About two weeks earlier than I anticipated and there is a crafty little update to TOTV today to see us all joyfully into 2020.

We have a new author! Thanks to Andrea for their short tale The Plumber.

Umm Amatullah has been extremely busy on our behalf. She had revised Umm Amatullah’s Story: Part 1 slightly and has also provided us with Part 2 of her epic autobiography (she informs me there will be 4-5 parts in total). And, if that were not enough, she has provided French translations to two of my favourite Bo_Emp tales, Harcèlement et Chérie je suis rentré.

Also up is the second part of my newest tale, Nargis Started It: Part 2.

And, in case you have missed it, Shmabahamoha has burst into action on their site and has written two veiling tales (well, they’re more like two parts of the same tale). Ladies and gentlemen, the next generation of Velatur family veiling is here in Making the News and Remaking the News.

Happy New Year!




A bumper update today in time for the festive period. First up, Umm Amatullah has kindly decided to write a detailed biography of her heavily-veiled purdah life for us. The first part is here: Umm Amatullah’s Story. She has also translated Paid Dominant’s story into French here: L’histoire de Dominant payé: Introduction.

More, as usual from T_G in Hungarian:

Vulcan has been busy with a new story, The Police Commissioner/Frau Kommissarin and some translations of T_G’s stories:

And finally, I’ve written a new tale. Here’s the first part of Nargis Started It.

Merry Christmas from all at TOTV!




I’ve managed to snatch a little time to do some writing of late and so we’ve an update earlier than usual. First up, there’s the second and final part of my latest tale Shaykha Noor Mariam of Durba Khel – Part 2.

In addition to this, I’ve also written an alternative ending to A_M_L’s excellent Soccer II. I like the original but here’s a different way for Renata’s veiling experiences to culminate: Soccer II – alternative ending.

And finally, some more translations from Vulcan of T_G’s tales. In English we have From Fanni to Fatima and Chess Matt; in German Von Fanni zu Fatima and Schach Matt.





This month, as always, we have a nice varied update for you to enjoy.

Starting off, I have started writing my first story in a long time. Please enjoy the opening five chapters of Shaykha Noor Mariam of Durba Khel.

Vulcan, as always, has been active on our behalf. He has graced us with a new story, in German Ein Euro für Allah and, in English, One Euro for Allah. Furthermore, he has translated two of T_G’s Hungarian-langauge tales,  into English, Quota and Democracy, and into German, Quote and Demokratie.

And whilst we’re on the subject of T_G, please enjoy two new tales by him, Fanniból Fatima and Sakk-matt.

That’s the stories, but they is more. I was contacted this month by Amatullah, a real-life purdah-living niqabi revert sister, who has kindly shared some of her life experiences with us. Find them in the Veiling in Real Life section under Amatullah’s story.

And talking of real-life accounts, Jana’s Story has been added to following another email from her.

Before we close, a notes: I wrongly stated in last month’s update that Vulcan had written a story titled ‘Hotel’. This was an error: he merely translated T_G’s work.



A long wait since the last update, I know. I’ve been away travelling and then there is catching up with work, studies, family… you get it. In “real-life” I have started a new course so my time will continue to be limited, but let me assure people that TOTV has not died and that I have not lost interest, only a modicum of free time.

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining of irregular updates is a bumper one when you get it so… let’s go!

From our ever-reliable T_G we have Kémek which Vulcan has kindly translated into English, Spies and German, Spione.

T_G has also written for us Kvóta and Demokrácia.

And Vulcan has also translated T_G’s tale Emma into English and Deutsch.

Talking of Vulcan, he has written two new tales for us, in German Das Hotel and Eine neue Magd für Allah, or in English, The Hotel and A New Maid in Allah.

Following on from last month’s update, from Ed Neil we have My Right, My Choice: Part 2.

And, after a long hiatus, Mr. AB has provided us with Jennifer’s Diary : The Third Week.

Ok, so that’s all the story updates. Now the other stuff:

Mr. AB has drawn our attention to some veiling photo manipulations of Liv Tyler and Gal Gadot by a comrade of his, Samrat Tiwari. If you like them, apparently Samrat does commissions:

Mr. AB has also pointed out this clip from a British film. Now I haven’t seen it (have you?) but it may inspire some stories.

Talking of inspiring stories, UK visitors may have come across the story of Amaani Noor. She was a teen beauty queen, going out with a footballer and poised to star on the silver screen who then disappeared from view. She made some videos clad in a serious jilbab (they may still be up on YouTube, if not, contact me), but then went silent there, only to reappear in the news a few weeks ago, here. This story resembles a few here on TOTV and so may inspire some new offerings.

Dhrubo, one of our visitors, has found this story which they feel may interest some visitors.

And finally, something not quite so positive. Following our last update, a number of readers contacted me regarding a story by Vulcan entitled Stepford in Veils. They felt that it was too similar to a recent story by Shmabahamoha entitled From the Pulpit, to be considered original. Now, there are two points here:

  • Firstly, I don’t read all the stories that get posted here on TOTV. Partly this is a time issue, partly not all fit my fetish tastes. Particularly, if they are in a language I don’t speak, then I am less likely to read them. I did not read this tale beforehand and, upon reading it, I feel the observations to be valid.
  • However, in Vulcan’s defence, he did say that this story was inspired by Shmabahamoha’s work. I never related this to everyone else.

In the future therefore, could I please ask that people do make their stories as distinct and original as possible and, if there is an inspiration, please cite it in the story. Stepford in Veils is still up on the site, but if Shmabahamoha wished it taken down, I could see no reason to object. I do take stories on trust so please, work with me on this one guys (and girls…).

And that, I suppose, is that.





A varied update this month. First up, we have an excellent new story from Ed Neil, My Right, My Choice: Part 1. Although he promises me that this story will continue, it can also be read as a stand-alone work so enjoy!

T_G has been busy again with three new Hungarian tales (two of them quite lengthy!):

And Vulcan has submitted a new tale as well; in German, Stepford im Schleier and in English, Stepford in Veils.

