Liza (English version)



Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
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A 14-year-old, Liza Holm lived with her father, the 35 year old Teddel, since her mother left them and moved to her new lover. Perhaps she did not liked the continual move, a result of her father’s diplomatic work.

Liza adided that he had known new worlds.

“My next trip leads us to the Arab Caliphate of Africa. Are you coming or moving to you grand parents? ” her father asked her.

Liza did not love to go to the grandmothers. Her grandparents were not loved. They believed, and they were right, that her mother had been prepared to become pregnant, to dismiss himself as Teddel. But Liza could not do that.

She decided that she would go with her father.

“Aak is a strict Muslim country, where every woman wears a veil, but you, as a diplomat’s daughter, do not have to. Completely safe country. There is no embassy, but we will dwell in a simple house. I will have a lot of work. Not much time can be filled together, and no other diplomat will be nearby. Make friends with the locals! Almost everybody knows English. ” Ted said.

After a few days they arrived. A man waited for them at the airport, with three wholly obscured black veiled women. The man introduced himself as Ahmed Golan and presented the women with flawless English:

“Dima is my wife, Juba and Fessa, my daughters. They came out because my daughters are very curious about Liza. “

“Hi Liza! You will dwell beside us. We hope to be good girlfriends! We’ve never had a European girlfriend. ” said the girls presenting gloved hands.

Dima is welcomed. They all spoke well in English.

After a short car they arrived at their new house.

The girls helped Liza to be loaded in the closet. Liza was amazed to see that the veil was not taken off among themselves.

“So wont!” They said they laughed, and then they went over to themselves.

Liza looked around in the girls room. Nice large room, two beds, two lockers, two armchairs and a table for the equipment. Liza asked to take down the veil and show their faces to her. The girls closed the door and lifted the veil from their faces. They started chatting. Juba and Fessa were respectively four and two years older them Lizat. Both have a neat, regular face, dark brown eyes, long black hair.

Knock. The girls quickly got back behind their veils and opened the door. It was Dima. Put on a bowl of cake for the three girls. Liza was surprised to see the two girls eat with their veil, lifting the bottom slightly.

“Better so. We used to do this and feel uncomfortable without the veil. ” Said Fessa.

“Dress her up too!” Said Juba.

Correct! Excellent idea! ” she faved his sister.

“Do you go?”

“Don’t say you didn’t think about how it feels to be vewed to wear! How old are you? Are you fourteen? ” Juba asked.

“Na You see! If you live here, you have been wearing the veil for 23 hours a day for two years. It would be uncomfortable for you to show your face to others. ” Fessa said.

Liza tried to resist, but the two veiled girls did not hear her. They quickly, with gentle violence, stripped naked and then began to dress up. Pants with ankle length, knee-length outerwear, stockings, abaja, hijab. Then shoes, niqab and gloves. They are all black. Finally, a black noun that squeezed niqab to his face. Outside value for mirror. Liza only saw three equally black veiled girls. A new girlfriends were killed individually.

“Beautiful!” Said Juba.

“Like a real Arab girl! Make your name Laia! It’s much more arabiest. ” Fessa said.

Thank you! You are really messy, but I have to take my own clothes back and go home. ” Lisa said.

“Do not hurry so much LAIA! Let’s sit down to talk a little more, and the cake is also there. “

Lisa sat down and the three veiled girls talked further. She ate the cake like the girls did. Two hours have passed. Liza didn’t notice how fast time was. She didn’t seem to have a veil. The girls were taught in Arabic, and they laughed together if something was wrong.

They knock again.

Wow! I didn’t know I had three daughters! ” Laughed Dima.

Yes! Laia is our new sister! “


“We can’t call Liza an Arab girl!” Said Juba.

Everyone laughed. Dima said to Liza that her father asked her to go home.

“Go home this way as you are! We will accompany you! ” the girls told.

She was caught in two sides and started. Dima gathered Liza’s clothes down, put it in a bag and followed them. Too bad you’re not my daughter! Juba is soon to marry.

The three girls, in their wake with Dima, arrived at the new house of Liza and they knocked.

Ted opened the door. He saw four veiled women. With one veil from behind, Liza spoke:

“Hi Dad! The girls dressed me in their veil. Do you admit? “

Ted took the clothes from dim to Liza.

“And how do you feel in the veil of my daughter?”

“Quite well. Of course it’s hard to see in it, warm too, but accusable. I wear at least two hours and hardly bother me. I befriended the girls who treated me as if they were the flesh. They also named Laia. ” Liza said.

“So, Laia is a lot of my hungry! And don’t forget, Arab girls are eating after men! ” He laughed at the girl.

After Ted ate, Liza sat down and began eating. Ted watched how her daughter eats.

Daddy! You can’t watch how you eat a veiled girl! “

“Well, I’m going! It’s a place to go and sleep, it’s late. You can even sleep in the veil, and the women here sleep. ” Said his father and went out.

After Liza finished everything, she went to her room. He looked at his veiled mirror image. She bent and said to his mirror image:

“Good night Laia! Sleep well in the veil of you Arab girl! ” And she laughed at herself.

