Soap: Part 7

Part 6


It’s weekend and time to meet the Böhms for sailing. Klaus and I have known each other since our time in the army. Today he has a good taxi company and we found each other again and again about sailing. They have two daughters Hanna, eighteen and Sophia sixteen years old.

I called Klaus, “HaIlo! I’m in the harbor preparing the boat. Do you know when you’re coming? “” You, Richard, we have a problem with Hanna, she did not come home from school Friday, she called Friday and said she wanted to spend the Pentecost days with Petra she did not answer and we can not reach her, it seems she has turned her phone off. “” Well, the girl turns nineteen, there’s something else in mind, I think you’re too worried! “I tried to calm him down.” Sorry, dude, I think so too, but I can not leave Rita alone now, “he said.” I do not feel like sailing alone, if you want, I’ll come over I’ll help her, tell her I’m coming over and how well she can cook, then she’s a little distracted. “” Thanks, you’re a real friend! See you later. “

I packed everything up again and drove to my office. Once there, I checked Hanna’s mobile number to determine her last location.

“Holy shit! What’s the kid doing in the Madrasa of Arslan? “After I got over my first shock, I knew what was happening. Whatever happens when Ibrahim Arslan had his fingers in the game. I grabbed the phone and called him:

“Here, Peterson, I urgently need some information. Is there a certain Hanna Böhm with you? “

Yes, she wants to convert to Islam with some other sisters tomorrow, “he said.

“That must be prevented!” I said.

“What should I do, I’m Imam and must not stop her.”

“I am a friend of your parents and they are very worried. Hanna should call her directly and tell them what she’s up to. Then I can catch the worst when I’m with them and remember who I am and what I can do or not! OK?”

I went on my way and when I was with them, there was a huge excitement.

Klaus said: “Hanna called, she says she’s in a madrasa in Marxloh and would prepare for her conversion to the Muslimah tomorrow. We are invited tomorrow to attend their Shahada. “

“Slow down! We sit down and discuss this in peace. “

“Richard, I want to go to my daughter. I have to get her out of there. Do not you understand that? “Said Rita.

“Rita, Hanna is of age. She can decide for herself what she wants. We have to proceed with diplomacy. Otherwise she will not be approachable in spite of defiance. Think of your youth, as you were almost militant eco. “

“Maybe you are right? I’ll have a coffee first. “

We sat down and I advised her:

“If she has decided to become Muslimah, you should not stop her, but assure her that she will remain your beloved daughter. No matter what she chooses. It is important for you that she stays with you to be able to exert some influence on her. I suggest we go straight to her and Rita talks to her calmly, without pressing her. Do you think you can do it, Rita?”

“Thank you, your clear mind has saved me from a huge stupidity. I was about to kidnap her by force. I’ll pull myself together. “

“I have a job with the Madrasa and she is overseen by us. I want to describe it to you: it is Salafist, but strictly anti-terrorist. They strictly reject our way of life and practice a very strict orientation towards Islam in which they work with missionary zeal in spreading it. This is considered by our side, as a threat. Hannah will give up her old name and dress strictly Islamic. It will not be easy for you to watch it without problems. So behave well, then maybe everything will be fine. “

Hannah Böhm:

“Your parents want to talk to you, Sister Kamila,” I read on my display. They gave us small displays with which we could communicate in silence. So I wrote: “If my mother wants, she may visit me here in the women’s wing. Please warn her to whisper!

Crying, she stood in front of me and we took each other in the arms, then we sat down. She actually whispered, I’m so proud of you, Mom, and said, “How strange you look with the strict dress and headscarf, my child,” she said.

“You’ll have to get used to it, Mom. For me tomorrow begins a new phase of life. But I realize how well you react to all this. I’m really proud of you. “

“Thank you, child and how are you?”

“Well, tomorrow I’m going to speak the shahada, my creed, and then I want to, until I graduate from high school, live here and practice my new faith,” I told her.

“Dear, I want to respect your wish. Only you could please continue to stay at home, we miss you so much. “And tears rolled down her cheeks.

“What do you think of it, you spend the night with me today in the Madrasa and celebrate tomorrow with us my shahada. I stay with you on weekdays and spend my weekends here with you or without you, as you can arrange, in Madrasa? “

“You mean I should live here with you on the weekends?”

“Yes, I’ll make you a good Muslimah, too.”

“We will see. Well, I’ll tell Klaus that I’ll stay with you tonight and he’ll bring me some fresh clothes to sleep in. “

“Send dad home, we have everything here. He does not need to bring you anything. It will be enough if he picks us up tomorrow after my Shahada. “While Mother was on the way, the Niqaabi wrote to me.

“You did that very well, dear sister. We will save the immortal soul of your mother, she too will soon share the joys of our faith with us. Allah will bless you! “

When she came back I said:

“As long as you’re here, I want you to be veiled, as befits my mother and married woman. Come on, let’s go to the bathroom. “

There she was completely clothed by me as Niqaabi and I asked her to disguise myself at my Shahada tomorrow. To my astonishment, everything happened stoically. Then I took her to my place and I read to her from the Koran. She quickly learned to eat with Niqaab, and everything else was easy to handle. When we went to sleep in the evening and I told her:

“We sleep in the veil. In the morning we take a shower and put on fresh clothes. So we are always dressed correctly, “she was shocked at first, but then succumbed to her fate.

Rita Böhm:

Finally we reached the Madrasa. We stood waiting in the entrance hall, we were welcomed by the Imam very friendly. He immediately informed Hanna of our arrival. Hanna ordered her father’s greetings and asked me to visit her in the women’s wing. I gathered all my strength as I had to follow a completely veiled woman to the wing. There I saw her. She wore a long floor-length dress and a tight bandana hanging over her shoulder. I could only see her eyes, her nose and her mouth, everything else disappeared in silky cloth. but I did not want to offend her and smiled at her in tears. She praised me for my understanding and I was warmly warm hearted and all worries were probably not gone, but they did not press so bad. We quickly found a constructive conversation. In the end we agreed on a compromise. I will spend the night in Madrasa today and celebrate her Shahada with her tomorrow. She even made me disguise myself, as befits a married mother of a Muslimah, she said. I know that when I approach my daughter, I will not lose her, and I miraculously got used to the veil very quickly. I looked at my display in my black gloved hands. I was sitting with my daughter Kamila and we read the translated Koran verses on the displays, which were recited to us in original headphones. I felt deeply connected to her, it was beautiful. When we went to bed, she told me to sleep as if fully clothed. In the morning, we would shower and dress again. So we would always be dressed correctly for twenty-three hours. That was very strange at first. But soon I fell into a peaceful sleep with my daughter in my arms.

Part 8

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