And finally, this month, after a gap of several years, I caught up with SC2029 and another veiling afficionado for an evening of real-life veiling. Cross-dressing is not really my thing, but for any aspiring writers out there, I do recommend you try on some veils to see how they feel and thus can make your stories more realistic and readable. And for those of you in the London area, SC2029 has an incredible collection of burqas and other veils and always welcomes new veilers. Here are some photos from our very veiled evening:

I’ll be away travelling for a few weeks now but I promise to reply to any mails when I can.

All the best!




Today’s update has a bit for everyone. First up, T_G has written two new tales for us in Hungarian. Please enjoy A bébiszitter and A mostohaanya.

Vulcan has also written a new story for us. Please enjoy, in German, Die Unvollendete Muslimah or, in English, The Unfinished Musilmah. He has also translated two of my old tales, Shame & The Conference into German, Schamgefühl & Die Konferenz.

And finally, I’ve written another story, The Proposal.

But before you leave, also check out Shmabahamoha’s new tale, a story of Christian veiling, From the Pulpit.




Another big one today, although all for our non-English speakers. T_G has provided two new tales:

And we have ten more parts of Seife:

And finally, Mr. AB has directed my attentions towards this website. It’s a parody site supporting the laudable campaign against violence against women in India and the absolute wrong attitude of blaming them for attracting male attentions, but, ironically, it also fits in rather well with the Maranatha universe that he has created.

Be seeing you…




As lengthy waits between updates is sadly becoming more of the norm, I decided to post a monster update today to keep you all occupied for some time to come. So…

And that, I think, is that. Phew!

Thanks for all the stories and support!




Another long wait due to mental work commitments in the real world, but here we are again with tonnes of new material. Take a deep breath…

And that, I think, is that. Thanks to all of those who have contacted me to wish me well and, of course, all our contributors. I do hope that the next update will be a little sooner, but I must say that my work commitments are heavy these days and so if there is anyone who wishes to come and help with running TOTV I would be most grateful as I am really struggling to find the time these days. Let me know if you’re interested.




Sorry for the long wait but a combination of work commitments and illness has kept me away from updating TOTV of late. I did do a partial update over a week ago, but never finished it nor announced it. Anyway, in brief, today we have:

Sorry for the brevity but I’m still not well and in catch-up mode. I know lots of you have sent me things recently, including pictures and video links. I shall post them when I have time. Also, if you have sent any stories that I have forgotten to post here, please remind me.

Thanks for all the support and see you soon.




A monster update for you all to enjoy today folks!

Our old friend Ed Neil has written us a brand new tale inspired by Emily W’s Chelsea: Then and Now, please enjoy Maryam’s Redemption. And whilst at it, he has kindly translated three of T_G’s stories into English:

Also busy has been Vulcan who has written us a new tale in his native German, but also translated into English: Tascha (Deutsch)/Tascha (English). And, of course, we have our weekly update of his epic in both tongues: Seife: Teil 11/Soap: Part 11. Plus, out of kindness he has also translated some of T_G’s tales into German and English: The Funeral/Die Beerdigung.

Moving on, Mr. AB has provided us with another news article: Natalie Portman’s Israel days.

And finally, another chapter of my own work: The Making of Saaliha: Chapter 6.





Another update today!

First up, Mr. AB has sent us a news article, Melissa Benoist new life, and the next installment of Jennifer’s Diary, Jennifer’s Diary : The Second Week: Part 2.

We’ve a new story from our new author PaidDominant. Please enjoy INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING GIRLS TO BE MODEST WIFE/MAID.

T_G has written us another tale in Hungarian: A Show.

Steve Quilt has sent the second installment of his latest story: Under The Rubber Veil: Part 2.

I continue with Vulcan’s epic in German and English: Seife: Teil 10\Soap: Part 10.

And finally, the next chapter of my continuing story: The Making of Saaliha: Chapter 5.

Thanks for all the submissions and thanks to all of you who have sent feedback to our authors. It is much appreciated.




Oh dear, I messed up! Yesterday I updated  stating that I had published all of Steve Quilt’s Waiting in Line. Today he reminded me that there is another part that I’d forgotten to post. So, we have an extra update! Please enjoy Waiting In Line: A Re-Ordered World Story: Part 5.

And while we’re at it, Seife: Teil 9/Soap: Part 9 from Vulcan and my very own The Making of Saaliha: Chapter 4.

Thanks for the feedback received from several reader too!




Another update today with both new tales and old ones continued.

First up, may I welcome a new author to TOTV. Please enjoy Ben R’s debut tale, in his native German Klassenfahrt mit Folgen and translated into English A School Trip with Consequences. Reminiscent of some of T_G’s works, let’s hope it is the first of many.

And, fresh off the back of finishing Waiting In Line, Steve Quilt has provided us with the first instalment of a new tale, Under The Rubber Veil. This work is not set in his ReOrdered World but instead an alternative re-imagining of the Victorian Era when, after the death of Albert, Queen Victoria marries her close friend Abdul Karim. Enjoy!

As always, we have the continuation of Vulcan’s work, Seife: Teil 8/Soap: Part 8 and, finally, the third instalment of my own story: The Making of Saaliha: Chapter 3.

And that’s it, but before I sign-off, I have a request. Over the last few months several of our authors have contacted me and discussed the lack of feedback that they receive for their tales, so that they do not know if people are enjoying them or not. As an author myself, I cannot stress strongly enough just how much some feedback – not necessarily positive – means as a way of helping guide what one writes, what’s working and what’s not. So, please, if you’ve read these tales and enjoyed them (or not), please leave a comment for the author. I ensure that all comments sent to me or left on the site are forwarded to the writer of the tale.

Thanks a lot,




A short update to welcome in February. Only one new story this time: A temetés from T_G.

However, we also have updates from three of our ongoing sagas:





It’s update time and we’ve got a few treats on offer today. First up, several of our ongoing stories have new parts to them. Steve Quilt’s Waiting In Line: A Re-Ordered World Story: Part 3, Vulcan’s Seife: Teil 6 (German) – Soap: Part 6 (English), and also Janet’s  Modern Zeiten: Teil 5 (German) – Modern Times: Part 5 (English).

