Story Index

This page lists all the stories added onto this site since January 2017. For stories added before then, please visit the archived Tales of the Veils site.


A Small Adjustment (May 2017)



The Lucky Numbers  (February 2017)


Dave Potter

Entwined Destinies (January 2017)

Sir Henry’s Invitation (February 2017)

A Pearl in Her Shell (June 2017)

Emily W

Chelsea: Then and Now (February 2017)

The Greater Jihad (March 2017)

Madelief’s Journey (April 2017)


The Takeover (April 2017)

Mr. A_B

Exchange Students (January 2017)

Nick Lucas

Reformist Generations (May 2017)


Nye North

Not Quite What She Expected (January 2017)


Yazmeen Hussein

Nadiyah’s Story (January 2017)