by Paid Dominant

It’s a story of a married couple in Baghdad , they married 18 years, the wife name Ayesha was 24 when she got married and at time she was a fair maiden , there was no man in the in her town who would not turn his head to have a look at her, she was an intern in a company there she met Ahmed (her Husband) soon they fell in love and soon got married at that time Ahmed was one of the Directors of the company, they were living a happy life both had a stable job and a fancy life style but even after 10 years they were not able to have a baby , so they went to all the doctors but was not able to find any reason, someone recommended that they visit a blind priest who might be able to help them.

They visited a priest and told him that they have been married for 10 years but still don’t have a baby the priest told them that Ayesha is very beautiful but her beauty is the problem which is not letting them produce a child she should be dress modestly so that her beauty is hidden from the eyes of the evil and then only you both will be able to produce a child. They thanked the priest for his advice and went back to their home.

Ahmed: Ayesha what do you think about the advice of the priest.

Ayesha: I think he’s a fraud, he didn’t even looked blind.

Ahmed: Well may be he’s a fraud and not blind but you have to agree that he have a point, maybe it’s because of the evil eye we are not able to consume a baby, I mean you have seen the test report we both are medically fine.

Ayesha: what do you mean to say that I don’t dress right!!????

Ahmed: No! it’s not what I’m saying that you don’t dress right but you can dress modestly I mean like you can avoid short skirts and fitting clothes.

Ayesha: When you think I dress properly then why should I change my way of dressing , only cause a fraud man said it.

Ahmed: No!! not cause of him, but for me you know that I don’t feel good when other man looks at you.

Ayesha: ok for you I will not wear short clothes but for you.

Soon a year passed and nothing happened they still didn’t have a child, one day Ahmed said to Ayesha that we need to go at my parents house as my father is not very well, so they packed their bags and went the Ahmed’s parents house in the country side, on their way Ahmed said : Ayesha I know you have never met my family but I should tell you that they have a very different life style then we have here, will you be a dear and please follow our family life style it’s only for few day till my father gets better then we can go back home.

Ayesha agreed with a smile but didn’t knew how her life would change, soon they reached his parents house and was greeted very warmly by Ahmed’s mother in black clothes only her green eyes were visible but her voice and her eyes showed how happy she was to see both of them soon they were shown to a room for rest there where they could rest and change their clothes, Ayesha asked Ahmed your mother does niqab?, Ahmed replied positively and told her that mom said that she wanted to talk to you after you get some rest, you can freshen up and rest , I have to meet my father and then Ahmed walked out of the room.

Around at dinner time Ayesha heard a knock on the room door and saw her mother was standing, she welcomed her in the room and said sorry I got very tired due to the long drive, mother said it’s ok and then said I know you have a very modern life style and not use to the life style which we practice here, and if you don’t mind can you please follow our tradition for the time you are here as my husband don’t like modern style and prefer to keep our tradition alive , Ayesha just smiled and said sure no problem I will be happy to, hearing this mother just kissed on ayesha’s fore head and said let me get you some things which you might need soon the dinner will be ready and you can meet our family there and the mother went out and came back with a bunch of black clothes and gave to Ayesha and said you can wear your normal clothes under these and I will help you with these.

