It’s a story which is inspired by the story “THE ACADEMY OF MODESTY AND SUBMISSIVE BEHAVIOUR” by our Dave Potter. Well this is just the introduction of the school so you guys can have get the ideas for what adventures does it hold for the students to experience and for all the TOTV Family. Feel free to contact on for your reviews and for also share the some idea which you guys want to read in the story.

All copyrights are reserved by me of this and the coming parts



The school was founded in Mughal times to human trafficking. It was made on a huge scale, that it was sprayed in Acers that had  several rooms, gardens , fountains and everything which we can think of  but it was all hidden behind the huge walls so no one could see from the outside. After the Mughal Empire crashed it was abandoned by for decades as it was made on the mountains away from civilization, people started to move towards and found this place the rich people of that area started it again but as a Islamic school for females , after it was started again, it was turned into an hostel and soon the place was turned in  “INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING GIRLS TO BE MODEST WIFE/MAID” now it’s a place is strictly reserved for females no male is allowed to enter the school except for the principle office which have a separate passage from the school so the modesty of females is maintained and the classes are not disturbed.



In this school a female can’t enroll them self nor they can quiet by their choice it is the sole decision of her guardian (Father, Brother, Husband) to quiet the school the girl needs to get married or her male guardian have to take her out of the school except for these to condition a female can’t leave school. The age to get admission in the school doesn’t matter much unless she’s older then 12 years old, and under  55, most females get admission at the age between 12-16 either by their father or their future husband.

Admission Process/Requirements

The girl who needs to get admission must come with her parents the females should be covered completely no skin should be visible. The girl who is applying for admission should not of any education certificate , if she owns then she must destroy them her self , the girl who needs admission should kneel with her head on the floor behind her mother and mother must kneel and keep her head bowed behind her husband. And the guardian of the girl must sign a contract by he gives the complete rights of the female who is being submitted to the school and state that the if he wishes that the female leaves the school they would have to give a notice at-lest 6 months before they wish their female to leave school.

Admission test

The test of the girl begins as soon as she have entered the school they only her body language will decide either in which level she will be admitted the girls who are very well mannered and knows what the school wants and behave accordingly and admitted in section “E”, the girls who are well mannered are admitted in section “O” those who are not very obedient but have a little attitude the are admitted in section “H”  and the girls who are trouble maker are admitted in section “P”.

The sections stand for

Easy: In section E the girls whoare well mannered and only need to learn some basic things, most girls who get admission in this section are of age 13-14 as they are still children, in this section girls are not dealt with less strictness.

Obedient: In section O the who are well obedient but have little resistancein obeying immediately, most girls who get admission in this section are of age 13-15 they can still be trained to be submissive wife but with little harshness comparing to section E.

Hard: In section H the girls who are not well mannered , have an ego , and are close to the age or marriage, most girls who get admission in this section are of age 16-18 , the girls in this section are dealt with strictness and harshly.

Pain: In section P the girls who think that they can be self depend or have more rights then the females should have or think who are equal or above male, mostly the girls who get admission in this section are engaged , at the age of marriage, most of the girls in this section are forcefully admitted to the school by their future husband or desperate fathers who wish that their daughters become good wife and daughter in law for her future husband and family. The females in this section are dealt very strictly no free time is given except for sleeping.



All the girls in school have to wear Uniform, the basic black school uniform consist of the following

1st Black under Garments made of thick wool

2nd Loose black Shalwar kameez  (traditional Pakistani and Indian dress)

3rd Black woolen stockings

4th Thick Black Gloves

5th Black Scarf which should be wrapped tightly around their head in a manner that it only shows face

6th Black Full face niqab thick enough to cover the face even in the darkest sun ligh

7th Black abaya (long over coat used in most countries by females to cover them self)

8th A black Burka with a number embroidered on its fore head (the number  should be embroidered and by the girls them self and it should be big enough that it could be read easily by anyone from a distance)

Additional items get added according to the girl’s age.




The guardian of the female choose the subjects he wants the female to learn or which he thinks are more valuable for being a Wife / Maid

1: Domestic work (COMPULSORY)

2: Obedience and Submissive (COMPULSORY)

3: Modesty (COMPULSORY)

4: Islamic Education (COMPULSORY)

5: Dressing

6: Dancing

7: knitting

8: Bed Art

9: Rules of Serving

10: Art of Bondage

11: Art of walking (COMPULSORY)

12: Ways and when to talk(COMPULSORY)

13: Basic House Rules(COMPULSORY)

14: Cooking and Baking (COMPULSORY)

15: Physical Exercise

16: Beautification



All girls must follow all rules other wise they will be punished even for the smallest mistakes a girl can face severe punishment


1st: all girls must wear the uniform at all times except when commanded by a superior (every faculty member) or for sleeping.

2nd: all students must keep their uniform clean at all times.

3rd: no student is allowed to use any kind of furniture except for the low desks in classes.

4th: talking is strictly not allowed except for when you to ask a question or permission.

5th: all students must keep their hair in a tight braid not even a single hair should be loose or out your scarf

6th:all students must keep their body clean from unnecessary hair.

7th: running and sitting is not allowed at any time either stand or kneel ,

8th: all students must keep their head bowed all the times unless told to,

9th:all  students of same class must walk in a single line,

10th: students are not allowed to argue or talk back .