The next day she had breakfast with her father. Without a veil, because it washed with the clothes. She told him how well she slept in the veil. Ted told her all day will work, only for dinner he comes home.

“I meet with business people. You can also dine with them. Do some program for yourself! “

Liza cleansed and lunch cooked and lunched. He wondered what to do in the evening. She thought she would pass to her new girlfriends. Picking up the meanwhile dried black clothes and veils. She knocked. Dima opened the door.

“Laia you are? Girls don’t get home from school yet, but if you’re there, you can accompany shopping. “

“I have to buy something.” Nodded Liza.

The two veiled women went to the bazaar. Along the way, they saw a western woman who had been arguing with two police officers:

Not! I am not a local woman! I’m a tourist! Why should I wear a veil? “

“You are in the wrong place! This is not a designated area for tourists! The veil is a compulsory sign. Not seen? Here herself is a local woman and she must bear a veil! ” Said strictly one of the policeman.

“Can I help Mr Policeman?” Liza asked. He handed over the diplomatic paper he received from his father.

“Thank you!” The policeman was leaning towards Liza and handed back the paper.

“Please understand with the woman that this is an offense and is punishable by prison.” Said the other policeman.

“But if the lady would be willing to wear a veil, would he refrain from punishment?” Liza asked.

The policemen nodded.

« Of course! If the lady wears a veil, no offense, no punishment. “

“Do you have enough money for you to buy yourself a veil?” Dima asked the woman.

The woman nodded. Liza came to her gloved hand and started after Dima, who introduced them into a veil shop. They explained to the owner what it was about, and he was unconscious of a cheap abuser, niqab and hijab.

“They are not of some high quality, even ugly. If you have to wear a veil, it should be the best quality! ” Said the woman, who was called “EDA”.

The shopkeeper smiled. Pleased to have taken the best and most expensive clothes. After a short but almost compulsory bargaining, the money was satisfied.

After a few minutes, Eva stood in full local robes and dressed in a veil. They went out to the streets and showed the police to the redressed Eva.

They nodded with satisfaction.

“Ladies, in this veil you can go anywhere and you are very well.” They told him. “Very nice and clean.” They turned the policemen towards Liza and they said goodbye.

“I also thank you for your help. For you and your mother too! I didn’t know about this rule, nor did I see the board, but if I had seen it, I didn’t understand what it meant. But now I can really go anywhere. This veil is so not bad. I wonder what my husband will tell me when he sees him! ” She laughed and gave a business card to Liza.

“She thought you were my mother!” Laughing at Liza, after the woman went.

“Then come to my daughter, because we have not bought anything!” Provided gloves with hands Dima.

“I thought you were mother and daughter.” They heard a shopkeeper’s voice from behind them.

“It was only strange that I spoke English. I thought it was just the tourist woman. “

She told him everything. The shopkeeper was surprised that there was only one day of knowing each other. She asked Lizat she could captivate him.

“My sisters, sorry, my girlfriends taught me yesterday, but I’m just a few words.”

Here! Gift! A tourist has forgotten me a year ago. ” Said the shopkeeper and handed two books to Liza. A dictionary and a language book.

By the time they returned, the two girls were already at home.

“Hi Laia! Hi my sister! ” They said almost simultaneously.

She was huged and invited into their room.

“What are you doing tomorrow Laia? Juba asked.

“Come with us tomorrow to school my sister!” she  asked Fessa, Liza’s gloves to squeeze her hands.

“But I don’t know Arabic! And also I am not a local resident. “

“But you look the same as we do! I mean, you’re wearing a veil. You will learn in Arabic. You already know a few sentences, the rest comes quickly. “

They were together all night. They laughed, read the language book and the dictionary. Liza quickly learned. Dima came to them.

Laia! Your father phoned. Only tomorrow night comes home. He says, stay with us. “

“It’s great for my sister! We are here to sleep with us! ” Said Juba and embraced Lizate.

After Ahmed finished his dinner, he went out of the dining room and entered a third bed for the girls.

The four veiled women ate together. Dima was pleased to have watched her daughters. All three, because Liza was also regarded by her. The girls were absolutely identical in their black veil. They talked in Arabic, just Liza asked me back in English if she didn’t understand something.

The next day the three girls went to school. Juba introduced Liza to the teacher and the other girls. Liza’s surprise at school was to prepare girls for marriage only. The lunch was also cooked. This was part of learning. And everything was said in Arabic. Except for the English class. Liza was treated as though one of the Arab students did not understand everything. After school, they went to Juba. It was the first day that Liza was wearing a veil from morning to night. When her new girlfriends and father opened the door to him, he welcomed her in Arabic:

“Good evening with Mr. Holm! Can I come in? “

Ted in question, he looked at the Crom for the same veiled girl.

“Laia my sister in Arabic greet and asked him to release Mr. Holm.” Laughing at Fessa.

“Come on Laia! and make dinner for me! ” Laughed Ted.

“Yes, Mr. Holm, I’ve been showdown.” Said Liza from behind her veil.

