As for the Kindest 

As for the Kindest 


Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.


Gery Kohlmann was happy. His beautiful wife just came back from their honeymoon.

The woman, Léna, was very fond of him. Her long black hair, her sun-tanned skin, her big brown eyes and her impeccable shape are bestitute.

At first sight, he fell in love with the woman who enjoyed being courted by a handsome man. Léna worked diligently, but it provided her with a modest living. But Gery was very prosperous. His beautiful lakeside house, elegant car, glamorous smile, allowed him to fascinate women. The company he owned gave him enough income to do everything.

First, he tried to bring her to his house, but she said:

“I have nothing to do with men. The first and only man in my life will be my husband, who loves me and whom I will love. “

After two months of courtship, they married. The man was somewhat disturbed, that he knew nothing about his wife’s family. They did not appear at the wedding. But the love for his wife is depressed by everything. Léna Wedding Witness, Tom, jokingly commented:

“I hope she has a sister, because I too would be married and would take a nice girl like you!”

Honeymoon in the African Arabian Caliphate. This was the idea of Léna and proved to be a great choice. The hotel was very clean and comfortable.

He once saw his wife chatting with a local woman with a veil.

“I didn’t know that you knew Arabic!” He said to him when he came back to him.

“You don’t need it. “Very comfortable and comfortable.” she replied, bygoing the question.

The next day, Gery was surprised to see that Léna had don a complete black veil.

“I want to go out to tourists, and all the women should be wearing it, even for tourists.” explained Léna.

The next day after lunch, Léna picked up the black clothes, shoes, gloves Niqab and Khimar. She didn’t seem to have anything against it. She seemed to be a local woman.

“How do I like darling?” she asked about turning around.

“Very sexy!” Gery laughed

He kissed his wife through the veil.

“Let’s go to the coffee house! You’re going out of sight, and I’m like the local women, and then three of them are lagging behind I follow you. ” Said Léna.

Gery liked the idea. When they got there, Gery sat down at an empty table, but to his surprise, she went to another table where two black veiled local women were sitted.

The waitress came to him and picked up the order. He also ordered something for his wife.

Gery saw that Léna was chatting with two veils. They were all alike.

Then one of the women stood up and came to him.

“Can we go darling?” Léna’s voice came from behind the black veil.

When he returned to the hotel, Léna took off of Khimart and lifted niqab from her face. Gery couldn’t resist. He walked in and kissed his wife. He felt that her glove hands were squeezed. The sex was even better than before.

They did so in the remainder of the honeymoon. Léna picked up the veil and went to the coffee house. Léna sat down to another table, accompanied by two veils. He talked with them, went home, and walked into bed.

Sometimes, with Gery’s request, Léna is not hiding from a veil.

When they came home, Léna also wrapped the veil.

“It’s a very useful” Said smiling.

Gery laughed. He also believed. 

It lasted two weeks of happiness. Then Gery got an anonymous letter:

“Your wife is a Muslim Arab woman! She did not introduce you to her family, lest be it revealed. That’s why you had a civil wedding! Did you realize that she took you to the caliphate because she originated from there? With whom he spoke, the veils of figures, her mother and her sister! Your marriage is not valid! You cannot marry a Muslim woman if you’re not a Muslim! She doesn’t like you! You just went to you because you are rich! Zavard back! “

The man felt crashing in the world.

When Léna arrived home, he gave him the letter without a word.

“Tomorrow morning, if I get up, I don’t want to be here! Everything here is mine, but since I have loved you, you can remember to take something. That which makes you the kindest. “

“But I love you, and I cannot live without you!” She was crying.

The next day, Gery woke up with headaches. It was very warm and the room was also completely unknown.

It’s not even his room! How did you put it here? Where is he at all? He got up stunned and pushed a chair. A black veil was hurried to the noise.

“Honey Are you good? Lie back! You’ll be better. ” The voice of Léna came from behind the veil.

“Where am I? How did I get here? ” Stuttering the man.

“It’s me my sweet husband! For me you are the kindest! I have made sleeping pills in your dinner and get you here. This is where I was born, and I lived and where we will live, if you want to! I promise you! ” Said the veil woman and began to cry..

“Good! Do not cry please! It will be the way you want! ” “said Gery, who still loved her and was ashamed of her, which she said yesterday.

The man dragged his wife to her, who was tightly touched and bent her veil head on her husband’s shoulders. Like a kitten, my black kitty. He thought the man and he was happy.

“Someone wants to talk to you!” Said the woman and accompanied him to the other room.

Two veiled figures were sitting next to a low table. They waved them to sit down.

“My name is Amira. I am Léna’s, or should I say Lia, mother. Sitting next to us is Tia, Léna’s sister. ” She began.

“It all started there, 22 years ago, when I became acquainted with the English igorral of Russian origin who worked here. It was a great love. Igor became a Muslim for my liking, picked up citizenship and married. Fortunately, my parents didn’t oppose it. A year later, Lia was born, and her father always called her. Another year later his sister Tia, Tamara. Five years ago, Igor took her to Europe with him. He wanted to teach. Then one year unexpectedly Igor died. Heart attack. Lia was left to herself. She stopped school and took a stand to get home. Then, by the time the money gathered, you came, my son. If you allow me to call you my son, for I have not wanted this marriage. I thought only I could be in love. I was wrong! I suggested to Lia to come here for a honeymoon. I wanted to take it to abandon you and stay with us. That’s why I asked her to come in veil and meet us every day. Yet she went home with you. And I wrote that letter. Forgive me for it! “

“What was a lie all along.” Said Gery, squeezed wife’s glove hand.

Not! It is partly true. Lia is half Arab, since I am her mother. And your marriage is not valid here, because the civil wedding is not recognised here. and thy son is not either Muslim nor citizen. “

“Do you go?” They jumped up at once, as if wasp stung them.

“But there is a man out there with some paper to be signed. Two of you son! With one you become a Muslim, the other citizen. and the marriage document. You only have to sign. Don’t ask my son how much they have been. I think the dowry of the poor Tia was well shortened! ” Said Amira, and Tia sadly bent his head.

Mama! Why do we frighten us when you’ve done everything! “

He laughed in relief for Gery to his mother-in-her.

“You are your Tia, don’t be afraid of anything! I think I have a friend who is happy to know you! ” Said Gery, and the veil girl began to nest in joy.

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