Another month has passed us by and we’ve some exciting contributions to TOTV. First up, continuing where we left off last month, may I present the second part of MR’s Die Überraschung. As the title suggests, this tale is in German, but it really is one of the best we’ve had over the years and in this instalment things really start to heat up (both literally and figuratively!) for Melanie. Indeed, it is so good that I’ve posted a translation into English of the first part, check it out at The Surprise – Part 1. This translation is by machine and so far from ideal and so, if any of you out there are good translators, either into English or another language, please let me know so more people can enjoy some of our fantastic tales.

And last, but certainly not least, our old friend Nye North has come up trumps with a cracking new tale, Dressing to Please a Friend. Please enjoy it; I certainly did!

All the best!



We’ve two new tales this month and I think you’ll enjoy them both. First up, there’s a wonderful offering by a new author. Please enjoy the first part of Die Überraschung by MR. This tale is in German but can be read by other readers (like me!) if put through an online translator. Even though I read it in that way, I have to say that this is one of the best veiling tales that I’ve read in a long time and I do hope that it’s the first of many from MR. Anyway, we’ve the first part up today with several more to come in the next few months.

And we also have another offering from me. Five Years After is a series of five vignettes detailing the married life of cricket-loving Syeda whom we met in last month’s tale, Syeda Turns 18.

All the best!



I am back from my travels and have today uploaded the 2017 TOTV Birthday Update in honour of the site’s founding about this time way back in 2006. And indeed, although the site is now 11-years old, I do not think there has been a year so busy as this last one.

The reasons for that are largely sad. Bo_Emp, our long-term webmaster and (imho) greatest author has left us. Due to how the world of the web is, we’ve never had any official notification of this, but we haven’t heard from him since late 2016 and we knew that he was ill and going into hospital. This news is sad indeed, as to me he was an inspiration as well as a friend. Therefore, I am dedicating this update to all that he did for us and have written a story myself as a tribute to him.

That story is Syeda Turns 18, an unusual tale of purdah and cricket centred around Syeda, the daughter of Yasmin and Sayed in Bo’s classic early tale Picnic in Purdah. I hope you enjoy it.

Nor too is it the only new offering being presented today. Elisamaria3u, our long-term friend and compiler of veiling vids, has composed a beautiful story in Spanish. May I present Kolumbistan una ucronía encantada.

Another old friend, Nye North has also composed a tale for us. Be transported to the rather extreme desert emirate of Iabud in An Overseas Posting.

Away from the stories, Peter has kindly directed our attention to this intriguing video from India entitled Willingly una’veil’able. Can this inspire you to a tale or two?

And finally, as always we have some lovely photos from 2029, the man with more outfits that Imelda Marcos.

Thanks for all the support and new stories always welcome.

Bo, you are missed.





I have finally, after over a hundred hours of work (at a rough guess) put up all the content from the old TOTV site. There’s a lot there, more than I realised,so please have a browse through. That will be all the updates for now although, as you doubtless know, traditionally September is TOTV’s birthday, so I’m hoping for a bumper update then. I already have some stuff I wrote and a tale from our old friend Elisamaria3u but I’m asking for more. I’d like to do a tribute this year to Bo_Emp as a way of thanking him for all he did and respecting his memory. Any story is welcome but if you can write on in the Bo_Emp style or using some of his characters, I’d be especially happy.

And if you can’t write, do not fear. Through putting up all the old stuff, I have come to realise that we have no illustrator of tales these days, or any new veiling features and articles. Can you help with either of these? It would be great to get some quality illustrations/photoshops to make our tales come alive.

The birthday update will be towards the end of September as I am off on my travels and will be offline since where I’m going to is probably the only country with no internet at all (work it out…). So, I won’t be answering anything for a while but that doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you or not interested; instead it is that Big Brother is watching… literally. Until then, enjoy the site and thanks for all the messages of support.

Be seeing you!



