Wonder Woman ‘returns to her roots’ 

Wonder Woman ‘returns to her roots’

News is abuzz with the new Wonder Woman movie project, to be directed by Fede Alvarez. Fans here are of course excited, and not just because the majority of the movie will be filmed in India.
We managed to catch up with Director Fede Alvarez at the ITC Bombay for word on the movie, here is what he told us, “When I took up this project, I imagined taking Wonder Woman to her philosophical roots. The creator of Wonder Woman, Dr Marston, was a feminist and was inspired by bondage imagery which he incorporated in his comics. Later on this aspect of Wonder Woman was forgotten, but I personally find it inspiring, especially the image of Wonder Woman breaking her chains, it is an iconic feminist image. At the same time, I don’t want to push it too far back, I am trying to find a balance between the best aspects of the old and the new Wonder Woman.”
While the Director is still tight lipped about the details of the plot, he did tell us that the movie would be set in the second world war, and will deal with the Asian theatre, though Wonder Woman wouldn’t be fighting in the war. Gal Gadot had arrived here a few months back and visited her relatives, she would be departing for the shooting at Calcutta next week, but before she left Bombay we decided to try and get an interview with her.
To our surprise we were greeted to a sight of a lady in a sari, wearing gloves and a veil, you could not tell it was Gal under that ! To top it off she also had a gag on. She explained why she was dressed this way, “Well I will be shooting here for the next couple of months and it was the Director’s suggestion that I get used to an Indian setting, and I was curious myself. I had heard about Indian women veiling and even being gagged under the veil, and that was a perfectly normal thing, and some of the scenes of the movie would have me travelling around veiled and wearing a sari, so its best I get used to it.” We also asked her about what she felt about the new Wonder Woman movie and about the Director taking it back to its roots and closer to the original comics.
“Ah well..” she chuckled for a bit, “I get tied up a lot, but yeah its a neat project and I’ve had a lot of fun.. it was a little hard at times, but yeah.. going around the streets gagged and veiled is good practice.. and I might just keep the veil” she winked and smiled as she said that.
While here Gal would also be seeing the sights around Bombay and visit her relatives here. She was particularly keen on seeing the famed synagogues of Bombay and Calcutta while she was here in india and of course the Taj Mahal.
The movie is tentatively set to release in the summer of 2021.

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