A School Trip with Consequences

A School Trip with Consequences

Ben G

Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.

This year’s class trip would be unforgettable, a unique experience! I was looking forward to it like a little child for weeks beforehand. Finally, I would ask Louis if he would like to be my boyfriend, we could try all sorts of things and above all forget school for once!

Finally, the day came, our teacher had rented a small coach. Next to me were Jenny and Amanda, my best friends and two rows behind me was Louis with Toby – but unfortunately he did not seem to notice me. At the very back sat the two “veiling” – Sarah and Aisha. If I could not stand someone in my class then these two. We are in Germany and not in Saudi Arabia and why you have to hide his figure under long black clothes?

Whenever we could we annoyed those two, nothing serious but someone had to speak plain language. Jenny and Amanda supported me. During the class trip we would spare no effort to teach a lesson to both Muslimahs, I had some ideas there.

We arrived at the bunkhouse late at night, it was lonely right on the edge of the forest. We three friends shared a room with Vanessa – a cry baby and gossip in one. From the very beginning, she had to submit to clear rules if she wanted to belong. She had to address us with “Mistress” and was allowed to do us favours. In return, we did not tell anyone about her homesickness and about the three teddy bears that she had brought along on the school trip.
The next morning the first hike started. It was a beautiful day and we had our fun. Luckily the teacher did not notice the Smirnoff filled in plastic bottles because we were teaching on the way. Before us, the two veiled girls ran and got nothing from my plan. The first break we did at a pond in the middle of the forest – everyone had taken some bread from the breakfast which we relished.

Sarah and Aisha were sitting a bit off the water. A small shock – a stupid mishap, would cheer the atmosphere a bit. Said, done – the three of us approached the girls and tried to be super-nice. “Unfortunately,” I stumbled over my bag and stupidly Sarah sat too close to the water and it happened.

We laughed loudly as the soaking-wet Sarah rose from the ankle-deep water. She mumbled something about “audubillah” but honestly it was worth every bit of effort to torment these two. “Well you two, now you have to take off your funny robes or you will catch a cold!” The teacher was not laughing at it, I was sentenced to two days “room arrest”, Sarah and Aisha were allowed back into the bunkhouse and put on new clothes. The arrest I did not care about, the satisfaction of my action was enough for me completely.

The two Muslimahs shared a double room, but they had to use the lockable showers along the corridor. At my request, Jenny waited until Aisha was in the cabin. She disguised her voice and pretended to be Sarah! Sister I forgot something in the cabin, can I get it quickly?

Aisha opened the door and at that moment Jenny stole her hijab from the bathroom and threw it to me. Amanda and I laughed at her. The headgear we threw out the window – “Here is Germany you hear!” I shouted down the hallway. “Finally, we’ll see you with your hair”

Only thanks to Sarah and her bath towel as a headgear did Aisha return to her room. But did they really deserve something else?

The next two days I was also allowed to spend in my room – as always I did not really care. Just that I was not allowed to see Louis made me a little sad. Well, we had three more days and I was hoping that we would get closer. On Friday my “arrest” finished and I was allowed to participate in the activities again. Louis had secretly taken some grass which we smoked late at night as a small group.

Suddenly he started snogging with me. We were so stoned and it felt so cool. We were together! I was sure that Louis loved me as much as I loved him! Floating in seventh heaven I had not noticed how Aisha had watched us from afar.

At night I could not fall asleep because of butterflies in my stomach. Softly knocked on the door, or had I been wrong? No, he knocked again. Carefully I opened, but no one was there. Already I wanted to go back to the room when I noticed the little envelope on the floor.

Hello Miriam, it was so cool with you, may I fuck you tonight? I know a good place Come at 02.30 to the turnoff at the big oak. L.

My heart was racing, was it possible? Louis loved me, and he even wrote a letter for me. A romantic and real man. Another hour to the meeting. Nervousness spread, I put on the best clothes I had brought and the leather boots. Louis was the most beautiful boy in the world and I was going to be his girlfriend!

Already at 2:15 am I stood by the big oak tree. Nothing moved. It was so scary all alone – but the wait is over, Louis will come soon to deflower me. Finally, I heard a noise, it cracked behind me in the bushes. Louis is coming! He wanted to sneak up from behind …

Any moment he would stand behind me. I felt him standing behind me and did not move. Suddenly something was put in my mouth, like a gag. So, Louis was kinky, it really healed me. The moment I wanted to turn around something was pulled over my head and a corrosive stench surrounded me.

The next morning I woke up, I had a nightmare that I wanted to tell Jenny “But despite open eyes, I saw nothing, in my mouth was a gag, except moaning I could bring out nothing. I tried to get up but soon realized that I was tied up – whatever Louis did to me, it was hell!