And, in addition to the continuations, we have two new stories for you today. T_G has contributed Egyiptomi árus whilst I have written my first offering for a while, The Making of Saaliha: Chapter 1.

Vulcan has been busy translating A_M_L’s work into German. Please enjoy Ein viraler Modetrend and Kleine Anpassung.

And before we leave, please check out the new story on my sister site, Together Forever.

All the best,




Happy New Year!

And what better way to usher in 2019 than with a TOTV update?

Long-time writer, Mr. AB has been extremely busy of late. He has penned for us the next installment in his epic Jennifer’s Diary: Jennifer’s Diary : The Second Week: Part 1. In addition to this, he has also continued the long-dormant series on Megan McCormick’s veiled travels. Based on edits made by Bo_Emp before he left us, here are Megan’s adventures in Persia. And finally (from him), another news story: Wonder Woman ‘returns to her roots’.

Next up, another old friend, Nye North, has penned a sequel to his popular tale The Reynolds Family Return Home. Please enjoy The Continuing Adventures of the Reynolds Family.

Steve Quilt has continued with the story he started last update. Please enjoy Waiting In Line: A Re-Ordered World Story: Part 2.

And of course, we have another part of Vulcan’s epic, in German Seife: Teil 5 and in English Soap: Part 5.

On another subject, Cafterhomme has finally convinced me to establish a proper presence on Deviant Art after years of lurking in the shadows there. Please visit my DA Homepage. On it are all my tales, veiling or otherwise. I have also established a DA group for Veiling Tales. Please submit any tales to the group that you think may be popular.

Also, I have been active on my other site, submitting another new tale based on a new fetish for me: potgirls. Although it may not be to everyone’s taste, please check out: The Gift Offering.

And on the subject of other stuff out there, please do check out the latest (and final???) installment of the Velatur Tales, The Barbarous In-Laws.

But before we go, both Mr. AB and Dhrubo have pointed out to me a number of new Indian YouTubers who are making videos incorporating their favourite veiling styles including gagging. As this may be of interest to some visitors, here are the links:

Mr. AB comments:

I have a suspicion this whole new ‘eye veil’ trend may have started off right from TOTV. More specifically, from the Maratha Empire Tales and three students examine modesty. Before this, the idea never popped into anyone’s head that the dupatta veil could be wrapped this way. I suspect that it started off by a fan or a reader of the story on youtube requesting it from one of the users on youtube who started making veiling videos, and then it caught on to other Indian youtuber channels who started fulfilling the same request but this time by different users.

So, we are pioneers and changing the way that people vlog across the world. Not a bad development I suppose.

So, what can you send in to TOTV that will influence the vloggers of tomorrow?

All the best,




And so it is time for the final update of 2018! We’ve had a really productive year this year, one of our best ever, with several new writers coming on board. Thanks to all who have contributed!

But for the festive period, what do we have to whet your literary tastebuds? Well, let’s kick off with the first part of a new ReOrdered World tale from Steve Quilt, Waiting in Line.

After that, we have another Hungarian offering from T_G, Talált csomag.

Mr. AB has kindly provided two news articles. There is Deepshikha’s new show and New Orleans new trend for veils.

We’re continuing his epic Jennifer’s Diary too with Jennifer’s Diary : The First Week.

We also continue Vulcan’s veiling epic (in English) Soap: Part 4 and (in German) Seife: Teil 4.

Vulcan has also been busy translating into German again. We now have Deeba bint Thomas’s Verschleiert und gefangen gesetzt and T_G’s Ein Türkenmädchen.

And that [pause to take a breath] is that. Except that it isn’t quite. I’ve been quiet of late but one reason for that is that I’ve been busy writing for my other site. Some visitors may find my new tale The Ladies of Hetherington Hall to be of interest.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!




It has been a while. Work commitments mainly but also a slight slowdown in submissions has meant that a full month has passed since our last update. I’m hoping this to be the penultimate update of 2018 so if you have anything to send in, why not get it across to me soon so that we can welcome in 2019 with a bumper crop of tales of the veils?

But for now…

From Mr. AB we have the second part of Jennifer’s Diary.

We have yet another new tale from T_G, A török barátnő. A little longer than his usual offerings, this tale is also unique (I think) on TOTV for being focussed around rubands. Why not use it as an inspiration for your own ruband-based tale? They really are quite alluring garments!

On the Vulcan from we have much to report. Remember his epic Seife/Soap? Well, he has rewritten and lengthened the tale and so please revist the all new Soap: Part 2/Seife: Teil 2 before moving onto the brand-new Soap: Part 3/Seife: Teil 3. Vulcan has also translated two English tales into German, my own Abbie’s Afghanisches Abenteuer and AML’s Meine Herrin.

And finally, not a tale per se, but a continuation of Paid Dominant’s real-life reminiscences. Please go with him on a Visit to the village in Afghanistan.

All the best




A bumper update as we head into November with some material from writers whom we haven’t heard from for a while. It’s great to have you back!

But before them, we have two real-life veiling accounts from brand new writers! There is Maisha’s My Road to Becoming a Niqabi and Paid Dominant’s Introduction to how he got involved with veiling and dominance.

Ed Neil has returned with his first story of 2018 and it’s a nice lengthy one which I am sure will appeal to many of you. Please enjoy A Simple Meeting. And, whilst we’re with Ed, a big thanks to him for translating three of T_G’s tales into English: My ColleagueIf you do not remember who you are! and The Star.

Another of our old friends who has reappeared is Mr. AB. Please enjoy the first part of Jennifer’s Diary set his his alternative Maranatha Empire India that we are so familiar with from his old tales.

Next up with have the second installment of Vulcan’s epic, in English Soap: Part 2 and in German Seife: Teil 2.

And last but not least (on the story front), there’s Part 4 of Janet’s Modern Times (English) or Modern Zeiten (German).

And finally, another old friend, SC2029 has sent us some more photos of his veiling creations with the following explanation:

Two new design silk burqas make complete coverage and perfect veils (the eye mesh is sewn in and can’t be lifted!),  plus a velvet cloak for the colder weather.   Also a sewn up Afghan burqa with additional chiffon veil inside.





