make the hiatus work in Yvette’s favour” he said.

Having the attention of Adam and Phillippe he outlined his idea, that being that as Yvette would be seventeen next week she would be eligible to take part in the recently developed ‘Work Experience Program’ and that he had contacts in several businesses that might be interested in taking her on.

As Adam and Phillippe were not very knowledgeable on the program Damien explained to them that businesses took on school-age children over seventeen and showed them how the business worked, what skills were needed, things like that, adding that the period of time the person was at the business was usually two months.

“The child also gets paid a small wage” he added.

The discussion went on to the subject of what Yvette was interested in doing after leaving school. Bridget said that unfortunately she was not a bright student so her choices were somewhat limited, adding she thought Yvette was thinking along the lines of office or secretarial work.

Monday morning at work Rory let the male staff know of the changes to the female dress code. The men, now all wearing their own uniform were not too happy, saying that with the women dressed as they were, more work would fall on them. Rory pointed out that in the few weeks the women had been wearing their uniform, the number of clients using their legal facilities had increased, this he thought due to other women dressed in ‘fashion’ wishing to be attended to by women similarly dressed as they understood how to deal with them. Two hours later Rory called the males into his office and made an announcement, saying he had considered what they had said earlier and that maybe, just maybe, they were right. On orders not to let the females know at this time Rory offered them a rise in salary of twenty percent, adding that if they got their partners to dress in the same manner as the female staff were, a further ten percent would be added. He now hoped the women did not find out until such time as he felt they were coping well enough in their uniforms to justify the same thing.

Just after lunchtime Rory received a telephone call from Damien asking for a meeting. As he was not too busy he told him to come around whenever convenient. Alicia was quite surprised when Damien walked through the door as she was not aware he was expected. Ensconced in Rory’s office, a cup of coffee, served by Alicia, in front of him, Damien told Rory why he wanted a meeting. First was to tell him that Alicia and Magda’s, along with Paula and Kate’s, breast enhancement appointments had been made for late Tuesday afternoon, which would require Rory being kind enough to give both women a few hours off. Turning to his computer Rory notified Alicia and Magda of the appointment then turned his attention back to Damien.

“It’ll send me broke keep giving these women time off” he jokingly told him. “I’ve informed them of the appointment and told them to leave work at midday”.

Damien now turned his attention to the other point he wanted to talk about, that of trying to convince Rory to take on Yvette under the work experience program. Rory listened and when Damien had finished said that Rainbow had never employed anyone under those terms. He told Damien that if he had time to wait for a while so he could check out the program more closely. Having spent an hour on the computer and speaking on the phone to the relevant government department and other employers using the scheme he again spoke to Damien.

“After consideration I see no problem in taking on this young lady under the scheme you mentioned. One point. When exactly would this take place?”

“Yvette’s parents are going away in about two weeks’ time and have already arranged a three months hiatus from school for her so that seems an appropriate time” Damien told him.

Further discussion took place and it was decided that as Damien knew the family he should make the offer on behalf of Rainbow Legal Services.

“There is one other point on this I wish to bring up” Damien told Rory. “That being that as Yvette is seventeen she is still classed as a minor as far as this fashion goes, but I’ve looked into it and it seems that, if the business she is to take part in the program under has a uniform policy, she can be asked to wear a uniform for the duration of her employment” he added.

“How does that affect us?” Rory wanted to know.

“You have a uniform policy. I think it would be good for Yvette’s future to get used to wearing the restrictive clothing that this entails” Damien said.

“Anything else you’d like to spend my money on?” a grinning Rory asked.

“Well seeing as you asked . . .” he replied grinning widely. “No actually nothing more. I’ll get straight over to Yvette’s place, give her the news and ask if she wants to partake”.

“I trust I’m not being charged for you asking favours?” Rory wanted to know as Damien got up to leave.

For Alicia, Paula, Magda and Kate, Tuesday afternoon came all too quickly. Each was accompanied by a male as they entered the clinic where the enhancement was to be undertaken. All four were soon stripped to the minimum required to access their breasts, all four happy to be rid of the terrible neck brace, at least for a short time. Once more the women were paired up. This time however Alicia was partnered by Magda. Strapped to a table so they could barely move Alicia and Magda could only watch as the ‘surgeons’ performing the procedure advanced on them carrying evil looking syringes. Each breast received six injections and shortly afterwards, as Trisha had said they would, the pair felt their breasts begin to expand. Two hours later the pair were released from the table. Alicia immediately lifted her hands to her chest, the additional weight already obvious. Tears began to run down her cheeks as she felt the now huge encumbrances on her chest. One of the ‘surgeons’ came and showed a message to both women.