Astute observers and loyal followers of the site will have noticed a veritable flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks. That’s because several friends made me aware that the archived version of the old site was not accessible beyond the front page and the former site is now down. Not wishing for the hundreds of amazing tales on the old site to be lost forever, I’m busy re-posting them here, a job that is both time-consuming and enormous but also worthwhile.

I’d originally intended to post them all as bare stories and then add the images, many of which were lovingly photo-shopped by our own Bo_Emp. However, experience is teaching me that it better to add the images as you go and so, thus far, I have posted all stories up to and including Dave Potter (alphabetically) and all stories with images up to and including Bo_Emp.

Please use this opportunity – and lull in new tales – to both revisit some old classics and also pen something yourself as our store of fresh material has now dried up since I have also posted the final installment of GhostWriter’s The Takeover.

Posting these has given me a lot of food for thought. Traditionally, TOTV celebrates its birthday in September and I thought, considering the events of the past year, what better way to do it than have a celebration of the life and works of Bo_Emp since it now looks certain that he is no longer with us. He was such an incredible and prolific writer, it would be great if we paid tribute to that. So, can you send me in short pieces about which of his tales was your favourite and why and perhaps any way in which he inspired you to write some veiling (or other) erotica). I’m hoping to post them all late September (as I’m out of the country in a land with no internet (seriously) in the beginning of the month.

Finally, whilst not writing per se, good friends have continued to contact TOTV. Elisamaria3u has sent the link to an amazing video about the “Jewish Taliban” women in Israel, extreme Hasidic Jewish ladies who veil to a serious degree. I’ve long wanted to write a tale about them but nothing has ever materialised. Can this inspire any of you?

And also Roy has sent the link to an amazing story in German that is just up the street of many of our readers. Please check out Ehrlichkeit and if you can’t read German, do what I did and shove it through an online translator. Not ideal but still good.

Oh yes, and for those of you who might be interested, I’ve added a little known titbit about Bo_Emp’s writing at the end of Without a Guardian.



Today’s update has been prompted by the fact that several people have contacted me about the fact that the original TOTV site is now down. This is because Bo_Emp paid for the domain and I do not know how to renew this. So, it is gone, but be aware that the archived site is still available here.

We also have some new material to enjoy. There’s Part 5 of ‘The Takeover’ and, finally, a new tale from yours truly. I’ve been very busy on my other site, co-writing with Cafter Homme but I’ve returned with this offering, although I must admit, although it is my work, I feel that it is influenced by the work I’ve done with Cafter. May I present ‘A Pearl in Her Shell’. Comments and criticism welcome as always.



There’s a bumper update on TOTV this week. We’ve the fourth installment of GhostWriter’s ‘The Takeover’ and, continuing on from it’s publication on the old site, we have Part 5 of Nick Lucas’ ‘Reformist Generations’ for you to enjoy. On top of that we also have a completely new story by A_M_L, author of several fine tales on the old site: ‘A Small Adjustment’. And if all that were not enough, check out 2029’s inspirational new outfits on the Other page.



We’ve Part 3 of GhostWriter’s ‘The Takeover’ for you to enjoy today. However, this is the last tale that I have in the store so please, if anyone has any ideas, submit them to us! On a different note, I have been co-writing another tale with Cafter Homme on my other site and some of you may enjoy ‘Ascension in the East’.

All the best!



Another update for you all this week. First, here’s the final posting of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. It’s not complete, some of it just notes, but it shows his vision and, I hope, may inspire one or more of you to finish it off for him one day. Ladies and gentlemen, The Lucky Numbers – The Rest of the Story.

And we also have the second chapter of GhostWriter’s new tale all about Sun Holdings. Here is the second chapter of The Takeover.

Finally, two more of our old friends have pointed out things of interest. Elisamaria3u has drawn my attention to this rather intriguing clip of a scold’s bridle from the film Brimstone. We’ve not featured these items in our tales thus far but they are very much within our field of interest. Maybe this will spark something?

