Tascha (English version)



Version for “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format without author’s permission.

Part 1

At last, after work! Well, it’s more like celebration morning if you’re on night shift.

A quick look into the mailbox.

Mhm, a letter from the house management. Oh! No! He had forgotten to pay the rent. Damn it!

 My name is Natascha Dombrotski, short Tascha and I recently started living together with my friend Florian Fieberreisen. I had always lived with my parents before that. I have to say, only now I became aware of how little I had to care for. But for everybody there comes a day when the sun doesn’t always shine on his ass. You grow up and on the way there, you sometimes forgets things. Like for example paying the rent. But I had celebration morning and still geiler since a long time again a free and long weekend.

I bought fresh Brödchen on the way home, I wanted to breakfast with Florian, before he drove to work.

I entered the kitchen, turned on the coffee machine and set the table. I was tired to death because I had been working night shifts for two weeks and additionally working overtime. I’m a nurse; a career you had to love or not.

I have always been a very predictable victim. I loved caring for the ill and caring for them.

However, my Florian was most important for me. However tired I was, it was most important to me that he got a good breakfast and a long, loving farewell kiss from me. Then I wanted to sleep for a few hours and then clean the apartment and prepare a good meal for dinner.

The housework was my business alone, that’ s how I wanted it.

To pay the rent punctually and other ‘paperwork’ were only his business. But there was time until tonight, as he was supposed to start his day unencumbered.

My friend Elle called me the born Sub, and I thought that was an exaggeration. He did everything for me and so I pampered him to keep it that way.

Elle had constantly changing partners and howled at me when it was over. All men were pigs to her, until she fell in love unhappily again.

Ah, my Adonis had awoken and went straight into the bathroom. Talking to him in the morning would be fatal. He was the incarnation of a morning grouch. However, I wanted to steal a little from him. While he was brushing his teeth, I was looking over his muscular back.

“Good morning! I hope Beau slept well!”

He grumbled something into his beard. I petted his Cross and breathed a fleeting kiss on it. More could not be done for him in the morning.

As usual, we had breakfast in silence. When he was done, I accompanied him to the wardrobe and helped him with his mantle. So I got a kiss from my morning grouch and he said:

“I left something for you on the writing table. Read it, we’ll talk tonight.”

That was true, he was really very dominant. Remember our first date.

We were at the cinema and then in the Altstadt. The Apple. Not my favourite gastronomy, actually, but it was his territory, there you could assume he knew everybody. All the time we were disturbed by some Heini or Heinette. So much he apparently enjoyed it, so more I was pissed off. Then he simply left me alone with the hint that he was going to make an important deal.

I was really pissed at him and flirted with the next best guy. When he came back and saw what I was doing, his buddy packed up the guy and threw him out.

“Hey! Is your buddy crazy? What’s the idea of taking the guy away from me” I yelled indignantly and I already got my very first clap by him. I never had been beaten before in my life, I was perplexed, I didn’t know how to react.

” You are here and with me, Tascha! Don’t you ever dare to make out with a strange guy again.” He said and looked me sternly in the eyes and a strange, completely unknown feeling ran through me: it was anger, yes, but also pride that I was so important to him. And words came loose from my lips that I would never have wanted to say:

” Forgive me, please! I will never do that again!

“I also want you to be advised on that!” he said seriously. Then he gently took me in his arms and I melted away. Never again did he take me to the Altstadt, which I found quite okay. As I said, I didn’t like it. And I never wanted to give him a reason for violence again.

Part 2 Travelling plans

He was gone, and I “hit the sack” first. In the early afternoon I got up, cleaned up the apartment and prepared the food. I took a shower, I made myself attractive to him, made coffee and went to his writing desk. There were some colorful brochures and a letter. Both the letter and the brochures were in English. Awesome! I was a nurse and not an interpreter.

I grabbed the stuff and sat down with my coffee in my favorite corner. So first the brochures, the pictures often say more than a thousand words. At the top pranked in golden letters:


Interesting, but what should I do there? Perhaps take a holiday? Well, the landscapes were really beautiful. However the capital was Baku and was situated at the Caspian Sea. Now geography was not my strength. I tried to use my iPad.

Just what I thought: in the ass of the world. I finished my coffee.

 I then tried to decipher the letter using the Internet. They were pleased about the interest of Mr. Florian Fieberreisen in their beautiful country and would like to employ him.