The one shown at Alicia said ‘You are now the proud owner of a pair of 40FF breasts’ Magda’s read ‘At the request of the young man you came here with you have only been increased to 38DD’.

Magda was not sure whether to be happy or sad at the news given her.

The pair were guided into another room. Here Paula and Kate stood, both looking as sad and shocked as Alicia and Magda.

The ‘surgeon’ showed first Alicia, then Magda, a further message which read ‘Both Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Lever have, at the request of their husbands, had their breasts enlarged to 40FF’. Alicia went over to give her mother and neighbour a hug, finding that the large breasts got in the way. It was now time in the procedure to cinch the breasts. The four women entered the room, each walking to a table. Alicia, Paula, Magda and Kate were directed to lay face down on a table. Once positioned with their now humongous breasts hanging down through holes in the tables and their heads placed in holes so that they looked at the floor, several straps were drawn across their bodies to limit movement. Each table was lifted using a hydraulic system until each was at the level each woman wanted it, which was at a height that they could sit beneath the table and work at a comfortable height.

Each woman who were to perform the cinching was handed two circles of metal which they opened at the hinge before placing on a side table. The woman sitting beneath Alicia signalled that she would be the first to start. She lifted one of the circles of metal that was an inch and a half wide and almost a quarter of an inch thick towards Alicia’s left breast. She pressed the metal cinch hard against the ribs and squeezed the flesh bulging through the hinged opening until it fitted inside the circle. With a slow, precise action she guided a narrower part of the circle into a slot in the other side of the circle. As she pressed on the part above and below Alicia’s breast a ratcheting sound could be heard as the circle gradually became smaller, squashing the base of the breast to a smaller size until the ratchet device was completely closed and the circle became whole with no gap between the two sides. Alicia squirmed as much as the straps permitted as pain shot through her breast and if not gagged she would have been screaming loudly. The action was repeated on the right breast and when finished the base of each breast had been cinched by a third of its original size, causing the breast to bulge into a sphere. Once the first woman had begun the process the other women began theirs.

Next came the cinching of the nipples. Alicia could do nothing to prevent this happening. Her nipples, already large from their own enhancement, were throbbing painfully. The woman working on her body took a vacuum pump and placed the small cone over Alicia’s nipples. The vacuum was turned on and she watched in horror as her nipples were drawn into the cone. Once the woman was satisfied that the nipple was as large as it was going to get she pulled on the cones, this action pulling them away from the aureole slightly. With a small amount of space between the nipple and aureole she had one of the other women press rings of metal into the space around the base of the nipples. This action cinched the nipples, ensuring they would remain erect, throbbing and very sensitive to the merest touch, until such time as the rings might be removed.

With all four women now having cinched breasts and nipples it was time to get them dressed again. This was done in a room next to where they had previously been. There were a few ‘minor’ changes to the outfits. Each woman had her waist reduced by a further quarter inch, thus reducing the amount of air they could inhale. The dresses had been altered to fit their new figures. This had been achieved by the removal of the pre-formed breast cups, these replaced by larger ones. To draw the eye even more to the now huge breasts the new pre-formed cups were in contrasting colours to the dresses. Alicia and Magda’s cups were now black against the grey dresses while Paula’s were yellow against the red dress, with Kate’s being blue against the orange dress. The final minor change was in the shoulder pieces and the neck braces. Small sections of the shoulder pieces had been removed so that the shoulders would be held even further back than before while a miniscule change had been made to the braces of all four women by the insertion of a further eighth of an inch ring into the upright part that surrounded the neck. The result of which forced the necks to be stretched just a little longer.

Once they were all outside of the boutique, Damien immediately announced that he and Alicia were going to meet friends. Adam and Jeff stood discussing what to do before deciding on a drink and a meal in a pub. As was the growing trend towards male domination with fashionable females virtually unable to complain about where the men took them, Alicia had been led away by Damien with no idea of where she was being taken, while Paula and Kate were simply led along by their husbands.