“Holm, Mr. As they talked to each other, I remembered something. What would you say about a game? ” Juba asked

“What do you think?” He asked the man.

“Laia would be your Arab crawler.”

“I run the household, I wash, cook, I’ll save.” He drew the shoulders of Liza.

Superb! And wear the veil Laia 23 hours a day, speak Arabic only, walk to the Koran school, pray five times a day and dwell with us as our sister! ” Fessa said.

“This is an exaggeration!” Liza shook her veiled head.

“Why would it be? In fact, today’s Day has passed! ” Said Juba.

“Think about it! This is a very good idea for Jub’s. We’ll help you in what you need! ” Fessa said.

“And what do you say to this daughter?” Asked Ted.

“How would you say? Of course you agree, do you Laia? and speak to Laia, Mr Holm! Laia, you call your father, Mr Holm! It will be a good game! ” Said Juba.

“Yes, Mr. Holm! I agree! ” Said Liza, pitted with his veiled head

The three veiled girls were laid, then after dinner they were put in order, cleaned and returned to Jubáek. Juba told me what they agreed.

“You can now be my daughter or Laia!” she laughed at Dima.

“My daughter, call me, eat and go to bed. The best! “

“Very well mother!” Nodded Liza.

The next morning Liza’s breakfast in the veil was made for Tednek.

“Thank you Laia!” He laughed at Ted’s black veiled daughter.

“Cheers Holm Mr.” Liza bent.

She laid the order and went to school with her sisters.

She liked the game that Juba invented. She is Laia, a Muslim Arab girl who is constantly wearing a veil. She lived together with the two girls, with whom they thought of each other as sisters. Both Ahmed and Dima treated her as daughters, and she thought of them as father and mother. He only mentioned his father as Mr Holm. She wasn’t fond of the dawn prayers. She would have slept rather, but after being accusated to go to bed early, she would have adapted to do so.

One day, Juba said to Liza:

Laia! I see too much for you this way. You have been in the home for six months and meet the requirements of Holm. So I thought I would take a time away from you to clean up Mr Holm’s apartment and prepare the breakfast and dinner. How about my sister? “

“Is it really half a year passed? I have not noticed! Maybe it would be time to stop this game! ” Liza said, and with her hand, she stretched to her veil to make her face free.

Fessa took Lisa’s hands.

“Leave my sister alone! Do not you like maybe? So far, there was no problem with it! “

“This is not the case! I wear it too long. I’m so used to wanting to take it off, and I can’t wait to take it again. And I always speak Arabic, I feel absolutely arab girl! ” Said Liza from behind the veil.

“Well, that’s great! Why should I change this? And now I go to Mr Holm to prepare dinner, but I do not tell him that you are not behind the veil. ” Laughing at Juba.

The next half-year had passed similarly. Liza wore the veil, walked to school, prayed. Fully integrated into the family.

He was a man who was more and more pleased with him. When he first met him, he played with the idea of marrying him, but now he wanted to marry him seriously!

He walked to the man:

“Holm, I’d like to show you something for you!”

“You’re not even LAIA!” Ted shocked me.

Really. I am Juba, sister of Laia. I’m coming to you for half a year. “

“I didn’t know! What about Laia? And what do you want to show me? “

“My sister is fine. And that’s what I want to show you! ” Said Juba, and lifted the veil from his face.

Ted was a stare. Juba was a very nice girl.

Juba! What are you doing? This is not free! ” protested by the man.

“It’s not free, but I want to be your wife!”

“Too Young for me!”

“It’s not true! I’m already 19 years old! I’ll be a good wife, you won’t be disappointed! ” Said the girl and she was odasimult to the man.

Ted was stunned. Juba pulled his veil again in front of his face. Gloves with his hands grabbed the man’s hand and pulled himself after his head home.

Daddy! Mother! Ted wants to say something to you! ” Said Juba, still the man’s hand detained.

Ahmed! Dima! I would marry her daughter. “

“I don’t know what to say about Ted?” Said Ahmed.

“Say Yes Daddy!” Juba asked.

“Yes Daddy! Tell me yes. ” Fessa said.

“Holm, Mr. Sorry! Father! You can’t buy jubate! Should I call him a father now? ” Protested Liza.

“For me you are always my sister you stay LAIA!” Said Juba.

“Are you losing my daughter? Okay, but add yours here! ” Said Ahmed.

“Do you go?” She asked Liza to be astonishing.

“What’s wrong with my daughter? So far, we have been our daughter! You’re wearing the veil for a year, going to school, praying, and living with us. Do not say that you do not want to be our daughter Laia! ” He hugged himself with Dima on the veiled Girl.

Liza realized her mother was right. He has been living as the daughter of the Muslim family for a year. Dima treated him like his own daughters. Ahmed also behaved as his father. And Fessa and Juba were really like her sisters. And they love it.

“Now that Juba is getting married, we better fit my sister in our room. Then I’ll follow! I hope I’m not getting worse husbands than Juba! And do not worry Laia! Mom finds you too.

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