A Feminist

A Feminist


Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.

Sarah York was a thirty-year-old average woman with short blond hair, blue eyes, and a tough feminist viewpoint. An organization fighting for women’s rights had been acting in several countries as her as a lecturer in various women’s rights events. Now the organization send her to Afghanistan, because there is then a need to support women. She was pleased to accept the assignment, because although the Taliban had been in many places, there were still places where they were the gentlemen. And the situation of women is not much improved.

When the plane landed at the Kabul airport, the local contact was a man of Frank Hudson, a thirty-year-old slim-bodied, somewhat-low young man, already waiting for her. He was Sarah’s help and interpreter. Frank, who was originally a road-building engineer, took her to his accommodation in the Green Zone. This guarded area reserved for foreigners was safe, but completely blocked to local women. Because she could not meet them, she was therefore looking for lectures, especially in the countryside, where the suppression of women was even more powerful. Finally, after two events in Kabul, she managed to discuss a gathering at the Talik, a two-hour walk from the capital. Frank was a little worn out with Mazda.

“It’s not striking.” Said Sarah’s questing face.

When he wanted to sit in the car, Frank waved her to sit on the back. She was very surprised, especially when the man made a blue dress in her lap.

“What is it?” she asked amazed.

“This is the burka, the veil of Afghan women that you need to quickly put when I say so.” Frank said.

Sarah quickly threw her next to her outfit as if it were poisonous. The veil is a symbol of the represation of women, thought it was disguized. After just an hour Frank stopped the car. He got out and opened the trunk at the back.

“Something wrong with Frank?” she asked nervously.

“This is already the area of the Taliban. Put the burka. I will also be changing. ” He was heard from behind.

Great. Thought desperate. It wasn’t easy to sit in the car while sitting on the burrow, but after some struggles she succeeded. You should have been in front of her. She was cordead. She looked outwardly through the blue grid of the burka. Everything turned out slightly.

I’m sitting here feminist in my burka as a suppressed Afghan woman. She thought, angry.

Frank came to the window. He wore Afghan clothing and hats, and was a surprisingly lifelike beast.

“How do I like it? Because you’re very lifelike. Like any Afghan wife, it was also the goal! ” He laughed at the woman in the blue veil, but tried to conceive only the worry of the fun. He knew very well that there was a big risk for this walk, but there was no other way.

Frank loved the woman. Although he only recently knew her, he would have been closer to her. He didn’t even stand him badly on the burka, thought he smiled.

Sarah watched him through the blue grid of the burka, the man’s smile slightly reassured.

“Are you sure you need this?” she didn’t believe he would be at risk, and he said that.

Sarah! This road is dangerous! Our only chance is to think about us that we are locals. This purpose is to serve in the costumes and fake papers “wits the head of the man.

“Good to remember! Your name is Sahar! I am your husband! My name is Faruk Hussein! We are in the Talik! We live there! We come from Kabul, we visited your parents! Understood?

“Yes, but I don’t speak the language.” He shook the head of the woman.

“We hope we will not need it, but our lives may depend on it. Let me speak and do not speak up until you have got it! The papers will be on me. If someone asks you, I will give you yours. Here’s the habit. And now add your personal stuff, turn your phone off! Avoid the bad. I put all of them in the hiding place. “

“Frank is not paranoid?”

“I would just be there!” Now, Jesus help! Let’s start! ” He looked up to the sky and launched the car.

They might have passed ten minutes on the winding road, when one of the sharp curves stood after two armed Talib’s journey. They shouted their Kalashnikov in their nailed, to stand. Frank’s first idea was to give gas and try to flee, but then the common sense prevended. This is not a Hollywood movie, where the protagonist can do this, because nobody can find it. The two machine guns would have shot the little Mazda in a few moments, along with them. In addition, some people are probably hiding among the rocks. He knew they were doing so. He stopped by the car, the two bearded shouting came to them. The younger, he visited Franket from behind the wheel, the older ones threw the back door and pulled out the trembling sarahot. They did not look at their papers, they just threw them to the ground. It was obvious that someone had beted them. The woman was in despair, looking around for help. He wielded his head and sought Franket. The small blue mesh has very limited its vision. Then he found it. What he saw was even worse. Frank was kneeling on the ground, and a barrel of his scuttling was in the nail. The elder man stepped in and attempted to tear down the burka. Sarah clung into it as if her life depended on her. And it was. Fortunately this was an original hand-made Afghan burqa, not a cheap Chinese imitation that was easy to tear off.

