Soap: Part 13

Part 12


“Sit down and tell me especially exactly what you have learned today,” I said to Hochstetter. She really made a pretty figure in her Islamic dress. For the first time, I noticed how beautiful she was. She would look great even in a coal bag. To see how well Arslan’s keyword programming worked, I let her tell me her actually meaningless afternoon.
“Fine, you have introduced yourself very well there,” I praised. I used it, but it did not seem to matter to her. “I have decided to initiate you in my plans. They may shock you, but your loyalty is especially important to me and being on my side is also very important to me. May I expect you? ”
“I’ve always wanted to be closer to you. I believe in you and, if you wish, I will always be at your side, it is a very special honor for me. “Now she programmed herself as planned. I got up and pulled her into my arms.
“You make me especially happy, dear Veronika.” I felt her shaking with happiness in my arms and I had to hold her a little, because her legs seemed to soften. I gently released her in her chair.
“You’ve probably already noticed how tiring and pointless our job has become. I do not feel like working for these incompetent politkasper. Actually, I had to quit the service, but then I ran the Imam Ibrahim Arslan on the way. He is a very special man who will soon be an important personality in this country. I have decided to support him. I think he might be able to get rid of this corrupt politician, to cure the country, to return to his duties to his citizens. I would be especially happy if you thought so too. ”
“You’ve always been very important to me when I think about it, much more important than this job. May I ask how you imagine my future service? ”
“What you want is especially important to me.” She should believe that everything is her idea. She blushed, swallowed, she seemed to gather all her courage. “I wish I could serve you as your wife, Mr. Peterson. It would be a very special honor to me. Please tell me what I have to do. I will not disappoint you, “she said shyly.
“Then come to me!” She stood up undecided and I pulled her into my lap and held her tightly in my arms. “You shall become my wife. Will you subordinate yourself to me, especially serve me with devotion, be a very obedient and submissive woman to me. Then you have to convert to Islam and become a very modest Muslimah. ”
She said, “I have always been proud to be an emancipated woman. Actually, that only made me lonely. How many nights did I spend sitting in my apartment dreaming about love? But here and now I throw my old life away and start a new one as your obedient wife. I really want to make an effort to be a good Muslimah. ”
“Well! My love, I bring you now for now temporarily in the Madrasa. This is a particularly good place to teach you in your new faith. ”
“I’ll go wherever you want, Mr. Peterson!” She said joyfully, pressing her silken head into my shoulder.

The imam:

It can not go better, soon Peterson comes with the Hochstetter. She responded exactly as we had hoped. On the one hand, she now becomes an obedient mulimious wife, on the other hand, she remains a capable intelligent agent – just now in our service. Ah! There they are already.
“Salam Alaikum, Brother Peterson,” I ignored the Hofstetter, “what can I do for you?” “I wanted to introduce you to a new convert and my future wife. How do you like them? “” I must say, you have found a very beautiful woman there. “Embarrassed, she hid behind Peterson’s back. “Go to the mosque, woman, you can talk to the Shahada right now. I send Selima quickly into the women’s wing, this is again a very special event for the women. Come on brother, we’ll have some tea until the women are done. “We went to my apartment. “Selima, tell the women that a new sister in the mosque is speaking her Shahada today and Kamila is to bring us tea,” I ordered. “You have a second wife, moment Kamila, is not that little Bohm?” “Right! Only she is not my wife – not yet. As soon as her family converts, she becomes my second wife. For now, she should learn what it means to be a good woman. “A black ghost entered, no, it almost silently glided into the living room and silently served the tea, then it turned around and lit for us Hashish in the hookah. Except for a faint rustling of her clothes, only a shadow of her was perceived. Peterson looked fascinated and I said, “Brother, it is not for a Muslim to stare at a strange woman!” “Sorry, but it is remarkable how the women in your care are changing.” “Praise Allah, I will save but only their immortal souls! “I said seriously. “We’ll have to work on our friend,” I thought. After Selima let us know that everything was ready, we went to the Moshee. There the women were already waiting for us – now actually black, identical cones – on us. Before them stood the Hochstetter. Of course, as a black spirit. The women were allowed only at important events to completely disguise themselves as Niqaabi, as long as there was still resistance in the population against Islam. We sat down and I said, “Dear Sister, do you come of your own free will without compulsion to proclaim your creed for Islam? Then answer with me now! “” Yes, I want! “” You know that you have to be a very special Muslimah. Your name is Faizah, the victorious ones. As the wife of our brother Peterson, you will have to fulfill very important tasks! Are you ready? Then repeat what I said in the third form! ”
“It’s called Faizah, it has to fulfill especially important duties as a wife of the brother Peterson!” “Then talk to me now the Shahada!”
Then they closed the marriage to Allah. We men went back to our tea and the women retreated to the women’s wing to celebrate a little.

Part 14

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