Syeda Turns 18

Syeda Turns 18 by Dave Potter This story is a (very loose) sequel to Bo_Emp’s ‘Picnic in Purdah’ in the respect that Syeda is the daughter of Yasmin and Sayed in that tale. It was written as a tribute to Bo. DP 20th July 2025 The voice of the muezzin calling for the Fajr prayer … More Syeda Turns 18

Kolumbistan una ucronía encantada

Kolumbistan una ucronía encantada Datos preliminares informativos. País: Irepani, república de la federación teocrática de Kolumbistan. Ciudad: Santa Clara de Suram la capital de la república de Irepany. Escenario. Un mundo alternativo, algo así como un tiempo paralelo o historia contrafactual. Este mundo fue afectado por una pandemia en la época de la peste bubónica … More Kolumbistan una ucronía encantada

An Overseas Posting

An Overseas Posting By Nye North Renee’s heart gave a little jump as the wheels of the airplane hit the runway meaning she had arrived in Iabud. She was there in her capacity as a worker in the British Foreign Office. Some weeks earlier Renee, full name Renee Gibson, had been offered a position in … More An Overseas Posting

Veiled Nuns

Veiled Nuns „… I have already written you a long account of an affair which I could not help undertaking for reasons with which God had inspired me. I dare not explain myself more clearly here. I will only say that certain holy and learned persons think that I am bound to set aside all … More Veiled Nuns


VII VISIONAIRES: An online community for fans of VII Photo Agency   VEILS IN CHEHEL MENBAR Added by Ali Mohammadi on May 26, 2009 at 2:06am An Iranian Shiite Muslim woman covers her face as she attends a traditional religion ceremony in Khorramabad city in Lorestan province, 499 km (310 miles) west of Tehran, Iran. … More VEILS IN CHEHEL MENBAR

Women in white march to defend Algeria tradition

Women in white march to defend Algeria tradition By AFP | Friday, March 22   2013 at  12:32 Covered from head to toe in white, their faces partly masked by embroidered triangular cloths, Algerian women marched through the capital Thursday to defend their traditional Islamic dress. “We want to sweep away these clothes which come from Saudi … More Women in white march to defend Algeria tradition

The Eyes Have It

THE EYES HAVE IT Nudging Aside the Niqab PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS BY AARON HUEY Photographer Aaron Huey recently traveled to the Islamic nation of Yemen. While there, he had the chance to photograph and chat with some young Yemeni women who wear the traditional Islamic niqab or burka. SAHIRA 18 years old, student, single Three … More The Eyes Have It