Jennifer’s Diary : The Second Week: Part 2

When Tuesday morning came, it started off as usual, with me being isolated to my room, and the rest of the family going about their usual morning routine, but then they started to get ready. I was always fascinated by the traditional fashion and jewellery of bengalis, i actually tolerated being veiled gagged and tied, just to see Mrs. Bose’s gorgeous sari and jewellery, and the veil she wore with it.
I managed to get only a glance before the parents left, Adi gave his mother a hug just before they left. I kind of found it unusual that the son would stay back while the parents went for the family visit, but I guess he just managed to convince them of the necessity of it. Either way, I was glad, I could have two whole days of Adi just to myself ! I just couldn’t wait for him to take me around town. Once Star was fed and walked, I was ready.
Tuesday afternoon was going to be totally different.. but i’d have to wait for it first. Adi had to take care of some business first, round up some work with the office. I got back to my room, and began changing into the usual traditional attire and waited for Adi.
About an hour passed before he’d come back, and he went straight for the wardrobe and took out, the ballgag and a coil of rope. He walked up to me and without a second thought began tying my hands up. “sorry for this, but I have to make it look convincing, don’t worry about the maids. i already have them told we’d be going out for a short walk”, he said while tying me up. It sounded like he set things up just right, but this would be a bit incognito, his mother didn’t like the idea of me going too far away from the house, and always tried to keep me  and Adi apart, but Adi always found a way around that, he always finds a way.
After he had done tying me, he pushed the ballgag and strapped it in, not too tight of course, though by now I was quite used to it. There was something special about getting tied up by Adi, it was .. a very intimate experience. It was especially sweet when he kissed my cheek right after strapping the gag in. Curiously, once that was done, he went to fetch a bag and took some clothes from the wardrobe and put it in.
The last bit of my dress up, was the veil, Adi liked wrapping that on nice and snug over my face, I didnt mind, I just loved it when he wrapped the veil over me this way. It was rare, but i looked forward to it every time he’d do it. He waked me out holding me by the waist, we made our way to the garden. He said something to the guard and maids in bengali which I didn’t understand, but I should have understood from context, that he meant to tell them we were only taking a walk around the garden.
So we walked up to the garden, and then Adi helped me push through a part of the garden I didn’t even know existed , it led to an exit which got us to the path that led out of the estate, I realized that moment, Adi was sneaking us out ! It felt like an adventure, and Adi whisking the princess in the castle out. It kind of lent to that image, seeing how the outhouse was actually designed like a castle turret.
We hopped on the first tram we got. We giggled as we entered the tram and took our seat. Then Adi explained the whole thing to me, “See my mother was very particular about keeping you at home, but they’re not around now, we could sneak out. Actually, I had been thinking about this for a while now. I knew of that exit in the garden, we usually let our gardners us that, beyond that is a servant’s quarter. The way we came out, no one would notice us”, that was smart thinking. However, that didn’t explain why he got this bag out, with another pair of my clothes, but i was soon gonna find out.
We it took us straight down town passed all the wonderful buildings Adi told me about and showed me in pictures, it was like one long road filled with grand mansions and apartments after another. I remember parts of Seattle like this, but not quite as … grand. “This is Central Avenue, and it was designed by one of Haussman’s students, he modelled it on the avenues of the Champ de elysse.” Adi explained, he kept pointing at the landmarks and telling me little tid bits about it. After about twenty minutes of it, I was a little annoyed. I think Adi got the signal and backed off.
I still had no idea where we were going and Adi insisted on keeping it a secret, till the last moment. We got off at the Esplanade depot, right at the heart of the city, I was impatient now, “where are we going? I’m not moving till you tell me..” I demanded, Adi just pointed down the street and said, “new market, to get you a change of clothes, come on”.
“change of clothes?…” I was really confused now, and a bit excited, what did he mean? … was he finally going to get me that burqa design I always wanted ?
Will we buy something Adi wants ? We walked down to New Market passed the Metro theatre and the Grand hotel. Adi walked right to a quaint little islamic dress shop by the side of the grand old market. I knew that moment what he had in mind.
He talked with the shop owner, in bengali again, he smiled and walked to the back of the store and came back with a beautifully embroidered black abaya, niqab and hijab, laying each piece over the mattress for us to see. Adi smiled, showing the dresses, I was excited and had to try hard not to squeal out in joy. I always wanted to wear this. I took it in my hands and rushed to the trial room. I undressed my sari and veil, then quickly began dressing into the new clothes.
I put the veil on last, admiring myself in the mirror in the gorgeous abaya, i looked like a princess, finally I put on the veil, I just hoped I was doing it alright, the hijab was a bit of a struggle for me, but Adi had shown me how to wrap it before, I just tried to remember how it was done, and wrap it over my head. I stepped out, feeling a bit shy, I didn’t know how Adi would react, but I really was glad I could be wearing this now, and so happy that Adi liked me in it !
he gave me the warmest hug right there! We bought the dress, but Adi asked me to change out of it and handed the bag from before, he wanted me to dress in the clothes in there. I would be surprised a second time, this time I was to be dressed like how Adi wanted, there was the old niqab and abaya that I wore from Washington, but there was also a zentai. I was a bit nervous about putting it on, I never understood what the appeal of this dress was, but Adi seemed to like it a lot. It took a bit of effort to put it all on, but I managed, the suit encased me head to toe, i wore my shorts and tank top over the zentai, and then put on he niqab, long skirt and abaya. This was an odd experience for me, but Adi made it worthwhile.