The following day, Saturday, was the day of Yvette’s birthday party. Jacob disappeared early in the morning, having been invited by Yvette’s parents to help prepare the garden for the party. Although the party did not officially begin until four in the afternoon, Damien, Alicia, Adam and Paula had been invited along at two o’clock to work out the details of Yvette staying with the Reynolds while her parents were away. Damien informed Phillippe and Bridget of the possible placement of Yvette with Rainbow Legal Services for two months of work experience. He made it clear to her parents that they would have to sign off on the agreement and could meet the boss, Rory Frederickson, beforehand if they so wished. He also went to great lengths to explain that Yvette would be required to wear the uniform of Rainbow for the duration of this time, telling her parents it would be the same as Alicia was wearing. Phillippe was concerned about the breast enhancement that Alicia had undergone, Damien making it clear that as Yvette was under the age of eighteen, to do this would be against the law. Bridget, who never wore a gag, asked about the wearing of such an outfit with her daughter being under eighteen, Damien going to great lengths to explain how it was legal for her to be dressed in such a manner if it was a requirement of a job and that once the work experience period ended she would revert to her ‘normal’ clothing.

Yvette was called away from helping in the garden so that Damien could tell her of the offer. She excitedly jumped up and down, leaving all those present in no doubt that she accepted the offer. As the time for the start of the party drew near Damien took Alicia to one side and showed her a message which asked her to wear ‘something special’ for him at the party. He would not tell her what the ‘something special’ was, if she wanted to please him she had to agree without knowing. Thinking back to an earlier comment of Damien’s, when he told her ‘if you’re a good girl it might lead to marriage’ she almost instantly agreed. He lifted her cloak and pulled her arms behind her. Some fifteen minutes later, with her arms now encased in a stiff rubber singe arm glove, elbows touching, Alicia was having a few regrets at her agreement. Damien stood smiling at her as she tried to get a little movement in her arms as it slowly dawned on her that she was now completely unable to communicate with anybody. Adam and Paula walked into the room and Alicia’s father had to ask Damien what she was wearing, which he quickly explained.

“Mother and daughter are supposed to be dressed the same” he said to Adam, producing a second glove from behind his back.

At a nod from Adam, Damien began fixing Paula’s arms in the same manner as her daughter’s, leaving both women unable to communicate with other people. Even though the shoulder piece forced the two women to push their breasts forward, the wearing of the single arm glove forced the pair to jut them even further forward.

After most of the guests had arrived Yvette made her entrance. Paula was a little surprised that she was accompanied, not by her parents, but Jacob, and she thought how adult he looked in the role. Yvette herself was dressed in a more adult way in that the school uniform that the Reynolds’ had always previously seen her in had been discarded for the evening. As Yvette and Jacob made their way around to greet the gusts they were joined by Phillippe and Bridget. Throughout the party Paula was escorted closely by Adam, as was Alicia by Damien. Mother and daughter could do little else but watch the less fashionably dressed women enjoy themselves as they danced and talked with other guests.

Work on Monday proved interesting. Alicia and Magda were the centre of attention.  The other women wanted to know how the enhanced breasts felt, were they heavy while most of the male employees of Rainbow Legal Services just ogled the pair.

“Who talked them into getting such a thing done?” one of them asked obviously not knowing his boss was behind the whole thing.

“I did actually Derek” Rory said, leaving Derek to crawl away red-faced, his colleagues laughing at his misfortune.

By lunchtime the whole enhancement thing had been forgotten, except of course by Alicia and Magda, who were still getting used to carrying the additional weight around. Rory was very pleased with the way things were working out for the business since the female employees ‘adopted’ the new fashion as it was bringing in new clients, mainly female, who wanted to ‘talk’ with somebody similarly ‘modified’ about their legal problems.

It was two weeks later that Yvette moved into the Reynolds’ home, giving her a week before saying goodbye to her parents for two months. As had been arranged between Rory and Damien, two days later Yvette was to be dressed in her ‘uniform’. The idea of this was to give her parents a chance to see her dressed as an ‘adult’ as well as giving Yvette a few days to adjust before she began her work experience period. It was schoolgirl who entered ‘Fun Fetish Fashion’ but a young adult who left. Having been dressed in the appropriate way, Yvette relied heavily on Damien’s arm as she left the boutique. It was obvious to anybody that the young woman was having a great problem adjusting to her new style of dressing as she tried to adjust to mincing along on her toes atop seven-inch heels rather than in the four inch heels her school uniform required. Damien let her move at her own speed as he escorted both Yvette and Alicia to where he had parked his car.