I did not make it any further as I heard the door lock. I jumped up quickly to welcome Florian. I dropped around his neck and he lifted me up to disappear with me into the bedroom.

Thinking the duvets had to be shaken up urgently. I thought so too.

Four hours later:

And the sun had sunk and the moon was shining on a pleasantly smacking Tascha and a deep, relaxed Florian.

“Come on, Tascha! Your stallion needs food,” he whispered into my ear.

I crawled out of bed in a theatrical sigh and headed to the bathroom and then to the kitchen.

After the dinner we made ourselves comfortable on the sofa while listening to soft music.

“And did you have a look at these things?” he asked me.

“Azerbaijan, Baku, Caspian Sea and when I tried to decipher the letter, you came through the door.”

He laughed: “Our nurse and languages. But maybe that will settle itself. In short, they are offering me a leading position. They will pay me four times more than here. And we are living free of charge in a large villa. All tax-free. In no more than five years, we came up clean and healthy.”

” You think that you want to live with me there?” I asked slightly dismayed.

” Are you serious? That is at the ass of the world!

“Well, but a very profitable ass. Tascha only five years. I cannot allow myself to miss that. Will you come with me?

It sounded ultimate. Champagne or Selters? If I come with him or not. He will leave.

” Do I have time to consider that? “



“In about six weeks. I’ve already quit the apartment. Quit your job! As soon as possible.”

Would it not be reasonable to take time to think about it now, and weren’t there a thousand disagreements with the plans? I don’t think I ever had a chance! I could only live or die with him. Again I had this strange feeling. It smothered any resistance in me. He made me happy to follow him. And he gave me the strength to survive anything, even a life on the ass of the world, if I could only stay with him.

Part 3

6 weeks later

We were sitting in the plane to Azerbaijan and there was a time behind us, which went by as if in a dream due to the travel preparations. Besides all the stress: breaking up the household, terminating contracts, giving up work, bureaucracy, marriage – we were pushed by his new company as it was unusual in Azerbaijan to live unmarried as a couple – and three weeks of Humble-Serenity crash course.

Now my name is Natascha Fieberreisen and to me it is a small compensation for all the stress. But the plane hadn’t taken off yet and I felt homesick. Florian noticed my restlessness and put an arm wrapped around me. I gratefully leaned my veiled head against his shoulder.

Yes, now my head was in a hood and my whole body hidden in mountains of fabric. Humble-Serenity said it served the integration of his staff in Azerbaijan that women were covering each other and did not contradict the interest of the community.

We were invited three weeks ago by Humble-Serenity to their training centre in the Swiss Alps. It was really an impressive facility, idyllically situated in a valley and of incredible proportions. It was now obvious for us how powerful Humble Serenity was.

The car drove through a driveway and stopped at a glass portal. We were greeted by an exotically dressed man. He was clearly a Western European, but his clothes were colourful and resembled the cut of Indian men’s clothes as I knew them from Bollywood movies. A woman stood behind him, or better said a cone with a smaller cone on top. It was just as colourful. What could I have imagined that this fate would soon happen to me, too?

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Fieberreisen! My name is Martin Sauer and this is my dear wife Veronika. It is our task to receive you and to introduce you to our community. Your luggage will be taken care of. You, Natasha, please walk with my wife, she will show you all and I will take care of you, dear Florian”.

Then the cone approached me and I looked into a smile on her face. I saw only eyes, nose and mouth. Then a gloved hand came out of the cone and grabbed my hand and took me with it before I could even react. Inside the building, everybody I met was wearing the very same clothes.

It was obvious when you came from the outside that the atmosphere here was calm and serene. Absolutely no rush. I was fascinated by the women in their strange clothes. Cones in the most colorful color combinations and the way they moved had something majestic, it looked like they were floating. Veronika pulled me on vigorously until we stood in front of a high door. Instead of a door handle, a tube-like structure was attached at eye level. Veronika pushed her upper cone, so for fairness’s sake I better call it a hood, over the pipe. You could hear the bolts sliding to the side and then the door opened to stand in front of another door as we entered. She repeated the ritual and it opened, while the first one was locked again. It dawned on me: it was clearly a passage. We were standing in a kind of antechamber in which there seemed to be only cones.

Veronica spoke to me for the first time: “Here we are in the women’s wing. Men have no access here. I’ll accompany you through all the recording stations, Natascha.”