For the next hour we shopped around New Market, I bought some of that famed cake from Nahoum’s bakery and then some dupattas from a clothes store next to it. After we were done, Adi suggested we go to watch a movie at his favourite theatre, the New Empire. It was just gorgeous! Adi managed to get us a corner seat reserved for couples, we shared a wonderful moment while we watched a movie together. This was officially one of my favourite moments with Adi! We must’ve made out at least three times. It felt weirdly good kissing through the layers of veils, maybe I was finally getting the appeal behind this zentai thing.
After the movie ended, we went to Aminia for a late lunch next to a swanky nightclub. Weirdly enough, this was my first taste of biryani in Calcutta, and I had already been here for two weeks. It wasn’t as popular in the Bose household, but Adi loved it and now even I loved it. For the moment, it felt a little awkward eating unveiled and unmasked, but I noticed here in Calcutta not every woman veiled, and the ones who did seemed to do it more out of fashion than modesty. It wasn’t like that in other parts of the subcontinent, or even other parts of Bengal. Adi tells me that in Dhaka women are more particular about being veiled, and gags are more popular too. Its not like it isn’t followed here in Calcutta, heck I know I’ve had my fair share of getting trussed up! but its just not followed as often.
The family behind us, had three women, all veiled, and they all ate in silence, I took a peek behind, and i noticed the ballgags hanging around their neck. Once the meal was done, they were gonna get gagged. I wondered how it was that women got used to this, I know I’ve been like that a couple of days, but being bound and gagged in public ? I was morbidly curious to experience it. But I didn’t tell Adi yet, I thought i’d save it for another day.
By the time we got home, I was a bit tired, we drank some tea, cuddled, but gave sex a break. Adi wanted to tie me up another time, and I did indulge him, but I guess he was tired out as I was, we only indulged in a bit of light bondage. We had to change once before I returned, at least that way there wont be too many annoying questions about where we were and what we were doing, not like the maids would rat us out anyway.
After that Tuesday, Adi had a lot of catching up to do, so the morning and afternoon was spent entirely at work  The next day, I took the chance to spend more time with Star, I was glad for the maids and guard of the house for taking care of him while we were away, while Adi’s mom was out, they relaxed the rules a bit, and I could roam around the house with Star, taking him for walks to the lawn, and around the estate.
The parents would be back tomorrow early in the morning, whatever Adi was planning would have to be done before that. The night before, Adi told me he would take me to a theatre to watch a play, I had never seen a play before, so it would be a new experience for me. However, there was another thing he would do, just before he wrapped the veil over my face, he pulled a ballgag between my lips and fastened it with a padlock behind the nape of my neck. I was more than a bit surprised at that, this was the first time Adi ever did something like this in surprise, but soon I’d know why, “I thought you might be curious about how women do it, being bound and gagged in public. Thought today might be as good a day as any to show you”.
Once he had me gagged, he began tying me up too, over the abaya, in a simple tie with my wrists behind my back. and some over my breasts pinning my arms to my body. He wrapped a shawl over my body to cover the bonds in, then added a large piece of tape to seal in my ballgag, and a snug veil wrapped over my face. He walked me out, a few of the maids gave an odd look to us, I wasn’t dressed in the sari after all, but Adi just whisked me away without uttering another word.
As usual, we got on the tram again, it took us straight to the Star Theatre, I didn’t know there was a theatre named after my fur kid! Adi tells me this was one of the oldest theatre in town and now its used for plays and movies, both.
I hadn’t seen a Shakespearean play before, let alone see a Bengali interpretation of it. This was a new experience for me, sadly it left me bored .. and confused. Even after 7 years of knowing Adi, my bengali was very rusty. After that visit, he made it a point to teach me the language, don’t know how useful it would be if I go around gagged for most of the time, but I guess it would be good to understand what everyone is saying around here, and reading some of the road signs.
Later that night, Adi set up a little photoshoot with me, I didn’t get a chance to test out the new niqab and abaya set, but that night I decided to give it a try after shower. We had fun in each other’s company till dinner came, for once we ate at the dining table together, we chatted about the yesterday and today. Little did I know the fun would not last.
The next day, the parents returned, and it was business as usual, me being confined to my room, for most of the time, having to dress in the sari and be strictly bound and gagged every time I walked out, though now I minded it less. Over the next few days I ventured out more often, I volunteered to help with groceries every day, Mrs Bose ensured I was very strictly tied and gagged every time I would step out, perhaps she felt it would deter me, but I took up the challenge, being in bondage in public had emboldened me, the maid too was warming up to me. I picked up a bit of bangla from her too, I think we were becoming friends.
She confessed that she did think about telling the family about what we did for the two days they were away, but decided against it. I was glad for that, but she would still have to be loyal to Mrs Bose and keep to her orders of ensuring I was strictly bound and gagged. The ballgag was a bit stifling, but as time went on I think I was getting used to it. Sunday that week, I asked her for a special favour, to help me get used to more bondage, and she was only too glad to oblige. I had picked up enough bengali to have some basic communication with her, just simple things like asking for help, asking for food and water, if something was good or bad, if I liked something or not. It was very broken bengali, but we made it work.
We would take long walks, often in hard bondage, around the neighbourhood. We would get some odd looks from passers by, but for the most part nobody seemed to mind. Seeing a woman in bondage just walking down a public road was really typical. We lived in an elite neighbourhood, and there were only ever a few people on the streets in the morning. The market nearby was usually more busy, but even then hardly any woman there was ever unveiled, some even wore masks over their veils. I could tell a few of them at least were gagged, they did not talk, but only spoke with hand gestures and a few grunts.
As the week drew to a close, I think i was getting really used to this lifestyle. i didn’t know what the next week would hold, but I only hope things keep getting better from here.

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