On arrival at the Reynolds’ home, Damien led Yvette to a chair as it was obvious she needed to rest. She quickly learned that adult females dressed in the manner she now was, did not simply ‘plop’ down into a seat, they lowered themselves in a lady-like way until seated. This occurred because when Yvette ‘plopped’ herself heavily onto the chair, the corset bit into her thighs and the neck brace nearly tore her head off as it tried to rise. Yvette found that the corset and neck brace forced her to sit correctly, upright posture. Using a portable computer monitor Alicia showed Yvette a message informing her that while seated and not using her hands they should be held in the lap with fingers interlaced. Soon it was dinner time. Yvette received another shock when it was explained to her that even though the females did not join the males in the meal, the Reynolds’ family always sat at the table together and she was expected to do the same.

Over the ensuing few days, while Alicia and Damien were at work Yvette was left ‘home’ with Paula to get used to her new outfit. On the Friday evening Phillippe and Bridget visited to say goodbye to their daughter before going away on the Sunday. Both were surprised at the difference in Yvette and as the final goodbyes were said tears could be seen streaming down Bridget’s face and no doubt beneath her veils, Yvette was in the same state. Another thing noticed by both Adam and Paula was the change in attitude of Jacob. With Yvette around he had seemed to suddenly grow up, being attentive to her needs to the point of being a nuisance to her.

Alicia had convinced Damien to stay away from Rainbow Legal Services on Yvette’s first day. She had told him that she felt it would be easier on both herself and Yvette if they made their own way to the office. If he really needed to know how things were progressing Alicia suggested he contact Rory. Yvette was obviously very nervous, this even able to be seen through the layers of clothing. Rory noticed it and tried to calm her down by leaving Alicia to show her where to leave her cloak and tell her the rules. Magda also tried to help by introducing herself before Alicia had the chance to introduce the staff to Yvette. In his office Rory explained what working in a legal office meant, pressing the point about confidentiality and privacy, and that nothing seen or done in the office was to be mentioned outside, even to Alicia.

Having shown Yvette how the telephone and internal communication system worked Alicia had the girl watch her closely as she answered calls and did correspondence. After explaining the what was required she let Yvette open the mail, her thinking being that giving her an actual task would be more interesting for her than just sitting watching Alicia. Any mail she was not sure about Yvette asked Alicia about. Once the mail was sorted to Alicia’s satisfaction she had Yvette deliver Rory’s mail to him then had her deliver the remainder of the mail to the other staff members.

Damien could not help himself and by ten thirty had contacted Rory to get a report on Yvette. So that Alicia did not know it was him he used the alias worked out with Rory some time earlier and who had already spoken with Rory several times.

“I’m amazed” Rory told Damien when asked how Yvette was going. “The confident way that girl moves in the restrictive outfit it looks as if she has worn it for months instead of a week”.

On the other end of the phone Damien smiled to himself. Hopefully his plan would work out.

The ensuing weeks saw little happen except that Damien and Rory met almost daily in Rory’s office. When Alicia questioned Damien as to what was going on, he simply told her it was business, meetings about how to go about setting up the business consulting agency he wanted to start. There was one small point that slightly annoyed Alicia, that being that Damien’s meetings with Rory mostly seemed to finish at the same time she finished work. The result was that Alicia found herself travelling home most afternoons with her hands and arms trapped behind her in a single arm glove. Remembering the ‘if you’re a good girl might mean marriage’ words Damien had spoken earlier, Alicia did not complain.

It was the Monday of Yvette’s last week of work experience. Once again Rory and Damien were holding a meeting. Damien appeared in front of Alicia, indicating she should fetch her cloak and she did as he requested. On returning to the reception desk she automatically placed her arms behind her. Damien shook his head, surprising her, this was the first time for some days she had not had her arms restrained when with him. Rory joined them and the three left in Rory’s car. They drove for about fifteen minutes before pulling up outside of a small building, and on leaving the car were joined by another man. They entered what were obviously offices but Alicia had no idea why they were there. Rory and Damien looked around and Alicia could see them asking the man questions. The man withdrew some papers from the briefcase he was carrying and Alicia watched as the three men all signed them. Damien asked Alicia to act as witness so she signed the papers presented to her.