“Thank you, Veronica. Which recording stations do you mean?” I asked her, slightly disturbed.

“Well, first you need unhindered access to the women’s zones. You have to register at the ESU, the ‘electronic service unit’.”

We entered a simple room. I had to sit down. Then an iris scan was done and a blood sample was taken. I had to go to the latrine for a urine sample. After registration we went to the next room. Here I had to undress completely. As I hesitated, Veronika said:

“We are in the women’s wing and no man but your own will see you naked as long as you’re with Humble Serenity.”

After I had undressed, soft cuffs were put around my ankles and wrists and I hung in the air with outstretched arms and legs before I could have known.

 “Hey, are you crazy? Put me down right now!” I screamed. A mask then laid down on my face and I was gone.

Part 4

I don’t know how long I was hanging there. As I woke up, I lay on a mat covered with a soft blanket. I slowly regained consciousness. I sat up and tried to brush my hair out of my face like a reflex. Hair? Shit! Where are my Hair? It ran ice cold down my back. I had a bald head, like a bowling ball. Not even the eyebrows they had let me. A grip into my privacy confirmed my fears. I was hairless all over my body.

Then the next shock came: My feet were gone. I only had heels. I tried to scream with horror, but no beep ever slipped over my lips. That was then nevertheless too much for me and I fell into a gracious fainting.

“Wake up, little sleepyhead! It’s about time!”

I opened my eyes and saw Veronica’s face framed by her bonnet. She smiled at me and said: “We have to get ready now, then our supervisor will explain everything to you”.

Dazed and in shock I tried to get up. In vain, I dropped right in front of her feet (feet?).

“You must learn to walk on your remaining heels! Try again!” She held both hands out to me. I grabbed them and held myself upright, albeit unstable.

As I saw her the first time, she was clearly smaller than me, now I could look her directly in the eyes. They shrank me by at least ten centimeters. I wanted to ask her what had happened to me, but I was still as mute as a fish.

“Be patient! Everything will be explained to you. she said. She handed me underwear and I clung to her to get dressed. A long, wide shirt with long arms followed. Reaching down to the floor. Next she pulled a big heavy piece of cloth over my head. A small hole in the middle left only my eyes, nose and mouth free. I climbed with my remaining feet into a strange looking pair of boots. The lower part seemed to be made of rubber and reminded something of hooves. Then she pulled a pair of gloves with long cuffs over me. I had to fist my hands to get them over my hands. Lethargically I looked at my hands, they were now completely useless. At last the obligatory cones followed. I climbed into a thick, stiff, cone-shaped coat reaching to the ground. But the hood was a masterpiece of humiliation: You had to put your head into the cone from behind, then the hood was closed with a flap at the back. My head was thereby forced to a slightly lowered posture. Also by the length and thereby that it lay closely at the sides on, my visual field reduced itself on perhaps still three meters. It was as if I was looking through a pipe.

The new clothes I was wearing were of high quality and very noble in an English green with red and golden borders. I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had something strange and impressive on me now, and nevertheless one easily ignored the fact that I was crippled and mute in there. I was probably in a beautiful hell.

Veronika let me run back and forth on my stumps until I was pretty sure.

Now the women’s floating walk explained itself to me, because even I could only move forward like this. Then came the heaviest part. I had to kneel down and get up again. Without feet this required all my strength and I sweated under my thick layers of fabric.

” I now bring you to the supervisor. ” It resounded with her something like fear or reverence through.

Part 5

So I floated through the corridors for the first time as a cone in harmony with Veronika, reaching a door decorated with ornaments. Veronika asked me to hold my eyes in front of the pipe till I saw a green light. She then ordered me to kneel down and wait. She then left me. So I became acquainted with the first virtue of a Serenity woman – infinite patience.

After an eternity I felt the door opened and I rose with all my might and entered.

It was an empty room. A green light shone at the end and a commanding voice resounded in my head:

” Step forward to woman and show your supervisor the respect he deserves!” I didn’t hear him with my ears, no, God, it was as if he was inside me and my body was vibrating through his voice. It was an incredible awe-inspiring experience and I sank to my knees with my head bowed.

“Open up your mind, now!” the voice commanded and I let go of all resistance. Like a wave the ‘Humble Peace and Serenity’ passed through me, in a matter of seconds I received all the knowledge I needed to be a dedicated servant of Humble Serenity. I would never doubt again. I found my place and purpose in life. Submission and devotion to ‘Humble Peace and Serenity’.