Today’s update provides numerous morsels for your enjoyment. First up, we continue with Janet’s new epic, in German Modern Zeiten: Teil 3 and in English Modern Times: Part 3.

Secondly, T_G continues to provide us with vignettes in Hungarian. Please enjoy A sztár and Ha nem emlékszel ki is vagy!

I am happy to announce that Vulcan is now back from his period away due to ill health and he has been active as usual. Please enjoy Peace (in German Frieden) and A Not-So-Strange World (in German Ein Garn icht so Fremde). Also, as an extra treat, there is the first part of a new multi-part story by him, Soap: Part 1 or, again in German, Seife: Teil 1.

And finally, another of our regular contributors, Steve Quilt, has provided a little story which, for the first-time ever I think, is not set in his Re-Ordered World. Please enjoy Fatima’s mistake.

And that is that… for now…




A smaller update today as we’ve had a noticeable decrease in submissions these last few weeks. One reason for that is that our regular contributor Vulcan has been ill. All at TOTV wish him a speedy recovery.

First up, Steve Quilt has provided us with three more chapters of his epic in Helen Goes To Kyserba: Part 5.

Second up, we also have another part of Janet’s new offering, in English Modern Times: Part 2 and in German Moderne Zeiten: Teil 2.

Third up, the ever-reliable has submitted a new short story in Hungarian, Kolléganők. He has also written a short, whimsical piece, a purdah parody of a TV shopping channel, in English Teleshop (English) and in Hungarian, Teleshop (Magyar).

And that is it for now save for the fact that Steve Quilt has also sent us four photoshopped images of veiled royals with the accompanying text:

The remarkable shift in Europe towards the wearing of the veil was, in part, thanks to the effort of some of the region’s most celebrated people. Significant among them were the royal households of Europe. Virtually overnight, the females of those great ruling families began to cover up with niqab-like veils for state events. They were acknowledged as not being true niqabs for there were two issues that had to be resolved.
First, these women had (like many movie stars, TV personalities and celebrities in the public eye) entered in contracts with western fashion design houses so could not embrace the full niqab. Not yet, at least. For the time being they still had to wear the expected designer clothes involving short length skirt suits and dresses; in effect, they continued to show their lower legs. Unless they wore ball gowns or full-length wedding dresses, of course, they had to appear as ‘normal’ western women even though they had agreed privately to cover up fully one day in full-length traditional abayas. It was important they presented a united front, as it were.
Second, and this was a point of contention even among the royal families, there were several degrees of opacity of the veils. It was felt important in many cases that there should be some of the face showing, so the density and transparency of the face covering varied. The reason given was the need, initially at first, to show that recognisable royalty was present at these events. It was also felt necessary to show, if possible, evidence of a smile. It is a well-known fact that royalty is expected to smile at any occasion other than the most sombre moments, and the PR machine argued that some visual evidence of lower face and their pleasure at being out and about ‘among the people’ was needed.
Once they were properly veiled, it wouldn’t matter as much. The royal women however were determined that one day their veils would be fully opaque, just as they would dress for all occasions in floor-length black abaya, black gloves and full niqab.





Summer slowly draws to a close so here’s a little TOTV update. Firstly, one of our regular authors, T_G has provided us with three more Hungarian stories. Please enjoy HalloweenA fedett detektív and A kiállítás.

Secondly, another of our reliable regulars, Vulcan, has written us two more German tales, both sequels to his earlier works. The next part of Keine SlipsKeine Slips – Mal Anders and then a continuation of Parallel – CERNParallel-CERN Versklavung. The latter tale he has also translated into English for us as Parallel-CERN: Enslavement. And, on the translation front, he has also rendered Emily W’s Chelsea: Then and Now into German as Chelsea: Damals und heute.

Another of our prolific writers, Steve Quilt, has penned us a new short story set in his ReOrdered WorldThe Letter and, in addition to this fine work, has also been playing around with photoshop and produced these interesting images of women veiled in a very western style:

And whilst we are on the subject of images, I came across this fascinating sequence of photoshopped pictures of a very veiled and restrained young lady at the airport. Can they perhaps inspire a story or two?

They are to be found on the DeviantArt page of a chap named saturdays24. He seems to specialise in the bimboification of celebs and, sadly, this is his only veiling series. His title for the series is ‘Glamorous Young Lady Travels with Her Bodyguard’ and the caption to the photmanips is thus:

Or is she travelling with her captor?

Of course nothing nefarious is happening, she couldn’t possibly be wondering how no one has noticed her plight, or desperately hoping that security will save her and won’t be corrupt.

Of course not, she certainly doesn’t have a different identity to the papers she’s travelling on, she isn’t being taken from her home country, no she’s heading home, its a long flight lets hope she gets some rest.

In addition to the series above detailing her hidden bondage, he also provides these juicy images of her in a car:


But is there something more nefarious happening? Probably not, why she looks perfectly content and excited to reach her destination.

But who exactly is under the veil?

All will be revealed over the next few days!


just a fun little alt, shes wearing black out lenses meaning she litterally cant see anything, I also imagine that her ears have been muffled as much as possible to reduce her hearing as much as they can without having electronic devices on her.

The idea being to reduce her senses as much as possible, really only leaving her with smell, taste (rubber) and touch.

Sensory deprivation

And finally, he provides a similar series using the ever-delightful Emma Watson as his victim:

And now, last but most definitely not least, I have the immense pleasure of introducing a new story from a great writer who hasn’t submitted anything to Tales of the Veils for many years. Remember Janet and her incredible Internet Pals? Well, she’s back and here is the first part of Modern Times (English) or Moderne Zeiten (Deutsch). Janet, it is great to have you back!

And so to her, and all our other amazing contributors, thanks again for making TOTV such a great repository of veiling erotica.



P.S. For those of you interested, I have written a new tale on my mirror site. It’s not veiling but instead traditional Korea. Check out Yabu.



I’m back from my holiday so here’s a little TOTV update.

Our reliable author T_G has penned three more stories in Hungarian for us; please enjoy Az ikrekVakáció a nagynénémmel and A feminista.