And then Mr. A_B has pointed out this article from the Times of India, Women behind the veil: Burqa secures dignity.

All the best!



A bumper update for you all this week; old friends of TOTV have picked up their pens and written some brilliant stuff for us. But first, here’s the final identifiable chapter of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. It’s not the end though as he has written more but it is all chaotic and episodic, ready for him to edit. I’ll be posting this too in due course in the hope that one of you is inspired to do the editing and finishing for him. But for now, The Lucky Numbers: Chapter 6.

Moving on, our old friend and prolific writer of male dominance tales, GhostWriter is back with a new tale all about Sun Holdings. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first chapter of The Takeover.

And finally, another new tale from Emily W. This one is, if I am allowed to say so, in my humble opinion, her best yet by a mile; I can’t recommend it enough. So, here we are, the very Bo_Empesque Madelief’s Journey.

And finally, for those of you who enjoy my non-veiling fiction on my partner site, An Artist’s Masterpiece which I have co-written with Cafter Homme is now complete and you shall be pleased to know that we are in the middle of another epic.




I’ve been asked for an update so here it is: the fifth chapter of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. Also, there’s been some activity down the road on my own erotic fiction site with a new story which may appeal to some of you. Check out An Artist’s Masterpiece. Enjoy!



We’ve got a great new story from our old friend Emily W today entitled The Greater Jihad as well as the fourth chapter of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. Enjoy!



I’m receiving a bit of a deluge of material to post at the moment which is brilliant, thanks a lot to everyone and, if your story hasn’t appeared yet, do not fear, I’m getting round to it. Anyway, today we have three new items to whet your appetites. First up, there’s the third chapter of Bo_Emp’s  The Lucky Numbers. Then we have a news article from Nye, April Fool’s Day Prank backfires on radio station. And finally, there’s a new story from me which combines both my love of veils with my love of Victorian costume. Please check out Sir Henry’s Invitation. One final thing before you get stuck in, if you know of anyone – or you yourself are interested – who may be able to provide some illustrations to accompany some of our tales, let me know as the visual element is something that we’re sorely missing.

All the best,



Lots to read today to keep you interested. First up, there’s the second chapter of Bo_Emp’s  The Lucky Numbers.

And in addition to that we have a new – and may I say, brilliant – tale from another old friend of TOTV, Emily W. Today she looks at a young American lady, Chelsea, whose life was very different then to now. Check out Chelsea: Then and Now.

Hope you enjoy both and please remember, we always need new stories!



The first chapter of a new story which I have had some apprehension about posting. The Lucky Numbers was sent to me by Bo_Emp last June. It is unfinished and still somewhat untidy but nonetheless good as it is. Since we have not heard from Bo for two months now despite repeated entreaties, we are fearing the worst. Therefore, I post this tale, based in Nick Lucas’ excellent Reformist alternative Britain as a tribute to our greatest friend and contributor, as a prayer that our worst fears will not be realised and because it is, as all of his are, a bloody good story.



We have some new photos of SC modelling outfits with heavy veiling which he hopes may inspire some tales! Check them out on the Other page.


There was quite a response it seems to Bo_Emp’s October plea for stories and I have four more offerings today. Firstly, from Nye North we have Not Quite What She Expected. And also, from another old friend of TOTV, Mr. A_B we have Exchange Students, a Maratha Empire tale, and two news articles: Calcutta’s Pleasure Tourists and Bengal’s New Age Muslims.

Please keep the material coming and thanks to all of you who have offered your support over the past few weeks.



Welcome to the new TOTV site, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently replacing the old one. If Bo_Emp is still ill, we all wish him a most speedy recovery and hope that these tales will aid him back to wellness!

Two new stories and one new article added today. From Yazmeen Hussein, a new writer to TOTV we have the cross-dressing Nadiyah’s Story, whilst from me there is Entwined Destinies.

And from the news genie in 2032, we have A New Trend in Burqas Sweeping the Nation.