My next place was the depot. I knew how to get there and why I had to get there. The knowledge was apparently in my head. So I was gliding towards my new goal. At the depot, I placed my hood over the registration tube, walked to the feeding tube to eat and drink, then kneeled down and waited.

It made no difference how long I was waiting. I was waiting, basta.


Martin Sauer guided me into the reception hall. After I had made an iris scan, had given blood and urine sample Martin showed me the gigantic plant and finally my apartment. After a few hours we were hungry and thirsty and headed for the nearest restaurant.

After we eaten and quenched our thirst, we got a hash shisha. Martin asked me: ” Are you interested how is your wife doing?

” Yes, but at the moment I’m here and I think I’ve had enough of walking.” He laughed and spoke into his smartphone: “Natascha Fieberreisen!” and handed it to me. The display showed a kneeling cone and said: “Natascha, integrated into and registered by Florian Fieberreisen as the owner, waits for pick-up at the depot.”

“It’s your smartphone.” said Martin when I tried to return it to him.

“Thank you! It was a long day. I think I’ll collect my wife and retire to my apartment now.”

I let the smartphone guide me to the depot and picked Natascha up. A cone shrunken by ten centimetres stood in my front.

” Tascha is it you?” I asked it.

“Yes, it is your obedient wife Natasha. It thanks its owner for picking it up.” Interesting it spoke of itself in the third person, mainly.

” Then come on, let’s go!”

Eventually we reached our apartment. As I entered, I sensed the effort of an exciting day.

” May your wife dress to serve its master?” it asked me.

“Of course, dear, go ahead. Please bring me a coffee when you are ready.

She came to me with a coffee ten minutes later, fully changed.

“Please place yourself in Front of me. I would like to have a look at you. It was a cone, it would have been any woman. The way she stood in front of me, a colorful geometric shape, I got a bit sore. If she had known about what happened to her she would never come with me.

” How do you feel? You like it here? I asked her.

” It has its place at your side and where you are, it is happy, Lord,” she said.

” You were a nurse and you worked in the hospital. Don’t you missing all that?

” It has found its right place and purpose in life. It is submission and devotion to ‘humble serenity’. It shouldn’t miss the work in the hospital. It desires only to serve its Lord,” it said.

“I’m tired and I’m going to sleep.” I got up and went to the bathroom. It already had let water into the tub and undressed me now. I climbed into the tub and it immediately began to soap me. I might get used to it, it it was delicious, completely relaxing. I nearly fell asleep in the tub. So I quit pretty soon. She washed me off and wrapped me in a fresh towel. As I entered the bedroom a fresh pair of pyjamas lay on the bed. I quickly put it on, laid down in bed and immediately slept.

Part 6


“Good morning, brother Florian,” greeted me on the com by Martin Sauer, “I really hope you slept well? I’ll come to you in about half an hour. So long.”
I was sitting at the breakfast table and was looking on my cone, which was once Tascha.
I was not so sure anymore if this was such a good idea to join the ‘Humble Serenity’. I was already missing the targeted little attentions the little one tried to get a loving caress out of me. Well, she spoiled me as always, but now it was completely selfless. Boring?! She would have pushed me to go to work long ago.
I drove to work for three months now, despite the fact that I didn’t have any more and won’t be able to find any so quickly. You can pave the streets with business economists! To make myself dependent on her was out of the question for me. Men who let themselves be endured by women are pathetic losers!
After weeks of searching I came across ‘Humble Serenity’ a religious association from the USA. I thought:
” How far down do I have to go to join this bigoted bible talker?” Exactly two weeks, I was financially screwed.
I signed up, posted my profile on their website and was waiting.
Only three weeks later I was sitting with a cone in a Humble Serenity apartment.
It knocked at the door and I let Martin in.
“Everything okay? How do you like your new wife,” he asked.
“It works perfectly,” I said with a slightly sarcastic undertone that Martin hadn’t missed.
“We are concerned about a new world order, we all have to make sacrifices. But you can arrange things according to your taste, if it doesn’t violate the directive.”
“I’m disturbed by slavish behavior and she should talk to me normally, not in the third person.”
“No problem,” he said. “Just give her the order.”
“Tascha, I want you to behave normally as before, to speak of yourself in the first person, female, and call me by my name,” I said. “So, who are you and what do you do?
“I am Natasha, called Tasha, and serve you, Florian,” she replied.
“Then join us and eat breakfast together.”
“It violates the directive to sit me down. We women may only kneel or stand in the service and we shall lie in the service of love.”
So she stayed next to me to serve me with devotion.
“You see, she already tells you what is still possible and what is not,” Martin said. ” Everything a question of habits”.
It’s time for her conditioning and today you also have several appointments, okay?