The 1st thing mother handed to Ayesha was an butter fly abaya made of cotton type fabric and a big scarf mad of same fabric, Ayesha wore the abaya then mother helped her to tie the scarf properly then she handed her the gloves and socks then at the end she gave her a single layer niqab I looked at it with a puzzle face but then tied it behind her head and now she looked identical as Ahmed’s mother only her eyes were visible and left the room with mother for dinner, at dining table she was seated and soon he table started to fill and finally 50 people sitting on a long dining table on one side all the males and on the other all the female and on the head seat Ahmed’s father Ayesha looked at him and thought if he had brown hair he would look exactly like Ahmed  soon the plates were served on the male side and all the females just sat with their hands folded on their lap, Ayesha noticed all females were dressed the same no difference except for the different colored eyes, after all the male finished the dinner and left then the females started to sift to wards the male side and took a place Ayesha didn’t moved and tried to look for the mother then she saw that Father’s plate was picked by a female and took a seat on the other side of the table, then she heard her name it was the same female who picked up the father plate she said Ayesha we eat in our husbands plate come and sit in Ahmed’s chair she went to the chair and started to remove the veil but one of the female next to her stopped her and said here we don’t remove veil except for when in our room and then resumed to have dinner Ayesha saw that all the females were eating dinner by taking the spoon under their veil so Ayesha did the same then after dinner one of the female started to clear the table while all started to chat with each out in low voice, mother stood up and closed the door of the dinning hall and said in a loud enough voice so that everyone can hear in the room “Ayesha let me introduce you to everyone she started with the females sitting on the 1st chair and said this is Beena she’s my oldest child then next to her Hira she’s the wife of my 2nd child and 1st son , then it’s saba wife of my 3rd child and 2nd son , then Hina , she my 4th child then its hawa she’s the wife Ahmed’s uncle , and the introduction kept going till it came to Razia she the youngest in our family and she the daughter of Saba, after the introduction was over all came to hug her one by one and then mother said that Razia will help you understand our culture here as she’s the youngest and have more free time then all of us. Ayesha just gave her a smile which no one saw cause of her veil, then Razia grabs Ayesha’s hand and took her to her room where they both lifted her veil and started to chat, they became good friends and Razia keeps telling what Ayesha should do and what not, soon Ayesha was settled in the new house hold and got use to all their customs and traditions, almost 3 weeks have passed and now she was thinking when will we go back home, and decided that she would ask Ahmed when they will go back but on that day Ahmed’s father passed away and so Ahmed said after few days when I will think that everything is fine they will go back, on the next of Ahmed’s father death mother Razia came to Ayesha and said can you come to my room I need to tell you something.

When Ayesha went to Razia’s room she told that Grandma have asked me to teach you the proper way of dressing in the house as you have been here for almost  a month and you have only been dressing as us only from the inside Ayesha just looked her with a puzzle face and said that what do you mean. Razia opened her wardrobe and pulled out a huge bundle of clothing and a box and then started to remove her abaya and said this is how we are dress inside the abaya, Ayesha just looked her from head to toe and sat that she was very fat no but covered in tight clothes from head to toe, then Razia told her to strip so she can help her to dress properly Ayesha said no I’m not going to strip in front of you, Razia just said it’s for your own good as some clothes will need my help.

