Natalie Portman’s Israel days

Disclaimer : This story takes place in an alternative timeline in which the Maratha Empire continued to survive and modernize, creating a series of divergences. The Kingdom of Israel in this timeline, was created in 1510 after the pope helped armed sephardic jewish refugees retake the holy land from the Mamlukes. Israel in this timeline is a more patriarchal society which incorporates veiling and bondage as means of enforcing modesty.
Natalie Portman hijab
Natalie Portman is generally elusive about her time spent in Israel, the indian-Israeli actress has been aloof from the big screen of late, and has been spending more time in her hometown in Jaffa, Israel. We managed to catch up with the actress who offered us a rare insight into her lifestyle in Israel.
While in Jaffa she lives with her siblings and their extended family in a large house, she like many others in Israel were involved in the trans-Mesopotamian trade with India during the 19th century, and like most Israelis, the women lead a mostly secluded lifestyle being veiled for most times. However, Natalie’s own family was more liberal than most, and did not strictly enforce the gag rule, at least within the house.
Natalie told us about how it was growing up in this setting, she spoke while fully veiled with a two layer niqab and hijab and wearing the traditional outfit of ‘tznuit’, “I was born in Bombay but spent ten years of my life in Jaffa, It was quite a shift from wearing a salwar or sari and a light dupatta for a veil, I had never been gagged before.. well once out of curiosity, but never for any religious observation of any kind. Coming to Israel was a bit of a culture shock at first, but I got used to it quickly. Now being veiled like this nearly all the time and almost second nature for me, I don’t even mind the gags anymore” she then showed us the ballgag she wore when outside, and buckled it on as she and her sister walked out of the house.
She later explained that she is working on developing the Indo-Israeli friendship forum and create an organization for Indian jews in Israel. It is her dream to see an israeli movie industry develop further and promote Israel as a filming location for Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Of her new movie projects she had this to say, “I am currently working with a bengali production house for a thriller set in Darjeeling, filming will begin during the summer this year, and I have been working with some writers here in Israel for a mini series that I am really looking forward to act and produce”.

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