SC has sent a new batch of photos of his latest outfits. He writes:

“My object is to popularise them in the hope of increasing public acceptance and the generation of new ideas… A poignant story could be told around the blue burqa looking through the curtained window,  being unable to see the world (and its increasingly fearful problems) and the world quite unable to see her (him?)”

Here’s a selection of them including the burqa at the window. Could you be the one to write that tale?


SC, one of the long-time friends of Tales of the Vales, has sent us photos of some of his latest outfits. The second one reminds me of Bo_Emp’s classic story ‘Not Without My Daughter’. Can these outfits inspire you to write something for TOTV?

He writes:

No.1 is my hooded,  sewn up velvet cloak and slip veil;   No 2 is a sheer chiffon cloak,  front and hood sewn up,  worn back to front over a chiffon scarf veil and blue silk poet shirt.   Very light,  mysterious and effective.  Neither veil can be lifted.

He writes:

Today I pray for the world – by God it needs help.  I am wearing one of my closed khimars,  which is an Iranian prayer garment with the face opening sewn up and then back to front.  This then encloses me completely,  without any face meshes,  eye holes or hand holes and is floor length.  Supremely soft and private inside.

Yesterday I was in my harem pants,  extreme sleeve satin poet shirt,  chiffon scarf veil,  sheer black cloak with closed hood and hooded fleece cloak.   Soft bondage?   It’s difficult to take it off,  both mentally and physically!