Our new author Vulcan has written us two stories in German which he has kindly translated into English as well. In German we have Keine Slips and Parallel – CERN (Deutsch) whilst in English they are No Pants and Paralell – CERN (English).

And finally, on the story front, Steve Quilt has penned another ReOrdered World short story, WHIPP Hand.

But in addition to the stories, Jana has also been in touch with me again to give another update on her veiled and restricted life in Pakistan. Please check out the latest entry to Jana’s Story.

And before I leave, please be aware that Shmabahamoha has added another tale to their site with veiling elements: For the Good of the Kingdom.





Yet another bumper update today, 2018 must be one of the most productive times ever for veiling fiction!

First up we have the fourth instalment of Steve Quilt’s classic, Helen Goes To Kyserba: Part 4 in which our hapless heroine finally reaches the most veiled country on the planet. And if that tasty morsel wasn’t enough for you, why not check out a stand-alone short story by Steve, set in the ReOrdered World? Ladies and gentlemen, enter the world of fashion with ReOrdered World: A Question Of Fashion!

Second up we have the sixth instalment of MR’s veiling epic, in German as Die Überraschung – Teil 6 and in English as The Surprise: Part 6. And whilst we’re talking about that story, several months ago, Vulcan kindly sent me his continuation of the story following Teil 4. I refused to publish it until the canon version by MR was written and published first and until I had MR’s permission. Since permission has been granted and the canon version is now on Teil 6, here is the non-canon Die Überraschung: Teil 5 (Vulcan). Which do you prefer?

And talking of non-canon material, do you recall me going into raptures about Shmabahamoha’s Velatur Tales? Well, I was so inspired by them, that I wrote my own, non-canon story about the fate of Emily, the reluctant veilee in the Velatur brood. I’ve been in contact with Shmabahamoha and since she has published her own take on Emily’s fate in The Prodigal Daughter, I am now free to share with you Nick and Emily. So, once again I ask you, which do you prefer?

Our most prolific writer of late, the redoubtable T_G has sent along another tasty morsel, Liza (in Hungarian) and also, translated by Vulcan, in German too.

Which leads me onto something else. In our last update I asked if anyone can help with translating some tales? Well, Vulcan has answered that call and I now have the following list of existing tales translated into German:

Plus he’s also given us A Beach Vacation in English!

Danke Vulcan!

And finally, I’ve received several more emails from our real-life niqaabi, Jana whose life in Pakistan seems to be rather tough at the moment. Check out the updates to Jana’s Story.

And that is all for now!




There’s another great update this week on TOTV. First up, I know you’ve all been waiting for it for so long and I’ve had lots of feedback asking where it is, so may I present, MR’s Die Überraschung – Teil 5. It has been a wait I know, but it is as good quality as the other parts. So pleased was I to receive it, that I have translated this story into English so please enjoy The Surprise: Part 5.

Also eagerly awaited I know is this next offering, the latest instalment of Steve Quilt’s veiling epic. Please enjoy Helen Goes To Kyserba: Part 3.

And if that weren’t enough, another old friend, T_G, has provided us with a brace of new stories in Hungarian, A tengerparti nyaralás and Ami a legkedvesebb. This actually highlights a little problem here on TOTV, that of translation. I love it when we get sent so many stories but I struggle to translate them in time for the updates and I am fully aware that we have a growing number of untranslated T_G tales and several MR tales that are poorly translated. Can anyone help here?

And finally, our friend Vulcan has directed me towards his new site where he showcases his stories in German, some of which are original and some of which are translations of TOTV tales. Please visit https://www.anarchocat.com/.

For today, that is all.

And now the football…




Less than a week since our last update and I’ve a nice little one today. I’ve translated T_G’s Az öltöző 2 (A másik oldal) so please enjoy The Locker Room 2 (on the other side).

I’ve also posted the second part of Steve Quilt’s veiling epic; please enjoy Helen Goes to Kyserba Chapters 4-6. And just to prove that our new contributor’s talents extend beyond just writing about veils, he’s also sent us a bit of veiled artwork that he’s done:


And finally, we have another Hungarian tale from the prolific T_G, A cserediák.

Now back to the World Cup…




It’s been an absolutely chaotic couple of weeks on TOTV with people sending me stuff left, right and centre. I’m sorry if I haven’t managed to reply to you all and I’m sorry if I haven’t managed to post all that I’ve been sent in this update but please bear with me.

Ok, so first up, we have a new author and a pretty good one at that. Steve Quilt has created a brilliant alternative universe which he has named the ReOrdered World, in which may be found the extremely harsh country of Kyserba. Before you do anything else, I recommend that you read this background to that universe. And now that you’ve done that, check out the first three chapters of his veiling epic, Helen Goes to Kyserba.

And whilst on the subject of new contributors, Vulcan has translated T_G’s The Swimming Pool into German for us: behold Das Schwimmbad and then, as a bonus, written a short sequel, Das Schwimmbad II.

Talking of T_G, he has obviously been reading some of the feedback that readers have kindly been sending about his tales, for he has blessed us with a sequel to Az öltöző, Az öltöző 2 (A másik oldal). Not only that, but he has also provided us with another new story, Az özvegy.

An old friend of the site, Roy Ellison, has contacted me regarding some stories that he has written involving veiling. They are called The Extremists and The Extremists Continued and are available on Smashwords to buy. I should warn readers though that the main focus of these tales is steroid use and body-building fetish and so they may not be to everybody’s taste. However, if that kind of thing does it for you, then feel free to check them out.

Shmabahamoha, the veiling author who we have discussed in our last two updates has kindly submitted a piece for us detailing the background and inspirations for her Velatur Tales. This is ties in nicely with her publication this week of the fifth tale in the suite, The Prodigal Daughter.

Moving away from the stories now, our old friend from India, AB, has these days shifted his attentions away from writing (excellent) veiling fiction to completing some fantastic veiled sketches. Here’s a small selection:

Another new friend, Selena Niqabi, a regular veiler from Singapore, has sent us some fantastic pictures of her in her veils:

And finally, I’ve been contacted by the Marquis de Bundy, who produces some pretty great artwork too. His thing is more hijab with gags than veils but it’s not a million miles away from the content of this site so please check out his art on his DeviantArt page.