“Ah, our little bitch is finally awake!” Amazed, I realized that it was the voice of Aisha. “Do not you know what happened to you? You don’t – but I’ll tell you!”

“After your nasty machinations, we’ve been thinking for a long time what we can do with you” Since you’ve lost in this Louis and stupid Sarah has observed this nefarious drug scene. “And because you were so SOOO in love, we had an easy time.

My brother, Ahmed, drove close to the bunkhouse late at night, and after we had you gagged and stunned with a special liquid, you were kindly brought here too. Nobody misses you first, because you are known as a runaway.
After this word she struck me hard in the face “You will obey us, stupid thing,” said Sarah. We already have a plan, Ahmed is looking for an obedient subordinate Muslim woman, you would not be such a bad game! “I tried to scream, but all I produced was a chuckle. I had no chance to get out, my kidnappers had done a great job.

Miriam, do you want to eat something? We have prepared delicious breakfast here. I nodded, or at least tried. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to eat until you have heard a chapter from the Koran, otherwise we will have to starve you. I had no choice but to do what the two of them wanted me to do. Amazingly, I was fascinated by the melody of the song and relaxed. It seemed like a positive spell.

” How did you like slave?” Aisha asked and removed the gag. Darkness still surrounded me. Oh by the way, we’ve put you on a niqab, you’re totally veiled – no one would recognize you on the street and that’s the way it will stay … I swallowed and said anyway: “mistress I want to know more about it – and I’m ready for serve”


Instead of my new robe narrowing, I somehow felt free. Humble and somehow like a child. My two mistresses seemed to have noticed that a change had taken place and allowed me more freedom. They loosened my handcuffs and put a layer of the niqab back so that I could see through a thin layer of fabric again.

My prison was comfortably furnished, it seemed to be a kind of lounge. There was a sofa, a bed and a small table. On the table were a headphone, an MP3 player and a German edition of the Koran.

” Well, you will hear sermons and Quranic Sermons every day and read the Koran regularly. Aisha or I will take a little exam with you every night and test your skills.

I did as I said, at first it was hard to read through the material but soon I got used to it. The words and the words fascinated me more every day. Could Islam be the truth? I researched and searched the scriptures and could not get enough.

The girls introduced me to the prayers, at least five times a day I leaned towards Mecca. At first the Arabic words were difficult to understand, but I got used to them and loved this communion with God.
It was a few weeks after my kidnapping. Aisha told me that a large-scale search had taken place for me, but since the police lacked the money for a long haul, this was now discontinued.

“We have been watching you longer now Miriam and we think that you should accept Islam, all your sins will be forgiven and you will become a servant of Allah.” As she uttered these words, all my bad words and deeds came to mind and tears flowed down my face …

“Mistresses, please forgive me all my bad deeds towards you”! We forgive you, said Sarah and the two hugged me. Together with you, I spoke the Muslim Creed. A sense of unprecedented peace filled me-I was Meryem, a servant of the Most High God. By saying the creed, I was allowed to address Sarah and Aisha again by their first names, they gave me back some liberties.

So I was allowed under the condition to be completely veiled also some hours daily in the fresh air. Interestingly, my “prison” was not too far from my parents’ house. I did not miss anything, I felt free, covered from head to toe, a servant of God. Sarah and Aisha had begun to wear niqab as well, together we memorized Qur’an, prayed and cooked sometimes.

Half a year had passed and the two seemed pleased with my progress. “Meryem” – Sarah seemed a bit upset, “tonight you will marry. My brother Ahmed wants to take you afterwards to Turkey. At first I was shocked, but the notion that it was my way, what could I change at the will of Allah?

“So that nobody recognizes you on our way and as a precaution you will wear this 6-layered niqab, it is a custom-made product. And if you still panic, we’ll gag you, you never know. Aisha will wait here until my brother arrives and takes you. Tears of pain at parting came to me, but I could not cry because of the gag, I could not see anything because of the six-layer niqab …


I have been living in Turkey for three years, near the Syrian border. Ahmed and I have three wonderful children. The twins Mohammed and Zeyneb and the little Sarah give me a lot of fun. I spend my time with the family memorising Qur’an verses and in the mosque.

At any time I am completely covered, even in the house. I almost always wear my niqab, except when in the house always completely closed with all layers down, gloves and knee-high stockings. During his last stay in Germany Ahmed brought me a leather mask with a gag that I wear more and more often under the niqab, as a sign of dependence of Allah and obedience to my husband. The little Zeyneb has already started to wear a hijab, I’m very happy about that.

No one remembers the rebellious Miriam, but Meryem is grateful that this school trip has changed her life forever!


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