Game Changer

Game Changer By Quilt Samatha Evans looked at the Scrabble board in front of her and sighed. She wasn’t going to win this, not at this late stage of the game and with the tiles on her rack. She pushed them around in the hope something would occur to her, and she was aware the … More Game Changer

How It Feels: Chapter 1

How It Feels by Quilt   Chapter 1 “I wonder,” said my wife, Kate, “how it feels?” My wife and I were watching the television news at the time. It was the usual mixture of informed speculation, grumbling politics, fear-mongering and the inevitable dramatic events—the tsunamis, the earthquakes and the forest fires—that could not be … More How It Feels: Chapter 1

In This Together

In This Together by Ed Neil Part 1 — What are you doing ? Anthony asked his wife as he came towards her. Martha smiled at her husband. — Just looking at some photos. So many memories. He sat near her on the couch and looked the photo. Both had just reverted to islam when … More In This Together

How restrictive are women’s rights in the United Islamic States?

How restrictive are women’s rights in the United Islamic States? By Magdelena Roman. April 2, 2049. Officially declared three months ago, the United Islamic States is already considered one of the world’s superpowers. Stretching from Iraq in the East to Egypt in the West, and from Lebannon in the North to Sudan in the South, … More How restrictive are women’s rights in the United Islamic States?

Hypnosis isn’t real!

Hypnosis isn’t real! by Antiquity Man “It’s all nonsense and you know it,” said Sue. “What makes you say that?” Nate sounded genuinely surprised. “Hypnosis is like magic tricks,” Sue was confident. “A bunch of people pretend to brainwash someone else, and that someone else pretends to be brainwashed and do whatever they say. You … More Hypnosis isn’t real!