And for now, that is all…





Whilst on my holidays I’ve managed to translate two of T_G’s tales, so let me present Az uszoda or The Swimming Pool (perhaps our first burkini story) and A munka or The Job.

I’ve also published our first news article in quite a while. It’s by Shmabahamoha and is entitled Flag-wearers to replace flag-bearers for next month’s Kabul games. I don’t know about you, but it reminds me a little of an old piece by Michelle entitled Making the Best of a Bad Job. What do you think?

Talking of Shmabahamoha, over on their site there’s a new installment to the Velatur Tales just been published, A Keen Convert. It is as excellent as all the previous tales and I have been assured that it is not the last. On that note, I too have written a Velatur Tales story which Shmabahamoha has read. Since it is not official Velatur canon, I shall not publish or share my story until the official version has been completed. After that though, I will post it here.

Our old friend SC has sent in some more photos from another veiled meet-up. Enjoy!

And finally, my rummagings through cyberspace have unearthed a French film, Cherchez la Femme (Some Like It Veiled) which was released last year and which looks like it may appeal to you TOTV readers.

I’m now off to the souq here in Muscat to drink some juice and watch a few more veiled beauties wander past after breaking the fast at sundown.

All the best,




Another month and plenty more for us to enjoy on TOTV. T_G has been an absolute legend in writing some excellent veiling tales in Hungarian. I’ve published another today, Az öltöző, as well as its English translation, The Locker Room. I have also started to translate last month’s tale from the same author, The Bet.

We have as well the reintroduction of a feature from the old site: Veiling in Real-Life with an account sent to me by “Jana” which purports to be true. One can never be sure of course, but nonetheless, I am sure that you will find Jana’s Story interesting reading and I hope she sends more in the future.

SC has hosted another veiled meet-up and kindly sent us the photos below:

And finally, this month I’ve discovered an excellent new veiling author on the web. Their name is Shmabahamoha and they really have written some great veiling tales. Go onto their site and check them out but in particular may I recommend the Velatur Tales, an ongoing series about a family that has adopted some serious female veiling and Why Am I in White? This tale is set in the fictional country of Föza, a place that I certainly want to read more about!

I am now off on my travels, including some days in the UAE and Oman which will hopefully inspire a veiled tale or two.

All the best!




April’s update comes as the month draws to its close. I must apologise for the tardiness, my fault and no one else’s; work commitments have loomed large on the horizon. But while I have been toiling in the real world, our loyal writers have been scribing away in cyberspace and we have some cracking tales to present to you this month.

Firstly, MR has written Die Studentin for us, an excellent tale of a student who decides to pretend to be Muslim to please her male friend’s parents. As always, there are consequences… Read it in English as The Student (and apologies for the awful translation, one day when I have time I will tidy all these up… I promise!).

Secondly, again in the foreign language department, T_G gives up A fogadás, a tale in Hungarian about an aid worker in Afghanistan who makes a rash bet. It will get translated later, just watch this space.

Thirdly, a little offering from yours truly. Heavily inspired by T_G’s The Crow, is Abbie’s Afghan Adventure, a tale of heavy veiling, restriction and some Sapphic slantings.

But, saving the best till last as always, may I welcome a NEW AUTHOR to the site! Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy A Family Matter by Ed Neil.

All the best!



A nice juicy update for March with several new stories. First up, our old friend Enen has a tale of parallel universes (a first for TOTV me thinks!) in which Lisa wakes up to find herself in A New World that is much like our own though with some disturbing differences.

I’ve posted the translated fourth part of MR’s Die Überraschung The Surprise: Part 4. These are not final instalments though, so plenty more to look forward to on that front.

Our Hungarian author T_G has written another cracking tale for us, in his native tongue A varjú, and in English The Crow.

And finally, SC2029 has sent us some photos of his latest outfits. Enjoy!



More updates again today. First up, the final parts of T_G’s debut story, the Hungarian-language Az új szomszéd. And for those of you struggling in Magyar, here’s the English translation: The New Neighbour: Parts 5 & 6. Once again, I apologise for the standard of the translation. I am going through these recent non-English tales and tidying them up but the sheer volume of new tales means that I kept getting distracted.

And on a similar note, here is the fourth part of MR’s classic German-language Die Überraschung. And again, in English is Part Three of The Surprise.

Years ago, Bo_Emp sent me a short tale, The Life of an Arab Wife. He was unsatisfied with it so I did some work on it and sent it back. Here’s the original and here’s the reworked version. I hope you enjoy them.

And finally, another veiling tale from the web: An Afghan Bride.



What’s this? Only a week or so after the last one and there’s a new update to TOTV. And what an update too! After a long period of little action, I’ve had writers sending me loads of brilliant stuff in as well as managing to compose a short piece of my own.

We’ll start with that. Sleepover is a tale of heavy veiling in which it isn’t just the lady who dons the cloth. Enjoy!

On the foreign language front, MR has kindly supplied us with Part Three of Die Überraschung. This story really is becoming a contender for my favourite ever on TOTV and I think you’ll enjoy learning about Soraya’s veiled life in Saudi. If you read German that is. If not, check out Part Two of The Surprise in English.

Still on the foreign language front, we have Parts 3 and 4 of Az új szomszéd by our new Hungarian author, T_G. And again, if English is more your tongue, check it out as The New Neighbour Parts 3 and 4.

And the final new tale of the update is actually not that new. Sifting through my old emails and I came across an old Bo_Emp tale that was never published. Travel to Iran to enjoy A Masked, Monotonous Marriage.

And finally, last update I featured a few other tales floating about on the web which may appeal to your sensibilities. Well, our old friend Sandrine has suggested another, a tale of veiling and cuckolding that I very much enjoyed: Cuckoldry, Spirituality, Family.

Be seeing you!



It’s been far too long I know but finally, here is the first TOTV update of 2018! We have two great new stories for your enjoyment, firstly another cracker from our old friend Nye, The Reynolds Family Return Home which is set in an alternative Britain where all females veil heavily.