Then, as a redemption, he rang a car. A Toyota pickup stood beside them on the top machine gun. Elder Talib forced Saraht to her knees and walked over. After some debate he came back. He scrambled the woman from the earth and pushed it into the Mazda. The other armed franket was tucked in. They threw their papers out of the window and then spoke with broken English:

“Follow the other car! I do not recommend to try to quit! “

They both knew no empty threat. The pickup was started and the machine gun was directed at them. Frank could not do anything else, he followed. They went at least an hour before they arrived at something. He opened the pickup door and two young men landed, the gunner jumped, calmly leaving the stuffed gun. All three went into the big house next to the small square. The door opened again, and a woman, enveloped in a blue burl, approached them straight:

“Please follow me! They don’t have to be afraid, they’re safe here. ” He said in flawless English and moved back to the house. They were surprised to have followed. Sarah then fainted in part due to the excitement she experienced, partly due to the heat and heavy breathing under the veil. The woman led them into a larger room and sat beside an older man. The three men from Toyota were already sitting there. The old man began to speak quietly to the burly woman, and he translated:

“My name is Omar Hussein. I am the leader of this small town. These are my bodymates and my wife. Sarah was with me, more precisely, with my wife talking about the meeting. I also sent my papers. The papers of my son and my daughter. They died recently. A suicidal merenist performed with them. I am sorry that they have received such a pledge, but the talibok is not our friends. We had to do as we expected from us. The soldiers are far away, the Taliban look close. Now you have to decide. Either they turn back or stay with us for at least a year. In the first case, we have to destroy their car, proving the Taliban that they have died. Meanwhile, my bodymates would make themselves small. In the second case, they will be hostages, at least the Taliban will say this. I wish you would stay. Frank himself is an engineer. We would need your knowledge. We should build our way and scour to drill. Sarah is herself a teacher. She could teach our daughters and talk to the women whenever she wants. That’s why she came! Or not? Within the city you can move freely, but don’t go! There we can not defend themselves. Always walk in Afghan outfit. Sarah, also in her burka. Olivia, my wife, and my interpreter. He was a Western woman until he joined us. They accompany themselves to the House of my son. There you can eat and relax. In the morning, make a decision with Olivi   . And to call their friends, don’t worry for themselves. “

With this, the four men stood up and walked out. The Buris woman also stood up and waved them to follow.

In the other house, Olivia lifted her face and waved Sarah so she could lift her up.

“My name is Olivia Hussein. For two years I have come to the city and a year I am Omar’s wife. I tried to teach the girls and the women, but I’m not a teacher. I am a doctor. I treat women in the city. I talked to my husband to find a teacher for girls and women. Place yourself in comfort! In the kitchen you will find food. Tomorrow morning we meet. Then decide which option to choose. And I ask themselves to stay! They need themselves! ” Said the fifty-year-old woman, and she went.

“What’s your opinion on Frank?” Sarah asked.

“My opinion does not matter. What do you want? Otherwise you are very pretty in the burka! “.

“And now?” The woman asked, and again in front of her face, the blue veil was pulled.

“You’re even prettier!” she laughed at the man.

The next morning, when they entered the dining room, an unknown middle-aged man was sitting there.

“My name is Abu Padan. Maybe you know who I am! ” He said with a definite voice.

Frank became nervous. The local Talib leader sat in front of them, who apparently was not afraid to enter the city alone. What can you want from us? He approached Sarah, who was sitting before them. Sarah quickly stumbled into the burqa.

The man smiled.

“Now it’s better! Sahar sit down at the back until I talk to your husband! I know everything about yourselves. We also have our two. Olivia soon comes to their response. Their answer will be to stay here! This is not a request! This is my command! Omar is the leader of this city, but only as long as I want it! I do not advise you to call for help! You don’t go anywhere. You revert to islam and are actually married! This village is ours and I want people to work for me! If you do not come here with soldiers, I will begin to see peace! There are rare metals in the mountains. I have already contracted with a Chinese company to harvest it. Faruk! You will be the leader. There should also be a way to build mines. The whole village will walk well. You will work, school, all! Or it can be a war with lots and lots of halotone, but nobody’s interest. Right? So there’s no choice! ” Said the man and before leaving

Olívia came into the door.

“This is what you were looking for here?” she asked nervously.

“He made an uncontrollable offer,” he said with a tart smile Frank.

“And now what?” Sarah asked the man about the blue net.

“What? We must stay! Marry me. You know you like me and I know you too like me. You teach the children and wear the bubble every time you leave the house! Or do you know what is expected? But the decision is in your hands! ” Frank said.

Sarah thought about the events. Escape? Even if you succeed, what will happen to the village? Call soldiers to help? But they are not able to stay here for up to a day or two. He felt the man was not joked. A lot of money can be involved and you will not lose.

He always wanted to teach! And Frank will take care of him. And he will become the mine leader’s wife. He will be an Afghan wife and bear the burka. And the feminist views can be thrown away in the trash.

Olivia! We decided to stay here. I think so will be the best. ” Said Sarah, and nodded to her with her head.

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