Part 7


The gentlemen are gone and I clean up, take the leftovers to the converter. So that it forms my delicious food paste. Women always eat after the men and only the leftovers. This ensures that food never has to be thrown away. Isn’t that fantastic? Ingredients that are forbidden for us, such as coffee, tea or alcohol, are automatically removed in the converter. By adding fresh fruits and salads we get a healthy diet every day. Also, the fact that we are never allowed to eat enough increases our ‘humble-serenity’.

Thus, we Humble-Serenity women lead a modest and godly life. I am so happy to be one of them now. Forget the stupid conceits like fashions or Hair Care. Time I can use for my service to Allah and Florian. Humble-Serenity cares for me. I am finally freed from my daily troubles. I don’t have to think or plan about anything, Humble-Serenity is taking care of everything. I am present and I am serving to please Allah and my Florian.

I still have a lot to learn to be useful for Humble-Serenity. Therefore I have to visit my teacher ‘ESU’ for now. Florian Fieberreisen, my owner, should be proud of me.

Three weeks later:

The weeks at Humble Serenity were a time of complete reorientation work for Florian and Tascha.

To Florian, the prospect of a good salary and a fresh start in Azerbaijan provided enough impetus to follow Humble Serenity’s sometimes confusing demands.

At Tascha it behaved nevertheless somewhat differently. Gradually the ESU let her back into her personal responsibilities, because otherwise she would fall mentally irreversibly sick. What remained, however, was the Humble-Serenity imprint. Thus she became more and more aware of the things she had been harmed by. She had been crippled, depilated and dressed in restrictive, humiliating clothes, and forced into the role of a willless slave. Yet she felt no annoyance about this. She was left with a deep sense of pleasure to serve Humble Serenity, albeit slowly and painfully the memory of her old life reverted. If she resisted with all her might, all she could live was a miserable, unhappy life. So she realized that now it was her destiny to submit.

They flew to Azerbaijan for a new adventure. At the airport of Azerbaijan they were welcomed by a young, silent man. He loaded her luggage and Tascha onto the loading area of his pickup truck, which she shared with some goats and bales of straw. He gave her a large bottle of water with a hose and a hint to use it sparingly. Florian seated himself in front of the driver in the fully air-conditioned passenger compartment.

The roads of the capital city were in very good condition, but already a few kilometres outside the road drastically changed. It was more like a runway, littered with potholes that were passed on to the passengers in the car almost unfiltered. Tascha was allowed to let the sun roast her and the biting stench of the goats prevented her from breathing. Stoically through a bonnet reducing her field of vision, she lethargy performed her Humble Serenity exercises and lapsed into a state of total absence. In this state she was only a functioning object, which found peace and serenity within herself. An ‘it’ like the fathers of Humble-Serenity wanted it for all women. All that remained of her were reflexes, no feelings of time or physical discomfort penetrated into her. A Humble-Serenity bale of clothes on the back of a pickup truck nothing else.

After hours of a strenuous ride, our small group’s ride ended. They were standing surrounded by two mountains in front of a small degree covered with rocks, leading to a lower situated village. It was a repetitive sight. Tasha did not see it under her bonnet. She was forced to bend down deeply and the young man fixed a willow frame on her back. The heavy suitcases were tied to it. Only seeing the dirt of the path in front of her feet, she was forced to follow the men down the steep passage into the village. It was supposed to be a good training for her, because she would, like all the women in the village, have to go this way, loaded with wet laundry on the washing day and every other day to fetch fresh water from the spring. She fell into a state of deep spiritual catatonia again and followed the men like a beast of burden, because she was nothing more. More and more she will have to submit to the Humble Serenity exercises in order to be able to master the hard life she expected. And Florian will establish the new order of Humble Serenity in this village as his brothers around the world do, and Tascha shall serve him and give birth to his children. That’ s the way it is for Humble-Serenity’s servants.

The End…?

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