Ayesha stripped in front of razia but kept her hands to cover her private parts Razia said we need to work a lot and pulled her inside the bathroom and told her to lay down on her stomach on the bench as 1st thing we need to do is clean you Ayesha did as she was told the Razia came next to her and said please let me do what im doing otherwise my mother would punish me, while saying that Razia locked her hand to a cuff attached the bottom of the bench and then did the same with the other before Ayesha could say anything razia placed a ball gag in Ayesha mouth and said it’s cause no male hear your voice then Razia went to the back side then cuffed Ayesha’s  both the feet on the corners of the bench then she started to turn a then Razia went to a wardrobe in front of Ayesha and came back with something Ayesha tried to look what Razia was doing but he bondage would not allow her to see behind her shoulder soon she felt Razia’s hand on her butt and Razia pushed something inside Ayesha’s Ass and she felt some warn liquid flowing before she could think what was going on some was also pushed in Ayesha’s Pussy followed by a warm liquid flowing in her then Razia came in front of Ayesha and said relax I will be back in few minutes then Ayesha herd the bathroom door closing as soon as the door close she started to feel some the pain in her stomach due to the liquid going inside her soon she started to cry with pain but no one came to help her she tried to scream but not much sound came out she just laid there crying in pain it felt like Razia have forgotten her after crying which felt like hours Ayesha heard the door opening and tried to look if It was Razia, then in front of her she saw 3 veiled females standing and taking what else needs to be done she was not able to understand properly as they were talking in very low voice then another female came in front of her and it was Razia she said you would have to wait few mins more cause the bags are not empty yet Ayesha tried to beg but was ignored and Razia went to the females and also started to talk with other females. After some time they came to Ayesha and Razia said you would have to hold the liquid in and would have to walk to the pot to empty it can you do that or I should leave the plugs in Ayesha nodded yes and felt that the females started to remove the cuffs from her limbs and the plugs were removed Ayesha started to walk towards the pot by placing her hand on her stomach as soon as she reach the pot she squirted the liquid out of her and the liquid kept flowing it felt like forever for her empty her stomach as soon as it was empty she washed her self and started to remove the gag but one of the female stopped her and Razia said leave it, it will be useful then Ayesha was dragged to the bench again but this time she was laid on her back and again cuffed she felt some water being spread on her lower body and then shaving cream was applied she then Razia said don’t move I might cut you and felt a cold razor on her lower part, Razia was shaving her private part soon she felt cold air on the pussy as if it was shaved but Razia was not done yet she again spread the shaving cream and started to shave but this time her pussy lips and ass hole also, after she was shaved she thought that they will release her but it was not done, then Razia informed her that now you are clean in the lower part it’s time to take care of your head she felt water being running on her head followed by a shampoo Ayesha felt relaxed after the shampoo was done the bench was lifter from the center and turned to a chair Ayesha heard a buzzing sound she got scared and started to scream in her gag and move her head Razia said please don’t make this hard on you it’s for your own good let me do what I’m doing otherwise we both will be in trouble Ayesha kept screaming in her gag and tried to say let me go  let me go but no one was interested in listening to her , one of the female slapped her hard on the face and grabbed her hair Ayesha tried to see who was is but was not able to tell due to the veil another slap was delivered and Razia said please stay still she felt a pull on her hair and her head was pulled backwards she felt the pain in her head due to the hard pulling on her hair the clippers were brought to the center of Ayesha’s head and her head shave started she felt that the female have let go of the hair and now she could bring her head straight as she pulled her head up the clipper kept shaving her head and all the hairs were being collected and place on her lap she cried but stayed still after the clipper were off she felt shaving cream on her head followed by the razor and was shaved completely bald, then she was freed from the bench and told to take a shower so she could be dressed after the bath she came to Razia’s room and asked why you did this, she didn’t replied just handed her a thick itchy wool bra and panties , then same fabric stockings , after that she was given a thick itchy wool catsuit  Ayesha wore it and started to itch her self Razia said we don’t much time mother is waiting then handed her a cap of same fabric of cat suit case the cat suit only covered her body not her hands and above neck after she wore it and looked in the mirror she saw that she looked very fat just like Razia , she was given thick gloves then her abaya , scarf same gloves and socks but the Niqab was different it was a 5 layer niqab which Razia tied behind her head and flipped 3 layers over her head, then Razia placed a cuffs on her feet which controlled her length of walking then razia place same cuffs on her feets and told Ayesha to follow her and to keep her head down.

Ayesha followed razia and thought that she would ask Ahmed to take her back home she didn’t wanted to stay here anymore, when Ayesha met the mother she hugged her and started to cry mother asked what happened she told everything to her with hope that mother will make everything all right, but mother said “Dear it how we live here I see that Razia have gone easy on you, your hands are to cuffed , she didn’t placed a corset or the neck brace you can still speak , in this house females have to stay ugly and in bondage as it protects us from the out side world a females beauty is only for her husband and not for the outside world, I think I should ask Beena to teach you as she’s older and knows our customs very well so from today you shall be guided by Beena will teach you everything you need to know and now you should go to Ahmed’s room there you can rest.

Ayesha went to her room and Beena followed her as soon as she was in her room Beena told her that you should not sit on the bed go and kneel in the corner and wait for your husband and you will only move if he tells you to other wise don’t move and to be sure that you follow my order… Ayesha felt something tied to her neck and pulled to the corner Beena placed a collar around her neck and locked the chain of the collar to the corner of the wall on a height that it would only easy her neck if she kneels and then Beena left the room saying Ahmed will be coming shortly and closes the door.

The door opened and she heard Ahmed say good that your following our tradition with a teasing tone. He freed Ayesha and brought her to the bed and Ayesha just hugged him and told everything what happened with her and said I want to go back I don’t want to live her anymore.

Ahmed just hugged her and said we can’t go back as we both have been fired from the company due to or absents of whole month , now we will be staying here only, things will get better don’t worry, and Happy anniversary then he started to kiss her deeply

Part 2

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  1. Thanks for your stories payed dominant. I really like your ideas and fantasies and am waiting for the coming parts. Keep on the good work.

    Greetings r



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