And secondly we have the first part of an amazing new story by a new author. Az új szomszéd is TOTV’s first Hungarian tale and its talented author is T_G. I’ve posted the first of three parts and also translated it into English as The New Neighbour. Those of you who are enjoying The Surprise will love this too I suspect.

And to round things off, I’ve been having a bit of a search around the internet for stories with a veiling element that might appeal to TOTV aficionados. Here is a brief selection that I found, I’ll most more at future updates and if you know of anything, please send me the link. Be warned, these are all ADULT STORIES:



Another month has passed us by and we’ve some exciting contributions to TOTV. First up, continuing where we left off last month, may I present the second part of MR’s Die Überraschung. As the title suggests, this tale is in German, but it really is one of the best we’ve had over the years and in this instalment things really start to heat up (both literally and figuratively!) for Melanie. Indeed, it is so good that I’ve posted a translation into English of the first part, check it out at The Surprise – Part 1. This translation is by machine and so far from ideal and so, if any of you out there are good translators, either into English or another language, please let me know so more people can enjoy some of our fantastic tales.

And last, but certainly not least, our old friend Nye North has come up trumps with a cracking new tale, Dressing to Please a Friend. Please enjoy it; I certainly did!

All the best!



We’ve two new tales this month and I think you’ll enjoy them both. First up, there’s a wonderful offering by a new author. Please enjoy the first part of Die Überraschung by MR. This tale is in German but can be read by other readers (like me!) if put through an online translator. Even though I read it in that way, I have to say that this is one of the best veiling tales that I’ve read in a long time and I do hope that it’s the first of many from MR. Anyway, we’ve the first part up today with several more to come in the next few months.

And we also have another offering from me. Five Years After is a series of five vignettes detailing the married life of cricket-loving Syeda whom we met in last month’s tale, Syeda Turns 18.

All the best!



I am back from my travels and have today uploaded the 2017 TOTV Birthday Update in honour of the site’s founding about this time way back in 2006. And indeed, although the site is now 11-years old, I do not think there has been a year so busy as this last one.

The reasons for that are largely sad. Bo_Emp, our long-term webmaster and (imho) greatest author has left us. Due to how the world of the web is, we’ve never had any official notification of this, but we haven’t heard from him since late 2016 and we knew that he was ill and going into hospital. This news is sad indeed, as to me he was an inspiration as well as a friend. Therefore, I am dedicating this update to all that he did for us and have written a story myself as a tribute to him.

That story is Syeda Turns 18, an unusual tale of purdah and cricket centred around Syeda, the daughter of Yasmin and Sayed in Bo’s classic early tale Picnic in Purdah. I hope you enjoy it.

Nor too is it the only new offering being presented today. Elisamaria3u, our long-term friend and compiler of veiling vids, has composed a beautiful story in Spanish. May I present Kolumbistan una ucronía encantada.

Another old friend, Nye North has also composed a tale for us. Be transported to the rather extreme desert emirate of Iabud in An Overseas Posting.

Away from the stories, Peter has kindly directed our attention to this intriguing video from India entitled Willingly una’veil’able. Can this inspire you to a tale or two?

And finally, as always we have some lovely photos from 2029, the man with more outfits that Imelda Marcos.

Thanks for all the support and new stories always welcome.

Bo, you are missed.





I have finally, after over a hundred hours of work (at a rough guess) put up all the content from the old TOTV site. There’s a lot there, more than I realised,so please have a browse through. That will be all the updates for now although, as you doubtless know, traditionally September is TOTV’s birthday, so I’m hoping for a bumper update then. I already have some stuff I wrote and a tale from our old friend Elisamaria3u but I’m asking for more. I’d like to do a tribute this year to Bo_Emp as a way of thanking him for all he did and respecting his memory. Any story is welcome but if you can write on in the Bo_Emp style or using some of his characters, I’d be especially happy.

And if you can’t write, do not fear. Through putting up all the old stuff, I have come to realise that we have no illustrator of tales these days, or any new veiling features and articles. Can you help with either of these? It would be great to get some quality illustrations/photoshops to make our tales come alive.

The birthday update will be towards the end of September as I am off on my travels and will be offline since where I’m going to is probably the only country with no internet at all (work it out…). So, I won’t be answering anything for a while but that doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you or not interested; instead it is that Big Brother is watching… literally. Until then, enjoy the site and thanks for all the messages of support.

Be seeing you!



Astute observers and loyal followers of the site will have noticed a veritable flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks. That’s because several friends made me aware that the archived version of the old site was not accessible beyond the front page and the former site is now down. Not wishing for the hundreds of amazing tales on the old site to be lost forever, I’m busy re-posting them here, a job that is both time-consuming and enormous but also worthwhile.

I’d originally intended to post them all as bare stories and then add the images, many of which were lovingly photo-shopped by our own Bo_Emp. However, experience is teaching me that it better to add the images as you go and so, thus far, I have posted all stories up to and including Dave Potter (alphabetically) and all stories with images up to and including Bo_Emp.

Please use this opportunity – and lull in new tales – to both revisit some old classics and also pen something yourself as our store of fresh material has now dried up since I have also posted the final installment of GhostWriter’s The Takeover.

Posting these has given me a lot of food for thought. Traditionally, TOTV celebrates its birthday in September and I thought, considering the events of the past year, what better way to do it than have a celebration of the life and works of Bo_Emp since it now looks certain that he is no longer with us. He was such an incredible and prolific writer, it would be great if we paid tribute to that. So, can you send me in short pieces about which of his tales was your favourite and why and perhaps any way in which he inspired you to write some veiling (or other) erotica). I’m hoping to post them all late September (as I’m out of the country in a land with no internet (seriously) in the beginning of the month.

Finally, whilst not writing per se, good friends have continued to contact TOTV. Elisamaria3u has sent the link to an amazing video about the “Jewish Taliban” women in Israel, extreme Hasidic Jewish ladies who veil to a serious degree. I’ve long wanted to write a tale about them but nothing has ever materialised. Can this inspire any of you?

And also Roy has sent the link to an amazing story in German that is just up the street of many of our readers. Please check out Ehrlichkeit and if you can’t read German, do what I did and shove it through an online translator. Not ideal but still good.