11th: students are not allowed to ask questions regarding their punishment.

12th: students are not allowed to complain.

13th: all students must obey every command without hesitation or feeling shy.

14th: students are not allowed to eat before the faculty staff

15th: students are not allowed to leave their assigned building or class room with the permission of the teacher, floor incharge , and building manager all students must take the permission from them to leave the area they are ordered or need to go.

16th: students are not allowed to ask permission or question in high voice she should speak so that besides the teacher and her no one else should hear it.

17th: No break during P.E class

18th: students are not allowed to touch them self except for cleaning them self or removing hair

19th: students are not allowed to get/give pleasure.

20th: students must confess if they have broken any rules.

21st: all students must be present in the ground atlest 30 minutes before the morning assembly starts. Anyone later then that will only be allowed in the ground after all the teachers have arrived.

22nd: all students must follow class rules made by the teacher

23rd: all students must remember all the rules and teachings by heart.

24th all students must bow from their waist and to hold that position in presents of any school staff and should not move or get up until they are ordered to or the staff member have left.

25th: students are not allowed to drink water or have food with their veils over their head.

26th: students are not allowed to wear any shoes inside the school area.

27th: students should visit the nurse office of enema once a week or more if prescribed by the nurse or the doctor.

28th: students are not allowed to use any vessels for eating they must eat with their hand covered by rubber gloves over their already gloved hands.

29th: students must mix the leftovers of the staff food with their food and then only eat.

30th: no student should disobey any order form any staff member under any circumstances.





All teachers in the School are graduated students who’s husbands are happy with them and allows them to teach other girls to be good submissive wife most teachers stay in the school as their husbands are out of city for work for a years, and some live in the village who are taken home by their husband after the school time is over. All teachers have a similar uniform all wear thick long black gloves , stockings , abaya , chador and a 2 layer niqab with their name and subject and class embroidered just below the mouth and a mike which is active all the time while they are in the school so the principle can hear if they are following the rules, teachers are not allowed to be friends with any students or to chat with other teachers in the staff room , teachers are only allowed to discuss regarding the subject they teach, if the teacher breaks any rule she will be punished by the principle and her husband will also be reported so the husband can punish her for breaking his trust. The P.E teacher wears the same uniform except for the color in blue. The teachers are allowed to lift one layer of the niqab while teaching so they have clear view of the students otherwise the teacher must stay covered.




The Principal is the wife of the owner of the trust. She is dressed same as the teachers except for in green and the “Principal” embroidered in golden, Principal is not allowed to leave her room she have to keep an eye on the monitors which provide a live feed of the school through CCTV there is not a spot which is hidden by the eye of a camera except for the toilet stall , she can send call some with the help of mike connected to the speakers available in ever building of the school she can also hear everything by the help of the teachers mike or by the mikes installed in CCTV. Principal is the one who will decide in which section a girl should be admitted, she receives a weekly report of every student and teachers by the floor managers.



Floor Managers

Floor managers are also the ex-graduated students of the School the floor managers are the females who didn’t get married, the floor have the same facilities as the students and the same uniform as the students except the Floor managers embroidered below the shoulder.





 The school had the following facilities

  1. Assembly Ground
  2. Class rooms
  3. Kitchen
  4. Dining Hall
  5. Washing area (separate for clothes of staff and students and as well for dishes)
  6. Staff rooms (separate for each building)
  7. Bathrooms
  8. Accommodations (for students and staff)
  9. Punishment Hall
  10. Principle Office
  11. Restricted Area



Assembly ground was huge that all students could lie on in the ground with a distance of 2 teachers walk between then without touching each other or the students. It was the 1st thing which students would see when they would enter the school after admission. There was a stage in front of the ground on which 15 students could stand with their arms stretched sideways , front and back and still won’t stop a teacher to walk easily between them. The ground have tall trees and thick bushes on left side on one as stage which is backed with a school wall in front , on left the principle office and at the back the school.


All the class rooms are located on the 1st floor of different buildings except of the P.E and Dance class, all class rooms are big enough to fit 50 students but in each class there are only 30 students, the class room have hard cement floor no tiles no marble only hard concrete  with no  board on wall only painted in white , the class room only contains 15 low desks what the student have kneel on the floor to place their note books on them  with a black pen , and a chair for a teacher to have the full class view and teaching but the teachers are only allowed to use the chair when they are not taking a test. Each class room have huge window with and few yellow bulbs.


Kitchen was big enough for the girls to do all the work related to cooking for whole school.


Dinning hall was like the feast hall in Mugal times.


Punishment Hall was designed to punish 90 girls at the same time, in the punishment hall was equipped with all kinds of things from a ruler to a whip with most uncomfortable furniture to place the girl for appropriate punishment.


Restricted Area was only use once a year by all the school but the was reserved for the girls who are not wanted by their family or by anyone. They are kept their for the entertainment for the trust members which provided the funds to the school, and for the teachers on their free time.


Well this is just the introduction of the school so you guys can have get the ideas for what adventures does it hold for the students to experience and for all the TOTV Family. Feel free to contact on for your reviews and for also share the some idea which you guys want to read in the story.

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