Almost immediately after Rory, Damien and Alicia returned to the offices of Rainbow Legal Services Rory and Damien began another meeting. Not long after it began Barry was called into Rory’s office. He was quickly followed by Magda. Both were told about the opening of a new branch of Rainbow with Barry being told he would temporarily be in charge of the present office while Rory set up the new one. Magda was asked if she would be interested in transferring to the new office to help Rory set things up. She agreed. Next it was Alicia’s turn. She was told about the new office and that Rory wished her to agree to be the receptionist. She was also told that Damien would be running his new company from the small office in the same complex and that she would be expected to help out with his correspondence in the early stages. Yvette was then called into see Rory and Damien. She was informed that she had been very satisfactory throughout her work experience and was asked by Rory if she would like to be employed full-time by the firm. It was explained that this offer would depend on her parents, who had to agree to her leaving school early, and a few other legal matters to be sorted out, all of which Rory thought would be no problem.

By the time she returned to her desk alongside Alicia, Yvette was almost hyperventilating, having a job to breathe through the heavy veil covering her head. Alicia calmed her down and, on recovering, Yvette immediately sent a text to her parents asking (more like pleading) with them to say ‘Yes’ to her accepting the job offered. Over the following few hours Alicia had to chide Yvette for continually checking her phone instead of concentrating on the matters at hand. ‘I’m just checking to see if Dad has answered yet’ she wrote to Alicia as her defence. The ensuing two days saw Yvette continually checked her phone for an answer to her question. ‘Why doesn’t he answer?’ she kept asking Alicia. ‘He’s probably busy or does not have access to his phone’ was Alicia’s reply each time the question was asked.

It was Thursday before Yvette received a reply from her father. Even then it was not sent to her but to Adam. Adam gave Yvette the message from her father when she, along with Alicia and Damien, arrived home from work that afternoon. Yvette tried to show her enthusiasm for the answer but her clothing restricted her to little more than a small jump for joy. Adam then announced the rest of the message he had received from Phillippe, telling them all that he and Bridget had been delayed and would not arrive home until Sunday instead of the next day.

Sunday saw Yvette, the Reynolds’ family and Damien arrive at the home of Phillippe and Bridget around mid-afternoon as arranged between Adam and Phillippe. Phillippe opened the door and Yvette swept into her father’s arms as much as her clothing permitted. He hugged his daughter tightly as the pair, followed by their guests, entered the house. As best she was able Yvette looked around for her mother who she was unable to see anywhere. Once in the living room Phillippe greeted his guests while still holding Yvette with one arm. Alicia and Paula, with their arms in a single sleeve behind their backs as they usually were these days when with Adam or Damien, were unable to do little else but let Phillippe give them a short hug of welcome.

At Phillippe’s invitation all were seated with still no sign of Bridget.

“I, well we, that is Bridget and myself, have a little surprise for you” Phillippe told Adam, Jacob and Damien, leaving the deafened women with no idea of what was being said.

He left the room for a few minutes before returning and standing in the doorway.

“Ladies and gentlemen” he said loudly as if introducing some kind of act on a show, still leaving his daughter, Paula and Alicia with no idea of what was going on, “May I introduce the ‘new look’ Mrs. Lazzell”.

At those words he drew his arm forward and Bridget slowly entered the room.

“We decided that if Yvette was to dressed in the ‘height of fashion’ due to her job, her mother was to be dressed in the same manner” Phillippe said. “That is the reason we were delayed for a couple of days, while Bridget was fitted with her new outfit”.

Yvette, quickly assisted by Jacob, struggled to her feet, mincing over and attempting to hug her mother, the manner in which both were attired meaning they did little more than place their hands on each other’s hips. Alicia and Paula also rose with assistance and Bridget placed her hands on their hips in turn even though both were unable to reciprocate in any way. Bridget and Yvette served the men with snacks while Paula and Alicia sat looking at Adam and Damien across the table. Seated there Alicia only had one thought running through her brain. I’m sure I’m behaving myself and doing all I’m asked. When is HE going to ‘pop the question?’


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