Oh yes, and for those of you who might be interested, I’ve added a little known titbit about Bo_Emp’s writing at the end of Without a Guardian.



Today’s update has been prompted by the fact that several people have contacted me about the fact that the original TOTV site is now down. This is because Bo_Emp paid for the domain and I do not know how to renew this. So, it is gone, but be aware that the archived site is still available here.

We also have some new material to enjoy. There’s Part 5 of ‘The Takeover’ and, finally, a new tale from yours truly. I’ve been very busy on my other site, co-writing with Cafter Homme but I’ve returned with this offering, although I must admit, although it is my work, I feel that it is influenced by the work I’ve done with Cafter. May I present ‘A Pearl in Her Shell’. Comments and criticism welcome as always.



There’s a bumper update on TOTV this week. We’ve the fourth installment of GhostWriter’s ‘The Takeover’ and, continuing on from it’s publication on the old site, we have Part 5 of Nick Lucas’ ‘Reformist Generations’ for you to enjoy. On top of that we also have a completely new story by A_M_L, author of several fine tales on the old site: ‘A Small Adjustment’. And if all that were not enough, check out 2029’s inspirational new outfits on the Other page.



We’ve Part 3 of GhostWriter’s ‘The Takeover’ for you to enjoy today. However, this is the last tale that I have in the store so please, if anyone has any ideas, submit them to us! On a different note, I have been co-writing another tale with Cafter Homme on my other site and some of you may enjoy ‘Ascension in the East’.

All the best!



Another update for you all this week. First, here’s the final posting of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. It’s not complete, some of it just notes, but it shows his vision and, I hope, may inspire one or more of you to finish it off for him one day. Ladies and gentlemen, The Lucky Numbers – The Rest of the Story.

And we also have the second chapter of GhostWriter’s new tale all about Sun Holdings. Here is the second chapter of The Takeover.

Finally, two more of our old friends have pointed out things of interest. Elisamaria3u has drawn my attention to this rather intriguing clip of a scold’s bridle from the film Brimstone. We’ve not featured these items in our tales thus far but they are very much within our field of interest. Maybe this will spark something?

And then Mr. A_B has pointed out this article from the Times of India, Women behind the veil: Burqa secures dignity.

All the best!



A bumper update for you all this week; old friends of TOTV have picked up their pens and written some brilliant stuff for us. But first, here’s the final identifiable chapter of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. It’s not the end though as he has written more but it is all chaotic and episodic, ready for him to edit. I’ll be posting this too in due course in the hope that one of you is inspired to do the editing and finishing for him. But for now, The Lucky Numbers: Chapter 6.

Moving on, our old friend and prolific writer of male dominance tales, GhostWriter is back with a new tale all about Sun Holdings. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first chapter of The Takeover.

And finally, another new tale from Emily W. This one is, if I am allowed to say so, in my humble opinion, her best yet by a mile; I can’t recommend it enough. So, here we are, the very Bo_Empesque Madelief’s Journey.

And finally, for those of you who enjoy my non-veiling fiction on my partner site, An Artist’s Masterpiece which I have co-written with Cafter Homme is now complete and you shall be pleased to know that we are in the middle of another epic.




I’ve been asked for an update so here it is: the fifth chapter of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. Also, there’s been some activity down the road on my own erotic fiction site with a new story which may appeal to some of you. Check out An Artist’s Masterpiece. Enjoy!



We’ve got a great new story from our old friend Emily W today entitled The Greater Jihad as well as the fourth chapter of Bo_Emp’s The Lucky Numbers. Enjoy!



I’m receiving a bit of a deluge of material to post at the moment which is brilliant, thanks a lot to everyone and, if your story hasn’t appeared yet, do not fear, I’m getting round to it. Anyway, today we have three new items to whet your appetites. First up, there’s the third chapter of Bo_Emp’s  The Lucky Numbers. Then we have a news article from Nye, April Fool’s Day Prank backfires on radio station. And finally, there’s a new story from me which combines both my love of veils with my love of Victorian costume. Please check out Sir Henry’s Invitation. One final thing before you get stuck in, if you know of anyone – or you yourself are interested – who may be able to provide some illustrations to accompany some of our tales, let me know as the visual element is something that we’re sorely missing.

All the best,



Lots to read today to keep you interested. First up, there’s the second chapter of Bo_Emp’s  The Lucky Numbers.

And in addition to that we have a new – and may I say, brilliant – tale from another old friend of TOTV, Emily W. Today she looks at a young American lady, Chelsea, whose life was very different then to now. Check out Chelsea: Then and Now.

Hope you enjoy both and please remember, we always need new stories!



The first chapter of a new story which I have had some apprehension about posting. The Lucky Numbers was sent to me by Bo_Emp last June. It is unfinished and still somewhat untidy but nonetheless good as it is. Since we have not heard from Bo for two months now despite repeated entreaties, we are fearing the worst. Therefore, I post this tale, based in Nick Lucas’ excellent Reformist alternative Britain as a tribute to our greatest friend and contributor, as a prayer that our worst fears will not be realised and because it is, as all of his are, a bloody good story.



We have some new photos of SC modelling outfits with heavy veiling which he hopes may inspire some tales! Check them out on the Other page.


There was quite a response it seems to Bo_Emp’s October plea for stories and I have four more offerings today. Firstly, from Nye North we have Not Quite What She Expected. And also, from another old friend of TOTV, Mr. A_B we have Exchange Students, a Maratha Empire tale, and two news articles: Calcutta’s Pleasure Tourists and Bengal’s New Age Muslims.

Please keep the material coming and thanks to all of you who have offered your support over the past few weeks.



Welcome to the new TOTV site, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently replacing the old one. If Bo_Emp is still ill, we all wish him a most speedy recovery and hope that these tales will aid him back to wellness!

Two new stories and one new article added today. From Yazmeen Hussein, a new writer to TOTV we have the cross-dressing Nadiyah’s Story, whilst from me there is Entwined Destinies.

And from the news genie in 2032, we have A New Trend in Burqas Sweeping the Nation.