Reformist Generations: Part Six – Decisions, Decisions

Part Six – Decisions, Decisions Copyright © 2016, Nick Lucas This is a part of Reformist Generations and follows the part The Days Before Christmas. Having read the previous parts is a prerequisite for fully enjoying this story. Christmas itself has passed, with the shock of losing two Presidents in one night still dominating the news, but … More Reformist Generations: Part Six – Decisions, Decisions


A DREAM CAME TRUE Drop your review in the comments or on E-Mail: Rene was a German guy age 25 he decided to visit Pakistan to meet one of his online line friend with whom he have been in touch for almost a year, so one day Rene packed his bags and told his … More A DREAM CAME TRUE

Soap: Part 13

Part 12 Peterson: “Sit down and tell me especially exactly what you have learned today,” I said to Hochstetter. She really made a pretty figure in her Islamic dress. For the first time, I noticed how beautiful she was. She would look great even in a coal bag. To see how well Arslan’s keyword programming … More Soap: Part 13

Seife: Teil 13

Teil 12 Peterson: „Setze dich und erzähle mir bitte ganz besonders genau, was du heute erfahren hast.“ sagte ich zur Hochstetter. Sie machte in ihrer islamischen Kleidung wirklich eine hübsche Figur. Zum ersten Mal fiel mir auf, wie schön sie war. Sie würde selbst noch in einem Kohlesack toll aussehen. Um festzustellen, wie gut Arslans … More Seife: Teil 13